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In honor of Nintendo being founded today in 1889, here are three of my favorite Nintendo music pieces from YouTube.

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Life's been crazy busy, in a good way. So here's a quick list of what's going on:

• The Sunday before last [ profile] lordaerith and I rolled up 3.5/3.75 characters for a run. It's the typical gamer ratio (7 guys and me). My character's already annoying everyone. :)

• Last Monday I went to a Marian Call house concert. She's amazing. She's touring all 50 states, so go find out when she'll be in a city/town near you and go see her. She's a total nerd and cute too. Oh, and she'll be performing at the SDCC w00tstock! There were many nerds there and we all flocked together. Flirted with a guy who works at Blizzard. Hey, anything to get into the Cataclysm beta, right? ;)

• This last Friday was [ profile] lordaerith's and my fifth wedding anniversary. Year 5 is the wood anniversary. Don't worry, we already went there. We both took Friday and Monday off from work. Friday we went to Schlitterbaun (which is becoming our anniversary tradition). The rides there really are the best! After riding tons of rides on both sides of the park, we headed back to Austin and went to the Melting Pot for the first time. Very nice. They found out it was our anniversary and brought us complimentary champaign with dessert.

• Saturday night we went to the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin's production of "Yeoman of the Guard" with [ profile] moonwick and [ profile] byskwik. Is a rather interesting opera. Not quite so light and airy as their usual fair and a weird ending.

• The rest of our four day weekend was spend lounging around, getting stuff off of the DVR, playing WoW, and cleaning up the house a bit.

• Work is going well. I'm starting to teach more. I'm developing curriculum for a new feature coming out in our Summer release, which is kind of like shooting a moving target. Oh, and work's sending me to Boston in mid-August to teach four days of classes. The current plan is for [ profile] lordaerith and I to go up together a few days early and see people and then he'll head home while I teach. Let me know if you want to see us.

• Other than that, life is busy with work, husband, cats, yoga, social engagements, friends, and WoW.
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I've been having an excellent weekend!

On Friday night [ profile] lordaerith and I went over to [ profile] byskwik house for Asian food night. Lots of yummy food and good conversation was had. Much talk about New Orleans and the Saints, but I guess that's inevitable when you have 5 Louisiananians in one room.

On Saturday morning I had a massage with [ profile] bouncyone, which was very nice and relaxing. Also bought his Wii and Wii Fit from him as he was getting rid of it. Now we have a Wii. Spent time on Saturday afternoon setting it up and playing with it. Aerith's really gotten into Super Mario Galaxy (which is what he's playing as I type this).

Saturday evening we went over to [ profile] saphirebear and [ profile] davobear house for dinner (tacos) and a movie (Disney's Robin Hood) with them and their kiddos. Got lots of love and snuggles from the 5-year-old. :) After the kids went to bed there was hot tubbing and good conversation. My favorite part of the whole evening: hearing the kiddos laugh like crazy over some of the jokes in the movie that I used to find hysterical.

Today Aerith and I got up and went out to look at Wii stuff. We ended up at Fry's where I used the power of my iPhone to get us price matching on some accessories. Came home, did some relaxing and some cleaning and I did 20 minutes of Wii Fit workout. I'm going to really try and do some every day to every other day.

I am so glad that January is over as of midnight. It was a really wretched January for a lot of people, myself included. So fuck you January 2010. I won't miss you.
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She really is too adorable!
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Been having a good week. [ profile] lordaerith and I both had this week off from work. We were supposed to get a lot of cleaning done. We did get some done, but not as much as I really wanted to. Oh well, that's how these things go.

For New Year's Eve we went to a friend's house who was having a James Bond themed party. It was fun. We dressed up all nice. It was good to see some people that we haven't seen in a while.

All dressed up )

On New Years day we mostly hung out and played WoW and stuff. Aerith made a Pork and Apple roast in the crock pot which was really yummy and made the house smell good all day.

Yesterday Camera came over for a while and we watched more Firefly (I am slowly turning him into a Browncoat. Mwahhaha!).

Other that it's been nice to just have quiet time at home. My dwarf is almost level 25, I've seen the whole first season of Entourage, and I'm reading Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and re-reading Kushiel's Chosen at the same time.

