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We decided that 2.75 would be the perfect age for Little Prince to experience his first Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

On Thursday, Feb 27, we got into the car nice and early and drove to New Orleans. The drive went pretty well overall. Little Prince used the potty twice on the way there, which was totally unexpected and cool. He did fight sleep for over half an hour after lunch time, which sucked. We were really hoping to get in to NOLA in time to head over to Tante’s and catch Muses, but we hit some nasty traffic in Baton Rouge and by the time we got to Grandma R’s, we were all just exhausted.

On Friday Grandma R showed us that she’d saved a huge amount of our childhood toys. Little Prince was in heaven playing with it all.

Grandma R saved our childhood toys. DJ loved playing with them.

¬†That evening we headed over to Tante and Bullit’s for our very first Mardi Gras parades. Darius got to learn just how stressful parking during Mardi Gras can be. We got to Tante’s, ate dinner, and then the parades started right outside her door.

A kid on his shoulders and a beer in his hand. Daddy is doing Carnival right.
Darius with a drink in his hand and LP on his shoulders.
That’s doing Mardi Gras right!

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Over the winter we decided that we were going to take Little Prince to New Orleans to visit Grandma R and Tante and have his second birthday party there. This gave our families time to plan for the trip. Pawpaw and Grandma A from my side and Aunt B2 and Cousin T were also able to make it in.

We drove in on Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. I was a little (a lot) nervous about doing a road trip with a toddler. But it went pretty well. In order to keep Little Prince occupied, I went to Target and got a few things from the dollar section (a plastic ring, Batman stickers, etc) and I put them into plastic Easter eggs. Whenever he started to get restless, we gave him a new egg with a prize. I also got him a Thomas book that has buttons that make noise. I knew that book would drive us nuts in about 5 minutes, and it did, but it also kept him happy for over half an hour, so that was totally worth it. He also slept for a good long while after lunch. We made the drive in about 10 hours, which wasn’t bad. Got in in time for a late dinner and then put Little Prince to bed.

Sleeping at Grandma R's

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Although I was sick on Yule, we had our Yule celebration (somewhat muted) anyway. We got our Little Prince his very own R2D2, which made him very happy, and a few other toys and books. He also got some Duplo from us and from his West Cost Grandparents.

Oh Boy! It's R2D2!

We had some friends come and help us wrangle LP so we could prepare for our very first plane trip with our little prince. On Christmas Eve we flew to Massachusetts to visit with Darius’s family and some of our college friends. LP handled the first leg of the trip just fine. His ears didn’t even bother him. Half way through the second (and much longer) leg, he started saying “all done airplane.” It’s very hard to explain to a toddler that we can’t really stop and get off of the airplane right then. At least he fell asleep for the rest of the ride soon after that.

First time on an airplane. This is his "cheese" face.
First time on an airplane. This is his “cheese” face.

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After taking 18 hours to get to San Diego, [ profile] lordaerith and I had a lovely visit with Dad, Stepmom, and their dog Carmella.

On Christmas Eve Day, we took a walk on the beach and recovered from the exhaustion of the day before. In the evening Dad and Stepmom hosted a small dinner party for us, their friends and their friends' daughter. After dinner we all retired to the living room. At some point I curled up in front of the fire and totally fell asleep. I'm such a cat sometimes. At least everyone forgave me & thought it was cute because I'm pregnant.
San Diego

Christmas Day had stockings for Dad, Stepmom, Carmella, Aerith, me, and even one for Stree.

The stuff in the stockings was mostly silly stuff, including silly glasses, scented bubbles, and lots of chocolate. Stree got a monkey and a "hug me" bib. Carmella got toys, doggie treats, and a Santa Hat. I had some fun shooting video with my new digital camera:

We told everyone about Stree being a boy and had lunch. In the afternoon we went out to the movies and saw The King's Speech which was delightfully fun and British and I made it through the WHOLE thing without having to go pee.

