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Early this morning, while trying to check and see if schools were delayed or closed I saw on Twitter, via Boing Boing, that Pete Seeger had died. When I got in the shower, with Union Maid, If I Had a Hammer, and This Land Is Your Land all playing simultaneously in my head, I broke down and started sobbing.

Being the child of 60's hippy/activists and coming from a long tradition of protesters, I was raised on Pete Seeger, the Almanac Singers, the Weavers, Woody Guthrie, etc.

Of all his amazing songs, the one that is the most important to me is Union Maid.

By the time I was two I had the song memorized. My mother tells the story of when I was about that age and we visited my Great-Great Tante Bessie. She and my Great-Grandmother struck for the unions back before there even were unions in this country. When my mother went to her first Vietnam War protest, there they were in the front row. Anyway, we were visiting her house and somehow she and I sung Union Maid together. I have no memory of this other than the story, but apparently I brought tears to her eyes.

Another time when I was around the same age (maybe a bit older), my parents took me to see Joe Glazer in concert. When he sang Union Maid, I apparently stood up and sang the whole song with him. I'm pretty sure I sung Joe Hill with him too.

In my hippy school in hippyville (aka Ithaca, NY), I remember that we'd end assemblies by holding hands and singing We Shall Overcome. We'd also sing This Land Is Your Land a lot. Or at least I remember singing it at least once.

We had two tapes of I think it was the Weavers that I used to listed to all the time. I don't know where the tapes went or what they were called, but I remember they had songs like Erie Canal, Boll Weevil, and On Top of Old Smokey on them. I wish I could remember what they were.

While my musical tasted evolved and changed and grew over time, I never lost my roots or my love of Pete Seeger and his music. When a documentary came out about him on tv I watched it with [ profile] artemis42. I remember being crazy excited when during grad school I ran across the Smithsonian Folkways site because I could buy the Almanac Singers album that I loved so much as a child.

Pete Seeger was an inspiration to so many people. He collected American folk songs, songs that are part of our heritage that I'm worried we are slowly forgetting. He stood up to the House Un-American Activities Committee in a fantastic way.

Since my son was born, I have played him the songs from my childhood. The songs of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie and others. I know I will play them for him today.


Jul. 23rd, 2013 11:35 am
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Amanda Palmer released the video of "The Bed Song" from her album "Theatre is Evil" today. It is beautiful and haunting. Make sure that you have tissues with you when you watch it.

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Last Thursday k's choice played SXSW in Austin.

The hassle of getting downtown )

I walked down to the club, not wanting to stop for food because the lines were crazy, I had 2 hours until k's choice came on, and I wanted to wait for Safire who was aware of the whole issue and was going to meet me there. As I passed the club, I heard a song I recognized. It was k's choice on stage doing a sound check and singing one of my favorite songs by them. After standing in the doorway swaying for a moment or two I realized I was singing along. I asked the guy how much the cover was and he said nothing. So I got my hand stamped and went in. I sat and just watched them do their soundcheck for a while. Then I tried to get in touch with Safire, but either she was driving and couldn't pick up or I was getting no signal. I started randomly staring over my shoulder. Eventually the older gentlemen who were sitting behind me introduced themselves because I kept looking there way. We chatted for a little bit. Finally right around 8, Safire shows up. Hurray! Glad I had a very-not-good-for-me snack in my purse because by that point the club was getting crowded and there was no way wer were going to be able to get food before the show.

The first showcase band came on and they were meh. It did make it hard to talk though. I'm not sure if Stree liked them or didn't like them because he kicked me a few times during their set.

Then it was time for k's choice. YAY!!!!!! I have been a fan of k's choice since 1997. I actually got to see them in 1996 when they opened for Alanis Morrisette, but I didn't know who they were then. I got to the concert late and only heard a bit of what they did and didn't really pay attention to it. I did buy their t-shirt at that concert because I thought the design on it was cool. Several months later my friend introduced me to their music and I was hooked. Since then they've never been somewhere where I could see them. The year I was in Europe they were touring the States. Then they took a long break and only got back together a little while ago. This was their first time playing the States in 7 years and was their only US date. They literally flew in from Europe to play a 40 minute set at SXSW and I'm lucky enough to live in Austin!

