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We decided that 2.75 would be the perfect age for Little Prince to experience his first Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

On Thursday, Feb 27, we got into the car nice and early and drove to New Orleans. The drive went pretty well overall. Little Prince used the potty twice on the way there, which was totally unexpected and cool. He did fight sleep for over half an hour after lunch time, which sucked. We were really hoping to get in to NOLA in time to head over to Tante’s and catch Muses, but we hit some nasty traffic in Baton Rouge and by the time we got to Grandma R’s, we were all just exhausted.

On Friday Grandma R showed us that she’d saved a huge amount of our childhood toys. Little Prince was in heaven playing with it all.

Grandma R saved our childhood toys. DJ loved playing with them.

┬áThat evening we headed over to Tante and Bullit’s for our very first Mardi Gras parades. Darius got to learn just how stressful parking during Mardi Gras can be. We got to Tante’s, ate dinner, and then the parades started right outside her door.

A kid on his shoulders and a beer in his hand. Daddy is doing Carnival right.
Darius with a drink in his hand and LP on his shoulders.
That’s doing Mardi Gras right!

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Over the winter we decided that we were going to take Little Prince to New Orleans to visit Grandma R and Tante and have his second birthday party there. This gave our families time to plan for the trip. Pawpaw and Grandma A from my side and Aunt B2 and Cousin T were also able to make it in.

We drove in on Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. I was a little (a lot) nervous about doing a road trip with a toddler. But it went pretty well. In order to keep Little Prince occupied, I went to Target and got a few things from the dollar section (a plastic ring, Batman stickers, etc) and I put them into plastic Easter eggs. Whenever he started to get restless, we gave him a new egg with a prize. I also got him a Thomas book that has buttons that make noise. I knew that book would drive us nuts in about 5 minutes, and it did, but it also kept him happy for over half an hour, so that was totally worth it. He also slept for a good long while after lunch. We made the drive in about 10 hours, which wasn’t bad. Got in in time for a late dinner and then put Little Prince to bed.

Sleeping at Grandma R's

( More after fake LJ cut )

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I have a Hansen's Sno-Bliz. In Austin, TX. Because my family loves me.

Hansen's Sno-Bliz

I was going to include this in a different post about family coming into town and my baby shower and all that...but this deserves it's own post.

My mom is awesome and so is Ashely Hansen. Mom went to Hansen's and got me a nectar snoball, which is my favorite. They put it in a cup with a lid and wrapped it in foil. The mom packed it up with a bunch of ice/freezer packs and brought it with her on the 8+ hour drive she and [ profile] queencimmy took to come visit me this weekend. We put it right in the freezer. Somehow I have amazing willpower (or maybe I just didn't want to share) because I'm only eating it now, hours after they left to go home.

The trick that Ashley shared with mom was to let it thaw out for at least ten minutes. Well, I tried. I snuck a few bites before the ten minutes was up. But I was mostly good. OMG. It is divine. It is so perfect and amazing and awesome. I'm eating it very slowly. I keep telling myself just one more bite and then I'll put it back to have some for later...but somehow it's still on my desk. It makes me just want to run around the house or call everyone I know and brag that I have a Hansen's sno-bliz in Austin, TX and they don't. Hell, not even people in New Orleans can get them today because they are closed for Easter. Therefore I totally win.

I am eating my sno-bliz, like a boss.
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How do I describe this feeling? I'm still in shock(ey). Part of me doesn't believe that it happened. Part of me thinks that I'm dreaming. The New Orleans Saints WON the Mother Fucking Super Bowl. It was the first time they ever made it to the Super Bowl in the 43 years of them being a team. And they won. Their Super Bowl record is 1 for 1!!!!

Started out the day going to the first Mardi Gras parade I've been to since high school. Yelling "Who Dat" got you more throws than yelling "Throw me something."

Came home and my sister and her friends were painting themselves in liquid latex to make it look like they had on Saints jerseys. They looked fantastic and when they were done, they headed out to the Quarter for the game. I'm sure there'll be lots of pictures of them online somewhere.