Party tonight, last day of vacation tomorrow, back at work on Monday, and mom comes to visit in two weeks.
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I started my new job on Tuesday. I like it so far. I've mostly been doing getting settled into a new job stuff (ie: meeting a million people whose names I've already forgotten, setting up my computer and work email, and catching up to speed on the projects I'm going to be working on). Being an iSchool grad, I already knew about ¼ of the people who work at the CAH.

Went out to karaoke on Tuesday night. Was a huge crowd (as opposed to the week before when it was just a few people). Had a good time singing and chatting with people. TheatreChick leant [ profile] lordaerith and I the first season of How I Met Your Mother, so we've been watching it this week. We're on the second disc already. Probably would have seen more if it hadn't been for WoW. Yup, we are now on WoW. We mostly play on Cenarian Circle. My main (ok, only right now) toon is Morriae, a dwarven warrior. She's currently level 9. I don't play for a long time because I get bored/annoyed easily, but I'm on a little almost every day.

On Wednesday we went to the poly meetup at Central Market, which was totally awesome. I really like seeing those people and it was fun to impress everyone with my amazing having a job in my field so soon after graduation power (I still think I was just damn lucky).

Friday night we went over to [ profile] spottedvasa and [ profile] shadow_nite2's Rock Band party where we hung out with lots of cool geeks like [ profile] profstevie, [ profile] gryphynkit, and [ profile] psylent1. Had a really really good time! Can't wait to hang out with those peeps again.

Saturday morning [ profile] lordaerith and I got up WAY to early and headed over to theatre for curtain hanging and lighting hang and focus. Would have taken less time if there had been one more ladder, but it all worked out ok. Came home and he played WoW while I ready Dead Before Dawn. We were going to go to a party, but we weren't feeling up to it so we stayed home, played WoW, watched more HIMYM and I finished my book.

Today was more of the same from Saturday afternoon (I'm part of the way though Living Dead in Dallas, the second book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries) and also a trip out to pick up my repaired necklace.

About to go watch True Blood on HBO, which is based on the books I've been reading this weekend.

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Friday night [ profile] lordaerith and I dragged [ profile] syhira to [ profile] noeticist's Rock Band party. He'd gotten a bunch of new songs, so that was awesome. One of the new songs was Still Alive from Portal. I had recently memorized this song. When there was a large enough group, I grabbed the mic, picked Still Alive, set my level to Easy, walked up to next to the TV, turned away from the screen and proceeded to sing the whole song without looking at the screen at all (ok, I glanced at it twice to see when to start a verse). I got 98%. I think that's pretty impressive. I only messed up once at the end of the third verse. Next time [ profile] lordaerith says if I keep my eyes open he'll cue me when to activate Star Power/Energy Phrase/Whatever it's called.

The rest of the Rock Band party was also a lot of fun. Got to see [ profile] maddaddy, who was looking pretty beat-up after his bad scooter accident last weekend. Also there was this crazy thunderstorm going on outside with amazing bursts of lightening. Also, I learned that if I'm going to sing something funny that isn't the actual lyrics, don't laugh because it will throw off my score.

Saturday [ profile] lordaerith and I decided that we needed to go to Kerbey Lane for brunch. I had a pancake and a potato, egg, and cheese breakfast taco. Yes, I willingly ordered a breakfast taco. Lookout, I may be turning into an Austinite.

Saturday afternoon the plan was to get some work done and then head over to Eeyore's Birthday, but I ended up with so much more to do than I thought that we didn't get to go. Well, next year, I hope.

Yesterday evening [ profile] syhira came back over and we watched the new episode of BSG. Yay for BSG. I just wonder if there were more Starbuck & crew scenes that they cut out of that episode.

Yesterday night, late, I was really feeling restless (not sure if it was stress, George's visit, something else, or a wacky combination) when I saw that [ profile] eliset was heading out to RHPS. I decided that it was just what I needed so I threw on an all-white outfit and met up with her and [ profile] soupwiththefork. Had an awesome time screaming obscenities at the screen and watching a pretty fun cast. It really was just what I needed. And [ profile] eliset was an awesome sugar mamma, literally, cause she bought me a $5 shake :).

Today the forecast is homework, homework, and more homework.
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On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to [ profile] noeticist's Rock Band party. I was really looking forward to singing "Still Alive" as I have most of it memorized already and it's been in my head all week, but XBox Live was down and [ profile] noeticist wasn't able to download it *pout*. Had a really good time at the party anyway. [ profile] maddaddy and [ profile] elvesoncrack were able to show up :) It was good to see them again.