I started watching them from my seat, thinking that it'd be silly for me to be in the crowd with the big belly and all. It was just so amazing to be there and hear them live. And they sounded great! Their first song was off of their new CD which isn't available in the US yet (but I found out I can listen to on Facebook!). I don't remember what they played next, but after that they played "Everything for Free" which is one of my absolute favorites by them. I took some video of the song, but the sound didn't come out well so I don't want to upload it ~sigh~. After a while, the guys behind us convinced me that it'd be silly for me not to go up and be in the crowd and that they would hold our seats. So Safire and I went into the crowd, which actually wasn't all that crowded.

I remember that I did a lot of rocking back and forth and singing along and screaming. I was hoping that they would play "Butterflies Instead" but they didn't. They did play a lot of songs off of their third album "Cocoon Crash" which I thought was interesting because "Paradise in Me" has their most popular song on it and they're promoting their new album "Echo Mountain." I slowly worked my way closer to the front of the stage. At one point I was worried that Stree wouldn't like being in the middle of things, but he was actually quiet the whole time (unlike right now when he just kicked me). So either he was able to sleep through it all or k's choice is very soothing to him. The 40 minute set was way too short and the audience agreed, but a showcase is a showcase.

After they got offstage, I wandered over to the back room and waited for the band members to finish bringing their stuff offstage and pack it up. I got to meet Sarah and Gert and Eric (the rest of the band was too busy/talking to others) and they all signed my 4 CD inserts and Sarah let me have the setlist (which I also got signed). Sarah and Gert noticed how old school my shirt was and Eric recognized me from my posting like crazy on their Facebook page. ~insert fangirl squeeing here~

After that, I rescued Safire from the gentlemen we'd met. We walked to my car and then I drove her to hers because she had to park really far away. We drove separately to the closest Kerby Lane Cafe to my house, where there was a wait even though it was late at night. But by the time Safire showed up, I'd just gotten seated. We ate yummy food (finally!). On our way out there was a guy in an Angry Birds green pigs shirt and we both had an urge to ram into his stomach, but we didn't.

Here is a slideshow of the best pictures I took that night:

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Attended w00tstock last night at the Paramount. [ profile] tiamet is awesome and amazing and scored [ profile] lordaerith and I second row center tickets.

Started off the evening by running into friends, including CaptainValor of the YouTubes. Was wearing my "Yes, They're Natural" shirt. Thanks again to [ profile] made_of_paradox who got it for me. It was a HUGE hit. Made new twitter friends because of it.

The preshow slides were funny and fun. The ones that impressed us the most came from James Hanse. We're thinking of getting one or two of the Wookiee The Chew and Chrisolo Robin prints for the baby's room.

Neil Gaiman (the substitute Wil Wheaton) was running late, so Adam Savage introduced the show. Then Paul and Storm came on. They started with "Opening Band." At the right moment, we stood up, threw underpants, yelled, "Paul" and threw a bag of my now famous "Athene's Show Stopping Chocolate Chip Cookies" onto the stage. Storm, who didn't learn from last time, stuffed two cookies in his mouth almost immediately. Of course that meant that they had to stop for a few moments for Storm to eat the cookies. Paul asked who made them and then awarded me a copy of Munchkin. Not that I don't already have a copy of it, but it's nice to have a new copy with the cards in color and the new version of the rules. Of course later I found out they had Zombie Dice. I'd have traded for Zombie Dice.

The whole experience was amazing. I really can't recommend enough that all nerds/geeks/dorks/dweebs go to one if/when it comes to a location near you.

Some other highlights in the order I remember them:
The stage manager "Dammit Liz" taking the cookies away from Paul and Storm so they could continue their show.

The drummer from POTUS after having at least 2 cookies and about to eat a third, turning to me and asking if they were "special cookies."

Bill Amend showing us some of the geekier panels of Fox Trot that he's done over the years. Made me remember how a few months after I started playing D&D in college there was a strip where Jason was playing D&D and I was so happy that I caught all of the references. I actually told him about this at the signing session.

Everyone leaving a voicemail for Wil to prove that Stephen Toulouse was in Texas, a la Peewee's Big Adventure.

The "Time with Wil" videos, especially the water boiling and the drinking Guinness ones.