Then mom and I worked together to decorate a New Orleans Saints Drew Brees cake. (Not the best picture, as I took it with my phone)

Let me explain. For years mom has made a cake in this football player shaped cake pan and decorated it to be a member of one of the teams in the Super Bowl. She's only decorated it in the losing team's colors once. She's never done a New Orleans Saints one before because they've never been to the Super Bowl before. So here we are trading off decorating the Saints cake (the advantage of having two bakers is that when one needs to take a break, the other one can step it) and it hits us. We're actually making a Saints cake because they're in the Super Bowl. It hit me when I was filling in the fleur-des-lis on his arm. The symbol of the Saints. The symbol of New Orleans. The symbol of my city. I almost cried. Mom almost cried. It was nuts.

Then we went to a Super Bowl party at mom's friend's private club and watched the game via projector on a wall. The experience itself was amazing. There was a ton of really good food :). Someone brought a Saints prayer candle, which had a picture of a Saints player on one side and a prayer for the Saints on the other. We lit the candle and I read the prayer out loud. Then we watched the game. I remember being nervous. I remember screaming and yelling. I remember Hartley making those beautiful beautiful field goals. The prayer candle went out twice and there was a rush to relight it both times. So then I started pouring out the wax every once in while. I ended up with a ball of wax that I was nervously mushing around and playing with. I remember the insanity of the onsides kick to start the second half and the way we screamed and yelled when it went to us. I remember mom yelling "Tracy Porter interception to a touchdown! Tracy Porter interception to a touchdown" and then it happened and somehow I was perched in the chair I was sitting in just moments before. And then there was less than 2 minutes left and the Colts had the ball near their own goal and we HELD them. We HELD them and then it was our ball and there was only 40 second left. WE HAD WON. I was in shock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought I'd be crying, but it was just so overwhelming and insane. Then we were all screaming and yelling and dancing to the songs. Watching the Saints get the trophy was surreal.

After the Saints got the trophy, I got a ride towards the Quarter with some of the people who were at the party. We ended up picking up their friends who lived near St. Charles. We drove St. Charles down to the Quarter. It seemed like the whole city was heading that way. People were walking down the neutral ground, not waiting for the street car. People were honking their horns. People were standing on the side of the street with their hands out and we'd roll down our windows, scream "Who Dat", and give them high fives. The closer we got to the Quarter, the more insane it got. Finally were were on Loyola and the traffic was barely moving but it didn't matter. People were hanging out of their cars with umbrellas. People were chanting "Who Dat." People were screaming and yelling and just generally so excited. The people I was with decided that it would be insane to try to go any further in, so we parked at the Holiday Inn on Loyola downtown of Poydras and walked into the Quarter. As we walked we chanted and screamed and high fived and hugged everyone else. It was crazy. When we got to Canal, we saw that the French Quarter side of it had been closed off, just like they do for Mardi Gras. Part way down we stopped and watched a Second Line go by. If I wasn't trying to meet up with my sister at that point, I probably would have joined them. We headed into the Quarter by way of Dauphine. There were people everywhere. Everyone was cheering and screaming and high fiving. People had out drums and were pounding out beats. We started to head down towards Bourbon. Bourbon was packed wall to wall. So I said good-bye to the people I was with, grabbed my purse and scarf tightly and pushed into the crowd to try and cross the street. I almost got pressed against a barrier by a cop on horseback. I was almost in the way of a fire truck that was trying to move down the street. It was insanely hard to press through the crowd (especially since I wasn't really going with most of the flow), but eventually I did it. Upside to that many people, I was nice and warm while in that press of bodies. Went down to Royal and walked it instead. Still a large number of people all celebrating, but so much easier to move through than Bourbon. Skipped over to Charters and walked by St. Louis Cathedral. I could smell the beignetts from Cafe du Monde. Charters was more empty than the other two streets, but there were still people chanting and hugging and high fiving there too.

Hit lower Decatur at Ursulines where I found another party going on. A true locals party. Found my sister at her local bar, dancing on a chair. Tweeted and my phone died. Hugged a whole bunch of people that I knew. Danced a bunch. Reveled in the realizations that "holy crap, we'd won the Super Bowl." Yelled "Who Dat" a ton, both inside and outside of the bar. Ate the best tasting pizza in the wold. Finally left the bar sometime after midnight to go home with my sister. On our way to the car, we started singing the Get Crunk song and a guy walking around with a drum picked up the beat and walked with us a bit. Got home and pretty much fell over.

