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After taking 18 hours to get to San Diego, [ profile] lordaerith and I had a lovely visit with Dad, Stepmom, and their dog Carmella.

On Christmas Eve Day, we took a walk on the beach and recovered from the exhaustion of the day before. In the evening Dad and Stepmom hosted a small dinner party for us, their friends and their friends' daughter. After dinner we all retired to the living room. At some point I curled up in front of the fire and totally fell asleep. I'm such a cat sometimes. At least everyone forgave me & thought it was cute because I'm pregnant.
San Diego

Christmas Day had stockings for Dad, Stepmom, Carmella, Aerith, me, and even one for Stree.

The stuff in the stockings was mostly silly stuff, including silly glasses, scented bubbles, and lots of chocolate. Stree got a monkey and a "hug me" bib. Carmella got toys, doggie treats, and a Santa Hat. I had some fun shooting video with my new digital camera:

We told everyone about Stree being a boy and had lunch. In the afternoon we went out to the movies and saw The King's Speech which was delightfully fun and British and I made it through the WHOLE thing without having to go pee.

On Boxing Day we went shopping. We went to Fry's to get a thing to hang their new TV on the wall and while there, Aerith and I picked up a Creedence Clearwater Revival CD for Stepmom, who has excellent taste in classic rock. Then we went to the mall. Dad got me some nice pregnancy clothing, including a dress to wear to [ profile] haldira's wedding in February. Stepmom got me a nice chain to wear my pregnancy charm from [ profile] gailmom on. Aerith got some clothing too.

On the 27th, we went to Balboa Park. Walked around the park and the botanical building. At the Museum of Natural History we saw snakes and gems.

At the Art Museum there was a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit and a one Magritte. :)
At the Museum of Man there was an exhibit about games, which was really really cool. At we got to see Lucy (well, a replica of Lucy, since they don't put out the real bones anymore). There was also a whole thing about the human body, including a wall about pregnancy, which was both awesome and scary at the same time.
Aerith and geekiness

That night Dad and I watched the Saints-Falcons game. I love watching football with dad because he sees it and can explain it so well. In the 3rd quarter, we broke for dinner made by Stepmom and involved a type of moussaka and a spinach soufflé-ish dish. Both were really good and the 3rd quarter was apparently worth missing. The Saints won in the end, securing a spot in the playoffs, so that was really awesome.

The next day we went out to Coronado to see the Hotel Del where Some Like it Hot was filmed. The weather was really nice, so we got to drive around with the top off of his convertible. Afterward we went out to a fish restaurant, which was nice, and then headed back to Dad's place to rest and pack.
Us at Hotel Del

After getting up at fuck-early in the morning and having an "oh shit, we need another suitcase to bring everything back and ours is 13.5 years old and ripping" crisis, the flight back to Austin was long, but uneventful.

Many more pictures from our trip:

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Every day Boris looks to be moving better and better. This is a good thing. We will still be keeping an eye on him to see how he is progressing.

Boris from a month ago, being adorable:
Boris being adorable

In other news, The Mad Russian was visiting me all weekend. Hurray!!! Picked her up at the airport on Friday night and took her to Kerby Lane for food. Then hung out with her at home for a while and chatted. At some point [ profile] lordaerith decided that he had to show her Tron. I wanted to watch it again, but ended up falling sound asleep on the couch.

Saturday Aerith and I got up early and picked up breakfast tacos from Jardin Corona for everyone. Yum! I started the chicken soup and then TMR and I headed out. I drove her around UT campus and downtown and then we walked around the shops on South Congress. Got home, rested for a bit, made latkas and waited for people who never showed up :(. So we lit the menorah and had really good latkas and chicken soup and after we were done, [ profile] moonwick stopped by. So we hung out for a bit with him. After he left we all hung out for a bit more.

Sunday we had a lazy morning. In the afternoon TMR and I went shopping, mostly for maternity clothing for me. Met up with Aerith and KR17 (Aerith's new girl-type-person), for dinner at Rudy's BBQ. Sent KR17 home with chicken soup for her boyfriend who was not feeling well. Introduced TMR to The Soup and hung out some more. Basically, when TMR and I get together, we just talk for hours and hours. :)

TMR left this morning. Now I have to organize and decorate my new desk at work (my department got moved).

