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I came down with a stomach bug yesterday evening.

Unpleasant details just for you. )

I'm pretty sure this is the universe getting back at me for not having any morning sickness with either pregnancy.
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This is what it’s like to have a sick toddler with two parents who work outside the home:

It started last night. Little Prince wasn’t interested in eating his dinner. He seemed a bit extra tired. He finally ate an apple. Being that that was all we could get in him and he’s a toddler, we figured any food was a win. Since he was so tired, we decided to skip bath and go straight to bed. He seemed active and lively, but something was slightly off. We took his temperature, but he seemed fine. We know that is 2nd year molars are coming in, so we thought, maybe it’s just teething. We gave him a bit of children’s Tylenol before bedtime.

This morning Darius left for work early as he always does (he starts work at 6am!). LP had come into our room around 4am for milk and then fell back asleep, which is normal. I got up to take a shower around 6am. After my shower I was brushing my teeth when I heard him at the door to the bathroom. He usually comes in if he wakes up, but he didn’t. When I was done brushing my teeth, I opened the door and found him asleep on the floor right in the corner of the bedroom in front of the bathroom door. Not normal, but super adorable. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn’t want to wake him up. So I left him there and continued my morning.

Little Prince woke up and came to the top of the stairs and cried a bit while I was finishing breakfast. I scooped him up and brought him back to bed as I usually do. He started doing that sort of belly heave thing that comes before throwing up. I got him to the trash can at the edge of the bed but it was only a bit glob of spit-up that came up. I nursed him to see if that would help his stomach. I started thinking to myself, “He’s not sick. He’s fine. Just a bit of extra teething spit in his stomach. He’ll be fine in a moment and can go to school. I have three meetings and a lot of project work to get done this morning. I have to go to work.” He gets up after the alarm goes off and he seems fine, mostly. At least I’m pretending that he’s mostly fine, just woke up early so is tired and a bit clingy.

I get him changed and dressed and downstairs. Get him his vitamins. He holds on to me and doesn’t let me put him down. I have him on my lap and he starts to throw up again, some gets on the floor, but I get him to the sink and most of it gets in there. It’s all clear, with a bit of snot looking bits (didn’t you want to know that?). Reassure him, clean him up, clean up floor and sink. Tell myself that that’s it. Now that he’s gotten that’s out he must be better. Because I have three meetings and a chiropractor appointment and reports that must be done before 10am.

I skip his morning banana. While getting shoes and jacket on, Little Prince alternates telling me that he’s fine and telling me his belly hurts. I focus on believing he’s fine and that the belly hurting is still left over from just throwing up a bit.

Get him in the car. He dances to En Vogue and Offspring. Figure that means he’s feeling better. Start heading to daycare. Get 5 minutes from home when he throws up a bit on his jacket and car seat. Hand him a napkin to help with it. Change course from his normal daycare to  the Get Well Place daycare. Pull into a parking lot on way to text Darius and let him know what’s going on.

Drive to the Get Well Place. I am so flustered that I take the long way instead of the short way. So what started off being a promising leaving time from home just gets later and later. Little Prince falls asleep in car on way to daycare. I think that if he falls asleep so quickly again he must be sick and maybe I could have just stayed home with him and he would have slept in the morning. Feel like an awful parent for not being able to stay home with him when he’s sick. Especially when he’s throwing up since I know how good breastmilk can be for vomiting babies and toddlers.

Get to the Get Well Place. Little Prince wakes up as soon as I try to get him out of car seat. He doesn’t want to go to “special school.” I feel guilty that he recognizes it. I carry him in carefully as to not to mess up my clothing too much. The nurse at Get Well Place greets him by name. I’m impressed that she remembers him and feel guilty that she knows his name. She tells me they are closing at 2pm today. I feel guilty that I don’t have a change of clothing for him and that I have to leave him there. I clean up his car seat, while trying to think what I have to do after 2pm today and how I can work it out with Darius. Go back in and get a good-bye kiss from my sick boy.

Drive toward work. I’m thankful that my car has blue-tooth so I can call Little Prince’s normal daycare to tell them he won’t be in and cancel the chiropractor appointment. I have to stop by an ATM since the Get Well Place only takes cash or check (so we get to pay two different daycares for today, even though Little Prince will only be at one of them). In my distraction and planning I drive past two different bank/credit union ATMs but remember to stop at the gas station at the way to work that also has an ATM.