I almost didn't come into New Orleans. But I'm so glad I did. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else than were I was when the Saints came marching in.

PS. The Google ad was my favorite Super Bowl ad. It was the only one I can really remember.

Who Dat???

Nov. 2nd, 2009 11:26 pm
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7-0 baby!!!

We beat the Falcons!!!!

Who dat????

(clearly it was all because of my awesome toenails...)

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I'm in New Orleans.

Came in on Wednesday (after plane was delayed do to hydraulic fluid). Had to go to Crabby Jacks and Hansen's.

Thursday [ profile] queencimmy and were presenting a paper on Producer-Fan Interaction in Lost at the 2009 PCAACA National Conference. Our presentation went really well. Afterwards someone even came up to us and asked us if we had a copy of our paper, which was cool. I also went to panels on WoW and D&D, Ren Faires & Cons, and "Theatre: The Lighter Side." Some of the papers were good but a lot of them left me wondering where the author was going or what the point was. It's called writing an academic paper people.

Friday we ducked out of the conference early. Mom and I spent a nice evening together.

Today has been prep for seder day. Started the tzimmis nice and early in the crockpot. Now have the chicken soup on the stove with the matzo balls mix cooling in the freezer. House is starting to smell extra yummy.


Sep. 1st, 2008 11:05 am
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I'm a lot less worried about this one than I was about Katrina. It's a 2 right now and the levees seem to currently be holding (even if a bit of water is going over the Industrial Canal).

All of my friends and family got out just fine (well, [ profile] violetminka stayed, but she has military training so I'm not worried about her at all). Mom's in Florida though, so I hope she's doing okay as it seems as though they're getting some rain & wind where she is.

If you want updates from the city, I recommend Gustav Bloggers. They're blogging from where [ profile] queencimmy used to work :).


Jun. 8th, 2008 11:56 pm
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Here is an abbreviated version of what's happened this week: I'm having a good time in New Orleans. My capstone is going really well. I've been scanning like crazy. The scanner is not the best and casts a slight red/magenta tint onto most things, but that's okay because i've gotten good at color correcting it. My mom's been making home made ice cream sandwiches, the most recent batch had coffee ice cream in it. I had crawfish and a poboy last night. I got to play Rock Band with my sister. I helped my mom sort her baking pans (yes this is a big deal cause she has a lot of them).

This morning I wrenched something in the area of my right shoulder. My should was already hurting a little bit from the workout DVD i'd been doing and I'm sure that sitting at a desk where I couldn't get my legs under the table and constantly leaning down next to it to put things on/take things off/adjust things on the scanner wasn't helping. So when I reached for my cell phone to turn off my alarm on it (yay for cell phone alarm clocks) I pulled something. All of a sudden there was a ton of pain from just under my skull to my shoulder blade. It hurts. When I lie on my back, I can't raise my head up. To help it I took a hot bath and a warm shower. I got pack of Icy-Hot patches to wear while at work and have been popping the aleeve. Yup. I went to work today. I had to. I only have a few more days in New Orleans and there's a lot left to do. But I left early and tomorrow is the day off. But the thing that helped the most was that [ profile] aenelein came over and gave me a really amazing massage. He gives good massages and it was just what i needed. Okay, time to go to sleep and hope that I feel somewhat better in the morning cause I have to go shopping with my sister for professional clothing for the conference next week.

oh, and to top it all off I got my period today...
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Today I finished sorting through a bunch of stuff (including many photos and newspaper articles...respect de what? *grin*) and had really nothing to do until the day was over, but I couldn't go home because I needed to get some stuff from Sweetness and the line today has been out the door almost the whole day. So I decided to run an errand to get white nail polish. I could have taken the car, but there are two grocery stores, a Walgreens, and a Nail Salon within walking distance, so I decided to walk. Grocery store close by didn't have any nail polish that I could find, so I had to walk all the way in the other direction and ended up at Walgreens where they had what I needed.

What I love about New Orleans is that on my walk up and down and back up Tchoupitoulas (you can guess how that's pronounced :D) every single person I passed said "Hi" and/or "How are you" to me. It didn't matter what I looked like, what they looked like, if they were talking to someone else, or even that I had headphones on. Everyone was amazingly friendly. That's my city.
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As I'm sure all of you are aware from my twitter updates, I'm currently in New Orleans. I wanted to write many times, but I've always been too busy/tired.

