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Hey, Smithies...when you get the Spring Alumnae Quarterly, check out page 83. *grin*
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So, a quick list of good things before I go downstairs to laugh at the cats and eat too much ice cream:

  • Mom and Cimmy came to visit last week. It was really amazing to see them.
  • Mommy's home-made apple pie. Mmmm...pie.
  • After a few tough days of soul searching I've decided to go to Library School for some sort of Archival/Records Management/Librarian program. I really like the look of UT Austin's "Preservation of the Cultural Record" program, but I'm looking at some other schools too.
  • Watching lots of Rome with Omnia (we're now caught up). I am very happy with the show overall and increadably happy with their casting of Cleopatra. :) Want more Rome!!
  • Going to a benefit fair for work at Smith and actually having one of my old professors remember me.
  • Cleaning up the bedroom and FINDING BOB!! hurray! I was so worried he was lost forever (again).

ok, ice cream time.
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so, of course I HAD to get my period during finals. Now I am tired and grumpy and pissy and i can't focus on my latin at all!!!! This really sucks. I wanted to be ALL studied and take the test at 9am and then the cs test at 2 so that i could see Buffy and then go to Haven. Now it looks like i'm going to have to take the Latin test at 2, go to the library and the computer labs afterwards, and the cs test at 7. I pray that the cs test will be easy (it should be) and that i'll be back home in time to see most, if not all, of Buffy. Then I will go to haven. Then I will wake up on wed and study for my American theatre test and take that either at 2 or at 7. then i will spend thurs writing my paper for Opera and then i will be DONE.

I just wish i didn't have to bother with my stupid period. i wish that it wasn't here because then i wouldn't be so tired and unfocused. I just hope that i can focus better tomorrow with the clock ticking down.

must sleep now. night night me.


May. 6th, 2002 10:23 pm
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I just had my last Primal Scream. Some of Smith College is still screaming. I didn't realise I had so much tension in me until I started my first scream. Then I just screamed and screamed!!

I have also had my last ASP ritual (may 1), my last day of classes (on may 3rd), my last SSFFS meeting/Peep sacrifice (may 3rd), and am finishing my last reading period.

I still have yet to have my last exam, turn in my last paper, and pack up my dorm room for the last time.

It's all sort of scary and exciting and surreal at the same time.

well...back to studing for my last latin test.
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Yay yay yay yay yay. The Young Adult Fantasy website which catling and I were working for our class is finally DONE!!!! So go and check it out and play the madlibs :)


Apr. 18th, 2002 05:47 pm
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I am ALL colorful!!!!!!!


i'm wearing a halter top and [ profile] starcatsinging drew spirals all over my arms, back, and tummy w/washable marker.
it starts on my left arm with yellow and orange, then to orange and red (upper arm), then to red and purple (on my back&tummy), then purple and blue (on my back&tummy) then to blue and green on my left upper arm, then to green and yellow.

(there have been pictures taken)

and the best part is that it's prospie day and i've walked by at least 3 tour groups!! *G*


Mar. 25th, 2002 04:48 pm
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today I skipped my first class all semester. I just couldn't go to my horseback riding class. it's only one credit anyway.

The Oscars

Mar. 25th, 2002 04:45 pm
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So, my house had it's Oscar party :) It's fun. I didn't win best dressed. Not that i expected to, but i was one of the few dressed up people who stayed in her outfit for the WHOLE thing!

I enjoyed the Oscars. I'm glad LotRs won as much as it did, but i have decided that [ profile] cassieclaire is evil b/c all I could think of during most of the LotRs clips were the VSDs! AHHHHHH. *L* and the best part of it is that they have 2 more movies to win MORE oscars with :)

Some random thoughts about them:
1) Why were all the women wearing pale dresses? they looked icky on most of them
2) Gwyneth deserves some sort of "oh my god, you actually think you look good in that dress and with that makeup???????" award (here is a pic)
3) Congrats to Halle Berry! I guess they'll have to raise her paycheck for X2 (i knew they would make a sequel)
4) Kate Winslet makes a bad blonde (here)
5) I liked the way they played the music from The Sting when Robert Redford was getting a lifetime achievment award!
6) Julia has a great laugh
7) The Cirque de Sole performance was AMAZING!
8) I liked the way they explained the non-actor/director awards. I feel like i got a better understanding for some of those jobs.
9) i wish they had told the all the results of the technical awards.
10) there were about a million times i was about to cry and another million that i laughed at.
11) I think i will hold an oscar party next year. it's fun to watch in a large group!
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So, just as it's warming up and everything is growing, the evil men are out cutting down tree branches. The sight of it almost made me cry. The poor trees!!! But I took a piece of one with me and put it near my altar.

in other news, I HAVE A SUMMER JOB!!! I'll be working at Desktop Tech for Smith helping them clean computers (hardwear and physical) and set up new ones and things like that. Only sucky thing is that it's a 8am-4pm. i'm not an 8am type of person. oh well.

