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Feb. 14th, 2012 09:55 pm
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Sometimes my baby blog (the one that I've pretty much neglected this one for...sorry LJ, I still love you and read you every day!) gets spam comments posted to it. This one came in today. I have to say it's the best one yet:
Thank you an incredible publish, may examine your personal others content. thank you your notions within this, I soon became somewhat made an impact to by this article. Thanks again again! You earn a good aspect. Portrays natures best by the wonderful facts here. I believe that if a greater number of people thought about it like that, they’d have a very better time get the grasp ofing the matter.
It's like someone took all of the most popular words used in comments and mushed them all together. I'm still trying to figure out how to "grasp ofing the matter."
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Thanks to [ profile] bottledgoose for creating the image that said what we were all thinking.
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If anyone could make this into an LJ icon for me, I'd love you forever
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So far I've only watched 3 out of the 7 parts, but it keeps getting funnier and funnier.
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So, back when it was snowing in Austin, I tweeted as Austin writing to Massachusetts. [ profile] circusrunaway responded. Since then we have been having a conversation between the two places. Here is what has been said so far:

December 4, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, why are we having your weather? Are you willing to trade back? XOXO Austin, TX.

Dear Austin, TX. Our snow ran off without permission. Please return, ASAP. Sunny weather as a reward. Love, Massachusetts.

Dear Massachusetts, would love to. It may take a day or so to gather it all up. XOXO Austin, TX.

December 5, 2009
Dear Austin, Thank you muchly for returning our snow so promptly. We hope your warmth will arrive just as quickly, but...
this time of year, with the post offices so busy, you never know! Xoxo, Massachusetts

December 6, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, Glad you got the snow. Post office is slow on delivery of warmth. Says should be in by Tues. XOXO Austin

December 7, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, There must have been some mistake. We seem to have Seattle's weather. Waiting for sunshine. XOXO Austin

Dear Austin, Many apologies! Something must have gotten mixed up. Did Seattle receive your package by mistake? <3, Mass.

Dear Mass, Don't think so. Post office was sorry for mistake. Said should be cleared up by Wed. Here's hoping. XOXO Austin

December 9, 2009
Dear Mass, Looks like you got your snow back. Did we order too much for you? Got our sunshine. Still waiting for heat. XOXO Austin

Dear Austin, Thx for the snow. It's just perfect! Looks like Seattle got our extra cold. Hope heat reaches you soon. Xoxo, MA

December 10, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, More post office mix-up, I think. It is colder out here than it is there. XOXO Austin

December 13, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, We finally got our sunshine and warmth. Took the post office long enough! XOXO Austin, TX.

I plan on adding to this post if/when we write more so it is all in one place.
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Stolen from [ profile] morlock

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Henry Jenkins has a two part interview with Doug Gordon, the mouth of the Zombeatles on his blog.
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Stolen from [ profile] aeire's twitter, evil, evil woman that she is. - go read this. I can't believe someone actually published it...i laughed so hard I almost started crying.


Dec. 4th, 2008 11:28 pm
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Watch this. It is only 5 second long and totally totally worth it.

In other news, I has a boyfriend. I'll call him Camera. He is cute. We've been dating for a few weeks now.
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This is one of my favorite Monty Python sketches of all time.

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A rap on how to have good web site design. Srsly. Probably the best thing evar!

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Stolen from [ profile] raenshadoe. Totally worth watching!!!

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(ok, this post isn't in pirate talk...i'm too full of fangirlish joy. It's also long, but I'm not putting it behind a cut.)

Last night [ profile] lordaerith and I went to see Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton at the Cactus Cafe on campus.

We got there at about 6 for the 8:30 show and there was already one person in line ahead of us. Soon after we got there, [ profile] apryl_knight called and let me know that she was there, but slightly lost. I went to meet her outside the Student Union and as we met up, we saw Jonathan Coulton outside. So we did what any two fangirls would do...we grabbed hands, squeed loudly, and ran away giggling.