Get to work over 15 min later than my current normal time, hoping that I don’t smell too much of kid vomit. Whip out the reports that are due with minutes to spare before first meeting. Email person with whom I have a meeting at 3pm to ask for a time change. Turns out her kids are sick too so we move the meeting to tomorrow. Good. Message manager to let her know what is going on. Try to focus on meetings and work without worrying about kiddo too much/checking phone to make sure haven’t missed any calls from Get Well Place that Little Prince is getting worse. Worry about a 2pm pick-up time and what that means for his nap. Text with Darius about him getting home as quickly as possible from his job so that I might be able to get some work done this afternoon/this evening. Be thankful that I have sick time, an understanding manager, and a job that is flexible enough where I can work from home and during non-standard hours to make up time.

Am currently eating lunch at my desk to minimize lunch break-time and maximize work time so I don’t have to make up as much later. I feel like I ran a marathon this morning.

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The cedar has been really bad this year and I've been very miserable because of it. I've been taking Claritin-D, but not much else and doing the occasional saline spray. I've been going through more tissue boxes than I can count. [ profile] lordaerith and [ profile] queencimmy kept suggesting that I try the neti pot, but I didn't want to because I was scared to try it.

Last night, after over a week (probably more) of miserableness, I finally decided to try it out while Aerith was putting Little Prince to bed. But just with warm water. The first nostril (into left, out right) was weird. It took a while for anything to happen, but eventually water was flowing/dripping from my left nostril to my right, even though I couldn't feel the water moving. The second nostril (into right) was so much worse. It could feel the water going down my throat. And when I shifted, nothing was happening. I was sure that water was flowing, but it never came out the left nostril. So I gave up and had some pie. Everything is better with pie, even when you can't breathe much.

Throughout the rest of the evening I could kind of feel the water still in there, dripping, especially when slightly reclining. It was weird. This morning I woke up still clogged, but when I blew my nose there was tons of yellow colored snot (it's been mostly clear this whole time) and then magically I could mostly breathe again.

I'm still a little stuffy, even after taking a Claritin this morning, but it's so much better.

So, in conclusion, it was clearly the pie, and not the neti pot that helped out. Next time I'm so stuffy I won't wait as long before using the neti pot eating pie.
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I've been at work for a while now, but I'm having trouble concentrating on anything. Why is that? Because I'm so stuffed up, even with the Claritin and Sudaffed I'm taking that I'm having trouble breathing. The cedar in Austin this year is so bad that people are calling 911 thinking the trees are on fire when they are releasing their pollen.

I never USE to be allergic to cedar. Then I lived in Austin for six years. Apparently six years is the magic number. Six years here and boom your body now hates cedar. But cedar loves you so much and tries to mate with your noes and your eyes and your face and your car and everything it can.

Stupid allergies. Stupid cedar trees.

Sick week

Dec. 21st, 2012 04:23 pm
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Our Little Prince was throwing up all Sunday evening to night from 6pm to about 3:30am. He was finally able to hold breastmilk down at 5:30am. Took the day off from work and stayed home with him. He threw up again once Tuesday night, but was fine after that. I’m still convinced it was because I took a Zyrtec on Saturday night and on Tuesday morning.

I woke up at 3:30 last night to breastfeed LP and was all shivery and my left breast was tender to the touch. Darius went to work (he leaves early) and after he left I started spiking a fever of 104-107°. For someone who runs 98°, this is a big deal. I couldn’t drive myself anywhere, I felt too bad. My awesome almost-neighbor and LLL leader saw my posts on Facebook, came over, got LP dressed, got me to the ER and took LP to daycare. Darius met me at the ER. They gave me an IV of fluids and some strong antibiotics. I also got a prescription for strong antibiotics and I made sure they are breastfeeding friendly. For those who care, they’re class B.

Came home. Rested, ate, pumped, watched Mythbusters and the rest of Your Highness, napped for a bit and relaxed for a bit. Fever is down to 99° last I checked and I’m all sweaty. My left breast still hurts a ton and is hard and tender to the touch.

Darius and LP will be home from daycare soon.

Mastitis sucks, but my friends are awesome.

Hope you’re having a blessed Solstice.

Originally published at my baby blog. Please leave any comments there.

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So, all those plans I had to go to yoga today... well, I got sick last night. Woke up this morning with a fever. Am currently working from home. Feeling a little better, but I have a feeling that yoga is out of the question for today. :( And I was really looking forward to it too. Well, there's always this weekend or next week.
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I'm doing much better now. Still feeling sick (it's really starting to feel like a sickness instead of a weird lung thing) and still having the occasional breathing problems, but it's soooo much better than Monday. I was able to go to work and to class yesterday with almost no problems. I also got almost 12 hours of sleep last night. I think I really needed it. I go back to the dr. tomorrow for a follow-up.