And...I was walking back and forth across campus today. First to Stoddard, then to the Helen Helen Hills Hills Hills Hills Chapel Chapel, then to College Hall and now i'm back home, but from this came the JOB and the knoweldge that the chapel is giving ASP lots o money for our retreat! yayness. and then i got to talk to [ profile] webchicky at the WAG (where i rested from my back and forths) and found out that she has an interview with MTV next week. So, everyone wish her luck!

time to start doing work. ick. it's so beautiful. i want to play outside!!!!!
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so far today i have

  • Woken up - hey, this is a feat when you have a beautiful woman next to you and all you want to do is cuddle with her.
  • Gone to class
  • Had something for luch
  • gone to my ssffs library hours
  • read for class at the library BEFORE starting on a new X-Men thing.
  • Went to the Chapel and filled out a request for money for the ASP retreat
  • Called Health Servaces to set up an OB/GYN exam and STD testing (not that i think i have anything, but it's good to be tested)
  • Called Josten to see if they will be open over spring break - they will be on weekdays during the day. yayness!

To do today:

  • Figure out the EXACT dates for Europe trip and tell daddy
  • Translate Latin
  • scan lines for latin and write paragraph on them
  • start working on Latin paper
  • eat dinner
  • catch up on horseback riding journal
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Went to the Mulch open mic night. Was sitting there thinking how what i brought to read wasn't very political or anything (a lot of people were reading polictical stuff) because it was just the translation of Polyxena's speach from Hecuba that i did for class last semester. But about half way through the monologue, i realized that it had a very strong message about slavery and stuff. hmm...interesting how some things cross culture and time. :) makes me happy to be a classical studies major!

then RHPS! we actually had a good crowd :) Had Brenna on virgin patrol (stopping all at the door and marking them). The virgins had NO CLUE what they had to do. It was a lot of fun. :) And the night went well. We had a cast. Next time must bring flashlights for cast. And clean up was fast, since no rice or confetti was thrown. And a big thanks to 3G and Aerith for getting the sound and lights and everything to work right. It couldn't have worked without them. So...hopefully we will do this again :) :).

And last night we went to see Love's Labours Lost at UMass. Very very very good production. The Green One did the costume disign and did such an amazing job! And most of the acting was good, even though sometimes I felt like i was loosing some of the words. I loved the times when only Nayone and I were laughing. It was like "are we the only two who got that?" but in a really cool way. I feel like I must go over the text again to catch what I missed.

Then I spent my first Sat night in many moons at Smith to give my others a chance to be alone with each other. It was strange but good. I got some Aeneid reading done and was productive this morning. must go and get more done.
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Well...I did it. I bought my cap and gown. They are black. Which is cool. But another color would have been nice too. Now to find something to wear for Ivy day. hmm...maybe i'll just construct a greek peplos. yeah. that would be cool :)

This whole thing is kind of scary. Ok, really scary. I'll miss being a Smithie sooo much. I can't believe it's almost over. EEKKKKKK.

Must calm down. Will be fine. Life will be ok. I'll do fine whatever I do.

Now, does anyone know of a nice cardboard box in an ally full of cats where it doesn't rain too much where i can take up residence in may?


Feb. 7th, 2002 08:25 pm
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so tired. so very tired. must stay awake. have only 9 lines left to translate. the must read 50 pages of Aeneid in english. must get translation done. can fudge reading b/c read before. must review though. must not fall asleep now. must go to bed early. back to latin.
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I love it when all of my classes manage to tie themselves together. Sometimes it's a pain, but right now it's funny.

Right now everything is linking though my History of Opera class. First in my American Theatre and Drama class we were talking about the formation of comerical acting troupes. Guess what we are talked about in Opera? Comerical opera troups when Opera Houses started opening up. And, in my Latin class we are reading books I and IV of the Aeneid. I just had to listen to an opera for class called Dido and Aeneas (in english actually) that is based (very loosely in parts) on Book IV. Hehe. Life is weird. I think as long as I don't have to listen to an opera based on Uncle Tom's Cabin and sung in latin, I won't go crazy :)
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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Another fucking thing that i have to do today! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So it seems that i missed the meeting to sign up for horseback riding. Now i have to walk ALL THE WAY down to the stables and fill out the forms and give them my money. fuck fuck fuck. grrrrrrr.

I also have to meet with my adviser (the meeting time was pushed back), get money for food for Imoblc and handle other treasurer stuff, get the food/other things for Imoblc, go to ssffs officers dinner meeting, do a bunch of latin. have class. get some reading/research done.

fuck. i did not need a walk to the barn. not when i'm going to have to walk to Stop and Shop and not when the weather is going to suck ass. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. fuck fuck fuck.
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Well, I've now had all of the academic classes that I am going to have for the first half of the semester.

The Aeneid - Looks like work, but fun cause Latin is cool. Prof Ryan seems like she will be a hard ass, but that's good b/c Latin is picky. I'm glad that I just remember my latin right now and don't think it's Greek.

American Drama and Theatre - I forgot how much I just LOVE Kiki! She's so cute. Much bigger class than the last one I took with her. Should be good. Reading some new stuff and some stuff that I've had to read over and over and over again. At least I'll know those.