Got in on Monday of last week (an hour late). [ profile] queencimmy picked me up and we got mani/pedis. Then met up with AH, who I will now call Sweetness, to discuss my capstone project and stuff.

On Tuesday I ran errands with Sweetness in the morning and went out to lunch with [ profile] queencimmy and [ profile] nola_poet and his friend in the afternoon to Crabby Jack's. After lunch we were hanging out at mom's house when we saw the mice. There are mice because of all the abandoned houses and the like. One of them was chased onto a sticky pad, but the other one escaped. We named the one on the sticky pad Sticky and the other one Houdini. Poor Sticky.

On Wed. I drove mom to work. In the afternoon I was on my way to Whole Foods, but somehow ended up at Hansen's in line for a snoball. Probably because the day was so hot. I got a "mocha" snoball (half cream of chocolate, half cream of coffee). Then I headed to Whole Foods. At Whole Foods there was no one at the meat counter so I had to get the guy's attention. We ended up talking about snoballs and Hansen's. He asked for a taste of my snoball and was surprised when I gave one to him. He then gave me .25lbs off of my meat as a thank you for the bite. :) Also teased with the bagger about taking him home in the bag. I really love this city sometimes.

Wed night we went to the Prytania for a midnight showing of Indiana Jones. Was a lot of fun. Spoilers here )

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday saw me running more errands both by myself and with Sweetness and doing other things for my capstone. In terms of my capstone, I considered last week to be my prep week. I've blogged more extensively about what I've done for it on the Sno-Bliz blog. Also got to finally meet [ profile] coffeebeanben. Thursday night I went with mom to a group dinner thing that was a lot of fun. Got to talk about musicals and play with a little baby.

Saturday night Oblivion and I went out to dinner at Lebanon's Cafe where we randomly ran into a huge group of people that he knew, some of whom I knew too and hadn't seen in ages. Unfortunately they already had way too many people at their table, so we ate a the next table and harassed them *grin*. Then we headed down to the quarter to meet up with the group at Pravda. Had good geeky conversation. Yay.

Sunday [ profile] queencimmy, her friend M from out of town, and I went down to the Quarter. We started out at Cafe Du Monde and then walked around Charters and Decatur and stuff for shopping. I got two pairs of really cute shoes that fit me and were on uber-sale. Hurray! (It's so hard for me to find shoes, this is amazing). We stopped by CimDouble's and played some Wii Fit, which was fun, even if it does try to make you cry. Tried to take M to Hansen's, but they'd had such a busy day that they ran out of ice at 6:30pm and had to close early! Ended up at Deanie's for dinner instead.

Today I worked on trying to clean up the clothing in my room. I threw out 4 bags of old icky clothes (and shoes) and have a huge pile of stuff to donate. Also found an old t-shirt and an old sweatshirt of Quee's that I must have stolen from him when we were dating 10 years ago. I wonder if he wants them back...

Tomorrow is more work on my capstone and then [ profile] queencimmy and I head back to Austin for a little while on Wed.

And now, time for bed.
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On Friday [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] noeticist, Bouncy, and I drove to New Orleans to visit family and more importantly, go to Jazz Fest. The drive was a lot of fun, except when I took over for the last section it started raining and there was this HUGE slowdown because of an accident that affected both sides of the highway.

When we got to Mom's house, we found out that my cousin Editor and his friend were in town too. Yay for family.

The huge group of us ([ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] noeticist, [ profile] msfrizz, [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] nola_poet, Bouncy, Editor, his friend, and I) went out to dinner at Franky and Johny's where we proceeded to demolish 4lbs of crawfish and had lots of other yummy yummy food. Then we all headed to Brocato's for italian ice cream. In the middle of eating, we found out that dad's plane had landed. One of us would call him to tell him that we were at Brocato's and then when that person said goodbye, another one of us would call him to tell him the same thing. It was so funny!

Saturday we got up and I brought [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] noeticist, and Bouncy to PJ's for breakfast and randomly ran into Mom there with some of her friends.