Although [ profile] lordaerith let me sleep in this morning, he did wake me up so I could take my "take every 12 hours" medicine (how sweet of him!). I was having a really weird dream at the time which led me to say something like, "I have to get the duck out of the house" when waking up.
the dream )
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So, remember how last weekend I hurt my voice screaming to Cowboy Mouth? On Friday morning I thought that I had re-hurt my voice late Thursday nihgt...ummm...trying not to wake the neighbours *wink*. But on Saturday I felt kinda crappy and wasn't sure if I should go to the party. On Sunday it was worse. I was helping [ profile] lordaerith clean up the house and I would get winded after a small bit of exertion. I thought it was just being so tired from the previous week. But last night i had a lot of trouble falling asleep (I kept waking up) and this morning dashing into the study from the living room to answer my phone got me out of breath. So, I emailed out of work and headed over to Health Services.

When I got to the nurses station, the first thing she said to me was "you're short of breath." which is true, I was. After sitting with a nurse for a while and giving her my symptoms: shortness of breath, occasional painful coughing, no head cold or chest cold feelings, she offered me the choice of either going to Urgent Care or seeing a Dr. in 50 min. I went with Urgent Care. It took them over an hour to get me into a room (I should have gone with the Dr. appointment option). The nurse took my temp and blood pressure and had me do an asthma test (I don't have asthma and I don't have any allergies other than dust, which just makes me sneezy, that I know of). Eventually the Dr. came in and she listened to my chest and had me do the breath test again. She wasn't sure what was up, so it was over to the radiology people to get a chest x-ray where I impressed the radiologist with my knowledge of how to take chest/back x-rays (hey, you do enough of them as an adolescent with scoliosis and you get really good at it). The dr. couldn't really see anything in the x-rays, but said it was most probably a minor infection/something got into my lungs. She had me take this vaporized medicine which totally kicked up my adrenaline and gave me the jitters. So not fun. Then she wrote me prescriptions for an antibiotic, a twice-a-day inhaling medicine, and a fast-acting inhaler. I have another appointment with her on Thursday to see how I'm doing.

By the time the prescriptions were filled, it was almost 2:30pm, meaning my 1pm class was almost half over. Luckily I had emailed my prof from my phone to tell her I was at Health Services and would be late.* While most people probably would have gone home, I was silly and went to class because we were having a guest lecturer and I wanted to be there for at least some of the class. Got there right as mid-class break started. Prof was sweet and got me a green tea from coffee shop.

Took bus home from school and it got in just as [ profile] lordaerith was getting home from work so he was able to pick me up from the bus stop, which was good. Had a minor panic attack about how I have way too much to do to be sick. Think I freaked out [ profile] lordaerith somewhat. But he was sweet and made me food (cause I hadn't eaten since breakfast) and that helped. I'm just going to do what I can and not worry so much about it. But this whole not fully breathing thing seriously sucks.

*My iPhone was my savior today. I was able to email people, text with [ profile] lordaerith and browse the net when left alone to wait.
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in reverse order

the ugly:
I have a rash caused by a virus (confirmed by a Dr). While it took under 24 hours to spread from my face to my arms and a little on my legs, it is going away much much more slowly. As in 5 days later and, while less, it's still there. Grrrrr...
some of the bruises and pain from my glomping a rock 2 weeks ago still exists.

the bad:
due to mother being in town and virus (as mentioned above), I am behind on my Independent Study. I am starting to freak out about it a little bit.
[ profile] artemis42 is getting in over 5 hours after she was supposed to.

the good:
we closed on the sale of our house on Friday. Didn't make a huge profit, but that's because we already used up some of the equity to move/live in Texas.
My honorary brother was in town for a few days. He even helped us clean up the house.
I figured out how to make hot spots work in my QTVR movies and how to embed them in a website: New and improved purple peep movie
We're going to see Josh Blue tonight!

sick day

Apr. 25th, 2007 05:11 pm
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Yesterday I started to feel sick, by last night i knew it was pretty bad, so I e-mailed out of work this morning ([ profile] cjovalle, do i owe you cookies?), skipped my afternoon class, and slept until about an hour ago. I'm feeling a lot better now, but still not 100%.

really cool interactive meme stolen from [ profile] athanata:


Dec. 22nd, 2006 03:02 pm
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Ok, first City of Heroes, and now...MADtv. If you don't want to watch the whole thing (it's this fake Mariah Carey video) just go to the 39th second.

In other news, I've been sick since Wed. Yesterday I felt so bad that I slept for most of the day and followed it up with a fitful night's sleep. Today I feel somewhat better, but walking to the office to drop off a letter in the mail winded me. I have a feeling this is one of those: "oh, you're done with school and work for a while, we can get sick now. XOXO, your body." Not happy!
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I'm sick. So are/were [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] artemis42, [ profile] daobear, and a large chunk of the people at work. ick.

i was sick all weekend. it started friday night. it's now wed and i'm feeling somewhat better, but still sick. i went into work yesterday (mon was a holiday), but left early. everyone said i looked awful.