A little while later, inside, Jonathan Coulton (or JoCo as he is sometimes called), came out to the lobby to set up his merchandise. There was much staring, until Aerith finally talked to him to a) ask him to play First of May and b) warn him about April and I. We, of course, did more giggling and blushing.

Being that we were second in line, we got an awesome seats at a table right next to the stage (most people had to sit in rows...and actually, it was so packed that there were some people who had to stand the whole time).

Paul and Storm came on first. They started with Opening Band. I wish I had heard that song before because then I would have had panties to throw on stage, like all of these other people have.

Paul and Storm were really amazing and really really funny. I wish I could remember everything they did/sang. They gave out prizes to people, sometimes it was a moonpie and sometimes it was stuff from their grab bag (one person got Wrath of Kahn on VHS). Some of the songs that I remember them singing were: Count to Ten with audience participation, The Easter Song in honor of the high holy week, If Bob Dylan Were Hiding at the Bottom of a Well and others from the "If" set, Randy Newman's "Theme from 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King'", and a number of their faux commercials including Kleenex, Domino's Pizza, and Fresh Step Kitty Litter.

The two best moments from their set were:
1. when some guy's cell phone when off. They stopped the show and had him get the phone (it was his mother). They had him say Hi to his mother and then hand the phone to Paul. Paul then took the phone onstage and talked with the guy's mother, letting her know that her son was at a concert. He asked her to tell her son when she saw him next that he should "turn off his goddamn cellphone" then next time he was at a concert. Then Paul had her say "HI" very loudly while holding the phone to the mic, so we could all hear her and then we all got to say "Hi [guy's name] mom." back to her.

2. when they sang The Captain's Wife's Lament. Before the song they mentioned how exciting this week is for geeks because of it being Talk Like a Pirate Day this week. They then said that they needed us to all go "ARRR" when they cued us. They had us practice and April and I made the sign for "R" on our fingers and held them up when we said "ARRR". At first Paul thought that we were making a hook sign, but when we corrected him he mentioned that the audience was getting meta on him :). At one point we all had to be sad pirates and Paul stopped the song to mention how everyone tilted their heads the same way with the sad "ARRR" and we even dipped our signed "R"s in that direction. Even into JoCo's show, every once in a while the audience would react with "ARRR"s

After the Paul and Storm set, my cheeks were hurting because I was laughing/smiling so much. I went and played with the RobotSpinArt which combines spin art with video games and rock & roll. I made my art to JoCo's Ikea.

Jonathan Coulton comes on stage (well, actually, he'd been on stage already to help Paul and Storm with a song) and there was lots of cheers and squeeing. Near the beginning of his set he talked about the RobotSpinArt and showed us the one that he made, commenting that he had used too much red. So I showed him mine and said that it had too much blue. But he liked it better, so I offered to trade.

This is the spin art made (and signed by) Jonathan Coulton on Sept 18, 2007 in Austin, TX

JoCo's set was amazing. He played a lot of really really great songs, such as I Crush Everything - a sad squid song, Make You Cry, Creepy Doll - which is very creepy, and You Ruined Everything - which is about having a child. At one point he started talking about Scientology and then mentioned how he noticed there was one down the street (at which point we all pointed out the direction that it was in). Of course this was a lead in to Tom Cruise Crazy.

Sometimes Paul and Storm came up be backup singers/musicians, they were especially funny during Baby Got Back . There was one time that he called them on stage and Paul didn't come so Jonathan and Storm tried to make small talk...first about guitars and then they were moving on to the weather when Paul showed up (which was a good thing).

When he played Code Monkey pretty much the entire audience sang with him, especially the chorus. After he was done with that song, he turned to Paul and Storm and said that if all audiences were like us then he would become obsolete at his own concerts :)

(Concert pictures from Sektormedia's flickr set)

One of the coolest moments was when he was playing Mr. Fancy Pants because he brought out a ZenDrum. The ZenDrum was hooked up to his computer (a Mac Book Pro) and used it to control the beat of the song. He also had all these little sound-bites from the song programed in, most of them with the word "pants". As he hit the different buttons the different sound-bites would play. He could make it do all sorts of nifty things and combos depending on what he pressed. It was really really really cool and totally hard to explain more than that.