On Saturday I got a bunch of reading done for school and then [ profile] lordaerith and I went to the Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival. Got some really large crawfish (so big that there was a lot of meat in the claws) and had a good time wandering around and dancing (well, I was dancing) to some zydeco. Cowboy Mouth played and they were awesome as usual. I danced and jumped up and down and screamed so much that today my voice hurts. Apparently Bonerama, who was supposed to play earlier that day, got there late, so at one point they got on stage and played with Cowboy Mouth. It was really cool!

Cowboy Mouth and Bonerama at Swamp Thing

After Cowboy Mouth, George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic played. They were really cool, but [ profile] lordaerith and I were getting tired so we left early, went to Amy's for ice cream (apparently we're regulars there because we got asked where we've been...), and came home.

Today I've been avoiding writing my paper for Advanced Digitization mainly because I'm not really sure how to organize it (by collection or by principle) and while I know I can re-organize it later, it still bothers me.
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This weekend should have been amazing. Instead it felt like it alternated between On moments and off moments, which I shall recap in the table below.



Having [ profile] lordaerith pick me up on Friday night and going to the Dog & Duck for food, where we randomly ran into a good chunk of the iSchool.

It being so packed at the Dog & Duck that we didn't really get to talk to any of them (other than [ profile] syhira and her boi who sat with us).

Going to see the Austin Wind Symphony's tribute to video games.

It could have been a lot better than it was. The symphony didn't have a lot of "heart" as [ profile] lordaeirth put it. Also, they had 2 video screens which would often project images of the game play. I think that in some ways it distracted from the music, because people were more focused on the video. Also, they had a real chance to make it a true interactive-multimedia performance, but only really interacted with the clips from Super Mario Brothers. It was worth the $8 admission.

My sister, [ profile] queencimmy, and her boy, [ profile] nola_poet, drove into to visit us this weekend.

Due to traffic & other factors, they didn't get in until 2:30am. We had figured on them showing up around midnight Friday night. This means I didn't get to bed until almost quarter to 4.


On Saturday morning I thought I might have yet another UTI (ooohhh…too much information, right?), but I don't. Still, it didn't make the morning fun.

I got to show [ profile] queencimmy and [ profile] nola_poet around UT. We went to the HRC where we surprised [ profile] nola_poet with an exhibit of the first 40 feet of the original "On the Road" scroll (it's on display until mid-June, I think). After the HRC, I took them to see my second home (aka the iSchool IT Lab). We chilled there for a little bit, walked around a bit more, and then lordaerith and I got yummy yummy food at the Flying Falafel.

I had to return a book to the library and pick up on that had come in. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the library it had closed, so I was only able to do the returning.

We said good-bye [ profile] nola_poet and [ profile] queencimmy for a little while and got to the Texas Union at 5:30 to be first in line for the Jonathan Coulton show (it started at 9). We were the first people in line by a couple of minutes. [ profile] apryl_knight, [ profile] cjovalle, qyandri, gruff, [ profile] iskanderia, and [ profile] lawtalkyguy eventually joined us on line.


While waiting in line, we whipped out Munchkin Cthulhu and I ended up playing a lively game of it with the people who were in line behind us.

We never got to finish the game, because the doors opened up before it was over. At least I wasn't the lowest level at that point.

At one point while waiting, Jonathan Coulton poked his head out to start setting up his merchanidce. [ profile] lordaerith asked him if it was okay if we taped him and he said yes as long as it was okay with the venue. I asked him to play "Better" which is one of my favorite songs of his, and he said he would try to.


We ended up with two tables right in front of the stage.

We were trying to save seats behind us for [ profile] caelligh and [ profile] ethanhunter, but eventually the place was so packed that we had to give them up. After we did that, [ profile] caelligh showed up, but she left because at that point it was standing room only. Next time guys, I promise.

The show was AMAZING (as always). There's too much to write up here, so see below for a longer write-up. I will say that he did infact play "Better".

Jonathan Coulton's guitar. It sounded fine to me, but he kept tuning it throughout the night and never seemed quite happy with it.

We got to tape the show.

We didn't tape the funniest part because we were running out of battery power and tape. [ profile] lordaerith will never hear the end of it. Also, I didn't grab a DV to Firewire cord when I picked up the Camcorder. Now I can't get the concert off of the tape and onto YouTube. I'm going to have to go to campus to get the cord.