There is a new post in my pregnancy blog.
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Mom and [ profile] queencimmy came to visit for Thanksgiving. They showed up Tuesday night and I had Wednesday off from work, so I could spend all day with them. The three of us went shopping at Ikea and the Round Rock Outlet Mall (because mom had never been to Ikea and because we all love outlet shopping). I made dinner on Wednesday night which turned out well. :)

On Thanksgiving morning, we started watching the parade, but had to pause it to prep dinner. I made a pie, which set off the smoke detectors because of the grease on the bottom of the stove. I had to make a last minute trip to the store for more butter (because I didn't get enough when I went to Central Market last Sunday to buy everything). Around 4, Cimmy and I drove downtown to pick up Pirate Wench who was in town as the guardian for one of the children in the touring cast of 101 Dalmatians. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, even with Aerith's cranberry melt. After dinner we played Apples to Apples, which was very interesting to play with a 12 year old girl.

Yesterday I went out with mom to do a little shopping. Then Cimmy and I finally finished the Macy's Day Parade. Then I made dinner, which turned out well and afterwards we played a little bit of the Apples to Apples Jewish Edition that I bought for mom. I think my favorite was in the last round when Aerith was judging "neglected" and I played "My Jewish Education".

We headed downtown to the Drafthouse to see Horrible Turn, a fan made prequel to Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. Ran into [ profile] emeraldliz and her people. It was fun to see it, especially with some of the cast and crew there.

Mom and Cimmy left this morning, so now is chill time (aka watching bad tv) before heading back to work on Monday.


Jun. 7th, 2009 04:46 pm
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This weekend [ profile] gailmom came to visit. She showed up right when I was getting home from work on Friday. We chilled at home and then [ profile] lordaerith made grilled pork chops, rice pilaf, and steamed green beans for dinner. That night we went out to a benefit show for one of our friends, which was a lot of fun. Got to see the Lizardman perform. He was really funny.

Yesterday we brought the car to Groovy Lube for an oil change. They were really fast. Then we went to pick up the art pieces that Gail won at the benefit. While we were down south we headed to the mall so I could get soap from The Body Shop (I was out) and picked up a few other things. Then we went to Boomerangs for lunch. Mmmm...meat pie! And now we have frozen pies in our freezer!

After all that, we came home, crazed, and ran a low level instance on WoW. It was nice to have all of us in one room instead of working it all out over headset. Then we headed out a party at a friend's house. We were there until past 2am!

This morning (well, almost noon) Aerith made us bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast (brunch?). Then Gail had to leave (sadness). Tonight, the Tony's hosted by NPH!
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Had a good Memorial Day weekend.

On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I bought a little portable propane grill because we were tired of not having a grill and this one we can take with us :) So we grilled a lot over the weekend. There were hamburgers and hot dogs on Friday, chicken and zucchini on Saturday and bison steaks and asparagus on Sunday, and we're thinking more burgers and sausages this week. Also we tried grilling peaches for dessert on Saturday...they came out okay, but it probably would have turned out better if they had actually split in half when we cut them instead of resisting being pulled apart and falling apart/getting mushy in spectacular ways.

We also played a lot of World of Warcraft, which was what I wanted to do. Got my Tauren Druid a few more levels (so close to level 30 and a mount!) and I even made some money at the auction house! Ran our Blood Elves for a bit yesterday. Man, that guild is silly. Undercity is very confusing. Also, Ogrimmar (Ogrimmar...I got an Ogrimmar slaying knife, it has a +9 against Ogrimmar) doesn't have a Druid trainer but Silvermoon does.

Did go shopping on Saturday. We both got much needed new headphones for our iPhones. I can hear people again, yay!

Lastly, this weekend we started on Operation Reclaim Bathroom From Cats (ORCBRFC). Made some headway but it's still to early to tell who's winning.

Edit: I forgot to mention the joy of being woken up at 5am this morning by Natasha, who was right next to me, starting to cough up a hairball. She ran out into the living room and I ran out after her (to try to get to her in time to pick her up and get her on tile) and so then I had to clean up her hairball. Left me rather awake and made it hard to fall back asleep.
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I've been meaning to write a update for a while.

Mom came to visit for the long MLK weekend. It was nice. I love hanging out with mommy. Over the weekend went shopping on South Congress, went to Kreuz Market for yummy bbq, and made King Cake. On MLK day, Mom and I dropped [ profile] lordaerith off at work and then drove down to San Antonio. We visited the Alamo and walked around the city a bit. After lunch we headed back and stopped at San Marcos to visit the Outlet malls. Almost found shoes that fit perfectly, but they didn't. Oh well.

Last Saturday [ profile] byskwik and I ran around like crazy trying to put together costumes for the Steampunk Ball at Elysium. Couldn't find goggles anywhere, but I found some awesome gloves at Goth-in-a-Box. The Steampunk Ball itself was really awesome! There were so many people dressed up in awesome costumes (tiny hats FTW!) Ran into some friends that I expected to see there and a few that I didn't, so that was nice. Also, the DJ's played Airship Pirate by Abney Park which totally made my night.