We headed out to the fair grounds for Jazz Fest. While the rain from the morning had cleared up, the grounds were still really really muddy. We got very muddy shoes and lower legs. [ profile] lordaerith and I split off from [ profile] noeticist and Bouncy after dragging them to see a bit of Ms. Charmaine Neville perform. [ profile] lordaerith and I had a lot of fun just wandering around (avoiding the mud if possible), listening to music, and eating good food. I had crawfish bread (warm bread with melted cheese, crawfish, and spices) and a Plum St. SnoBall and other foods. We spent a good deal of the time by the Tree of Love and Happiness listening to a mix of music from the Fa-Do-Do stage and the Gentily Stage. At the end of the day we met up with [ profile] queencimmy, Dad, and Step-Mom and headed across the fair grounds to hear Jimmy Buffett. He was soo much fun. We were really far back, but that didn't stop us from dancing and singing and being generally silly. [ profile] noeticist and Bouncy were able to find us with good triangulation directions that I texted them. :)

After the day was over, we headed back to Mom's place. We all got reading to go out. [ profile] noeticist and Bouncy hit the quarter. My whole family ([ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] nola_poet, Mom, Dad, Step-Mom, Cuz, and I) went to smancy dinner at Cuvee. Smancy dinner was pretty good, but not great. Had a yummy fois gras and the fillet. Converstaion was fun, especially when the whole table broke out into train puns.

Sunday saw us back at Jazz Fest for more music, food, and fun. I really enjoyed Chris Ardoin & NuStep and Rebirth Brass Band. I think the best times were watching the Second Lines to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with [ profile] lordaerith and dancing to the Radiators with [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] nola_poet, dad, step-mom, Editor, and his friend. We always dance to the Radiators at the end of the day.

Sunday night Mom had a BBQ for all of us and we pretty much fell over.

Monday the four of us drove back to Austin and we all collapsed.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. I'm so glad that I took the time to go home and that I was able to share the experience with friends and loved ones. Only downside was that I got a little bit sunburned on Saturday because my purse pulled my shirt further away from my neck than then area that I had covered with sunscreen.

Here are lots of pictures from the weekend. The ones at the end I took to submit to FesTees

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Recently [ profile] lordaerith and I visited my mother and sister in New Orleans for a week.

Let me tell you about it. No, it's too long, let me sum up : we drove in with [ profile] iskanderia on Friday Dec. 21, went to the reception for my 10 year HS reunion, visited a bunch with [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] daobear, had breakfast with the Mad Russian and her hubby, went shopping with [ profile] queencimmy, went to a Solstice Party, ate brunch at Antione's with [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] daobear, wandered around the Quarter, hung out at home, enjoyed mom's cooking and baking, helped around the house, played Guitar Hero, gave and received presents, saw Juno, enjoyed expected and unexpected visits with friends, got our hair done, talked about my Capstone project, worked on this fun game as a family, and drove home again on Thurs. Dec. 27.

The full story with a few pictures (in case you're interested) )

In other news, being home is good. Our cats are cuddly. We bought a deep fryer for almost $50 off the ticketed price (floor model + 20% off coupon). I broke our Cocomotion (sadness).


Oct. 14th, 2007 05:30 pm
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Just got back from New Orleans a few hours ago. Was there for my 10-year high school un-reunion. What's an un-reunion? well, basically the organizers of the reunion were not organized and after telling us in August that it would be Oct. 13, they didn't have a place and found out that only about 6% of us could make it. So, they sent out an email on Sept. 28 saying it was canceled and would be rescheduled. Some of us had already bought tickets to come into town (one from Hawaii), so we decided to get together anyway. I sent out an Evite to the whole class letting them know that the un-reunion was happening and that they should come.

We met at Cafe Du Monde around 8, and then did a bit of bar hopping down lower Decatur, ending up at MoJos b/c they have yummy food. There were 11 people total throughout the night, which was about 5% of the class. I think we had a blast. Even though I wasn't really friend with a lot of those people during high school, it was fun to hang out with them and find out what's going on in their lives. It's also nice to find out that not everyone is out getting their millionth PhD or making amazing discoveries in exotic places (ok, the girl from Hawaii gets to swim with the dolphins!!), but that we all have pretty normal, mostly successful lives and are content with them. Of course, we also decided that we are going to have an 11 year reunion and then only have reunions on anniversaries of our graduation that are prime numbers. Yup, even 10 years later there's a bit (or more) of that nerd in all of us.