[ profile] noeticist's party was still happening by the time we got out of the show.

It was pretty much winding down by the time we go there. But we were able to say hi to a few people, especially [ profile] last_bastion and [ profile] raenshadoe, who were in from out of town.

My sister got all dressed up to go to the party.

She didn't end up making it because by the time she was about to leave, the party was almost over. Also, [ profile] nola_poet's GPS couldn't find the place.


We got up really really late (1pm) on Sunday and therefore weren't able to go to brunch at Kerby Lane.

We did got to [ profile] lawtalkyguy's for Super Smash Bros/Rock Band. Queencimmy finally got to meet a good chunk of my friends.

We were only there for a little while.


[ profile] queencimmy and [ profile] nola_poet had to go home.


I felt…off/close to tears for the rest of the night. No idea why. Bleh.


I discovered that I deleted my "New Pics" folder from my desktop and empty the Trash before I noticed this. This is the folder in which I kept all the pictures from the camera that I have yet to edit & place online. There's a 94% chance that [ profile] lordaerith has all of the files on his computer as well. He probably has at least 90% of them.

I took the whole weekend off to spend time with my sister and do fun things.

I already feel like I'm behind on the amount of stuff I have to do over Spring Break.

JoCo Show

The show was awesome (as I said above).

The opening act, Samantha Murphy, was interesting. I like that she played barefoot and was funny enough to keep the audience entertained. Also girl could hold a note.

Jonathan Coulton ended up playing 2 sets because there were so many people who wnated to get in and the show was sold out. I think it had to do with some standing-room-only people leaving so others could see the second set.

I'm sure I could say tons about the whole show all the songs he played, but hopefully I'll have most of the show up on YouTube soon so you can see for yourself. Therefore, I'm just going to give you the highlights (as I see them).

In the first set he played "Better" which had me grinning like crazy the entire time. At the end of "Creepy Doll", [ profile] lordaerith and I held up our iPhones which were displaying lighters on them. JoCo saw us and totally cracked a smile. I made sure to turn the phone around so the rest of the audience could see it. Since he liked it so much, during "Mandelbrot Set" I ducked my iPhone under the table and used Google Images to find a picture of a fractal, which I then waved back and forth. This definitely made JoCo grin when he saw it.

JoCo and Michael WoodThe best bit of the show, was when JoCo pulled up a member of the audience to help him with "Chiron Beta Prime". The kid who was brought up on stage, Michael Wood, was hilariously funny during the song and even "broke" JoCo. However, when it got to the point where he had to say "Message Redacted" in a robot voice, he didnt know the words or even that it was his turn to say something. It was so funny. (Picture of Michael and JoCo, courtesy of AntonOlsen)

Unfortunately as this was part way through the second set, we were picking and choosing which songs to record because we were running out of tape/batter power (If we had known it would have been a double set concert, we would have brought a second tape!). Therefore, [ profile] lordaerith decided not to record Chiron Beta Prime because "It's a Christmas song and it's not Christmas time." Also because I don't think he likes it very much, even though I do. Therefore, unless someone else was taping the concert (or just that moment) it will not be up on YouTube. Much sadness.

After the show we hung around for a little while to see if JoCo wanted to come to [ profile] noeticist's party, but he had a lot to do, so we left. But not before I got to take a picture with him:

Jonathan Coulton and Me, after the show.


Feb. 18th, 2008 12:06 pm
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Had a really fabulous Saturday night. Came home from work (I was subbing for a friend who broke his arm) and [ profile] lordaerith had made buffalo-pot roast in the crock pot and had picked up [ profile] iskanderia . I helped make mashed potatoes and steam asparagus. Eventually (*wink*) [ profile] noeticist showed up with a salad. We had a wonderful dinner and really good conversation filled with storytelling and one really bad joke (I don't care what you say, honey, it's a bad joke). We ended the evening playing Top Shop. Pancake House is full of PANCAKES!

The rest of the weekend was spent working on a paper and doing reading.

This morning I went to the gym and did over 2 miles on the elliptical in 30 min. I'm proud of me. Then ignored everything and made Looking For Group icons. Why? Because it was fun.


