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So... over the weekend I went and got my pictures. CVS messed up some of them, but the ones of me w/the amazing drawing power of catling and Nayone came out really well! (for first entry about this, go here). I scaned the pics at WAG today. Here they are:
They are kind of big and might take a while to load, so click here to see them )
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I have been having a crappy two days.

So, sunday Aerith sugested that I go to Heath Services to have them look at the hole in my foot and to see when my last tetnus shot was.

On monday in riding class, i finally go to ride Cat, but she spooked and I lost one of my stirrups and almost fell off, but didn't. So I switched to Whimsy. Then we learned how to cantar. The horse bucked her head when she cantared. It freeked me out a little bit.

After riding I hobbled over to health services. Took a nice 20 min nap in the waiting room. So, they looked at my foot (couldn't find anything IN the hole) and at my chart and gave me my overdue tetnus shot and made me soak my foot in this stuff that turned my foot yellow.
So now i have to soak my foot in warm water three times a day for 20 min and then put some stuff on it. (guess where my foot is now!)

Aerith was really sweet and came and got me last night and took care of me in my grumpy foot and arm hurtingness. :)

So, today I went to both of my classes (even though I wanted to skip). I was in my room and my daddy called me from Denmark and started yelling at me to get my passport and stuff and didn't care that my arm is killing me and that i'm in a crappy mood. So I yelled "FUCK YOU", hug up, and forwarded my phone to voicemail. Got a message from him which was very appologetic. Called him back. Cried a lot. made up.

Walked into town and found the passport place. Hobbled over to CVS. Got a half-way decent passport photo (got to love digital cameras). Hobbled back to passport place. Sent in forms and payed the nice people.

Hobbled back here. Got ex-pickle bucket from kitchen. Filled it with hot water. Dunked foot.

so, now my arm hurts, my foot hurts AND smells slightly of pickle. I haven't gotten anything that i WANTED to get done (in terms of homework) done. blarg. not happy. I ouch. at least Aerith and Nayone are being really sweet through all of this.
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Well...I would just like to say that the ASP retreat went really really well.

On friday we got there around 8pm (my ETA!) and got settled and then showed people who hadn't been there before around. This ended in an impromptu ritual. yay yay.

then a whole bunch of us went into the hot tub. there was lots of nakedness and lots of "who ever i might be molesting, i'm sorry."

"what do you call 12 pagans in a hot tub?"
"A self-cleaning coven."

I guess there was an Earthquake at somepoint, but i didn't feel it at all. *L* I've always been so afraid of earthquakes and i slept through my first one.

On saturday we just took an easy day, chilling, talking, reading. I fell back asleep for a few hours after lunch. it was nice.

Then we planned Beltane. Yay for Beltane. I got to be the goddess as the "maiden/warrior/mother." It was really really powerful. We worked on the idea of beings coming together to create life (not just in the male/female dicotomy). I'd write more, but a lot of it is a very happy blur.

Then there was more hottubbing. :)

The next morning we did ASP business stuff, and then packed up to leave.

When we were about to leave, i had everyone stand in a circle and, as the only senior, i left each of them something special(either phyical or some words) . I hope that it becomes a tradition that continues.

Good Things

  • Being at Touchstone Farms
  • Getting Sleep
  • Hottub fun
  • Bonding with lots of wonderful people
  • Being espically close to Nayone, whom I love so very much!
  • DidI mention Nayone?
  • All the good conversations with people "... and then I came to Smith and joined ASP."

Bad things

  • This being the last retreat i will go on as a smith student.
  • Having 3 Anxiety dreams:

    • Friday 1 - Drempt about breaking up with Aerith (over a silly reason) and then going to Nayone's room, but she was leaving to go to a meeting, so I was very alone and scared.
    • Friday 2 - Drempt there was a ritual at Smith and it was going all wrong. Then I was in another dimention and things got really strange.
    • Saturday - Drempt that there was a test in Latin class which i didn't know about until i got to class b/c i missed class on Friday (that was the Catholic's fault *G*, long story).

  • Stepping on something during the Belate ritual that put a small hole in my foot (post on that coming soon).