On Boxing Day we went shopping. We went to Fry's to get a thing to hang their new TV on the wall and while there, Aerith and I picked up a Creedence Clearwater Revival CD for Stepmom, who has excellent taste in classic rock. Then we went to the mall. Dad got me some nice pregnancy clothing, including a dress to wear to [ profile] haldira's wedding in February. Stepmom got me a nice chain to wear my pregnancy charm from [ profile] gailmom on. Aerith got some clothing too.

On the 27th, we went to Balboa Park. Walked around the park and the botanical building. At the Museum of Natural History we saw snakes and gems.

At the Art Museum there was a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit and a one Magritte. :)
At the Museum of Man there was an exhibit about games, which was really really cool. At we got to see Lucy (well, a replica of Lucy, since they don't put out the real bones anymore). There was also a whole thing about the human body, including a wall about pregnancy, which was both awesome and scary at the same time.
Aerith and geekiness

That night Dad and I watched the Saints-Falcons game. I love watching football with dad because he sees it and can explain it so well. In the 3rd quarter, we broke for dinner made by Stepmom and involved a type of moussaka and a spinach soufflé-ish dish. Both were really good and the 3rd quarter was apparently worth missing. The Saints won in the end, securing a spot in the playoffs, so that was really awesome.

The next day we went out to Coronado to see the Hotel Del where Some Like it Hot was filmed. The weather was really nice, so we got to drive around with the top off of his convertible. Afterward we went out to a fish restaurant, which was nice, and then headed back to Dad's place to rest and pack.
Us at Hotel Del

After getting up at fuck-early in the morning and having an "oh shit, we need another suitcase to bring everything back and ours is 13.5 years old and ripping" crisis, the flight back to Austin was long, but uneventful.

Many more pictures from our trip:

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Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I headed out to San Diego to visit my father. Before we left I was joking that as long as we got there on the same day, it would be better than last time. More prophetic words may never have been spoken.

Our flight out was at 7:15am. The plan was Austin to Salt Lake City to LA to San Diego. We figured that since the Austin airport is usually so quick, that an hour time would be fine. HA! We forgot about the insanity of the holidays. We left the house probably slightly later than intended and had to turn around after 5 minutes or so because we forgot something important. Get to the airport. Have to park in the lot furthest away, but there are shuttles there. Check in no problem. Then we see the security lines. All 3 were HUGE. Go to the one furthest away from our gate because it tends to move the fastest. Took at least 30 minutes to get through line. Flight says still says "Final Boarding" on boards. Aerith runs to gate, but it closed 5 minutes before.

We find out there's a 1:30 or so flight to Atlanta that we can use to connect through to San Diego getting us in at 8 something SD time. Can't be booked on flight until 3 hours before departure because Delta lets people buy tickets up until then. Hang out inside of airport for a bit. Eat. I call Delta and find out there's a 2:10pm flight connecting through Salt Lake City that will get us to San Diego around 5:30pm. Of course if we book now there's an extra fee. We decide to go outside of terminal area and talk to a ticketing agent. They tell us that there are seats on the flight, but can't book until 3 hours before. We sit down in a cafe and I call Delta again. This time I find out that because of how the tickets were purchased, it would cost $150 for ticket A, but over $300 for ticket B. We decide to leave it to fate, because if we can't get on the 2:10, by 11:10am it's within the 3 hour window for the Atlanta one.

We spend the 2 hours reading, talking, and trying not to obsessively check the online Delta flight to make sure the flight we want is still available. At 11:10 we go up to the counter and are very polite and get booked on the flight path through Salt Lake City. The guy even says that he's not going to charge us as a holiday present. It so pays to be nice, polite, and patient.

We go back through security, which now takes about 10 minutes at most. We hang out, get lunch, play Angry Birds, etc. Around 1:45 or so I notice that there's no plane at our gate. At around 2 they tell us that the plane is delayed, but we should be leaving at 2:30. At 2:30 or maybe later the plane finally gets to the gate. I've never seen a more efficient unloading and loading of a plane. We're in the air by 3pm. Of course it's 2.5 hour flight, so we don't land in SLC until 4:30pm MST. Our flight out is at 4:36M MST. Also we're at the end of concourse C and have to get to the end of concourse D. Turns out there are 2 other people who are next to us on the flight to SLC that are also going to SD. Everyone on the plane is awesome and those who don't have a pressing time frame all stay seated while those of us with tight connections leave first. We all run as fast as we can to D. I'm the slowest. Being pregnant really does slow one down! By the time I make it to the gate and see the other 3 standing there, I can't deal with it and run to the bathroom where I break down crying.