Another cool moment is when JoCo started playing Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine." Paul and Storm picked up on it and they started to sing it. When they got to the crazy guitar parts, they all sang in those bits. It was really funny/cool.

The cutest bit was that there was a little girl who for a couple of songs, Code Monkey was one and I think that Skullcrusher Mountain was the other one, came up to the edge of the stage and sang/slightly acted out the songs. She totally reminded me of what my parents told me I did when they took me to concerts when I was young. I'm not sure if JoCo saw her, but I know that Paul did.

The last song in the set was, of course, Re: Your Brains. JoCo had the whole audience practice singing the "We all want to eat your brains" line. Then he told us that while we sing very well, zombies don't. So then he had us sing like zombies, which was totally hilarious. At one point, during him singing the song, Aerith and I just started singing "Brains, brains, brains" or yelling "grrrrrr" (in a zombie fashion). At the end, the three of us all clapped like zombies, which JoCo even commented on. :)

For the encore, he did Mandelbrot Set - yay math, First of May - the audience was shouting out for it (I hadn't heard before...OMG funny), and when straight from that into Sweet Caroline, which had the whole audience singing the "Bum bum bum" parts.

After the show, we hung out for a bit. Aerith and I got tee-shirt. He got the Skullcrusher Mountain and I got Re: Your Brains. We got JoCo to sign them for us. I also got him to sign his RobotSpinArt (as seen above) and the offered to sign the one that I gave him. He took me up on the offer and had me make it out "To Jonathan", so I did. :) We also talked with Paul and Storm for a while, because April was wearing her Serenity tee and Paul is a Browncoat. We eventually left around midnight because we had to go to bed to get up this morning and they had to pack up to drive to Dallas where they are playing tonight.

So, overall, it was a fabulous night full of geekyness and laughter and I am utterly exhausted, but totally glad that I went because I had such a wonderful time. A huge thank you to [ profile] tisana for introducing me to Jonathan Coulton in the first place.
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Saw HP and OotP. Was better that 3 & 4. Still not 100% happy. Not that I was expecting to be.

In much funnier news, [ profile] otterdance posted about Will it blend?. Go there now. Watch a bunch of the "Do Not Try This at Home" ones, like the 12 Glowsticks or the iPhone. ([ profile] godspiel and [ profile] kjpepper I'm talking to you.)

Avenue Jew

Dec. 7th, 2006 10:48 pm
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Thank you [ profile] bellebet for showing me Avenue Jew. You must watch this now. I mean it!

And for those of you who want the transcript, it can be found here.
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Weekend was good. Not as productive as it needed to be.

The ASP ritual went really well. There were people there. Hurray!

Game on saturday went well also. Am 35 xp away from leveling. Aerith can be so evil sometimes. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Read the play version of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Cried when Eva died. Aerith was really sweet and just held me and gave me tissues and let me cry. It wasn't even that sad in the play, but it was the exact same wording as in the book and that set me off. (i'm actually a little embarassed that i cried).

Decided that calling the Mad Russian at 12:30 am was a good idea. Talked with her until 2:30 am. oops. I miss her. I am glad I got to talk to her :) We had so much fun talking. Found out that some people that I knew in HS were either married/getting married/have kids. weird shit! Was talking about old crushes. *L* I miss her.

In other news, SSFFS will be showing Tank Girl on Friday in Seelye 201 (most likely) @ 7:30pm. YAY!!!
and, [ profile] cassieclaire has added another "Secret Diary of LotRs character." If you haven't read them, but love LotRs, go to her lj and start on Dec. 31st. Some of the funniest stuff you've ever read!!!!!

Now to figure out what work i should get done.
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This came into my inbox from pvgoth: LotR meets the Matrix

Read more... )

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