Just a little bit of TMI )


Apr. 6th, 2002 07:47 pm
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well...I cried. A lot.

When we moved his body I cried. Aerith and I couldn't do it. Nayone ended up being the one. I thank the gods for her and for her strength. She was brave where we were weak. She means so much to us.

When I saw his dishes on the floor, i cried. I couldn't bear to have them there any longer so I started washing them. I washed them through my tears. Now i'm not sure if it would be better to have them out or to keep them in the closet.

I cried in the mall, walking around k-mart. It hurts so much. I miss him.

We took him to the vet. They are going to cremate him so we can have the ashes. They were really nice to us.

We went to the mall to get our mind off things. Ended up seeing LotR:Fellowship again. I still cried with the orcs were pulling down the trees at Isengard. I feel for the Ents. The Two Towers preview looks really nice.

Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support. It means a great deal to us.
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October 13, 2000 - April 5, 2002

Specter at the window

Hell-beast, brat, beloved cat.

Today [ profile] lordaerith came home to find Spectre stiff and lifeless in 3Gs closet. We don't know how it happened. We are blaming ourselves: "I should have seen the signs." "We should have called the vet." etc. I feel very numb. I didn't believe him at first. But then I saw the cat with my own eyes. He was my first cat. Aerith is taking this very hard. I grieve silently because I must be there for him. Nayone is here too. That is good. The more love that people have around them when tragedy strikes, the better.

I still don't believe it. he was our first cat. I was even thinking about when he was going to get older and when i had a kid how he was going to react. i was thinking about how i would deal with the grief the child felt when he died. But I guess it will never happen.

An air of heaviness sits on the apartment tonight.

Good-bye Spectre. May you rest in peace.


Mar. 19th, 2002 06:15 pm
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So, Aerith rented this game "Grand Theft Auto 3" and on one of the radio stations there are adds for Well...I had to check and there really is a However, all it is is a front page and then all of the links point to the site of the game designers, but it's still funny!! :)

*sigh* i miss Nayone! I wish she was here so she could come to Haven w/us!

on that note, I should go and shower and shave for Haven tonight.

Post shower PS:
grrr...I'm lucky i shaved under my arms first! Ran out of shaving cream when i went to do my legs. Well...I'll just wear a long skirt tonight and buy more shaving cream tommorow!

oh, and CassieClaire has an excerpt from the VSD of Sauron up now!
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So, it's Spring Break.

Guess what it did today? SNOW! Argh!

Gamed on Saturday. Was good. Am now a 6th level Cleric. Finally got over the 35xp i needed. yay!

Met Nayone's dad yesterday. That was strange, but i think it went well. I was a little worried when he showed up and 3Gs parents were around, but it all went ok. yay yay. Swan hurt his ankle and so Aerith drove him to the hospital and the Brewery gave us our lunch for free b/c of this. that was cool, but not cool that Swan hurt himself. Watched Sybil on tv. was really good. I have to read the book one of these days.

today has been kind of bleh. I've worked a bit on my paper which is good. I have a lot to say, but sometimes i just can't seem to express it right. blerg. Watched the boys play more of "Grand Theft Auto 3" Amusing, but kind of stupid. makes me bored.

bored bored bored bored bored. i wish there was something more interesting to do besides watch tv/movie/video games, try to work on paper/play on line, and eat lots of chocolate. i could read, but i don't really want to right now. bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored. blerg blerg.
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so far today i have

  • Woken up - hey, this is a feat when you have a beautiful woman next to you and all you want to do is cuddle with her.
  • Gone to class
  • Had something for luch
  • gone to my ssffs library hours
  • read for class at the library BEFORE starting on a new X-Men thing.
  • Went to the Chapel and filled out a request for money for the ASP retreat
  • Called Health Servaces to set up an OB/GYN exam and STD testing (not that i think i have anything, but it's good to be tested)
  • Called Josten to see if they will be open over spring break - they will be on weekdays during the day. yayness!