Nov. 19th, 2006 06:57 pm
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[ profile] lordaerith is currently playing City of Villains and his mission is to break up a picket-line of workers. I am really offended by this mission. Especially since once he does enough with this mission he gets "scab" badges. I'm glad I don't play this game, because I morally object to this mission. My great-grandmother worked hard for unions and fair labor. In protest I started playing my union music. I think that's it's really wrong for them to have a mission like this. I know it's villains, but really bothers me.
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so, life in Austin's pretty good so far. [ profile] lordaerith and I are definitely making friends around here, which is cool.

School has hit that OMG I have wayy too much work to do ahhhhh state. Kind of figured it would happen soon. I have a mid-term on Thursday, a paper due friday, another paper due the tuesday after that and a project due that thursday. wheeee. But I'm getting it done. So, that's good.

Boris has an annoying habit of sitting on the papers that I need to use to write things. [ profile] cjovalle insists that he's trying to "help" me with my schoolwork. I think he's just being an annoying fat pain in the butt. but he's too cute to be annoyed with for long.

We've gotten into a D&D game with [ profile] cjovalle, qyandri, bubbles, ranger, and gruff (they don't have LJs, as far as I know). I'm playing an Elven rouge/sorcerer who's a brass dragon's familar. Hehehe. It's been a lot of fun so far. I want to hang out with these people in other-than-game contexts.

Also, I'm probably going to be playing in the UT Vamp Larp. We'll see how that turns out...

And last weekend we met up with some Austin Browncoat at the Spider House (a very cool coffee shop) and watched Serenity. I cried again (before it happened...).

This weekend, I took a break from writing my paper on Intellectual Property issues as related to three items and their digitization possibility to go see Little Miss Sunshine at the Alamo. It was a really funny movie! Late late last night we caught the roast of Pam Anderson on Comedy Central. They weren't cutting it at all! They didn't even bleep fuck. They did bleep one thing, that that was "Diet *****." I was a pun on Diet Coke, but if it was cunt, they didn't bleep that word later in the show, so i have no idea. still it shows how the evolution of cursing and what is/isn't acceptable in this day and age. Personally, I think that cursing is loosing the power/shock that it once had. I'm not really sure what that says about our society, but I it makes me feel that maybe we're more open. It definitely shows the evolution of a language.

Oh, and i found out that "Carry on my wayward son" is probably on Guitar Hero 2. I'm excited.

Time to read more about qualitative studies as they relate to LIS research and order chinese food b/c I've been craving it since Friday.
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For my Survey of Digitization class, we have to blog once a week about an online digital collection. When [ profile] lordaerith was doing his interests collage I noticed an image for the "Museum of Role Playing Games." Upon checking it out, I realized that it was an online digital collection. I'm not allowed to post a link to the blog, so I decided to re-post it here. If it seems somewhat critical, it's because our entries are more concerned with the set up of the collection than the contents of the collection itself.

Read my entry )
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MMM.... Just had a really good weekend!

Friday night [ profile] lordaerith and I headed into town to walk around and grab food and stuff. Ran into [ profile] kiten and [ profile] doctorjekyll and ended up going to Osaka with them. Even though the wait was long and there was a little bit of a language barrier between us and the waiter, the food was excellent, as always, and it was really really nice to see them. After dinner the 4 of us wandered around Northampton and really confused the guys who were gaming at Modern Myths by text messaging [ profile] morlock from outside the store. Got to love those "I can c u" messages *grin*

Saturday Aerith let me sleep late (yay) while he did gummie ship stuff on Kingdom Hearts 2. After I got up i watched him play more of the game. OMG! I love this game. There are so many things that are way too cute. Also got in some good cuddle time with both of the cats. Ended up holding Boris on my lap like a baby while he nuzzled into my arm. Got in touch with [ profile] muninwing and [ profile] modernaphrodite in the evening and made more charoses while waiting for them to come over. Ended up picking up food from Bueno in Northampton with them (I swear, since we found out it's there, I believe we gotten food from there almost once a week). Came back home and watched some of the first season of The Muppet Show with them, which was wonderfully silly.

Today I got up and did my full Cardio Pilates DVD :) Then Aerith and I went searching for Cadburry Cream Eggs. Finally found some at CVS. I think the guy thought we were crazy when we brought over the whole basket to purchase (there were only 10 or so in there). But we love to stock up on them. Came home and alternated cleaning in our room and playing Kingdom Hearts. Aerith has gotten so far in the game. But I think there's still a lot more to go. Afterwards, we went for a walk down into the woods and fields behind our place (I think we're not supposed to go there though). I finally got to touch the Connecticut River. I felt very powerful, standing on the shore with the wind and the water and the beautiful sky. Dinner was left-overs from Passover on Thursday and Bueno. After dinner Aerith was reading and I ended up trying to look for places to live in Austin.