There is another flight to SD leaving at 9:45pm MST getting in at 10:45pm PST (aka 12:45am CST). We're all booked on that flight and given travel and food vouchers. Aerith and I find a microbrewery and he as the "Polygamy Porter." Well, we are in Utah ;). Hang out at by our gate and charge our phones. I go wandering around and find a toy store, a book store, and a store that sells Northern Sun bumper stickers. Aerith and I also see this really adorable onesie in green, but decide not to get it. Hang out, play more Angry Birds, have frozen yogurt and finally board the plane.

Turns out that the 2 other guys who were with us on the flight to SLC are in the same row as us, so Aerith and I were able to switch with them so that we could sit together, instead of just in the same row as was on our boarding passes. Also, there is free wifi (happy holidays from Delta!) on the plane. We leave early. Once we're in the air, I log in, chat with people, post to twitter and facebook, and log into WoW to brag to our guild that I'm 30,000 feet in the air. Of course the lag is awful, but at least I can say I did it.

The flight gets in about 20 minutes early. We get off of the plane and there's a woman with reindeer antlers on in a cart thing offering people a ride to baggage claim. At this point I'm so bone weary that I'm getting the over tired restless back of knees thing, so we accept her offer. Get our bag (it's there! Yay! It was probably waiting for us since 2pm PST). Dad and Stepmom show up. We head back to Dad's place, eat and chat a bit and then fall over.

6:30am CST to 10:30pm PST. 18 hours of airports/travel. But at least we arrived on the same day (mostly). We have decided that all winter holiday travel to San Diego is cursed and we may never try it again.


Oct. 28th, 2010 09:04 am
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I spent all last week in Chicago. I was there to teach 4 days of classes.

Got in on Monday and checked into my hotel early. Figured out how to take the El over to where I'd be teaching. Found out it was right by the Sears tower (or whatever they're calling it these days). So I went up to the top. I'm really glad that I did. I got to see Chicago in special light that way. I went out onto the glass ledge part of the Skydeck. I'm not afraid of heights, but being able to look that far down through your feet is a little freaky no matter what.

After the Sears Tower, I walked over to the Art Institute. I got there 40 minutes before it closed. Just enough time to see the Greek pottery, the Magrittes, a few Impressionist paintings and the famous Seurat. After that my feet were starting to hurt, but I decided it was too early to go back to the hotel, so I walked through the park by the lake down to Museum Campus, where the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium are. Unlike in the Dresden File books, I didn't see any zombies, fallen angels, or wizards. Stumbled back to the El and my hotel and had a delicious deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's.

Tuesday I taught class and then went out to diner with friends. Food was okay, but the conversation was great.

Wednesday night I went to Morton's Steakhouse by myself and had a really good dinner.

Thursday night I got to hang out with [ profile] syhira and her boyfriend at their place.

Friday I flew back to Austin after class, but not before stopping at Marshall Field's (now Macy's) to get Frango Mints. Because that's what I knew about Chicago when I was little. People go to Chicago and come home with Frangos. Made it to the airport in time, but it was touch and go as the shuttle pickup was late.

Some iPhone photos from my trip:


Aug. 22nd, 2010 08:26 pm
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Monday evening the Frenchman showed up at my hotel room and we (eventually) headed out and walked up to the North End. Ended up on the rooftop eating area of a nice little Italian place. Then we wandered around and looked at the water a bit before wandering back to the hotel.

Tuesday I taught class to 15 people, which is a lot. There were some interesting technical problems in the training room, so I was really glad that I had a senior trainer with me for my first time on the road.

