Feb. 4th, 2008 11:48 am
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Had a good end of week / weekend.

On Thursday night, [livejournal.com profile] crabes and I went to the 90s One-Hit Wonders Sing-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse. We met up with [livejournal.com profile] noeticist, Bouncy, and Photoman there along with a friend from school. OMG! 2 hours of a full house screaming the words of your favorite One-Hit Wonder songs from the 90s, complete with head-banging, grooving, and waving of cell phones/lighters. So many songs that I totally forgot that I loved so much. Of course nobody still has any idea what they guy who sings "Informer" is actually saying :).

On Friday night, [livejournal.com profile] lordaerith made stir-fry and we watched the first episode of Lost's 4th season. This is more like it. A big mystery, lots of questions, no idea what's going on. This is the Lost I know and love.

On Saturday I got some homework done and then in the evening [livejournal.com profile] iskanderia came over. We subjected her to Grosse Pointe Blank and in retaliation, she subjected us to Caligula. All 2+ hours of naked bottoms and crazy emperors. In the middle of this movie watching madness, we walked over to Amy's Ice Cream. This time not only did we know the quote, but I'd happened to have had the movie (the Incredibles) on my iPhone. Instead of saying the name of the movie out loud, I just showed the person serving us the ice cream a screen shot and said, "It's from this." :)

On Sunday I did more reading for class (big surprise...) and [livejournal.com profile] noeticist came over for Beef Stroganoff, which [livejournal.com profile] lordaerith made and Guitar Hero. He also showed us what Eve looks like. Very pretty. Since there's a Mac version, I'm thinking about possibly picking it up. Not sure if I'll really have time to play though. Also caught the last quarter of the Super Bowl (go Giants/Manning) and a bit of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet (too cute!).

It's so nice here today that I'm wearing a knee length skirt.
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Last week [livejournal.com profile] lordaerith and I volunteered at the UT Video Game Archive Fundraiser

balloon hair
why yes, that's me with a ballon that matches my shirt tied to my braid, why do you ask?
For the record, no one told me to remove it.

see more photos from the event )

On Saturday Bubbles and Boom hosted an Art Party. The theme was elementalism. [livejournal.com profile] lordaerith and I worked together to make element-eatable cookies.

see more photos of the cookies and of the party )

And finally, all of my classes are going really well. I'm really enjoying Databases and Math, but I'm having trouble doing my reading for Management tonight...

edit: I forgot to mention that I also won a contest hosted by Anne Bishop. I got a signed copy of Belladonna (Australian edition) and some bookplates & bookmarks for the new book, which comes out in March.

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hmm...so much to say.

Tuesday: Had a really really great time at Haven! Had a whole bunch of good conversations with people which is always a good thing. Got to dance near [livejournal.com profile] kiten and [livejournal.com profile] autumnlaughing both of whom are amazing dancers and make me feel like an akward amature on the dance floor. But Kiten said I was inspiring *blush* The only sucky things were 1) I missed Nayone, a lot! and 2) Aerith got tired and so we left before the last song *pout* oh well.

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed, but Aerith and I had to go out anyway. We went over to UMass and then to Barnes&Noble where I spent too much money on a book for his mother, an issue of Games Magazine, another puzzle book, a Forbidden Broadway CD, and the I am Sam Soundtrack. Got a free cd opener and all was 10% off. yay coupons.
Then went to Space-Crime. Yay Space-Crime. Being at B&N made me feel like such a traider, but I didn't buy any Sci-fi/fantasy/mystery stuff there, so it was ok.

Then picked up Swan and Kiten and got some groceries.

I ran my game last night. My first time DMing. EEP! It went really well, i think. mostly. 3G was giving me a really hard time. Not very nice of him! It's a very interesting party. But I did as best as i could. Right before the "major fight" my head got really strange and I just couldn't focus anymore. So we called it a night. 3G drove Swan and Kiten home and Aerith and I watched some of Disney's Robin Hood. I love that movie! But then Aerith got really tired so we went to bed *wink*

Today we were going to get up early, but that didn't happen.