Monday night Aerith and I went to one of those karaoke places where you rent a room with friends. It was an interesting experience. They had a lot of songs, but many of them were in languages we didn't know and the remote was tricky to figure out. Also they had these weird videos playing in the background of the songs that made us laugh.

Tuesday night [ profile] jack08180 (aka Camera) came over and we watched Serenity (I cried, as usual). He has now seen all of Firefly/Serenity.

This morning I made pancakes. I tried to add raspberry gel to some of them for Aerith. It worked okay.

Stuff on the job front is going okay. My resume is all updated, I've updated my profile on places like WorkinTexas and LinkedIn, and I've even started applying for jobs. We'll see how it goes. *crosses fingers*
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My sister, [ profile] queencimmy, and I drove back to Austin from New Orleans on Wed. The radio in her car isn't working, but we got a car to plug & usb adaptor and hooked up her computer speakers and iPod so we had music. We started off listening to The Last Five Years, which is a really touching and amazingly crafted musical. I think a lot of my friends would probably cry their eyes out right now if they listened to it. We only stopped once (which was amazing), with Cimmy doing a huge stretch of the driving. At one point she had to drive through a patch of rain that was coming down so hard that it was almost impossible to see. I was so proud of her. We ended up getting suck in really really bad traffic just before the 610 exit due to 2 separate accidents. We made it into Austin just fine, if pretty late.

On Thurs I got to play the digitization game (yay!) and then picked up Cimmy for some errand running around town. Took her to Central Market for fruit and veggies. Had salad that night and watched Lost, which hurt lots and lots.

On Friday we met up with [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] syhira, and some of the people Aerith works with for lunch at the Crown and Anchor. Then Cimmy and I went walking around/shopping in South Austin, cause I'd never been shopping there before. It was fun. Friday night was another low-key night with Battlestar Galactica.

Yesterday Cimmy and I went to see the Sex and the City movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, which I thought was very well done. If you liked the show, I recommend seeing the movie. I think Cimmy fell in love with the Drafthouse.

After the movie we went window shopping at the Domain, cause really after seeing all those fashions and shoes what's better than actually being in the presence of a real pair of Manolo Blahniks.

After staring at all the clothing/bags/shoes that we couldn't afford, we headed downtown to catch Ka-Baam, a superhero improv show at the Hideout Theatre. Our friend [ profile] raven_lenore joined us, which was awesome. The show was pretty funny. I'd probably go again. After the show we went out to the Magnolia Cafe for food.

Today we're having a lazy day during the day and going to see the Dresden Dolls tonight.
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Taking a quick break from cleaning to post, since the Sears guy will be here soon.

Tuesday I finished running errands (credit union, gas station, dry cleaners), and then picked up [ profile] lordaerith from work. Picked up finished boxes and then drove all the way south to yet another Hobby Lobby where we found the last 4 clasps. yay!

Somehow didn't get caught in too much traffic (I-35 Northbound at 5pm...i was shocked too) and hit up Toy Joy for gifts for family. OMG, why did nobody ever tell me how much fun/insane this place is? I could spend hours/lots of $$ here.

Hung out with FireCat, [ profile] lawtalkyguy, and other friends that night. Went to Kerby Lane for food. FireCat is awesome and let me borrow her roll of Enhancer Fashion Tape so my nice (low-cut) dress stays in place on Saturday.

Yesterday was hanging out and starting to clean up the house. Was going to go see Enchanted (yes I want to see it. bite me) with [ profile] crowgoddess, but that didn't work out. Went with [ profile] lordaerith to production meeting of the play he's working on. Then we hit B&N (where he definitely didn't buy me any books for the holidays...) and Amy's for Ice Cream. Got to love a December where it's 70 in the day time and the night time is just warm enough to sit outside and eat ice cream. :)

Today has been more cleaning for me. Also ran to Post Office to mail presents to in-laws. When I got there I realized that I didn't have sis-in-law's address. One text message of her number to GOOGL later and I had her address. I do love Google, especially for stalking relatives *grin*.

Time for more cleaning. And then the Sears man will come and fix our washer so it will stop leaking water all over the floor (of course the warranty expired in August...). It's just the gasket, so it shouldn't take too long to fix (I hope). Then I can do all the laundry so we have clean clothes to pack for tonight. I actually have a list of everything to get done and everything i need to pack, but it's on paper, not on the internet. doesn't that make you happy?

PS. I got all As again this semester. I win at Information Science!
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In just over the last 24 hours I have
  • Arrived at the airport in Austin
  • Got randomly selected for special screening, which made me feel violated and also made me wish I had this shirt from Northern Sun.
  • Found out the plane was really tiny, but had leather seats and XM radio.
  • Flew to New Orleans in under 2 hours.
  • Dropped my backpack twice, which resulted in a dent in the casing of my laptop and a broken latch hook so now it won't stay closed (no...I didn't get Apple Care, why ever would you ask such a thing?).