DOUBLE RAINBOW MAKI ALL THE WAY!!!After class, I rested in my hotel room for a bit and then I took the T and met up with [ profile] bellebet and headed over to a Chinese/Sushi restaurant where we met up with [ profile] rogueactor and the Frenchman. Had a lovely dinner with belle and rogue, full of wonderful conversation and really amusingly named after pop-culture things rolls.

Wednesday my co-trainer taught the class, and I played TA. After class I took the T out to meet [ profile] kiten. It was so awesome to see her. The Frenchman, and I hung out at her place with her adorable polydactyl kitty cat, who is OMG so cute. He was doing that "I'm so tired but there are people and I want to play but I'm going to fall over at any moment" thing that was adorable to watch. Got some good hanging out and cuddling with dear friends. :)

Thursday morning I had to say goodbye to the Frenchman. :( He's going back to France soon, so I'm glad I got to spend some time with him before he goes. Then I got to the training room nice and early because it was a whole new class with a new group of people. There was some confusion because my schedule said class started at 9, but the schedule that was emailed out said class started at 9:30, so I had to wait around for everyone to show up. Because of that, class ran a little past 5.

Took the T to Davis Square. (See how every evening starts with that. I felt all super hip and urban taking the T every evening, wearing my iPhone headphones, listening to music, and being confident with where I was going.) Met up with [ profile] omnia_mutantur and [ profile] wandelrust and went out for gourmet pizza. The pizzas were good, but the dessert, which was hot pizza crust covered with nutella, fresh strawberries, and a touch of basil, was amazing.

Friday was the last day of class. Finished it up a little early, which was good cause people (including me) had flights to catch. After the last person left, I got my bags and took the bus to Logan airport for my 6:50 flight back home. When I got off the plane in Houston, there was a woman with 3 kids who was really confused and I thought that maybe she had never flown before or was having a panic attack or something. Since I overheard that she was going to Austin too, I helped make sure that she found her way to the right terminal. She asked my name like 3 times. It was weird. Turns out that she had had a drink and it was stronger than she expected (or so she said) and so she was just a little drunk. Well, I'm glad I was able to make sure that her kids got home, even if their mom was being weird/irresponsible. When I got to the gate for the flight to Austin, i found out there was a flight to New Orleans leaving at almost the exact same time at almost the same terminal, literally. All that separated them was a partition. I joked with the guy checking my boarding pass that it was a tough call, do I go visit my mamma and sister in New Orleans or do I go home to my husband. Ultimately the husband and cats won out over the sister and mom. Got in to Austin with no problem. [ profile] lordaerith was waiting for me and we went home where I said hi to the cats and fell over.

This weekend has been nice and relaxing. Spent a lot of time just hanging out with Aerith Got to play some regular WoW (my guild had a Cow Throwing party...throw your cleverly named level 1 Tauren off of Thunder Bluff and hit a specific spot while yelling some sort of bad pun. I LOST spectacularly!) and some of the Cataclysm beta (my Worgen is finally out of the starting zone).
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On Wednsday, lordaerith and I said good-bye to our kitties and headed to the airport to fly to Boston. The flights went very well. At our layover in Houston we picked up non-pariels for Aerith's mother-in-law and 4 caramel apples (they were by 3 get 1 free) to share with the rest of his family, which we did, slowly over the days there.

Got into Logan with no problem. Got my bag and to the Enterprise dealership with no problem. Because we have a CostCo membership we were supposed to get 5% off and a free upgrade. The 5% was in the system, but the free upgrade wasn't. However, the guy was really awesome and said that he'd give it to us anyway. When we went out to look at the cars that were in our size, he mentioned that oh, there's a 2010 Prius over here and I'll give it to you for just $5 a day more. You should have seen Aerith's eyes light up :). So we took it. Drove out to Haverhill to Aerith's sister's house. Sister, niece (8 year old daughter of other sister), and sister's husband were all there. Sister's husband has a garden and grows green beens, cucumbers, and zuchinni (3 of my absolutely fav veggies) amongst other things. Dinner was made by sister and included stuff from garden. Yum! Hung out for a while and after niece was asleep, watched Role Models with sister and her husband. Still funny.