So, now i am at the Music and Theatre Library at Smith. I was going to listen to both La Traviatta and Aida today, but the CD of La Traviatta was missing the libretto, so they had to find me another libretto so i could follow along with the opera. By the time i finished listening to it (almost crying, but i didn't), i got out Aida and read the plot, but the opera is 2.5 hours long and the library closes at 5pm, and i didn't want to start listening to it to have to stop in the middle. So, i did some reading about Verdi and then i caught up on my LJ reading.

oh yes, happy spring, even if the weather around here doesn't think so!
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so far today i have

  • Woken up - hey, this is a feat when you have a beautiful woman next to you and all you want to do is cuddle with her.
  • Gone to class
  • Had something for luch
  • gone to my ssffs library hours
  • read for class at the library BEFORE starting on a new X-Men thing.
  • Went to the Chapel and filled out a request for money for the ASP retreat
  • Called Health Servaces to set up an OB/GYN exam and STD testing (not that i think i have anything, but it's good to be tested)
  • Called Josten to see if they will be open over spring break - they will be on weekdays during the day. yayness!

To do today:

  • Figure out the EXACT dates for Europe trip and tell daddy
  • Translate Latin
  • scan lines for latin and write paragraph on them
  • start working on Latin paper
  • eat dinner
  • catch up on horseback riding journal
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to do today:

1. read Rasin in the Sun
2. go to class
3. go to library hours
4. go to Chapel
5. go to CDO
6. fill out fundraising forms at SGA office
7. research in library
8. do latin homework
9. e-mail orgs
10. catch up on horseback riding journal.
11. try to find Tartot book.

in other news...Listened to Fidelio last night. is v. good. Found out that the big red chairs at Josten are more than enough for one person, but two people are a comfy fix.

Went home with Jonathan last night. TMI starts here )

to do

Feb. 28th, 2002 02:35 pm
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things to do before RHPS tommorow night:

1. get RHPS on DVD for SSFFS
2. check to make sure it works
3. get red lipstick
4. get red balloons
5. study for latin test -- oops, fell asleep for an hour instead.
6. catch up on horseback riding journal - one entry down, two to go
7. go to riding class
8. go to latin study session.
9. take latin test
10. go to work -called in dead and took a two hour nap instead.
11. go to open mic night
12. get ready for RHPS
13. RHPS

so far we have learned that Party Time isn't really as far away as it seems and that the 25th Anaversary of RHPS has some cool features. Tommorow we will see how well all of this goes. Wish me luck!
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Well, today I tried to donate blood, but since I was in England for 9 months and they have the whole Mad Cow disease thing, they disqualified me. At least I got a sticker that says, "Be nice to me too...I tried."

In other news, I have been very very busy lately b/c I have 2 tests this week, a test monday, and a presentation a week from friday. ahhhh. going to go insane.

Things with the others are doing well. Had a LONG talk with Aerith after V-day. Things are much better now and we are trying to be more thoughtful and caring about each other. Yesterday he bought me a teal nose-stud. My favorite color! the one color that i've been dying for (I ruled out black b/c it would just look like a large pimple *G*).

Must go read about Motzart and then listen to/watch The Marriage of Figarro. Yay.


Feb. 7th, 2002 08:25 pm
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so tired. so very tired. must stay awake. have only 9 lines left to translate. the must read 50 pages of Aeneid in english. must get translation done. can fudge reading b/c read before. must review though. must not fall asleep now. must go to bed early. back to latin.
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Weekend was good. Not as productive as it needed to be.

The ASP ritual went really well. There were people there. Hurray!

Game on saturday went well also. Am 35 xp away from leveling. Aerith can be so evil sometimes. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Read the play version of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Cried when Eva died. Aerith was really sweet and just held me and gave me tissues and let me cry. It wasn't even that sad in the play, but it was the exact same wording as in the book and that set me off. (i'm actually a little embarassed that i cried).

Decided that calling the Mad Russian at 12:30 am was a good idea. Talked with her until 2:30 am. oops. I miss her. I am glad I got to talk to her :) We had so much fun talking. Found out that some people that I knew in HS were either married/getting married/have kids. weird shit! Was talking about old crushes. *L* I miss her.

In other news, SSFFS will be showing Tank Girl on Friday in Seelye 201 (most likely) @ 7:30pm. YAY!!!
and, [livejournal.com profile] cassieclaire has added another "Secret Diary of LotRs character." If you haven't read them, but love LotRs, go to her lj and start on Dec. 31st. Some of the funniest stuff you've ever read!!!!!

Now to figure out what work i should get done.
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well, I am back to being human :(
my ears are burning and red, but at least they don't hurt as much as they could. many many blessings to the person who invented spirit gum remover!!

as for the movie... I could talk about it forever, but i have 4 more pages to write (at least) of my paper, so i must to that. will write later.


Dec. 19th, 2001 02:58 pm
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on the 5th page. YAY! but using a big font (new york). is only 4 in Arial. must write more. must focus brain.
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I am an elf. I wish i had a digital camera so i could put up a picture.

a ten page paper to write now. well, 8.5 pages left. ick.