And now it's time to feed the monsters and go to bed.


Feb. 5th, 2006 11:31 pm
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Right, the last weekend in Jan we went to Boston and to the Museum of Science and then to Harvard's VeriCon. It was loads of fun. George R R Martin is really cool. Also went to a really fun webcomic's pannel (I wrote about it on [ profile] som_pos here).

There was a Star Wars exhibit at the MoS. It was awesome. Pictures here.

At VeriCon I won the Apples to Apples game b/c I know how to play the right cards to geeks, for example: dark = my mind, sexy = whips.

I have writen a post about VeriCon. I feel better now.


Jan. 8th, 2006 04:51 pm
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Well, my cookies didn't win the contest. But, looking at the winners, I'm not really surprised. Although I think I did better than some of the Honorable Mentions.

and to make me feel even better, George just showed up and it took me FOREVER to get my DivaCup in properly.
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So, in response to this contest by Blizzard, I made Diablo 2 "Shrine Cookies for the Adventurer on the Go."

picture of the cookies )
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In [ profile] doctorjekyll's game, my ranger just made 6th level. This means I get another feat. Unfortunatly there are 6 that I am debating. So, I'm going to open it up to y'all for advice.

Here's a bit about my character: She's an elven ranger, good with a bow...very good with a bow actually. She's somewhat of a tomboy. She's also pretty good at ranger things including spot, search, and move silently. Basically there are 3 things that I want to do with her. 1) make her a very good ranger, 2) make it so she has an easy time up in the trees, 3) be a top-notch Legolas type archer.

That being said, here are the feats I'm looking at:

Agile: +2 to balance and escape artist - would help with the whole tree thing

Athletic: +2 to Climb and Swim - would also help with the tree thing

Diehard: Remains conscious at -1 to -9 - always a help, would make her seem tougher, which plays into the strong tomboy thing.

Dodge: +1 dodge bonus to AC - not so wonderful by itself, but if I then took Mobility, I could take Shot on the Run which would allow movement before and after a ranged attack...very useful.

Far Shot: Increases range by 50% - would help with the awesome archer thing, also very useful.

I think I'm leaning towards Agile, Dodge, or Far Shot.

[Poll #587023]
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So, I was googling my name and apparantly I'm a City of Heros Contact - a psychic/magic contact in Brickstown for Level Range 30-38.

Anyone wanna get me a screenshot of myself?

I feel dirty.
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Friday night came home from work craving pizza. Had pizza. Crocadile pizza :)

[ profile] omnia_mutantur and [ profile] wandelrust came over with a PS2 game that takes place in alternative-reality Ancient Greece (hey, it was the only thing they could say to stop me from complaining about time period and historical inacuratness...well, I have to put my B.A. to good use somehow). But the game itself was pretty. And omnia did my dishes b/c she rocks my world!!

Saturday invovled getting up uber-early (for a saturday) and heading down to Six Flags with Aerith, Artemis, and the Frenchman. Was lots and lots of fun. We went on the new "Mr. Six's Pandimonium" which is this nifty spinny coster thing. Going up the first steep incline backwards was definatly a new experiance for me. Also, I was brave and tried the Batman. I liked it until we got to the corkscrews. I don't like being turned upside down by corkscrews. Aerith said he could actually tell when my screams turned from those of enjoyment to those of terror. I started crying when the ride ended. The verdict: loops = good, corkscrews = bad. At least we know this for when we go to other amusement parks. It took us an hour to ride the Superman b/c the seats kept not letting people out of them. I was like, "hey, if i get stuck I want to ride it again" but no one got stuck when we rode.

After Six Flags, I started crashing. We went and got some food, but that didn't help to much. Ended up napping when we got home. Then Aerith, Artemis, and I went out for Cold Stone and visited [ profile] starcatsinging at her place of employment. Then came home and watched Pitch Black.

Sunday was spent hanging around the house and doing house type stuff. Grilled dead things for dinner and watched more Carnivale. One episode to go to finish season two. Then had ice cream, which didn't agree with me.

Now it's time to get back to work.

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