Neil in a monkey hat.

Neil reading a story about a writer testing the scientific effects of alcohol on creativity and using the words "Elephant spunk", which the ASL interpreters had to sign. And then everyone brining it up over and over and over again during "The Captain's Wife's Lament," much to the amusement of the audience and the chagrin of the ASL interpreters.

Adam Savage telling stories about his life, especially Jamie. "If my couch looked like Angelina Jolie, I'd fuck it." - a direct quote from Jamie.

Molly Lewis being adorably cute.

All half an hour of the "Captain's Wife's Lament." "'Who the Hell Are The Talking Heads' is my Sex Pistols cover band."

Standing in line to get the Munchkin box signed, talking with CaptainValor and other nerds and bringing up "Rejected" by Don Hertzfeldt. A whole hallway of geeks quoting, "My anus is bleeding."

The Munchkin box didn't come with any blank cards, so getting everyone to sign the box...except somehow I missed Neil. But that's okay. I have something way better from him anyway already.

Only got a few hours of sleep. This will be an interesting day. May not make it to Central Market tonight.
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This is a song by Marian Call sung from the point of view of Firefly's "Yolanda/Saffron/Bridget". Really nice fan vid. Go listen to her whole album of Firefly and BSG inspired songs: And if you like that, she's currently touring the whole country (except Hawaii), so look for her she's playing somewhere near you. She's playing house concerts in Austin this Saturday and Monday.
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Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to the dentist for cleanings and I got fitted for a nightgard. Not the most pleasant experience, concidering it's been about 4 years since my last cleaning, but my teeth feel way happier now.

Then it was home for two seconds to feed the cats and then right back out to Poly Dinner at Central Market. Good food and friends FTW!

We left early and headed to someone random person's house for a house party with a concert given by Zoe Boekbinder. Got there on time, which of course meant that we got there super early. Hung out with random people, chatted with Zoe and her really awesome friend Ryan, and met new people. [ profile] bouncyone showed up at some point, which was cool.

Zoe started playing around 9. Dear Goddess, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her voice. She was really cute and adorable and tired from being on the road, which made her more cute and adorable. She played for about an hour (with a short break to let the niece of our host play). I love that through the internet I can get an invite to a house party for an artist I love and want to support and go to it and meet people and be accepted. I love that Austin has wacky opportunities like that.

Here are two videos of Zoe live:

The Adventures of the Turtle and the Seahorse:

Cover song done acappella with two loop petals:
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Yesterday I turned in my very last paper both for the semester and that I will ever have to write for my Masters. Just my capstone and then I'm done! Yay!!!

Also had what is probably my last day of work for the semester. Got to play with rewiring the audio on 66% of the computers in the digitization lab (did the other 33% earlier in the semester). [ profile] syhira came and helped me which made the whole process go a lot faster. Rocked out to my "Tori Dolls choice" station on Pandora the whole time :)

Came home and took a nap as I'd gotten very little sleep finishing up the last paper. [ profile] lordaerith made a yummy dinner of potatoes-au-gratin, bison steak, and asparagus. Watched last week's episode of Lost, which I hadn't seen due to writing my paper on Lost.

Went out to Karaoke. Was there from about 10pm to about 1:30am. The new KJ was cute. She kept having problems though. First the next to the stage monitor wasn't working (FireCat and I tried to troubleshoot it, but we couldn't figure it out) and then the cord kept falling off of the mic (at least those it happened to were able to fix it before their song started).

I sung a lot and totally rocked it. The songs that I sung for my turns were in order:
  1. Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
  2. Hand In My Pocket - Alanis
  3. Stacey's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
  4. Voices Carry - Til Tuesday
  5. Walk This Way - Run DMC version
  6. Long Time - Boston
I decided that I had to sing Papa Don't Preach after it came on my iPod yesterday and I found myself singing it out loud while walking across campus. Even startled my boss *grin*. I've decided that I like the Aerosmith version of Walk This Way better for karaoke purposes because it has all the words and it flows smoother, IMO. I didn't sing it by myself though. One of our group did the chorus part. Also, Long Time has a 2:40min intro due to also having Foreplay attached at the beginning of it. It's fun to go up for a song, and then go sit back down for a few minutes :)

In addition to the songs above, I also sang Bohemian Rhapsody with "The Group" (ie anyone we could convince to go on stage with us) and "On My Own" with [ profile] zyrain on his turn. Turns out I had most of the words in that song. Oh well.