Dec. 18th, 2001 09:08 pm
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I got my elf ears in the mail today!!!!
hurray hurray hurray!!! Just in time to see Lord of the Rings tommorow!!

I spent the afternoon at Nayone's doing homework. somewhat. *big happy smiles*

now to write da last paper!!!
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friday - the SSFFS meeting was fun. We got to talk about cons. Dinner was shit so a bunch of us went to davis. when ks was about to get food, Amythyst and I said "nope, sorry, no food for you, you're not allowed to order anything." To which BM told ks "don't worry, you can have as many tic-tacks as you want." hehehe
Saw The Children's Hour which was directed by Austin Pedleton. It was pretty good. I felt the first act was a little flat which made it hard to really get into the other two acts (which were actually very good).

Saturday - got up late *G*. Read some Winter's Tale. Fell asleep while Aerith made dinner. :) Went to UMass to see The Diary of a Madman. It was EXCELENT! Absolutly amazing!!!! When we left the theatre it was snowing! I couldn't stop laughing.
When we got home we watched the snow and watched The Usual Suspect which Aerith had never seen before. He liked it, but I knew he would. It's so different watching it a second time.

Sunday - did homework. got my observation report done. it's crap, but it's done. finished Winter's Tale. Weird play. Waited for Flip, but due to misscomunication we never met. I hope it goes well today. Started reading about Peter Brook. He hung out with Crowley! Weird shit (I bet i'm one of a few people at Smith who would read his Memoirs and know who Crowley was). Had to share with someone. Called Rock, but she wasn't home. Called Brenna. She was home. We talked for a while :) Typed up some of the lines the greek test is going to be on.

Overall - semi-productive weekend. My toe hurts less and less every day. I am walking with almost no limp now. Love Aerith. Spectre is cute when he's not a brat. want school to be over. too much to do.

left to do:
edit Observation report.
Study for Child and Adolecent Growth and Development Exam.
read about Peter Brook and write 5 page paper on him.
work with Flip on Brook and our scene.
Study for Greek Exam.
write 10 page paper for Comedy and Romance on yet-to-be-determined subject.


Dec. 6th, 2001 02:22 pm
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well, my toe still hurts. I've been keeping it up and iceing it once in a while. It looks a lot better today than it did yesterday. I can walk a lot better today. It'll probably be fine by monday.

in other news my mother had her operation to remove her thymus yesterday. That also went really well and according to her friend who called me, she is recovering faster than they expected, which is good.

Also, the deadline on my 10 page paper got pushed back to during exam period. Hurray. This means that I have 8 pages, not 18 pages, and a final and a presentation and two performances due next week.

In acting yesterday we delt with the question of the audience. Can i just say that I would never like to perform to a group of Paranoid Schitozophrenics. It made me really nervous (just thinking that they were the audience) espcially when I had to say "depression" and "epidmeic" and "suffering". Some of the scenes turned out so funny!! It's such an interesting theory that I've never had delt with in an Acting class before. Gives me something to think about.
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Had the Horseback riding final today. Pulled Zippy. Never worked with him b4. he was such a sweety. I really liked him. And I got his bridal on without any problems. I even stuck my finger in his mouth without fear. YAY me!

SSFFS yearbook photo was tonight. It was so much fun. It always is! We conquered the tv this year. "The Geeks go marching one by one hurrah hurrah!" Damn I love my SSFFS friends!! Amythyst rocks my world! I really hope she can finish the semster. I know that the guidence is there for her and all she needs to do is find it.

Trying (not) to write a paper. I think i'll go to sleep now instead.
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I have like 30 lines left. ick. but i needed to write.

The ASP fortune-telling fair was thursday and friday. It went really well. I was there telling all thursday afternoon. what an amazing experiance. There were points were I was really starting to feel like an oracle, who's purpose was to communicate something a higher power wanted to tell this person sitting in front of me. Some of my reading were really intense. Hurray for supportive ASP people and chocolate!

This weekend was good, but much less productive than it needed to be. I went to see the Acapella Jam. The Brown Derbies rock my world! I got one of their cds! hurray.

The Lady and I had a long talk about Paganism/Witchcraft/Wicca. I like the Lady :) We have promised each other to go dancing at Touchtone sometime in January.

must to work. ick.
have horseback riding final today. I really hope I get Beauty!
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wow, I haven't written in FOREVER!!! Let me see, what happened to me?