History of Opera - Seems like it's going to be fun. I'm a little worried that I don't know ALL the technical terms of music, but that's ok. Will be a decent amount of work, lots of listening to Opera, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm taking it pass/fail.

As for riding, I'm not sure when the meeting is yet. And my web design class doesn't start until the second half of the semester. Catling is in the first and second half. She says that the prof is cool. I'm glad.

So far this semester looks really cool. I'm excited about it. Even though the fact that it's my last one really scares me.


Jan. 10th, 2002 04:11 pm
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so, i feel that i should post something.
i've finally caught up with all of my friends lj posts. hurray.

back in NoHo. :) Saturday had a ton of fun gaming with old friends. yay yay and more yay. didn't get to do much in the game itself, but had fun just being there. hope to play again sometime.

Nayone came up on monday and we helped her move into the batcave. she stayed over on monday night and we watched Grosse Point Blank and Chasing Amy. Had a LONG conversation about the second movie. was a good one though.

back at work. which is good. very very quiet. :) changed Amythyst's bannerweb pin b/c she asked me to over AIM. hehehe. i love technology. had teach someone how to copy and paste without going to the edit menu. *laugh* love my job :)

went shopping yesterday. Got myself a really cool shirt from Express and called it dad's x-mas present to me. also got a new pair of jeans that have a cut off look at the bottom and at the top and therefore have no button. good for those bathroom dashes *G*. Also went to Hot Topic where we ran into The Lady b/c she works there. Going dancing with her on fri. hurray! Got myself a shirt of Liddia from Beatlejuice reading the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

Game was cool last night. Killed three Drow all by myself. hehehe. Just glad to see Kiten and Swan again. Hopefully we will be able to hang out with them more soon.

Oh, got my grades

  • Comedy and Romance = A-
  • Acting II = A-
  • Greek = A
  • Child and Adolecent Growth and Development = A
  • Horseback Riding I = A

overall a 3.85 GPA for the semester and an 3.6 for my whole time at Smith. Yay me!!!

I want to be a paid member. maybe someone out there will love me a lot :)


Dec. 21st, 2001 02:18 pm
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All done w/everything. At Aerith's right now, but have to head back to Smith to pick up my already pakced suitcase.

Took some online test, for those who like them, Read more... )


Dec. 12th, 2001 03:19 pm
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well, i was going to rant, but i've calmed down now.

my class ran late (last day of an acting class...go figure*G*). I call work to tell them that I am going to be late and then head over to college hall to finish up some treasurer business that i had left over from the other week. So the guy there tells me that I should have gone to Student Bank and done things a different way. Excuse me, this is my third year as treasurer. I know what I am doing. I guess b/c the counter person at the controller's office left no one knows how to do anything. when I tell him that I am running late for work and if he could just do this quickly for me, he offers to call student bank to see if they are still open. I KNOW they are open because I had just walked by when I called my work. I told him just to forget about it because I was late for work and it just wasn't worth arguing about.

In good news, my acting class presentation went well. That's a paper down!!! And Aerith was getting off of the bus when i was walking to class so he walked with me to the theatre building. i love him. it's always so hard to let him go even when i know i'll be seeing him later tonight.
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friday - the SSFFS meeting was fun. We got to talk about cons. Dinner was shit so a bunch of us went to davis. when ks was about to get food, Amythyst and I said "nope, sorry, no food for you, you're not allowed to order anything." To which BM told ks "don't worry, you can have as many tic-tacks as you want." hehehe
Saw The Children's Hour which was directed by Austin Pedleton. It was pretty good. I felt the first act was a little flat which made it hard to really get into the other two acts (which were actually very good).

Saturday - got up late *G*. Read some Winter's Tale. Fell asleep while Aerith made dinner. :) Went to UMass to see The Diary of a Madman. It was EXCELENT! Absolutly amazing!!!! When we left the theatre it was snowing! I couldn't stop laughing.
When we got home we watched the snow and watched The Usual Suspect which Aerith had never seen before. He liked it, but I knew he would. It's so different watching it a second time.

Sunday - did homework. got my observation report done. it's crap, but it's done. finished Winter's Tale. Weird play. Waited for Flip, but due to misscomunication we never met. I hope it goes well today. Started reading about Peter Brook. He hung out with Crowley! Weird shit (I bet i'm one of a few people at Smith who would read his Memoirs and know who Crowley was). Had to share with someone. Called Rock, but she wasn't home. Called Brenna. She was home. We talked for a while :) Typed up some of the lines the greek test is going to be on.

Overall - semi-productive weekend. My toe hurts less and less every day. I am walking with almost no limp now. Love Aerith. Spectre is cute when he's not a brat. want school to be over. too much to do.

left to do:
edit Observation report.
Study for Child and Adolecent Growth and Development Exam.
read about Peter Brook and write 5 page paper on him.
work with Flip on Brook and our scene.
Study for Greek Exam.
write 10 page paper for Comedy and Romance on yet-to-be-determined subject.

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