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I came down with a stomach bug yesterday evening.

Unpleasant details just for you. )

I'm pretty sure this is the universe getting back at me for not having any morning sickness with either pregnancy.
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Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I celebrated seven years of marriage without killing each other. Hurray!

We went out to The Cheesecake Factory as a family to celebrate. Our Little Prince kept us entertained throughout a good chunk of the meal by playing "dip the straw into the mug of water, pull it out, causing splashing, dunk it back in, and occasionally try to drink from the straw" all while squealing with happiness most of the time. My cheeks hurt after dinner from smiling so much. Didn't get any pics or video because we wanted to be in the moment.

Today Aerith and I both took the day off from work. I took LP into daycare so we had the whole day to just the two of us. We were originally going to go to Shilterbaun or to Barton Springs or something, but the day looked rather ominous for being outside, and so we ended up spending most of the day cuddling on the couch watching stuff that had piled up on our DVR (lots of HIMYM). I think it was a day that we really needed. Just a day to cuddle and reconnect and be lazy together. Ok, at one point I got annoyed that we were staying inside and that I wanted to go swimming... and then we started to hear the rolling thunder, so well played Universe.

Then we got LP from daycare, had stir-fry for dinner, played with LP, gave him a bath, put him to bed, and watched more HIMYM while finishing our desserts from yesterday.

And now, to bed.


May. 26th, 2010 02:10 pm
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Most of the time I think of Glee as a cheese teen drama with some really fun song and dance numbers. Then there will be a scene that just blows me away. This is the scene from last night that had me in tears:

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Zach Morris is apparently divorced and is now staring in a new tv show. Don't believe me? Watch this clip of him on the Jimmy Fallon show:

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Last weekend I went to a crawfish boil at a friend's house. Next week I'm going to be in New Orleans so I get to have more crawfish. Yay!

Tuesday of last week I made both tzimmis (in the crock pot) and my first attempt at a raspberry-blackberry (aka razzleberry) pie. The pie was a little more liquidy than i wanted. I need to remember to clean the berries and let them dry before mixing them with the sugar.

Tuesday night I hung out with one group of friends and then went out to Karaoke, which was awesome because I hadn't been in ages. I missed it, even if it has changed somewhat since I started going.

Yesterday [ profile] gailmom came for a visit which was awesome cause I missed her very much and it was great to see her. We hung out and went to Phil's Icehouse for burgers and watched Tank Girl. Then we got all pretty and went to a party which was good. Had some good talks with old friends and made some new ones.

Today we got up late and I wanted to make waffles, but there wasn't any milk so I ran to the store while [ profile] gailmom and [ profile] lordaerith cleaned up the kitchen. I came home and made the waffle batter and put the first batch in the waffle iron and then realized that I forgot to use the non-stick spray. The waffles stuck to the top and bottom and the top of the waffle iron kept threatening to fall backwards. Cue total breakdown from me due to not having eaten yet (ah, blood-sugar issues). But Gail and Aerith were awesome and cleaned it up and fed me. So the first set of waffles were more like waffle crumble, which we just dipped in the maple syrup and was pretty awesome anyway. The rest of the waffles came out just fine (even if the waffle maker still tries to open too far). Eventually Gail had to go home and Aerith and I played WoW and had more of the leftover tzimmis and watched last week's Dollhouse (which was awesome) and Heroes (which was really slow, but had a very interesting ending).


Feb. 13th, 2009 12:53 pm
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Don't forget that Dollhouse premiers tonight on Fox. I have the DVR set up!

For those of you worried about the apparent mysogony in the show, I recommend reading this NPR interview.
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I started my new job on Tuesday. I like it so far. I've mostly been doing getting settled into a new job stuff (ie: meeting a million people whose names I've already forgotten, setting up my computer and work email, and catching up to speed on the projects I'm going to be working on). Being an iSchool grad, I already knew about ¼ of the people who work at the CAH.

Went out to karaoke on Tuesday night. Was a huge crowd (as opposed to the week before when it was just a few people). Had a good time singing and chatting with people. TheatreChick leant [ profile] lordaerith and I the first season of How I Met Your Mother, so we've been watching it this week. We're on the second disc already. Probably would have seen more if it hadn't been for WoW. Yup, we are now on WoW. We mostly play on Cenarian Circle. My main (ok, only right now) toon is Morriae, a dwarven warrior. She's currently level 9. I don't play for a long time because I get bored/annoyed easily, but I'm on a little almost every day.

On Wednesday we went to the poly meetup at Central Market, which was totally awesome. I really like seeing those people and it was fun to impress everyone with my amazing having a job in my field so soon after graduation power (I still think I was just damn lucky).

Friday night we went over to [ profile] spottedvasa and [ profile] shadow_nite2's Rock Band party where we hung out with lots of cool geeks like [ profile] profstevie, [ profile] gryphynkit, and [ profile] psylent1. Had a really really good time! Can't wait to hang out with those peeps again.