To do today:

  • Figure out the EXACT dates for Europe trip and tell daddy
  • Translate Latin
  • scan lines for latin and write paragraph on them
  • start working on Latin paper
  • eat dinner
  • catch up on horseback riding journal
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Went to the Mulch open mic night. Was sitting there thinking how what i brought to read wasn't very political or anything (a lot of people were reading polictical stuff) because it was just the translation of Polyxena's speach from Hecuba that i did for class last semester. But about half way through the monologue, i realized that it had a very strong message about slavery and stuff. hmm...interesting how some things cross culture and time. :) makes me happy to be a classical studies major!

then RHPS! we actually had a good crowd :) Had Brenna on virgin patrol (stopping all at the door and marking them). The virgins had NO CLUE what they had to do. It was a lot of fun. :) And the night went well. We had a cast. Next time must bring flashlights for cast. And clean up was fast, since no rice or confetti was thrown. And a big thanks to 3G and Aerith for getting the sound and lights and everything to work right. It couldn't have worked without them. So...hopefully we will do this again :) :).

And last night we went to see Love's Labours Lost at UMass. Very very very good production. The Green One did the costume disign and did such an amazing job! And most of the acting was good, even though sometimes I felt like i was loosing some of the words. I loved the times when only Nayone and I were laughing. It was like "are we the only two who got that?" but in a really cool way. I feel like I must go over the text again to catch what I missed.

Then I spent my first Sat night in many moons at Smith to give my others a chance to be alone with each other. It was strange but good. I got some Aeneid reading done and was productive this morning. must go and get more done.


Feb. 15th, 2002 10:15 am
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Some people may see this as being passive-agressive, but I don't care. this is my journal and i can write what i want in it, right?

Right now I'm feeling like I give and give and give and don't get anything back in return. Not totally true, I did get some cool stuff from my Secret Sweetheart in my dorm, but I don't even know who that was. :(.

First I gave to Nayone. Who was the one who remembered it was the 11th? ME. Who was the one who suggested getting her a rose? ME. Who had to remind Aerith to get the rose? ME. Who got her a really large Hearsey's Kiss and a card to be given to her on the Glee Club tour because she couldn't be with us on V-day? ME. Have I gotten anything back? No, not really. I mean kisses and looks of appreciation are nice. And I KNOW she's really busy right now and I know she doesn't have much money. But if i could think to buy a card for her right under her nose, she could have done the same. But who knows, maybe she'll have gotten me something nice for when she gets back from the trip.

Then Aerith. Nayone and I got him some candy. Who said vocally that we should do this? ME. Do I get anything in return? No. I get a "I was going to get you something, but I didn't have time." And then later I get a "well, why should I have to express my love for you more on one day? my love has no bounds." Yeah, well...that's fine and all, but we were at a store. He could have gotten me something then with a "go check out that aisle over there."

And Amythyst. My not-a-girlfriend. I even sent her a c-card. Did I get a thank you? Did I get a card back? NO.


It hurst. And now all you motherfuckers out there are going to post that you do care about me and that you love me a lot and you are going to send me late e-cards and crap. Well, fuck that. If you couldn't think of it on your own I sure as hell don't want your belated sympathy now.

Fuck it. you probably won't do that anyway because no one ever responds to my posts in the first place so who the fuck cares any more????????

I'm suppostesd to be showering. I'm supposted to be doing something nice for Aerith that we talked about. Well fuck it. If he couldn't do something extra special nice for me yesterday I don't feel like do this extra special nice thing for him. And I don't care how fucking disapointed he is. because I am really disapointed right now.


Jan. 31st, 2002 03:53 pm
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At WAG. Made a new pic from my Senior picture. Made it my default. It changes all the default pics in the past. kind of annoying like that. oh well.

Don't want to leave. the weather sucks out. must leave. have run all of my errands. walking to the stables wasn't that bad after all, but the weather got sucky on the way back. it was snowing nasty stuff that hurts. ran into Nayone in the Bookstore. Was the thrid time i had seen her, but the only one where i didn't plan to run into her. hey, i had a sucky morning. i am alowed to go out of my way to make myself feel better.

Must go now and start on homework. Have to go to the library and read something for class. Am NOT walking to Stop and Shop in the snow!
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First of all, in case ANYONE is surpirsed, here is the result to the Goddess Test:

See which Greek Goddess you are.