I totally rocked almost all of the songs I sung and had a really good time!

Today was a lazy lazy recovery day for me. Probably more lazy than it should have been...going out with [ profile] maddaddy to see Speed Racer tonight. Best get ready.
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On Friday [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] noeticist, Bouncy, and I drove to New Orleans to visit family and more importantly, go to Jazz Fest. The drive was a lot of fun, except when I took over for the last section it started raining and there was this HUGE slowdown because of an accident that affected both sides of the highway.

When we got to Mom's house, we found out that my cousin Editor and his friend were in town too. Yay for family.

The huge group of us ([ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] noeticist, [ profile] msfrizz, [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] nola_poet, Bouncy, Editor, his friend, and I) went out to dinner at Franky and Johny's where we proceeded to demolish 4lbs of crawfish and had lots of other yummy yummy food. Then we all headed to Brocato's for italian ice cream. In the middle of eating, we found out that dad's plane had landed. One of us would call him to tell him that we were at Brocato's and then when that person said goodbye, another one of us would call him to tell him the same thing. It was so funny!

Saturday we got up and I brought [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] noeticist, and Bouncy to PJ's for breakfast and randomly ran into Mom there with some of her friends.

We headed out to the fair grounds for Jazz Fest. While the rain from the morning had cleared up, the grounds were still really really muddy. We got very muddy shoes and lower legs. [ profile] lordaerith and I split off from [ profile] noeticist and Bouncy after dragging them to see a bit of Ms. Charmaine Neville perform. [ profile] lordaerith and I had a lot of fun just wandering around (avoiding the mud if possible), listening to music, and eating good food. I had crawfish bread (warm bread with melted cheese, crawfish, and spices) and a Plum St. SnoBall and other foods. We spent a good deal of the time by the Tree of Love and Happiness listening to a mix of music from the Fa-Do-Do stage and the Gentily Stage. At the end of the day we met up with [ profile] queencimmy, Dad, and Step-Mom and headed across the fair grounds to hear Jimmy Buffett. He was soo much fun. We were really far back, but that didn't stop us from dancing and singing and being generally silly. [ profile] noeticist and Bouncy were able to find us with good triangulation directions that I texted them. :)

After the day was over, we headed back to Mom's place. We all got reading to go out. [ profile] noeticist and Bouncy hit the quarter. My whole family ([ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] nola_poet, Mom, Dad, Step-Mom, Cuz, and I) went to smancy dinner at Cuvee. Smancy dinner was pretty good, but not great. Had a yummy fois gras and the fillet. Converstaion was fun, especially when the whole table broke out into train puns.

Sunday saw us back at Jazz Fest for more music, food, and fun. I really enjoyed Chris Ardoin & NuStep and Rebirth Brass Band. I think the best times were watching the Second Lines to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with [ profile] lordaerith and dancing to the Radiators with [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] nola_poet, dad, step-mom, Editor, and his friend. We always dance to the Radiators at the end of the day.

Sunday night Mom had a BBQ for all of us and we pretty much fell over.

Monday the four of us drove back to Austin and we all collapsed.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. I'm so glad that I took the time to go home and that I was able to share the experience with friends and loved ones. Only downside was that I got a little bit sunburned on Saturday because my purse pulled my shirt further away from my neck than then area that I had covered with sunscreen.

Here are lots of pictures from the weekend. The ones at the end I took to submit to FesTees

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A rap on how to have good web site design. Srsly. Probably the best thing evar!

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On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to [ profile] noeticist's Rock Band party. I was really looking forward to singing "Still Alive" as I have most of it memorized already and it's been in my head all week, but XBox Live was down and [ profile] noeticist wasn't able to download it *pout*. Had a really good time at the party anyway. [ profile] maddaddy and [ profile] elvesoncrack were able to show up :) It was good to see them again.

