Mar. 12th, 2015 06:45 am
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When I went for my Invisalign appointment three weeks ago, the tech mentioned to me that if by the second week it is really easy to pop my trays on and off, then I can move up to switching once a week, instead of once every other week. I did two weeks with the third set of trays, but I did notice that there wasn't much pressure after the first week. So I called up the orthodontist after I switched to the fourth set (two weeks) and the person I talked to said to switch to the fifth after one week and see how that goes.

So since I could get the fourth set on easily again after a week, I switched to the fifth trays yesterday. Ouch. This is what the pressure of the trays should feel like. My lower tooth that sticks out a bit is certainly not happy today. But it's still not as bad as the pain with the first set. So we'll see what happens next week.
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A week ago Monday I went to the orthodontist and picked up my Invisalign trays. I'd gotten evaluated for them a while ago and was finally able to get fitted for them right before the winter holidays.

I had braces as a teenager and my teeth are still mostly straight, but I have this one lower tooth that was rotating so far forward it was started to push the root into my mouth. It put so much pressure on the permanent retainer bar I'd had since I was 18 or so, that it started to torque an opposite tooth into my mouth and it actually ended up snapping the little bonded retainer bar. I figured it was better to fix it now than have some sort of really horrible problem with that tooth later.

I think the treatment will last about a year. I have to switch the trays to new trays every two weeks.

The first day or two (or five) were pretty hard. My teeth hurt a lot. I ended up having to take Advil so I didn't rip the trays out of my mouth. They also felt unnatural and it took a bit to get used to them. Good thing I've been wearing a nightguard for years or it would have been a totally foreign experience for me. I also found out that when my teeth hurt a lot I get rather irritated and irrationally angry (now how babies react when they are teething makes sense). Now a week and a half later, it's better. My teeth only ache a little while I'm eating, except for on the back right, which still really hurts on and off. I guess I clench my teeth a lot more than I thought I did. We'll see what happens when I switch trays next week.

In terms of comfort, it's weird. Now if I don't have them in, I feel strange (although sometimes I have to convince myself to get up, brush my teeth, and put them back in). The trays are a bit rough and so I have to file them down in places. My tongue is bearing the worst of it. This is unlike braces where my inner lips and cheeks were permanently irritated from the brackets.

I like that I can eat anything I want, I just have to take out the trays first, then brush my teeth and the trays and put them back in. This has actually let to less snacking on my part as I don't often want to deal with the full hassle of it. I don't like that I can't bite my nails. I'm not a big nail biter (anymore), but I like to do it a bit when my nails get too long. Well, maybe this will cure me of that habit.

It hasn't effected my speech, that I can tell. And unless I tell people I have Invisalign, everyone has said they can't even tell.

So, so far so good. I'm very convinced that I made the right decision.
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So, last night I was hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] artemis42 while making home made carrot cake for my boss (it's his birthday today and he loves carrot cake). While biting down on a cracker, I all of a sudden felt something hard in my mouth. It turned out that one of the bondings that holds the little piece of wire to the back of my front teeth had broken off, leaving a sharp wire end and broken bonding bits. Of course I freak out and worry that all the orthodontics that I went through as a teenager are ruined and i'm going to have to spend all this money that I don't have to fix it.

Today I call my dentist (as my orthodontist is in New Orleans...or was, last I knew).

Me: Hi, my permanent retainer behind my bottom front teeth lost a bonding piece. Could you fit me in to just stick it back on.
Receptionist: Let me check. *puts me on hold*. Sorry, we can't do that. Here's a name of a local orthodontist.

Me: Hi orthodontist receptionist, here is my story.
Receptionist: Let me see if we can squeeze you in. Oh, no, we'd love to help, but we're all full. Here's a number for a different orthodontist.

Me: Hi different receptionist, here's my story.
Snooty receptionist: we don't do those, so we can't help you at all.

Me: Hi my dentist's office manager, here's my story. I called orthodontists and they couldn't help me and I'm worried about cutting my tongue on the wire.
Office Manager: We can get you in at 5. Let me just double check with your dentist. Yup, come in at 5. You'll be seeing the substitute dentist.
Me: That's fine. I just want this fixed. See you at 5.

I bet if I just said that my tooth hurt or i cut my tongue I wouldn't have had this problem.

I get to the dentists just before 5. I read 50 pages of my Tamora Pierce book and they finally call me in after 5:30. The dentist is really nice and she quickly puts bonding back on my tooth and lets me know that it may have shifted a little and that's why the bonding let go. Dentist receptionist doesn't charge me. I knew I liked these people for a reason.

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