I am back at school. It feels good to be back now. In my room in my space. It's actually mostly clean. Except for the sheets. I need to do those.

I put my chalice on my altar. OMG, the whole thing started buzzing. The energy gave me such a kick i felt like I was bouncing off walls. I had to go touch metal to calm down. But it is calmer now. More adjusted which is nice.

I had to go to Nayone's and Catling's to get my calendar, which I had left there. The batcave looks really nice. I think it's more of the catcave now :) And Nayone was glad to see me (I surprised her). Went into [ profile] brennaraven room. Wow. There was major ritual crack going on in there. NRG was sizzling btween our fingers. I got to introduce myself to Brenna's roomie as Nayone's g/f. hurray.

must sleep. have to get up earlyish and out to buy books and stuff. I'm kind of nervous about Latin b/c i haven't taken it in a semester, but w/all the greek i did, it should be ok.


Jan. 10th, 2002 04:11 pm
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so, i feel that i should post something.
i've finally caught up with all of my friends lj posts. hurray.

back in NoHo. :) Saturday had a ton of fun gaming with old friends. yay yay and more yay. didn't get to do much in the game itself, but had fun just being there. hope to play again sometime.

Nayone came up on monday and we helped her move into the batcave. she stayed over on monday night and we watched Grosse Point Blank and Chasing Amy. Had a LONG conversation about the second movie. was a good one though.

back at work. which is good. very very quiet. :) changed Amythyst's bannerweb pin b/c she asked me to over AIM. hehehe. i love technology. had teach someone how to copy and paste without going to the edit menu. *laugh* love my job :)

went shopping yesterday. Got myself a really cool shirt from Express and called it dad's x-mas present to me. also got a new pair of jeans that have a cut off look at the bottom and at the top and therefore have no button. good for those bathroom dashes *G*. Also went to Hot Topic where we ran into The Lady b/c she works there. Going dancing with her on fri. hurray! Got myself a shirt of Liddia from Beatlejuice reading the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

Game was cool last night. Killed three Drow all by myself. hehehe. Just glad to see Kiten and Swan again. Hopefully we will be able to hang out with them more soon.

Oh, got my grades

  • Comedy and Romance = A-
  • Acting II = A-
  • Greek = A
  • Child and Adolecent Growth and Development = A
  • Horseback Riding I = A

overall a 3.85 GPA for the semester and an 3.6 for my whole time at Smith. Yay me!!!

I want to be a paid member. maybe someone out there will love me a lot :)


Dec. 18th, 2001 09:08 pm
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I got my elf ears in the mail today!!!!
hurray hurray hurray!!! Just in time to see Lord of the Rings tommorow!!

I spent the afternoon at Nayone's doing homework. somewhat. *big happy smiles*

now to write da last paper!!!
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took my Greek exam this morning. three hour exams should be illegal. but i think i did well on it. hey, it's OVER and that's the important part. now onto the 10 page paper due thurs. and then i'm out of here.

on sat [ profile] ambermoon now to be called Nayone came over to Aerith's and we watched George of the Jungle which was just the silly mindless funny that i needed and Clerks and then Mallrats in the morning. All three of us were cuddling a lot. it was nice.
Aerith's mom was around earlier in the morning and she took Aerith and I out to breakfast/lunch and then to get chocolate. hurray for chocolate!!

on friday SSFFS did (not) watch all three Star Wars movies (not) in Seelye. It was a lot of fun. Aerith showed up part of the way through ANH. Nayone sat on his lap for all of ESB. :) We all had so much fun yelling out things. I think a new tradition of reading the openings, including every punctuation has been started. Some of the better lines included [ profile] littejane's "Do not try to gender R2-D2. R2-D2 surpasses gender." My "Only Luke can start forest fires" during the speeder races of ROTJ. and Aerith's "I guess that's what they call a shag" after our making sugestive comments about the "I'd rather kiss a Wookie" coments. but the best thing of all had to be the decision that R2-D2 is a foul-mouthed little fucker and hir favorite word is "cocksucker" which ze will call just about anyone whenever ze can. Damn I *LOVE* my ssffsians!!

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