  • Went food shopping with mom and sis.
  • Was introduced to the awesome countertops of awesomeness
  • Discovered that my room is being used for storage and is therefore more messy than when I left it.
  • Went to lunch with [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] songbirdelsha and her sis.
  • Went shopping with [ profile] queencimmy.
  • Was relieved to realize that even with the bent case my laptop is working just fine.
  • Went to Haenson's Sno-Bliz with mom.
  • Fought with my sister, twice.
  • Watched silly tv with my family.
  • Stayed up too late hanging out with my sister.
  • Slept in "my bed".
  • Woke up happy to be at my mother's house.

Dad's visit

Apr. 6th, 2007 01:29 pm
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Daddy came to visit me March 23-27.

I picked him up from the airport without a problem (even though I'd never driven there before) and we picked up [ profile] lordaerith from work. That night we had chinese food take-out because we were all dead tired.

On Saturday we woke up late (so nice) and did a bit of shopping. Then we dropped [ profile] lordaerith off at work and went shopping for a nice cocktail dress for me. We found a really nice black one with a beige ribbon around the middle and a black purse to go with it. I made daddy buy a copy of American Gods because he hadn't read it and I thought that he should (so did dad's cousin who's a sci-fi person too...runs in the family).

On Sunday we took Dad to visit Whole Foods World (aka. the Whole Foods Flagship Store). He was really impressed with the size of it.

That night we went out (me in my nice new dress) to Hudson's on the Bend, which is a REALLY nice restaurant that serves very interesting food... Our appetizers were frogs legs, rattlesnake cakes (which were AMAZING), and a wild boar trio. For dinner I had bison stuffed with rabbit. Dad had Elk with a chocolate-chilli rub, and [ profile] lordaerith had venison with lobster. It was all really interesting. For desert I had a trio of creme brule, which included a fabulous blood orange one ([ profile] artemis42, I thought of you). The best part, other than the amazing food and wine, was that the restaurant had a sign that said, "Unattended children will be given expresso and a free puppy."

Monday I took daddy to school with me and showed him around my department, which was fun. Then I had class and he gave a lecture (not at my class...somewhere else) and we met back up and headed home where [ profile] lordaerith had dinner cooking in the yummy.

Tuesday [ profile] lordaerith and daddy got to hang out before going to the airport, but I had work and class, so I didn't get to hang out with them.
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On Tuesday [ profile] lordaerith and I picked up [ profile] daobear and [ profile] artemis42 and went to Commanders Palace for brunch. Mmm...such a wonderful place. I had the turtle soup and a poached hen's egg over duck on top of pecan pancakes. So delicious. Sometimes you just have to splurge for the 5 star restaurant (because the brunch is a lot less than the dinner).

After brunch we walked around the cemetery across the street and found the tomb where some of [ profile] daobear's mother's family are buried. I love New Orleans cemeteries. Then we chilled for a while with DD and mom.

Then we hit the French Quarter where we found that there was a sale going on at Second Skin Leather. Hurray! After that we decided we were hungry so we went to Port of Call so that I could introduce [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] lordaerith to the wonder that is their Monsoons and baked potatoes. Mmm...baked potato with cheddar cheese. Next time I have to remember to just get the potato and not the hamburger too.

After we were done eating, we found out that [ profile] artemis42 had never been down Bourbon Street at night, so we decided to show it to her. Of course, this was the night before the Sugar Bowl, so it was full of LSU fans and cops on horse back. 2 frozen hand grenades later, we headed all the way back down Decatur and dropped in on [ profile] queencimmy's bar where there were a bunch of people that we knew and saw the beginning of Clerks 2.

On the way home from the quarter, [ profile] lordaerith felt that the car was pulling a little to the right. Upon getting home, we discovered that the back right tire was low (and I thought that I heard it leaking).

Wednesday we got up and DD and [ profile] lordaerith looked at tire and it was pretty much flat (there was a nail in it). So they changed it to the full sized spare we have in the trunk and then we drove DD to the airport. Afterwards [ profile] lordaerith and I dropped the car off to get new back tires (we needed them anyway) and went to the mall, which was conveniently next door.

As we were picking up the car, [ profile] artemis42 called, so we picked her and [ profile] daobear and drove down to see what the Lower Ninth Ward looks like now. I cant even describe what it was like. I just don't have the words. I had seen pictures but ... . I think what got us the most is that there were FEMA trailers there, which means that people are back there trying to rebuild their lives. We then drove up to the lake so we could show [ profile] artemis42 where we went to high school and also to show her the damage that happened in that area.