First, monday the 19th Flip came into class 40 min late with a bleading cut on her forehead and proceeded to fall down. We called the Public Safety and stuff and the ambulence guys came to get her. I went with her to hospital. We were there from about 2pm to 6pm. I was there when she woke up. She couldn't remember any of what happend to her. it was scary. but they did a CT scan and an EKG or something like that and said she was fine. So, luckily another friend showed up with food and a car and drove us home. The whole experiance just weired me out so, after a few hours of getting no work done, I packed up my stuff for Thanksgiving and headed over to Aerith's.
Also, that night Aerith's sister gave birth to Theresa Joan two weeks early at about 11pm. I guess it was a day for hospitals.

Tues- Haven died. Aerith and I beat Gauntlet Dark Legacy and started to cheeze the game. Learned how to post while troting.

wed - Swan and Kiten showed up and we played more Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

thurs - drove to eastern mass. Got to see little TJ. Her mom came home from the hospital that day. Had chinese food for dinner, but it didn't matter because we got to see the baby :) Aerith and I got to stay in a hotel room ;)

fri more babyness!! Started to freak out about all the work i had to do.

sat went to the mall. The body shop was out of the Define and No Frizz cream :( Ended up getting a dishes and silverware set for $45 at a kitchen store that was going out of busness. Drove home. Saw the Twelfth Night movie w/Helena Bothem Carter and Ben Kingsly. Was very good.

sun did LOTS of Greek

monday the 26th - had a mock final in horseback riding. got Percy. ick he is such a pain! but i groomed and saddled and bridled him and didn't get kicked or bitten or anything. ha.
Then I pulled an almost all-nighter (3.5 hours of sleep) to write a paper. the only good thing was that i got to call dad at 1 in the morning (8am his time)! He got remarried.

tuesday - turned in the paper late, but at least on the day it was due! Whimsy was a pain during riding, but not a Percy-like pain, so that is good. Was up till 1am doing greek, but did over 30 lines in less than an hour at one point. YAY ME!!!

Things I must do before the school semseter is over:
1. 3 exams - 2 in class - 1 a pratical for horseback riding - 1 self-schedualed at Amherst.
2. 3 papers - 1 2-3page obersvation report, 1 5 page write up on Peter Brook, 1 10 page for Comedy and Romance
3. 2 reports - 1 due friday for Greek. 1 article one
4. Greek translation lines (finishing Hecuba)
5. Finishing Horseback riding journal (due mon)
6. Reading Winter's Tale
7. Rehearsing scene with Flip.
I think that's everything.

i think i can do it all (I hope)


Nov. 8th, 2001 02:23 pm
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I beat Aerith. Ok, I know that it's not a compitition, but it IS! I got an A on the lastest Child and Adolecent Test and he got an A- (three points less than me). Better than the last one where i only got an A- and 2 points better than him. So there!

DV and I have been e-mailing. He is interesting. Maybe one day I'll have coffee with him or something. I think that there is a lot more to him than how he presents himself. Found out that he's only a sophomore though. He still hasn't told me his age.

Time to do greek, greek, greek and more greek. Oh, and maybe a little theatre and calling up Gill hall to do student obeservations for class.
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yesterday was fun, even though it was rainy.

I had my first "lab" in horseback riding. Two of the people from my monday class was there, so that was cool. Got to learn how to put the saddle and bridal on a horse. Didn't get to do it yet. At least my docs are ok for now. yay. Putting the halter on the horse was a lot easier today. I like Red Wing. He seems like a cool horse. There is a horse named Athena! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Haven was awesome. Hurray for Pearl St. being with in a DECENT walking distance from Smith. ND. came with me again. She is cool. Her outfits are always so awesome! Everyone else thought so too. The music at Haven was very good (as 3G said, "It doesn't suck") and I danced my feet off. They STILL hurt, which I guess is a good/bad thing. Aerith wasn't there and I missed him. I got to dance with wolfboy for "Come here boy" and then we were in the center cage together for the Dead Can Dance song w/the title that i'm not going to write b/c i doubt i could spell it if I tried. The only bad thing about the cage was that there was this drunk girl who i bumped into and she turned around and was all over me, and i had to push her off! And dancing in the cage was kind of scary. I kept thinking that I would misstep and fall off to my doom. But i didn't.

Today wasn't mountain day *pout*
I didn't have to go in Acting which was good b/c I compleatly misunderstood the asignment.

oh, and almost 40 lines of greek went almost a full hour faster than I expected to spend on it, and that includes a few breaks. Hurray!!!

Went into town and finished buying presents for my little sis. She is SO going to know it's me before the end of the whole thing. But i don't care.

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