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Life's been crazy busy, in a good way. So here's a quick list of what's going on:

• The Sunday before last [ profile] lordaerith and I rolled up 3.5/3.75 characters for a run. It's the typical gamer ratio (7 guys and me). My character's already annoying everyone. :)

• Last Monday I went to a Marian Call house concert. She's amazing. She's touring all 50 states, so go find out when she'll be in a city/town near you and go see her. She's a total nerd and cute too. Oh, and she'll be performing at the SDCC w00tstock! There were many nerds there and we all flocked together. Flirted with a guy who works at Blizzard. Hey, anything to get into the Cataclysm beta, right? ;)

• This last Friday was [ profile] lordaerith's and my fifth wedding anniversary. Year 5 is the wood anniversary. Don't worry, we already went there. We both took Friday and Monday off from work. Friday we went to Schlitterbaun (which is becoming our anniversary tradition). The rides there really are the best! After riding tons of rides on both sides of the park, we headed back to Austin and went to the Melting Pot for the first time. Very nice. They found out it was our anniversary and brought us complimentary champaign with dessert.

• Saturday night we went to the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin's production of "Yeoman of the Guard" with [ profile] moonwick and [ profile] byskwik. Is a rather interesting opera. Not quite so light and airy as their usual fair and a weird ending.

• The rest of our four day weekend was spend lounging around, getting stuff off of the DVR, playing WoW, and cleaning up the house a bit.

• Work is going well. I'm starting to teach more. I'm developing curriculum for a new feature coming out in our Summer release, which is kind of like shooting a moving target. Oh, and work's sending me to Boston in mid-August to teach four days of classes. The current plan is for [ profile] lordaerith and I to go up together a few days early and see people and then he'll head home while I teach. Let me know if you want to see us.

• Other than that, life is busy with work, husband, cats, yoga, social engagements, friends, and WoW.
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[ profile] lordaerith is awesome.

First, last night while I was out with friends, he texted me saying that there were chocolate covered strawberries and an episode of Mythbusters at home. Needless to say I went right home. I love my friends, but I think chocolate covered strawberries and watching Adam and Jamie try to swim in syrup wins.

Second, he surprised me with tickets to see RENT! tonight. He doesn't even like RENT!. But he's willing to see it because he knows how much I love it. Also, Adam and Anthony (the original Roger and Mark respectively) are going to be in it. This will be my 5th time seeing RENT! as a live performance and my third time seeing the two of them in it.

RENT! Live

Sep. 28th, 2008 03:24 pm
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Dear People Who Filmed and Edited RENT!,

Thank you so much for taping the final performance. It was wonderful to be able to see the show on Broadway one last time. It was really exciting to see some of the original cast members show up at the end. Wilson in a kilt was especially nice. :)

However, please teach your camera crew to follow the actors and to stop cutting off the tops of their heads. It was a little disconcerting to have actor's heads and/or bodies just out of frame. We in the movie theatre are not able to see the full stage and thus adjust where we are looking.

Also, please remind your editors that this is a Broadway show and not a 2 hour music video. I would have been much happier with more full stage (or at least wider) shots and less (slightly out of frame) close-ups. Having seen the show many times, I know that there were several times where interesting action was happening on a different part of the stage, but you were focusing on a specific actor or two.

That being said, thank you again for this opportunity to see RENT! on Broadway again. It was a great birthday treat.

Some love,
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I just bought myself a ticket to see RENT! Filmed Live on Broadway for my birthday (next Sunday, September 28). If you like RENT! and you live in Austin you should join me. Tickets can be purchased here. I am going to the 12:00pm showing at Regal Gateway 16. (If you like RENT! and you live elsewhere, go whenever you feel like it to whatever theater is close to you, but if you see it on my b-day and tell me, I'll pretend you were there with me).

Other fun upcoming events: The Browncoat Ball (October 10-12) and The Texas Renaissance Festival (we're most likely going the weekend of October 18).

In other it's my birthday related stuff, I have a Think Geek Wishlist, a somewhat out of date Wishlist, and a Pay-Pal account. I'm not asking for presents, but if you have a crazy urge to get me something, they should at least give you an idea of what I like.