Afterwards we picked up food and made dinner with mommy and then hung out for a while.

On Thursday I dropped in at my mom's school to see her class, which was fun. Then I picked up [ profile] artemis42 and we went to Mojo's Cafe for coffee and bubble tea. I drove her down Magazine, but we didn't have time to stop at any of the cool stores. I did bring her by Maple Street Book Shop, where I found Fagle's translation of the Orestia so I had to buy it. :)

Thursday night I hung out with [ profile] queencimmy for a while and then [ profile] lordaerith and i decided not to go out, so we played Guitar Hero II and hung out with mommy and stuff.

Today [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] lordaerith, and I dropped in on mom's classroom again for a little bit and then met up with [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] daobear and their friend J at Cafe du Monde. Then we walked over and visited [ profile] violetminka at her work and hit the French Market where I bought a cute little shirt.

Tomorrow we are planning to go out to breakfast at Oak Street Cafe and then drive back home to Austin.

Overall, I've had a fabulous time at home hanging out with my family and friends and I'm glad that we now live close enough to drive :)
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Thursday morning [ profile] lordaerith and I set out to drive to New Orleans. The trip was fairly uneventful. We made pretty good time and arrived in New Orleans at around 6ish. Since my mother's house is not finished, we are actually staying at her neighbour's house across the street, which is okay because they are out of town and have 4 bedrooms (mom is staying here too). After bringing most of the stuff in from the car, we headed out to Frankie and Johnny's. Upon being seated (by a waitress that my mother has known for YEARS), I immediately ran into a woman who I went to both high school and college with. Got myself a roast beef po-boy dressed. good. Then as we were getting near the end of our meal, who should walk in but that-girl-who-made-my-life-in-elementary-school-a-living-hell-and-is-now-a-big-fat-cow. It's amazing how my flight-or-fight response kicked in, even after all these years. I decided to just ignore her. Of course now that it's after the fact, I realize that I probably should have followed my mother's advice and said "hi" and been super nice...oh well.

Friday I went out shopping around town with mom. She took me to Mojo's Coffee shop, where I got to meet and hang out with some pretty cool people. Then it was getting late, so we went home and [ profile] lordaerith and I picked up sushi for dinner. After dinner, [ profile] queencimmy took me down to "her bar" in the quarter. It's a cute little place. Then we picked up [ profile] lordaerith and headed over to [ profile] daobear's parent's house and hung out with him and his brother and [ profile] artemis42 and A for a while.

Saturday morning my pseudo-brother DD arrived at the house (he was also staying here for a little while) and we hung out and helped [ profile] queencimmy prepare for her Post-Apocolypic birthday party at mom's house. Actually it was a pretty easy one to set up for because the house still looks like it went through a disaster :)

The party rocked! So many of the people who showed up came in costume. I dressed up like Poor White Trash because they always survive the disasters in all those movies. I even found some old fake tattoos in my room and so I had the badly placed tummy tattoo and the "tramp stamp" going on. I also took my old baby doll and wrapped her in a flannel nightgown and proceeded to introduce her as "Madison James, with 3 y's and a silent q. Her daddy died in the tornado that came through our trailer park, so I wrapped her up in his old shirt so she would know what he smelled like." [ profile] lordaerith dressed up Mad Max style with vinyl pants and a leather jacket. I got to see lots of my old friends who I never get to see except for at these things, so that was cool.

I would have to say that the best part of the party for me was when [ profile] queencimmy was opening her presents (after midnight, so it was really her b-day), opened mine, and let out the largest scream. I had made her a cd of a tape that we used to listen to as children and doesn't exist on CD currently. Hurray for me being able to make immediate practical use of what I learned in Survey of Digitization last semester to make my sister very happy!

Sunday we all got up late and chilled for a while. Then [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] lordaerith, and I went to the mall to get [ profile] lordaerith clothing because [ profile] queencimmy has an amazing eye for clothing and outfits and [ profile] lordaerith needed a nice not-suit type outfit. Afterwards, [ profile] queencimmy and I raided her closet for something for me to wear to the NYE party at [ profile] daobear's parent's house. She ended up lending me this really beautiful white glittery dress (but I don't have any pics of me in it right now).

The NYE party was very nice. Chatted with some people whom I haven't seen in a while, some of them have known me since I was very little. Had a debate with DD about the placement of Sirius in the sky, only to find out that [ profile] daobear's dad studied astronomy in his youth. It turns out I was given wrong information and DD was right. Rang in the new year with sparklers and fireworks ([ profile] artemis42 was having a ball setting them off). [ profile] aenelein kissed my husband, hehehe. Left the party around 2something. Didn't make it in the hot tub at all, but I did see people in their formal wear in the sauna.