Woke up on Thursday and slowly nephew got up. He's 17 (OMG, i've known him since he was 5!!!) and his voice has dropped and he is now taller than Aerith. He stands like an awkward teen, all gangly and hunched. It's adorable. Finally Aerith's mom showed up and then everyone, except for me and sister's hubby (who was at work) went to Water Country. I had to stay at Sister's because I had to teach a class online at 2. But that was okay because I just hung out and chilled and the class went well. Also it was in the 70s and I don't do water parks until it's at least 90 out. Eventually they all got home, then we went to the store and got food to grill. Aerith showed off his awesome grilling skills.

Friday Aerith and I went to H&R Block to try to sort out some old tax stuff that seemed weird. It's still weird, but whatever. I had to teach the second half of the class that afternoon. As soon as it was over, we got in the car and headed out to W. MA to visit with [ profile] artemis42 and her partner. Got caught in some traffic, so we were thankful for the Prius! Had a very lovely visit with Ms. A and her partner. They live out in the middle of nowhere with apparently lots of lesbians, musicians, and chickens (what is it about redheads and chickens?). We played music exchange. I played Marian Call for them, and they played their kirtan and an early cut their new blues album for us. A made yummy yummy dinner. That girl can cook salmon like no one else. After dinner we hung out and she showed us Sita Sings the Blues (you can watch it online if you want), which is an animated movie about Rama and Sita and some other stuff. Finally it was past midnight, so we said goodbye and headed back. I fell asleep on the way back, but Aerith was amazing and made the drive, even though he was really tired by the end of it.

Saturday we showed Sister and Niece how to make breakfast tacos :). Then we headed to Rockingham Park to meet up with Aerith's mother and uncle and watch/bet on televised horse races. All the horses I picked kept coming in one spot behind what I said, until the very end where I won a whole $3.80 and the woman behind the counter asked if I was over 18. It was silly, but kinda fun.

After a brief stop at Sister's, we headed out to [ profile] wabres's Hobbit Hole. It was me, Aerith, Wabres, his brother, Wyleblad and his wife, Percival, and [ profile] godspiel. It was great to see those guys again! We had lots of cheese, including queso made by Aerith. Wabres made his chicken masalla for dinner. We watched YouTube videos and talked gaming and went to Kimbel's for ice cream. We left around 11:30. On the way back to Sister's we got caught in some really bad traffic due to construction.

Sunday we woke up expecting to take most of Aerith's family to see Scott Pilgrim, but it turns out that after we got back, Aerith's sister was coming home from his other sister's house and her car got side swiped by a van and she and her car got pretty banged up. She's okay, but had wicked bruises, a cut on her head, and said that her back was hurting her. So we dropped her off at Other Sister's house and got Aerith's Mother and went to the movie just with her. Scott Pilgrim was pretty good. I wanted it to be totally awesome, but after reading the books, it was almost-but-not-quite-as-awesome as I was hoping. After the movie, we saw his mom's place and the infamous dining room table that is ours, if we could ever figure out how to get it down to Austin. Went back to other sister's and realized that it was late and Aerith and I needed to do laundry. So we took Niece back with us and did laundry and Sister's got Nephew and South Asian food.

This morning Aerith and I got up and drove into Boston, getting a little lost, to get me to the hotel. I checked in and dropped off my bags, then we drove to the airport (we got really lost...but figured it out thanks to iPhone goodness). Said goodbye to Aerith and I made my way back to the hotel via public transportation and walking. Chilled for a bit, walked around the area for a bit, and took a bath at the hotel. Now the Frenchman is here so I have to go. Yay!!!
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(Note: I started writing this last Sunday)

On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to Schlitterbahn for some awesome water park fun. The weather was hot but cloudy which made it perfect water park weather. We waited in too long of a ride for the Wolfpack, which wasn't really worth it. However, the Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride totally was. We thought we were both going to wipe out horrifically. I was terrified when I actually got to the shoot, but once i was on the board in the water, it was an amazing rush. I actually got stuck at the lip for a few moments and was so close to making it back down before I got washed over the edge. Aerith tried to be fancy and ended up going off of the side. Then we headed over to Shiltterbahn West. Our favorites over there were the Whitewater Tube Chute and the Downhill Racer, the latter being another one that was scary at the top, but so much fun once we got going. Aerith beat me too the bottom of that one, but only cause I caught my feet at the top edge (and they're nicely bruised, btw).