Photo post

Aug. 30th, 2008 09:06 pm
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Here is a post with 3 photos/images.

1. Today [ profile] lordaerith and I were in the theatre for a good chunk of the day painting a backdrop to look like a New England college for a play called Third. It is being put on by the Paradox Players. [ profile] lordaerith is doing the set and lighting design:
brickwork set

2. From GraphJam (because it's so true):
song chart memes

3. Republicans or Cylcons? From [ profile] purpura because it needs to be shared.
Republicans or Cyclons

RHPS in a few hours! YAY!
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Yesterday after work I helped MDB with the final part of her capstone by playing theatre techie. She did this two week workshops with some kids that included them making short movies. Yesterday was the screening of the movies for their families. I'm really glad that I came with her because I was able to speak Tech to the tech director of the theatre where the stuff was being shown. We ended up setting up a projector and screen attached to an independent sound system. After MDB left to go get the kids, [ profile] lordaerith showed up to help also (actually, he was the one that originally was supposed to be helping). He talked to the tech director guy a bit, and fiddled with the lights so that there could be a spotlight on the stage.

The whole thing went pretty well. I worked sound and computer from the middle of the audience and Aerith worked lights from the booth. The movies were actually pretty well done for middle-school age productions.

After it was over, Aerith and I headed out to Central Market for Poly dinner. Yay for seeing people that we haven't seen in ages and ages. Had some good food and good conversations. Found out that [ profile] juliarandolph got me a present. Also started talks for a showing of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter because more people need to see that movie. The Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow was showing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at Central Market that evening also, but Aerith was getting really tired, so we left just as the movie was starting.

Currently I am avoiding doing work at work. It's cold in here.
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My sister, [ profile] queencimmy, and I drove back to Austin from New Orleans on Wed. The radio in her car isn't working, but we got a car to plug & usb adaptor and hooked up her computer speakers and iPod so we had music. We started off listening to The Last Five Years, which is a really touching and amazingly crafted musical. I think a lot of my friends would probably cry their eyes out right now if they listened to it. We only stopped once (which was amazing), with Cimmy doing a huge stretch of the driving. At one point she had to drive through a patch of rain that was coming down so hard that it was almost impossible to see. I was so proud of her. We ended up getting suck in really really bad traffic just before the 610 exit due to 2 separate accidents. We made it into Austin just fine, if pretty late.

On Thurs I got to play the digitization game (yay!) and then picked up Cimmy for some errand running around town. Took her to Central Market for fruit and veggies. Had salad that night and watched Lost, which hurt lots and lots.

On Friday we met up with [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] syhira, and some of the people Aerith works with for lunch at the Crown and Anchor. Then Cimmy and I went walking around/shopping in South Austin, cause I'd never been shopping there before. It was fun. Friday night was another low-key night with Battlestar Galactica.

Yesterday Cimmy and I went to see the Sex and the City movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, which I thought was very well done. If you liked the show, I recommend seeing the movie. I think Cimmy fell in love with the Drafthouse.

After the movie we went window shopping at the Domain, cause really after seeing all those fashions and shoes what's better than actually being in the presence of a real pair of Manolo Blahniks.

After staring at all the clothing/bags/shoes that we couldn't afford, we headed downtown to catch Ka-Baam, a superhero improv show at the Hideout Theatre. Our friend [ profile] raven_lenore joined us, which was awesome. The show was pretty funny. I'd probably go again. After the show we went out to the Magnolia Cafe for food.

Today we're having a lazy day during the day and going to see the Dresden Dolls tonight.
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On Tuesday I went to Karaoke. Sooo much fun. I sang Voices Carry for the first time and totally rocked it. At the end of the night we all got on stage (including two people not in our group, but who were cool) and belted out Bohemian Rhapsody. hehehe. I totally need to find out if my Karaoke CD authoring program works (good thing that FireCat has Bubble's karaoke machine at her house) and then I will by lots of JoCo songs in karaoke form and it will be FABULOUS!