New Years Day was mostly spent relaxing, chillin', going out to Zea Restaurant with mom, DD and [ profile] lordaerith for dinner, and helping [ profile] queencimmy clean up the house from the party (which was actually very easy).

Stay tuned for part 2 - enjoying being home
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Good weekend.

friday )

saturday )

sunday )


Jan. 10th, 2002 04:11 pm
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so, i feel that i should post something.
i've finally caught up with all of my friends lj posts. hurray.

back in NoHo. :) Saturday had a ton of fun gaming with old friends. yay yay and more yay. didn't get to do much in the game itself, but had fun just being there. hope to play again sometime.

Nayone came up on monday and we helped her move into the batcave. she stayed over on monday night and we watched Grosse Point Blank and Chasing Amy. Had a LONG conversation about the second movie. was a good one though.

back at work. which is good. very very quiet. :) changed Amythyst's bannerweb pin b/c she asked me to over AIM. hehehe. i love technology. had teach someone how to copy and paste without going to the edit menu. *laugh* love my job :)

went shopping yesterday. Got myself a really cool shirt from Express and called it dad's x-mas present to me. also got a new pair of jeans that have a cut off look at the bottom and at the top and therefore have no button. good for those bathroom dashes *G*. Also went to Hot Topic where we ran into The Lady b/c she works there. Going dancing with her on fri. hurray! Got myself a shirt of Liddia from Beatlejuice reading the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

Game was cool last night. Killed three Drow all by myself. hehehe. Just glad to see Kiten and Swan again. Hopefully we will be able to hang out with them more soon.

Oh, got my grades

  • Comedy and Romance = A-
  • Acting II = A-
  • Greek = A
  • Child and Adolecent Growth and Development = A
  • Horseback Riding I = A

overall a 3.85 GPA for the semester and an 3.6 for my whole time at Smith. Yay me!!!

I want to be a paid member. maybe someone out there will love me a lot :)
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Today I found a Wonder Woman barbie doll still in the box for $25!! I love Wonder Woman. If it wasn't for her, i'm not sure i'd be a classical studies major today. here is a picture from


Dec. 29th, 2001 01:30 pm
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just wanted to update, but i don't know if i have anything new to say. Drove Cimmy to Lafyette the other day to be with her (hopefully no longer)ex boyfriend.

went to see grandpa yesterday. he is doing ok. he is almost 90 which is really amazing.

went to the mall afterwards and ran into ex-b/f 1 at Babbages where he works. so, that is 2 out of 4 so far. already ran into ex-b/f 2 at a party and will be going to ex-b/f 3's party tonight. ex-b/f 4 e-med me and wanted me to call him when i got into town. i did, so it is his turn to call me back. i might actually make 4 out of 4 this time. that would be really strange. good thing i am on good terms with all of them.

mom is doing well. we have been cleaning up for her since she can't, but it is so hard for her to sit around all day. she is making homemade chicken soup. mmmm. i could smell it cooking when i woke up today. that is if i could have smelled anything. i really do need to clean my room. it is sooo dusty.

i think mom wants to go out somewhere to get yarn and chambourge so we can make a chocolate rasberry tourte. mmm.

must finish writing e-mail to Nayone and then get off line
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wow, I haven't written in FOREVER!!! Let me see, what happened to me?

First, monday the 19th Flip came into class 40 min late with a bleading cut on her forehead and proceeded to fall down. We called the Public Safety and stuff and the ambulence guys came to get her. I went with her to hospital. We were there from about 2pm to 6pm. I was there when she woke up. She couldn't remember any of what happend to her. it was scary. but they did a CT scan and an EKG or something like that and said she was fine. So, luckily another friend showed up with food and a car and drove us home. The whole experiance just weired me out so, after a few hours of getting no work done, I packed up my stuff for Thanksgiving and headed over to Aerith's.
Also, that night Aerith's sister gave birth to Theresa Joan two weeks early at about 11pm. I guess it was a day for hospitals.