On a personal note, I was happy that I was so easily able to talk with everyone. In high school I was so much of a social outcast among people who weren't in Sci-Fi. It reflects well on my own personal growth that I was able to enter into comfortable conversation with everyone who was there, even the girl who snubbed me in 7th grade and made me feel uncomfortable during all of high school. Oh, and everyone thanked me for being the organizer behind the un-reunion. :)

Also while in New Orleans I picked up some basics for my Halloween costume, got to hang out with my mom and sis, and got to have mommy dinner and mommy pie.

Now to do homework and spend some time with [ profile] lordaerith, because he was in Palo Alto, CA all last week and I missed him.
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It's two years later. I feel like I should say something.

My memories from two years ago are somewhat hazy. I remember being at work and spending my entire time updating and reading blogs of people who had left or, worse, were riding it out. I remember feeling relieved that it missed the city and then freaking out when I heard about the leeves breaking. I remember not getting anything done at work that day or the next day; my boss should have seen the state that I was in and sent me home. I remember that I put up a sign in by my cubicle stating that all my family and friends were safe but I had no idea about my house because I couldn't deal with the endless barrage of questions. I remember wanting to talk about it and yet not wanting to talk about it. I remember feeling helpless. I remember trying to come up with a database of people who had clothing and people who needed clothing, but it never got off the ground.

I got the first pictures of my mother's house in early october. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing, how some things were it total ruin and others were fine.

The first time I was home "Post-K" was in November 2006. My mother's house was being renovated. She was staying in a FEMA trailer on the front lawn. I remember thinking that all the trees were missing.

Most recently I was home last week. The renovations to my mother's house are now mostly done. There are countertops in the kitchen and and doorknobs on the doors; trust me, it's very exciting. But there is still almost no furniture downstairs and the FEMA trailer is still on the front lawn.

we're not okay
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Turned in paper for Independent Study today. Hurray! All done with project (mostly...still need to put site on CD and give to Archive people, but that not graded, that extra).

Went to school with Mom yesterday. Got to help out with her 1st/2nd/3rd grad class. Was a lot of fun. They're adorable.

Left and went to MoJo's Coffee House where I proceeded to work on editing paper procrastinate with help of owner's little daughter (who goes to mom's school). She was so adorable. Also had nice MySpace conversation with owner (it started with "I am in ur coffee house, drinking ur coffee").

Picked mom up from school, went to Hansen's Sno-Bliz. Yay and *mischievous grin*!

Had perfect mommy dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.

Spent way too long being silly with [ profile] queencimmy as she edited said paper. SHE-HULK!

Went out to 80s night. Dancing in a tight skirt made my hip hurt (yes from when I banged it). Still managed to have fun.

Going out with Quee for lunch today. Should be interesting. Better get ready.
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In just over the last 24 hours I have
  • Arrived at the airport in Austin
  • Got randomly selected for special screening, which made me feel violated and also made me wish I had this shirt from Northern Sun.
  • Found out the plane was really tiny, but had leather seats and XM radio.
  • Flew to New Orleans in under 2 hours.
  • Dropped my backpack twice, which resulted in a dent in the casing of my laptop and a broken latch hook so now it won't stay closed (no...I didn't get Apple Care, why ever would you ask such a thing?).

  • Went food shopping with mom and sis.
  • Was introduced to the awesome countertops of awesomeness
  • Discovered that my room is being used for storage and is therefore more messy than when I left it.
  • Went to lunch with [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] songbirdelsha and her sis.
  • Went shopping with [ profile] queencimmy.
  • Was relieved to realize that even with the bent case my laptop is working just fine.
  • Went to Haenson's Sno-Bliz with mom.
  • Fought with my sister, twice.
  • Watched silly tv with my family.
  • Stayed up too late hanging out with my sister.
  • Slept in "my bed".
  • Woke up happy to be at my mother's house.
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I finally went through the bookshelf that serves as my desk drawers and cleaned it all up. Threw away a ton of trash and filled all the papers and articles from the Spring semester (that's right, I hadn't gotten to it yet...). I feel all prepared for the coming semester. This is good because I'm going to New Orleans from Sunday to the following Saturday. When I come back I have Sunday, then I have to go to work, and then on Wed. the semester starts. Now I don't have to worry about getting all prepared then.