After we were done with the water park, we headed out to Bryan to spend the weekend with [ profile] gailmom and [ profile] gryphynshadow. Had a great time hanging out with them and at the small party that they threw on Saturday night. Really enjoyed surprising [ profile] lordaerith by having a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements show up at the house for him. Also, gail and I dragged him to his first pedicure. I got purple toe nails with these really pretty flowers on my big toes. Aerith didn't get polish put on, even though I kept suggesting that he go with dark blue.

Finally got to meet [ profile] parathalyn in person. Met up with her and her boy for lunch. Was really good to meet her in person. Hope we didn't scare her away by being too weird.

Saturday night [ profile] lordaerith bbq'd for us and then there was a small party, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday started with what could have been really bad poly drama, but because we all took responsibility, communicated things clearly, and acted like adults, it didn't. Came back home to kitties, who had spent then weekend being watched by the wonderful [ profile] lorelein, played some WoW and went to bed.
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Had a really fantastic weekend.

Friday I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate raspberry icing, adapted from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. They turned out awesomely yummy. Yay.

Friday night [ profile] lordaerith and I went over to [ profile] spottedvasa, [ profile] shadow_nite2, and [ profile] bouncyone's house for Rock Band. Got to hang out with awesome people like [ profile] lorelein, [ profile] gryphynkit, [ profile] eliset, and [ profile] moonwick. I sang two songs. Aerith said that he thought I sang really well. Yay! All those months of karaoke and Rock Band are paying off :).

Me with Peaches and MonkeySaturday we got up early and drove to Bryan, TX to surprise [ profile] gailmom with cupcakes ([ profile] gryphynshadow was in on it). The plan was to put up a chicken coop, but it was too cold and windy out, so we ended hanging out with really awesome people instead. In the afternoon, Gail's kids, Peaches (5) and Monkey (3), showed up. GS made us all laugh by giving them rides and then sliding them across the floor (aka "bowling with babies"). The kids soon decided that I was fun. It started with Peaches climbing into my arms. Then there was, in no order: playing Snakes and Ladders with Monkey while Peaches, dresses as Spiderman, climbed all over everything; playing Pooh Bingo with the two of them in Peaches' room; cuddling with Peaches and Gail which quickly turned into a tickle fight; sitting on the couch with Aerith while Peaches sat between us; crawling after Monkey under the table; and laying down with Peaches on the beanbag chairs in the play room while she watched a DVD.

[ profile] dyionisiac made a really yummy lunch, which due to being on call, she didn't get to enjoy. It was nice to sit down with everyone, including the kiddos. There was a really nice pagan grace that was said but I don't remember it. At some point in the evening, after the kids went to their dad's, [ profile] gryphynshadow was making dinner and [ profile] dyionisiac, [ profile] todfox, and I pulled out our laptops and played the "have you heard this geeky song" game. It was a lot of fun. :). Dinner was yummy too. After dinner there were Clue-by-four tarot readings. [ profile] gryphynshadow sure doesn't pull any reading punches when she's tipsy. It's funny. Then there was more hanging out and cuddling and stuff.

On Sunday we all got up really really late...There were pancakes for breakfast and then we all gathered around Gail's computer to watch President Obama's most recent YouTube address. I really love my president! Finally [ profile] lordaerith and I headed back to Austin to give some love to our poor hungry kitties. Got to check in with [ profile] artemis42, which is always a pleasure.

Sunday night we watched Dollhouse. Holy plot twist Batman. I think I'm still picking my jaw off the floor. Then we played WoW for a while. We got Durkonian and Morriae (our Dwarves) to level 30 and got mounts for both of them. Hurray!