Tues- Haven died. Aerith and I beat Gauntlet Dark Legacy and started to cheeze the game. Learned how to post while troting.

wed - Swan and Kiten showed up and we played more Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

thurs - drove to eastern mass. Got to see little TJ. Her mom came home from the hospital that day. Had chinese food for dinner, but it didn't matter because we got to see the baby :) Aerith and I got to stay in a hotel room ;)

fri more babyness!! Started to freak out about all the work i had to do.

sat went to the mall. The body shop was out of the Define and No Frizz cream :( Ended up getting a dishes and silverware set for $45 at a kitchen store that was going out of busness. Drove home. Saw the Twelfth Night movie w/Helena Bothem Carter and Ben Kingsly. Was very good.

sun did LOTS of Greek

monday the 26th - had a mock final in horseback riding. got Percy. ick he is such a pain! but i groomed and saddled and bridled him and didn't get kicked or bitten or anything. ha.
Then I pulled an almost all-nighter (3.5 hours of sleep) to write a paper. the only good thing was that i got to call dad at 1 in the morning (8am his time)! He got remarried.

tuesday - turned in the paper late, but at least on the day it was due! Whimsy was a pain during riding, but not a Percy-like pain, so that is good. Was up till 1am doing greek, but did over 30 lines in less than an hour at one point. YAY ME!!!

Things I must do before the school semseter is over:
1. 3 exams - 2 in class - 1 a pratical for horseback riding - 1 self-schedualed at Amherst.
2. 3 papers - 1 2-3page obersvation report, 1 5 page write up on Peter Brook, 1 10 page for Comedy and Romance
3. 2 reports - 1 due friday for Greek. 1 article one
4. Greek translation lines (finishing Hecuba)
5. Finishing Horseback riding journal (due mon)
6. Reading Winter's Tale
7. Rehearsing scene with Flip.
I think that's everything.

i think i can do it all (I hope)
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well, my weekend was full of ups and downs.

First, friday night, Kilean came to a SSFFS meeting and sold so many tickets to HP that we hit the over 100 mark. He actually ran out of tickets and had to go have more made at Kinkos. :)

Then had dinner with Prof and Comedy and Romance class. Was a very good dinner. Ran REALLY REALLY REALLY long! Got a *little* drunk.

However, b/c it ran to 10, Aerith was waiting for me for over 40 min. Poor sweet thing. He got out The Man who would be King from the video store. We watched some of it.

The next day was ok. Got some work done. Aerith had to work. There were about a MILLION people trying to do laundrey at the same time as us. I did find out that Cinemark screwed over D'arcangel productions and the HP showing is going to be on saturday. I felt so bad for everyone who I promised that it would be on friday. :(

Sunday I got some more work done. Then went to ASP meeting. Was me and Petra. Went over to Emi and Syl's and were the "getting shit done" commity.

Then has a SSFFS officers meeting. That went well, EXECPT the end. Amythyst got a headache and then she was dizzy and so i called health services and they sent a policeperson to bring her to Coolie Dic.

But, then came the Collapse into Reason, Bella Morte, Cruxshadows show. OMG, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! Collapse into Reason sounded GREAT. Then I was in the front dancing for Bella Morte. They played a lot of good songs, but i really didn't know a lot of them. There were some obnoxious guys in the audience who seemed to have been following the band. They were scaring me. After Bella Morte played I went upto the lead singer and congradulated him. He thanked me and then thanked me for being in the front. *G* hehehehe. Then Cruxshadows came on. Holy SHIT! Why have i NEVER seen them before??? They put on the BEST show. I was standing right infront of Stacey, the really beautiful guitarist. Rouge is SO amazing to watch. He walks around the audience and climbs on things and does all kinds of crazy shit! He even got a chair from somewhere in the middle of the Grotto and was standing on it while singing in the middle of the dance floor. After the show I got the band members to sign a poster for me. Stacey said that it was nice to see people smiling the front row *Big Grin*

Today Greek was ok, but on the walk back to the bus stop, DV was really distant. *shrug* must e-mail him soon.

I was late to Acting b/c the printer in WAG was not working so i had to print everything out in B&W and then i waited around to see if they could fix the color printer.

Went to the fleece sale. Bought a headband that covers my ears and some warm socks. Amythyst showed up with her mommy. She had been at some hospital in Springfield and they didn't know what was wrong with her, so she is going on medical leave until after thanksgiving.

Horseback riding was good but cold.

Aerith is here :) game tonight, must go.
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sunday - went to the mall w/Aerith to try and find shoes for riding and presents for my house little sister. spent forEVER trying on shoes. finally found something that mostly fix. but when i tried them on today they were too small. I told him that I'm a 10, not a 9.5!!! I hate shoe shopping and I hate my feet size, even though I love my feet. grrr

at night Amythyst and I went to Davis at 10:30pm b/c i was working in WAG on my acting 2 project and so forgot about that thing called dinner. hurray for grilled cheese. We had a long talk about whether or not Amythyst should be a rabii. I think she would make an excellent rabii!!!

yesterday was my first horseback riding leason. I learned how to put a halter on a horse and I actually got to do it!! wow!! horses are a lot bigger than you think they are. I mean, I know they are big, but when you stand next to one, you don't realize HOW big!