On Friday night [ profile] lordaerith and I went to see The Rainmaker, put on by the Paradox Players. Aerith had done the set & lighting design (I helped...and by helped I mean I was the one on the ladder with the wrench in my back pocket, pulling gels and focusing the hot lights)


Last night we went bowling with Bouncy, Blondey, [ profile] nikkita422 and [ profile] helfyre13. OMG was fun. Haven't bowled in so long. Got above 50 on my second game. YAY for me! (no really, this is an accomplishment). Hung out with [ profile] nikkita422 and [ profile] helfyre13 afterwards. Told nerdy gaming stories the whole time :)

Today I finally figured out how to french braid my hair...don't laugh. I'm proud of me.

Now back to reading about New Media, Networking, and Communication.
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Was going to go out with Bubbles on Friday night, but george made me all cranky and crampy so I stayed in instead.

Saturday saw Aerith and I wandering to a few costume stores nearby to find costume pieces for me and to figure out a costume for him. Didn't buy anything but had some ideas.

Saturday night we had tickets to see Fefu and Her Friends at UT. Aerith was annoyed that they didn't cover up the nails that they used to secure the floor. :) The play was good. Interesting. Part II had us moving around to see 4 mini-scenes that were performed in tandem. They split us up by color tape on the backs of our chairs. It was interesting how each of the scenes had a very different feel/intensity. Got to love 60s-70s theatre. For Part III we were supposed to sit somewhere other than where we sat in Part I. I liked that. I think that every blackbox play should make people do that. It gives you a different perspective on things.

Today was spent running errands, which included going to two Targets and back to one of the costume stores, where purchases were finally made.

FireCat was supposed to call me so I could go work on my costume at her place...but she didn't.

And somewhere in all of that, I got some homework done, studied for my math test...and painted my fingernails black & gold because the Saints beat the Falcons!!!!

PS. I want to see the Pete Seeger documentary. Not sure if I'll have time until late next week.
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Good weekend.

friday )

saturday )

sunday )
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Went to the Mulch open mic night. Was sitting there thinking how what i brought to read wasn't very political or anything (a lot of people were reading polictical stuff) because it was just the translation of Polyxena's speach from Hecuba that i did for class last semester. But about half way through the monologue, i realized that it had a very strong message about slavery and stuff. hmm...interesting how some things cross culture and time. :) makes me happy to be a classical studies major!

then RHPS! we actually had a good crowd :) Had Brenna on virgin patrol (stopping all at the door and marking them). The virgins had NO CLUE what they had to do. It was a lot of fun. :) And the night went well. We had a cast. Next time must bring flashlights for cast. And clean up was fast, since no rice or confetti was thrown. And a big thanks to 3G and Aerith for getting the sound and lights and everything to work right. It couldn't have worked without them. So...hopefully we will do this again :) :).

And last night we went to see Love's Labours Lost at UMass. Very very very good production. The Green One did the costume disign and did such an amazing job! And most of the acting was good, even though sometimes I felt like i was loosing some of the words. I loved the times when only Nayone and I were laughing. It was like "are we the only two who got that?" but in a really cool way. I feel like I must go over the text again to catch what I missed.

Then I spent my first Sat night in many moons at Smith to give my others a chance to be alone with each other. It was strange but good. I got some Aeneid reading done and was productive this morning. must go and get more done.
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friday - the SSFFS meeting was fun. We got to talk about cons. Dinner was shit so a bunch of us went to davis. when ks was about to get food, Amythyst and I said "nope, sorry, no food for you, you're not allowed to order anything." To which BM told ks "don't worry, you can have as many tic-tacks as you want." hehehe
Saw The Children's Hour which was directed by Austin Pedleton. It was pretty good. I felt the first act was a little flat which made it hard to really get into the other two acts (which were actually very good).

Saturday - got up late *G*. Read some Winter's Tale. Fell asleep while Aerith made dinner. :) Went to UMass to see The Diary of a Madman. It was EXCELENT! Absolutly amazing!!!! When we left the theatre it was snowing! I couldn't stop laughing.
When we got home we watched the snow and watched The Usual Suspect which Aerith had never seen before. He liked it, but I knew he would. It's so different watching it a second time.