Hurray, while writing this post my new iPod case came in (I broke my old one). Just in time for my trip. Yay!
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On Tuesday [ profile] lordaerith and I picked up [ profile] daobear and [ profile] artemis42 and went to Commanders Palace for brunch. Mmm...such a wonderful place. I had the turtle soup and a poached hen's egg over duck on top of pecan pancakes. So delicious. Sometimes you just have to splurge for the 5 star restaurant (because the brunch is a lot less than the dinner).

After brunch we walked around the cemetery across the street and found the tomb where some of [ profile] daobear's mother's family are buried. I love New Orleans cemeteries. Then we chilled for a while with DD and mom.

Then we hit the French Quarter where we found that there was a sale going on at Second Skin Leather. Hurray! After that we decided we were hungry so we went to Port of Call so that I could introduce [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] lordaerith to the wonder that is their Monsoons and baked potatoes. Mmm...baked potato with cheddar cheese. Next time I have to remember to just get the potato and not the hamburger too.

After we were done eating, we found out that [ profile] artemis42 had never been down Bourbon Street at night, so we decided to show it to her. Of course, this was the night before the Sugar Bowl, so it was full of LSU fans and cops on horse back. 2 frozen hand grenades later, we headed all the way back down Decatur and dropped in on [ profile] queencimmy's bar where there were a bunch of people that we knew and saw the beginning of Clerks 2.

On the way home from the quarter, [ profile] lordaerith felt that the car was pulling a little to the right. Upon getting home, we discovered that the back right tire was low (and I thought that I heard it leaking).

Wednesday we got up and DD and [ profile] lordaerith looked at tire and it was pretty much flat (there was a nail in it). So they changed it to the full sized spare we have in the trunk and then we drove DD to the airport. Afterwards [ profile] lordaerith and I dropped the car off to get new back tires (we needed them anyway) and went to the mall, which was conveniently next door.

As we were picking up the car, [ profile] artemis42 called, so we picked her and [ profile] daobear and drove down to see what the Lower Ninth Ward looks like now. I cant even describe what it was like. I just don't have the words. I had seen pictures but ... . I think what got us the most is that there were FEMA trailers there, which means that people are back there trying to rebuild their lives. We then drove up to the lake so we could show [ profile] artemis42 where we went to high school and also to show her the damage that happened in that area.

Afterwards we picked up food and made dinner with mommy and then hung out for a while.

On Thursday I dropped in at my mom's school to see her class, which was fun. Then I picked up [ profile] artemis42 and we went to Mojo's Cafe for coffee and bubble tea. I drove her down Magazine, but we didn't have time to stop at any of the cool stores. I did bring her by Maple Street Book Shop, where I found Fagle's translation of the Orestia so I had to buy it. :)

Thursday night I hung out with [ profile] queencimmy for a while and then [ profile] lordaerith and i decided not to go out, so we played Guitar Hero II and hung out with mommy and stuff.

Today [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] lordaerith, and I dropped in on mom's classroom again for a little bit and then met up with [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] daobear and their friend J at Cafe du Monde. Then we walked over and visited [ profile] violetminka at her work and hit the French Market where I bought a cute little shirt.

Tomorrow we are planning to go out to breakfast at Oak Street Cafe and then drive back home to Austin.

Overall, I've had a fabulous time at home hanging out with my family and friends and I'm glad that we now live close enough to drive :)
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Thursday morning [ profile] lordaerith and I set out to drive to New Orleans. The trip was fairly uneventful. We made pretty good time and arrived in New Orleans at around 6ish. Since my mother's house is not finished, we are actually staying at her neighbour's house across the street, which is okay because they are out of town and have 4 bedrooms (mom is staying here too). After bringing most of the stuff in from the car, we headed out to Frankie and Johnny's. Upon being seated (by a waitress that my mother has known for YEARS), I immediately ran into a woman who I went to both high school and college with. Got myself a roast beef po-boy dressed. good. Then as we were getting near the end of our meal, who should walk in but that-girl-who-made-my-life-in-elementary-school-a-living-hell-and-is-now-a-big-fat-cow. It's amazing how my flight-or-fight response kicked in, even after all these years. I decided to just ignore her. Of course now that it's after the fact, I realize that I probably should have followed my mother's advice and said "hi" and been super nice...oh well.