Aerith is sick. much worse than I was over the weekend. so i went to see him. poor boy was running a fever. so I got him juice and read Politically Correct Bedtime Stories to him. And rubbed his back when i was doing homework and he was trying to get to sleep. I don't see him online now, so I think that he is sleeping and will not be in class today. I hope he gets better soon.

The water when i was brushing my teeth started to run brown, and the same when for the showers, I decided to skip it this morning. I'll take a shower AFTER my horseback riding leason today.
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I haven't written in forever, so I'll try to write down all the important stuff.

Was in NYC from Tues 8/28 to Thurs 8/30 with Cim and Dad.
On that wed, Cim and I took the subway (by ourselves - this was a big deal for Cim b/c she had never ridden the NY subways with out at least one of our parental units before) to the Village. I showed her where our cousins' lived. She was impressed. Then we walked up and down 8th St. (which turns into St. Mark's Place). They have THE COOLEST stores on that street!!! We walked into awesome clothing, music, drug stores, you name it! I think that this made Cim even more exicited about going to SLC. And I got my senior hat at this place called Trash&Vaudville. (that's not me in it, duh) Mine flops around more than that one does. I also picked up a new surround. Cim found a really cool vinnal skirt for $20! I LOVE THE VILLAGE!!!

We took the subway back to the hotel and then dad got back with tickets to the ROCKY HORROR SHOW. I had the best time there. The really cute member of the swing sat on my foot (long story). Dick Cavett was the narrator and Daphne (from RENT) was Magenta. Cim made Janet crack up laughing when she called out "it was easy, but it would have been easier without the pantyhoes." Just so people know, you can dress up and yell stuff out. Sometimes the actors will react to what you yell. It's a really wonderful experiance. Anyone who can make it to NYC and see RHS should.

Thurs I took the train to Springfield. It was actually a very nice ride. I think that that is now going to be my perfered way of getting to the City (like during fall break and stuff).

Friday we ran Broadside's X-men game into the ground. oops.

I was also having issues with returning to school and stuff. could have been enhanced by PMS.

sat/sun was Game Bob. Had a good time, even though the PCs made lots of mistakes and some people were upset that we couldn't seem to kill anything.

mon - packed, moved back into my room (somewhat)

tues - ITS training. mostly boring. wrote good stories with Amythyst, Lil' J., and L.
Then Haven. I'll miss the place, but i'll see the people next week

wed- amherst class. It took me a while to find the building and the room. The class is really big for a greek class. I so don't remember any of my greek!!! But hopefully some of it will come back. The prof seems really nice. then back to smith for more its training. still boring, but learned some useful pointers.

I've started charging people a quarter to help them with their computer problems :)

At the All-Campus BBQ SSFFS sat together. as usual. we talked about the fact that the dudette won't be around. so BM is taking over the pres. but now there is no VP. said i would do it. no one else minded. We're going to talk more at the officer's meeting. R2 said that she would be the other college liason. saw R3. told her that there might be an opening for jobs at the USC.

For Convocation my house was dressing like Super Heros. All superheros need their villains, so i dressed at Catwoman. very black slinky clothing with a tail, a mask, and cat ears in my hat. Convocation was a blast! we screamed and yelled (we even got to yell "Ruth" once) and carried on. it was the best. screaming 0h-Two at the top of my lungs gave me such a good feeling. I'm very glad to be back at Smith. Everyone who spoke gave really good speaches, espically Connoly(sp!). I'll miss this next year.

After, Allegra and her friend showed up at my dorm and i taught them munchkin. Lil' J. showed up part way through it. We didn't finish the game b/c we all had classes, and Aerith wanted to talk to me.

Today I went to two classes
Child and Adolecent Growth and Development seems interesting. I'm not sure what taking it with Aerith will be like. Either really good or really bad. The teacher seems ok. A little dry though. but no major papers, only quizes and tests.
Comedy and Romance seems really cool. I love Greek plays!! The prof seems good, but he is so quiet that it's hard to hear him, and the accent makes it worse. I think it will be a really good class.

There are some cool looking people in my doom. There is one really quiet goth on my floor. I'll have to get her to open up. I'm trying.

Things that are lost: my cloak, my old dresser - i don't like this one. i want my old one back.

my room is mostly together. some clothing on the floor. have to figure out what to do with the milkcrates. I am missing my Athena plack. but my alter is set up, all of the "big" things are on the wall, so now i just have to put up the post cards. and organize my desk. Then I will really be ready to be here. i love the way my room is set up, i will have to thank Aerith again!!!

i think that's all i have to say. I have to do a lot of greek studying. Maybe i'll e-mail the prof and see about going to Amherst an hour early to work with her. I love greek plays soo much. I really want to understand greek and be able to know all the forms and silly thiings like that.


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