Bus fears

Nov. 14th, 2008 07:42 am
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I have a fear of getting on the wrong bus and ending up somewhere I don't want to be. Almost every time I get on a bus, I triple check the number. However I'm often not 100% convinced that I'm on the right bus until it makes a specific turn or two that assures me that I'm going the right way. This is especially true when I'm at a bus stop that multiple buses stop at. It can be rather nerve racking at times.

I'm pretty sure this fear stems from my first day of 1st grade. I had gone to kindergarten in NYC, where my parents were able to walk me to school. For first grade we were back in Ithaca. I remember my parents bringing me to the near by school bus stop which was where my friend Ben also caught the bus. I remember them telling me that Ben would help me get home. I remember getting on a bus after school was over. I have no idea why I picked that bus. It was probably the first bus I saw. I'm not sure why Ben not being on it didn't clue me in that it was the wrong one, maybe I thought that he was going to get on after me. Of course it didn't stop in the "right" place. Luckily it ended up at a playground somewhat near my house that I recognized and I was able to call home (or someone called for me) and have my parents come and get me. After that my parents dropped me off and picked me up from school pretty much every day until high school, where I was successfully able to ride the bus to school.

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I am sitting in a hotel in Northampton while my loves are cuddling in the bed (lazy bones!) so I figured it'd be a good time to write a post.

[ profile] lordaerith and I finally got to our hotel on Cape Cod at 1:30am Saturday morning. We passed out until mid-morning. Once we got up we went in search of breakfast and found it at Bagels & Beyond. This place makes their bagels fresh every morning and has really good coffee and breakfast sandwiches. So good, in fact, that we got breakfast there all three mornings that we were on the Cape.

After breakfast we drove around West Yarmouth and met up briefly with [ profile] rogueactor, who was grabbing a bite to eat in the middle of helping Wyldblade and TheatreChick with their wedding preparations. Then we had the hunt for a wedding card for those two, which ended successfully at the mall in South Yarmouth.

Eventually it was time to get ready for the wedding. They were going to have it on the beach, but since it was drizzling on and off all day, they eventually decided to have the ceremony in doors at the reception hall. The wedding started a little bit late because some people still ended up going to the beach. It was a lovely ceremony. The dress was casual (I think the groom was the most casually dressed person there). [ profile] wabres officiated (got to love a state where anyone can be a JP for a day). The bride's vows were lovely and touching. She was almost crying. Most of the bridesmaids were crying. I think the groom was almost crying too.

After the reception was lots of fun. There was a punch room with 11 different types of punch, all with fun names, a games room, and lots of yummy food made by the families of the bride and groom. I ended up playing Apples to Apples with some of the bridesmaids and a bunch of other guests for a good part of the night. It was a perfect representation of Wyldblade and TheatreChich and a really really good party!

Pictures from [ profile] wabres (because I forgot to bring my camera):Sunday [ profile] lordaerith and I drove up to Provincetown to check it out. We ended up at The Wired Puppy for a few hours so I could get some work done (yes, I had work to get done on my vacation...long story...). Finally the rain cleared up at we got to walk around, see the sites, and check out the shops. I think that [ profile] safirerings summed it up better than I could have done.

We drove back from P-town the long way and then went to The Yarmouth House for dinner. It was a really good dinner. [ profile] lordaerith had the Surf&Turf and the Tuxedo cake for dessert and I had crab stuffed salmon and this apple caramel cake thing for dessert. After dinner we wanted to go play mini-golf at Pirate's Cove, but they closed just before we got there.

Yesterday we left the Cape and drove to Connecticut to pick up [ profile] artemis42. It was really really amazing to see her again. I finally got to see her comic book shop, where the walls are truely made of awesome.

The three of us drove up to Northampton, checked into our hotel, and then drove over to Amherst for D.P. Dough. After eating we headed over to [ profile] msbutterpecan's to see her and the kiddos. OMG! They've all grown so much, it's really amazing. Foof jumped about 3 feet off of the ground when she saw me. :) After hanging out with them for a while, we headed back to Northampton for ice cream at Herrells with [ profile] kjpepper, [ profile] sundart, and [ profile] lostcircuit. It was awesome to see Ms KJ and Sunny again and to meet LC. After ice cream, [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] artemis42, [ profile] kjpepper, and I walked up towards Smith. When we were in front of East Heaven Hot Tubs, Aerith said that we better go in because we had an appointment for a roof tub in 10 minutes. Surprise Hot Tubbing!! He's amazingly sweet. So we said good-bye to Ms KJ and the three of us had a really wonderful and amazing time in a hot tub under the moon and stars.