Sunday - did homework. got my observation report done. it's crap, but it's done. finished Winter's Tale. Weird play. Waited for Flip, but due to misscomunication we never met. I hope it goes well today. Started reading about Peter Brook. He hung out with Crowley! Weird shit (I bet i'm one of a few people at Smith who would read his Memoirs and know who Crowley was). Had to share with someone. Called Rock, but she wasn't home. Called Brenna. She was home. We talked for a while :) Typed up some of the lines the greek test is going to be on.

Overall - semi-productive weekend. My toe hurts less and less every day. I am walking with almost no limp now. Love Aerith. Spectre is cute when he's not a brat. want school to be over. too much to do.

left to do:
edit Observation report.
Study for Child and Adolecent Growth and Development Exam.
read about Peter Brook and write 5 page paper on him.
work with Flip on Brook and our scene.
Study for Greek Exam.
write 10 page paper for Comedy and Romance on yet-to-be-determined subject.


Dec. 6th, 2001 02:22 pm
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well, my toe still hurts. I've been keeping it up and iceing it once in a while. It looks a lot better today than it did yesterday. I can walk a lot better today. It'll probably be fine by monday.

in other news my mother had her operation to remove her thymus yesterday. That also went really well and according to her friend who called me, she is recovering faster than they expected, which is good.

Also, the deadline on my 10 page paper got pushed back to during exam period. Hurray. This means that I have 8 pages, not 18 pages, and a final and a presentation and two performances due next week.

In acting yesterday we delt with the question of the audience. Can i just say that I would never like to perform to a group of Paranoid Schitozophrenics. It made me really nervous (just thinking that they were the audience) espcially when I had to say "depression" and "epidmeic" and "suffering". Some of the scenes turned out so funny!! It's such an interesting theory that I've never had delt with in an Acting class before. Gives me something to think about.

i'm alive

Nov. 1st, 2001 06:47 pm
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haven't posted in a while.

mom is in the hospital. has been since a week ago. but it's good this time b/c the doctors are going to make her as better as possible. YAY.

Got the paper that was late turned in. Got it back. Got an A/A-. Hurray!!!!

I only have to take 13 credits next semester. will take 15 most likely. Now, if i could just find a 3rd 4 credit class that was interesting an fit my schedual.

Declared a Theatre minor yesterday. Hurray!!!!

Had my THREE YEAR aniversarry w/Aerith on saturday. it was wonderful!!! I love him sooooo much!!!!! I hope we are in each other's lives for a long time to come.

Sent in my senior pic.

Went postering for Samhain tommorow (8pm, Tyler House - for those in NoHo and are interested).

Cimmy is coming this weekend. Yippy. I can't wait to see her.

50 lines of greek are calling. must get a good chunk done b4 samhain rehearsal.

hopefully i'll be able to breath more next week.
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I haven't written in forever, so I'll try to write down all the important stuff.

Was in NYC from Tues 8/28 to Thurs 8/30 with Cim and Dad.
On that wed, Cim and I took the subway (by ourselves - this was a big deal for Cim b/c she had never ridden the NY subways with out at least one of our parental units before) to the Village. I showed her where our cousins' lived. She was impressed. Then we walked up and down 8th St. (which turns into St. Mark's Place). They have THE COOLEST stores on that street!!! We walked into awesome clothing, music, drug stores, you name it! I think that this made Cim even more exicited about going to SLC. And I got my senior hat at this place called Trash&Vaudville. (that's not me in it, duh) Mine flops around more than that one does. I also picked up a new surround. Cim found a really cool vinnal skirt for $20! I LOVE THE VILLAGE!!!

We took the subway back to the hotel and then dad got back with tickets to the ROCKY HORROR SHOW. I had the best time there. The really cute member of the swing sat on my foot (long story). Dick Cavett was the narrator and Daphne (from RENT) was Magenta. Cim made Janet crack up laughing when she called out "it was easy, but it would have been easier without the pantyhoes." Just so people know, you can dress up and yell stuff out. Sometimes the actors will react to what you yell. It's a really wonderful experiance. Anyone who can make it to NYC and see RHS should.