I don't like being sick. it's miserable. i want to feel better.

in case you're wondering about the kind of sick, it's a chest thing that causes lots and lots of coughing. i've coughed so much my throat hurts and yawning is painful. monday night i coughed so much i threw up. then, after staying in your chest for a while it decides to move up into your head. so now i have a runny nose and my nose hurts from blowing it all the time. bleh.

aerith reminded me last night that we have vic's vapor rub. never used that stuff really before, but after actually being able to breath and sleep through the night, i've decided that stuff is nice. may actually try out nyquil soon too.

i have been drinking LOTS of tea and taking sudafed and expectorants. *hackcoughcough*

right, let's hope i can make it through the day at work. at least i have sick time saved up if i need it (again)


Jan. 3rd, 2006 09:42 pm
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ever have one of those moments where one minute you're fine and the next your head feels like it's been hit with a sledgehammer and your nauseous? Yeah, I just had one of those out of the blue a little while ago. I'm going to bed to hope it's gone by morning.
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sunday - went to the mall w/Aerith to try and find shoes for riding and presents for my house little sister. spent forEVER trying on shoes. finally found something that mostly fix. but when i tried them on today they were too small. I told him that I'm a 10, not a 9.5!!! I hate shoe shopping and I hate my feet size, even though I love my feet. grrr

at night Amythyst and I went to Davis at 10:30pm b/c i was working in WAG on my acting 2 project and so forgot about that thing called dinner. hurray for grilled cheese. We had a long talk about whether or not Amythyst should be a rabii. I think she would make an excellent rabii!!!

yesterday was my first horseback riding leason. I learned how to put a halter on a horse and I actually got to do it!! wow!! horses are a lot bigger than you think they are. I mean, I know they are big, but when you stand next to one, you don't realize HOW big!

Aerith is sick. much worse than I was over the weekend. so i went to see him. poor boy was running a fever. so I got him juice and read Politically Correct Bedtime Stories to him. And rubbed his back when i was doing homework and he was trying to get to sleep. I don't see him online now, so I think that he is sleeping and will not be in class today. I hope he gets better soon.

The water when i was brushing my teeth started to run brown, and the same when for the showers, I decided to skip it this morning. I'll take a shower AFTER my horseback riding leason today.
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so, of course as soon as I turned off my comp and went to brush my teath, i remembered it all.

I did a LOT of handwashing yesterday! yay! now a lot more of my clothing is clean. I hung them up above the back tub in the shower/bath room. It's such a funny sight to have Ren-like dresses next my fave goth dress, next to some shirts, with a Frederick's corset and some black and white w/red bows stockings in the middle of it all. I wonder what the people in my house think when they see this. They must figure out it's my clothing. Yes I own a corset. So far no Smithies have freeked out, which is a good thing.

I don't think the flyer for the movie tonight ever got made. I forgot to annouce it on the jolt, but how could I if I don't know what room it's in.

syoung e-mailed me saying that she got her horseback riding assignment. That means that mine is probably in my mailbox. That's good. I'll be able to talk to work about my schedual for REAL today. I'm kind of scared about the whole thing. I have to buy a helmet and boots, but I'll wait until after the first class. Well...maybe i'll go to the mall w/Aerith on Sat to see if I can find boots that fit me.

In shutting off my alarm I just found out that Miss Ginger Le Kitty's tag has fallen off. Much sadness. Oh well. I bet I could fix that with tape.

Oh, I think for the first or second time that I've ever been on the pill I am spotting. There was a tiny bit of blood on Wed night before I went to bed, but after that there was a little pain in that area, although it may have just be physcological. I didn't think too much of it, but yesterday night there was blood in my underwear (although it was very dried. but it's strange that I didn't notice it earlier in the day). So I changed panties. No blood on those when I went to bed. I'm a little worried, but more pissed b/c I was going to wear really sex underwear for Aerith today, but I don't want to stain it. I think it was just a bit of spotting, but if it continues for a little while, I'll go to Death Services.

And I have a cold. or at least a lot of nose running, coughing, and sore throat. Could be the weather though, because I don't feel the usual general cold ickyness.

Yesterday I ran into this woman that I had talked to breafly at the beginning of the school year. She's pagan too. We started talking about ASP. She started telling me how we should run Mabon. I'm sorry, but you are not yet a part of our club. You do not know how we work. Please refrain from being bossy until you see how things go with us. We are quite capable of doing things ourselves thankyouverymuch. But I was much more polite to her than that, telling her how we are going to keep it low-nrg to feel what the new group dynamic is like.

Here's some TMI )

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