Not really sure what today's plans are, but I know they'll involve seeing [ profile] kiten and possibly [ profile] reverendtom and going to Haven tonight. Yay!
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Friday: Trip up and rehearsal dinner )

Saturday: Wedding day )

Sunday: Mothers Day and Munchkin )

Monday: Visiting Northampton )

Tuesday: The trip home )

Photos of wedding and pot-luck coming soon.

Now back to dealing with MIL.
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Aerith and I will be up in MA for his sister's wedding from Friday evening until Tuesday morning (that's the 11-15).

Although this is a short visit (and involves family obligations on Friday and Saturday), we would love to see those of y'all that live up that way.

We already have Sunday morning mother's day plans, but we're hoping to see people who live in Eastern Mass on Sunday night (contact [ profile] wabres for details).

We're planning on taking a day trip out to Western MA on Monday and would love to see Western MA people during that time (but we can't stay too late b/c we have to drive back to the Eastern side to catch our flight on Tuesday morning). Leave a message if you want to see us ([ profile] omnia_mutantur and [ profile] wandelrust, I'm looking at you).
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wow, I haven't written in FOREVER!!! Let me see, what happened to me?

First, monday the 19th Flip came into class 40 min late with a bleading cut on her forehead and proceeded to fall down. We called the Public Safety and stuff and the ambulence guys came to get her. I went with her to hospital. We were there from about 2pm to 6pm. I was there when she woke up. She couldn't remember any of what happend to her. it was scary. but they did a CT scan and an EKG or something like that and said she was fine. So, luckily another friend showed up with food and a car and drove us home. The whole experiance just weired me out so, after a few hours of getting no work done, I packed up my stuff for Thanksgiving and headed over to Aerith's.
Also, that night Aerith's sister gave birth to Theresa Joan two weeks early at about 11pm. I guess it was a day for hospitals.

Tues- Haven died. Aerith and I beat Gauntlet Dark Legacy and started to cheeze the game. Learned how to post while troting.

wed - Swan and Kiten showed up and we played more Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

thurs - drove to eastern mass. Got to see little TJ. Her mom came home from the hospital that day. Had chinese food for dinner, but it didn't matter because we got to see the baby :) Aerith and I got to stay in a hotel room ;)

fri more babyness!! Started to freak out about all the work i had to do.

sat went to the mall. The body shop was out of the Define and No Frizz cream :( Ended up getting a dishes and silverware set for $45 at a kitchen store that was going out of busness. Drove home. Saw the Twelfth Night movie w/Helena Bothem Carter and Ben Kingsly. Was very good.

sun did LOTS of Greek

monday the 26th - had a mock final in horseback riding. got Percy. ick he is such a pain! but i groomed and saddled and bridled him and didn't get kicked or bitten or anything. ha.
Then I pulled an almost all-nighter (3.5 hours of sleep) to write a paper. the only good thing was that i got to call dad at 1 in the morning (8am his time)! He got remarried.

tuesday - turned in the paper late, but at least on the day it was due! Whimsy was a pain during riding, but not a Percy-like pain, so that is good. Was up till 1am doing greek, but did over 30 lines in less than an hour at one point. YAY ME!!!

Things I must do before the school semseter is over:
1. 3 exams - 2 in class - 1 a pratical for horseback riding - 1 self-schedualed at Amherst.
2. 3 papers - 1 2-3page obersvation report, 1 5 page write up on Peter Brook, 1 10 page for Comedy and Romance
3. 2 reports - 1 due friday for Greek. 1 article one
4. Greek translation lines (finishing Hecuba)
5. Finishing Horseback riding journal (due mon)
6. Reading Winter's Tale
7. Rehearsing scene with Flip.
I think that's everything.

i think i can do it all (I hope)

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