Thurs I took the train to Springfield. It was actually a very nice ride. I think that that is now going to be my perfered way of getting to the City (like during fall break and stuff).

Friday we ran Broadside's X-men game into the ground. oops.

I was also having issues with returning to school and stuff. could have been enhanced by PMS.

sat/sun was Game Bob. Had a good time, even though the PCs made lots of mistakes and some people were upset that we couldn't seem to kill anything.

mon - packed, moved back into my room (somewhat)

tues - ITS training. mostly boring. wrote good stories with Amythyst, Lil' J., and L.
Then Haven. I'll miss the place, but i'll see the people next week

wed- amherst class. It took me a while to find the building and the room. The class is really big for a greek class. I so don't remember any of my greek!!! But hopefully some of it will come back. The prof seems really nice. then back to smith for more its training. still boring, but learned some useful pointers.

I've started charging people a quarter to help them with their computer problems :)

At the All-Campus BBQ SSFFS sat together. as usual. we talked about the fact that the dudette won't be around. so BM is taking over the pres. but now there is no VP. said i would do it. no one else minded. We're going to talk more at the officer's meeting. R2 said that she would be the other college liason. saw R3. told her that there might be an opening for jobs at the USC.

For Convocation my house was dressing like Super Heros. All superheros need their villains, so i dressed at Catwoman. very black slinky clothing with a tail, a mask, and cat ears in my hat. Convocation was a blast! we screamed and yelled (we even got to yell "Ruth" once) and carried on. it was the best. screaming 0h-Two at the top of my lungs gave me such a good feeling. I'm very glad to be back at Smith. Everyone who spoke gave really good speaches, espically Connoly(sp!). I'll miss this next year.

After, Allegra and her friend showed up at my dorm and i taught them munchkin. Lil' J. showed up part way through it. We didn't finish the game b/c we all had classes, and Aerith wanted to talk to me.

Today I went to two classes
Child and Adolecent Growth and Development seems interesting. I'm not sure what taking it with Aerith will be like. Either really good or really bad. The teacher seems ok. A little dry though. but no major papers, only quizes and tests.
Comedy and Romance seems really cool. I love Greek plays!! The prof seems good, but he is so quiet that it's hard to hear him, and the accent makes it worse. I think it will be a really good class.

There are some cool looking people in my doom. There is one really quiet goth on my floor. I'll have to get her to open up. I'm trying.

Things that are lost: my cloak, my old dresser - i don't like this one. i want my old one back.

my room is mostly together. some clothing on the floor. have to figure out what to do with the milkcrates. I am missing my Athena plack. but my alter is set up, all of the "big" things are on the wall, so now i just have to put up the post cards. and organize my desk. Then I will really be ready to be here. i love the way my room is set up, i will have to thank Aerith again!!!

i think that's all i have to say. I have to do a lot of greek studying. Maybe i'll e-mail the prof and see about going to Amherst an hour early to work with her. I love greek plays soo much. I really want to understand greek and be able to know all the forms and silly thiings like that.

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On monday witch-child gave me an owl pendant that she found at a tag sale and it made her think of me. It really means a lot to me. Not only because it was a present from her but also because I've been feeling like i've been loosing my connection with Athena lately (although I've picked up crochetting again to try and regain the connection). i think that the owl is a sign that she still cares and is watching over me. :)

I've found the coolest net radio station. 4 different streams of 80s, goth, darkwave, industrial stuff. i tend to listen to the first three b/c the last one is too industrial for me. But this way i'll get to learn more about the music/bands that i really like.

the call tracking system is ok. I'm starting to see the good things about it, although sometimes it's just a hassel.

amythyst hasn't been doing too well lately. I'm worried about her. I wish she would talk to me, at least so i could hug her. but she is going home tommorow. i hope she finds what she needs there.

talking about going home, i'll be going home on tuesday. i'm excited. i miss my mommy. she is the best mother in the world!!!!!