Friday I went out shopping around town with mom. She took me to Mojo's Coffee shop, where I got to meet and hang out with some pretty cool people. Then it was getting late, so we went home and [ profile] lordaerith and I picked up sushi for dinner. After dinner, [ profile] queencimmy took me down to "her bar" in the quarter. It's a cute little place. Then we picked up [ profile] lordaerith and headed over to [ profile] daobear's parent's house and hung out with him and his brother and [ profile] artemis42 and A for a while.

Saturday morning my pseudo-brother DD arrived at the house (he was also staying here for a little while) and we hung out and helped [ profile] queencimmy prepare for her Post-Apocolypic birthday party at mom's house. Actually it was a pretty easy one to set up for because the house still looks like it went through a disaster :)

The party rocked! So many of the people who showed up came in costume. I dressed up like Poor White Trash because they always survive the disasters in all those movies. I even found some old fake tattoos in my room and so I had the badly placed tummy tattoo and the "tramp stamp" going on. I also took my old baby doll and wrapped her in a flannel nightgown and proceeded to introduce her as "Madison James, with 3 y's and a silent q. Her daddy died in the tornado that came through our trailer park, so I wrapped her up in his old shirt so she would know what he smelled like." [ profile] lordaerith dressed up Mad Max style with vinyl pants and a leather jacket. I got to see lots of my old friends who I never get to see except for at these things, so that was cool.

I would have to say that the best part of the party for me was when [ profile] queencimmy was opening her presents (after midnight, so it was really her b-day), opened mine, and let out the largest scream. I had made her a cd of a tape that we used to listen to as children and doesn't exist on CD currently. Hurray for me being able to make immediate practical use of what I learned in Survey of Digitization last semester to make my sister very happy!

Sunday we all got up late and chilled for a while. Then [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] lordaerith, and I went to the mall to get [ profile] lordaerith clothing because [ profile] queencimmy has an amazing eye for clothing and outfits and [ profile] lordaerith needed a nice not-suit type outfit. Afterwards, [ profile] queencimmy and I raided her closet for something for me to wear to the NYE party at [ profile] daobear's parent's house. She ended up lending me this really beautiful white glittery dress (but I don't have any pics of me in it right now).

The NYE party was very nice. Chatted with some people whom I haven't seen in a while, some of them have known me since I was very little. Had a debate with DD about the placement of Sirius in the sky, only to find out that [ profile] daobear's dad studied astronomy in his youth. It turns out I was given wrong information and DD was right. Rang in the new year with sparklers and fireworks ([ profile] artemis42 was having a ball setting them off). [ profile] aenelein kissed my husband, hehehe. Left the party around 2something. Didn't make it in the hot tub at all, but I did see people in their formal wear in the sauna.

New Years Day was mostly spent relaxing, chillin', going out to Zea Restaurant with mom, DD and [ profile] lordaerith for dinner, and helping [ profile] queencimmy clean up the house from the party (which was actually very easy).

Stay tuned for part 2 - enjoying being home
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So, in the world of insanities, [ profile] lordaerith quit his job yesterday. The owner of the company was a real dickhead and finally pushed him too far. The lead craftsman there quit today, so that has to say something about the working conditions. Actually, i'm really proud of [ profile] lordaerith because the owner wanted them to sign a contract giving up their 15 minute morning and afternoon breaks and aerith stood up to him because that isn't fair to the workers (and is possibly illegal).

Due to him having no employment, we decided to leave early to go to New Orleans. Therefore we will be leaving tomorrow (Thursday) and returning to Austin a week from Saturday. Hurray for a long vacation. Even found someone to watch the cats, so we don't have to worry about bringing them along.

Spent yesterday after [ profile] lordaerith got home from quitting running errands. Found an ice rink inside of a mall...very weird. Spent most of today cleaning up the apartment so the cats don't wreak it while we're out of town. With the exception of the study (which they're not really allowed into anyway) the place looks amazing! Some of the clean up was stuff left over from when we moved in and never put everything away. Now hopefully we can just keep it like that.

Off to clean the cat's water fountain and then pack for the trip.

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