Saturday morning [ profile] lordaerith and I got up WAY to early and headed over to theatre for curtain hanging and lighting hang and focus. Would have taken less time if there had been one more ladder, but it all worked out ok. Came home and he played WoW while I ready Dead Before Dawn. We were going to go to a party, but we weren't feeling up to it so we stayed home, played WoW, watched more HIMYM and I finished my book.

Today was more of the same from Saturday afternoon (I'm part of the way though Living Dead in Dallas, the second book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries) and also a trip out to pick up my repaired necklace.

About to go watch True Blood on HBO, which is based on the books I've been reading this weekend.

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This is one of my favorite Monty Python sketches of all time.

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Trailer for the new Joss Whedon/Eliza Dushku series, Dollhouse. Also has Tahmoh Penikett (aka Helo from BSG). Looks pretty interesting!

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Mmmm...pie while watching Pushing Daisies. I'm not sure what could more beautifully poetic than that.
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Ok, so I really should be reading the article that I have to read and making the post about it that's due before 11:30 tonight, but I just had to write about Pushing Daisies. It's really an amazing show. It's being billed as a "forensic fairy tale" which is pretty much right. It's done like a fairy tale (complete with narrator and bright colors), but it's about solving murder mysteries (sort of). Anyway, it's absolutely wonderful. I think it's the best show I've seen this season.

Go watch it. NOW. You can see it online at

SRSLY! They even had Kristin Chenoweth singing in the newest episode. And...the first episode was called Pie-lette!!!

Ok, homework now.
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Dear Bionic Woman peoples,

I watched the pilot. It was a little choppy, but overall I enjoyed it and will watch the second episode. However, please stop casting only mostly BSG actors. It makes my head explode. That being said, thank you so much for the hotness that is Katee Sackhoff in the rain.

much love,


Aug. 2nd, 2007 11:49 pm
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Watching old music videos from Square One TV is not conducive to making QTVR movies for your Independent Study...
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You know you're a nerd when you're watching the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon and you pull out the D&D books to check things, such as if blue dragons can really be found in deserts (they are).
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you're watching Lost and cut for minor spoilers )

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Had a really good weekend (and then a busy beginning of the week...which is why I'm only getting a chance to write about it now).

On Friday night I decided to go to the UU Pagan's Imbolc ritual. I'm really glad I did. Although it was not very highly attended, it was very nice. Short and sweet without any silly pretense that these things can sometimes have. I got introduced to the idea of Storytelling Paganism, which is really nifty.

On Saturday I had work (which was boring) and then had a whole bunch of people over to my house to play Guitar Hero I & II, in an attempt to cheer up [ profile] crabes (even though not everyone knew that was the reason). Including [ profile] lordaerith and me, there were 11 people ([ profile] crabes, [ profile] cjovalle & qyandri, W & K, RJ, [ profile] apryl_knight, [ profile] oracle_tx, & T ) and 2 cats at my house. Hurray for lots of people. It makes my little Libra heart happy. After we were Guitar Hero'd out, we did the only obvious thing to do: hook Elektra up to the tv and show each other videos on YouTube and other places. There were lots of great things shown, but the best was College Saga, a 41min RL acting out of a Final Fantasy type game. I didn't think we'd watch the whole thing, but we were all laughing so hard that all of a sudden they were fighting the final form of the boss. I think people left around 1:30am or so.

Sunday we got up late and then I did homework and kept track of the Superbowl scores over the internet. Hurray for Payton Manning!!

Yesterday my Digital Libraries class got to see some of the Gone with the Wind collection at the HRC. They have so much stuff there, from pre-production paintings and drawings to actor call sheets to movie stills to post-production criticisms. It was really amazing. Unfortunately, the dresses (including the curtain dress) are on loan to Florida. (ok, so that wasn't part of the weekend, but it was still cool). One of these days I will watch the movie!
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I *heart* the Daily Show. And I get to watch it for class.
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HBO to turn Fire and Ice into a series - According to Variety, and other sources, HBO has the rights to turn George RR Martin's series into a tv series. Each book will be converted into a season.

Well, I'm glad it's HBO and not the WB (or the like). Hopefully it will come out well and Martin will actually finish the writing the thing before the show catches up to him :)
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I tried out the Heroes 360 experience while watching the new episode of Heroes. While the trivia and the little immediate surveys (which not only gave other viewers results but also kept track of what I answered) were cute, in some ways they were distracting from the show. I know I missed the translation of what Hiro said a couple of times b/c I was checking on the computer screen. And I can't get the code that Hana gave out to work on the Primatech Paper site...but looking at the message boards, it looks like everyone else is confused too. So either NBC fucked up or we all missed something. My instinct is the former, but I'll check Wikipedia tomorrow to see if I'm right.

All of this - Heroes 360, The Lost Experience, America votes for its favorites, etc - has gotten me thinking about the nature of television and the interaction that cell phones and the internet has given us and its cultural and informational impact on society and entertainment. Hmm...good thing that I'm in school for this sort of thing ;) (And we wonder why I keep thinking about that PhD...)

Well, off to read a bazillion pages before class tomorrow. Damn my weekend of lethargy!

PS. Why is there not pie???
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For everyone who missed the special pre-Heroes preview with Hana Gitelman, it's on YouTube.

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