i have a huge bruse on my leg from Haven. :( It's Bjorn's fault. he picked me up and let me down too close to the edge of the box where the cage used to be. I found out that Mike has sold prYsm, so that may be the last time I ever walk out of that club's doors after Haven *pout* that's not cool. It's MY CLUB!!! It's where I feel at home. it's my haven in many sences of the word. it was also probably the last time i'll see skennedy for a while b/c she is going to Ireland. Damn it i'm going to miss that girl!!!!!! But I really did have fun at haven. the music was pretty good and i got to talk to a lot of people and have a lot of good conversations.

i almost forgot to mention that i went to the Hampshire County jail yesterday to see the performance that Aerith was working on. It was really good. it was two stories, one about someone who had been in 59 homes and the other about a household of brothers and their family and how they were struggeling to make it in the world. it was such a powerful play. And the movement piece at the end was amazing. I feel blessed just to be able to see this. It's sad that these kids have to give up some of their life because of things they did. they all seemed pretty cool. i am still in awe of what i saw.
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Last night at the show Sasha was running light board (instead of Lindsay b/c she had to go to her Grandma's 85th B-day party). So the stage manager called cue three which links to cue four (a black out) and the stage doesn't blackout. Michelle is calling Sasha to press the blackout button, but she can't find it and then when she does, she doesn't know how to get it out of blackout. In the meantime the actors are getting antsy, Sasha is panicking, and the audience is wondering what the hell is going on. Finally after a little while (and a number of appologies to actors and audience) it is decided that Sasha is going to press go for the blackout cues and then just hit the blackout button and it will all be ok. We start, it works, and we all breathe a little easier. Then Page, the ASM, goes up stairs and notices that there is something in the C-D fadder as well as the A-B fadder. So she and Sasha clear that and everything is fine from the on. Hurray!

Other than that, the show is going really well and I am having tons of fun working on it. The actors are cool, head set conversations are fun and I'm getting a chance to catch up on my Cosmo reading. I've also started saving some money for horseback ridding lessons and started studding my greek again. it's slowly coming back to me :)

Now I'm hungry and Spectre is asleep at my feet (any lying on my skirt) so i really don't want to move, but i think i will.
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so, yesterday I went to my first rehearsal of Light Up the Sky. It was fun. The woman who i'm supposed to take care of (who is the VP of Boston Equity, not the prez) is actually not too bad and we get along fine. I am having so much fun. I forgot how much i miss the theatre. I was so happy just to be sitting backstage with a headset on reading by blue light. And the play is really really funny. So, i'll have no life and i'll be working two jobs for a little more than a week, but I LOVE THEATRE!!!
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I'm going to be working in the theatre for the next two weeks. hurray!!!

New Century Theatre has the vice president of Equity Bostin (!!!!) in their next show and so they needed an extra dresser (well, there are 11 actors in the show). I'm going to be it! hurray. it means two jobs and probably no pay on the second one (theatre one), but i don't care. I love theatre!!! I'm happy.


Jul. 30th, 2001 11:15 am
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the weekend was very good.

on friday Aerith and I saw an ok play called The Wier. People in an Irish pub telling ghost stories. very long.

saturday a bunch of people came over and we played Aberrant. It was a lot of fun. I hope that we play again b/c I definatly want to play that character again!!!

sunday was Miller's Reach. I had SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Lady Foxglove, a white mage, and I went through this dungon w/all these problems and had to crawl back and forth a lot. It was great. And there was so much plot and running around and I got killed a lot and I killed bad guys (not the regent - for a change *G*). The last bad guy was such a whimp! it was soooo funny!!!! We get to him after much hacking and slashing and healing (hurray for picking up Heal Limbs) and after the first lightning bolt hits him he freeks out and says "Oh, i didn't know you were throwing things. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, here you go" then he threw the things we needed (and some gold and wedding stones and things) at us and jumped back in his box. I think it was one of the funniest ends of an event that I've ever seen!!!

but today I am soooo sore. my leg feels like it has a nasty bruse on it, i am tired, my legs and arms hurt. I hope i am answering people's questions correctly :)

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