On Saturday I got a bunch of reading done for school and then [ profile] lordaerith and I went to the Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival. Got some really large crawfish (so big that there was a lot of meat in the claws) and had a good time wandering around and dancing (well, I was dancing) to some zydeco. Cowboy Mouth played and they were awesome as usual. I danced and jumped up and down and screamed so much that today my voice hurts. Apparently Bonerama, who was supposed to play earlier that day, got there late, so at one point they got on stage and played with Cowboy Mouth. It was really cool!

Cowboy Mouth and Bonerama at Swamp Thing

After Cowboy Mouth, George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic played. They were really cool, but [ profile] lordaerith and I were getting tired so we left early, went to Amy's for ice cream (apparently we're regulars there because we got asked where we've been...), and came home.

Today I've been avoiding writing my paper for Advanced Digitization mainly because I'm not really sure how to organize it (by collection or by principle) and while I know I can re-organize it later, it still bothers me.
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This weekend should have been amazing. Instead it felt like it alternated between On moments and off moments, which I shall recap in the table below.



Having [ profile] lordaerith pick me up on Friday night and going to the Dog & Duck for food, where we randomly ran into a good chunk of the iSchool.

It being so packed at the Dog & Duck that we didn't really get to talk to any of them (other than [ profile] syhira and her boi who sat with us).

Going to see the Austin Wind Symphony's tribute to video games.

It could have been a lot better than it was. The symphony didn't have a lot of "heart" as [ profile] lordaeirth put it. Also, they had 2 video screens which would often project images of the game play. I think that in some ways it distracted from the music, because people were more focused on the video. Also, they had a real chance to make it a true interactive-multimedia performance, but only really interacted with the clips from Super Mario Brothers. It was worth the $8 admission.

My sister, [ profile] queencimmy, and her boy, [ profile] nola_poet, drove into to visit us this weekend.

Due to traffic & other factors, they didn't get in until 2:30am. We had figured on them showing up around midnight Friday night. This means I didn't get to bed until almost quarter to 4.


On Saturday morning I thought I might have yet another UTI (ooohhh…too much information, right?), but I don't. Still, it didn't make the morning fun.

I got to show [ profile] queencimmy and [ profile] nola_poet around UT. We went to the HRC where we surprised [ profile] nola_poet with an exhibit of the first 40 feet of the original "On the Road" scroll (it's on display until mid-June, I think). After the HRC, I took them to see my second home (aka the iSchool IT Lab). We chilled there for a little bit, walked around a bit more, and then lordaerith and I got yummy yummy food at the Flying Falafel.

I had to return a book to the library and pick up on that had come in. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the library it had closed, so I was only able to do the returning.

We said good-bye [ profile] nola_poet and [ profile] queencimmy for a little while and got to the Texas Union at 5:30 to be first in line for the Jonathan Coulton show (it started at 9). We were the first people in line by a couple of minutes. [ profile] apryl_knight, [ profile] cjovalle, qyandri, gruff, [ profile] iskanderia, and [ profile] lawtalkyguy eventually joined us on line.


While waiting in line, we whipped out Munchkin Cthulhu and I ended up playing a lively game of it with the people who were in line behind us.

We never got to finish the game, because the doors opened up before it was over. At least I wasn't the lowest level at that point.

At one point while waiting, Jonathan Coulton poked his head out to start setting up his merchanidce. [ profile] lordaerith asked him if it was okay if we taped him and he said yes as long as it was okay with the venue. I asked him to play "Better" which is one of my favorite songs of his, and he said he would try to.


We ended up with two tables right in front of the stage.

We were trying to save seats behind us for [ profile] caelligh and [ profile] ethanhunter, but eventually the place was so packed that we had to give them up. After we did that, [ profile] caelligh showed up, but she left because at that point it was standing room only. Next time guys, I promise.

The show was AMAZING (as always). There's too much to write up here, so see below for a longer write-up. I will say that he did infact play "Better".

Jonathan Coulton's guitar. It sounded fine to me, but he kept tuning it throughout the night and never seemed quite happy with it.

We got to tape the show.

We didn't tape the funniest part because we were running out of battery power and tape. [ profile] lordaerith will never hear the end of it. Also, I didn't grab a DV to Firewire cord when I picked up the Camcorder. Now I can't get the concert off of the tape and onto YouTube. I'm going to have to go to campus to get the cord.

[ profile] noeticist's party was still happening by the time we got out of the show.

It was pretty much winding down by the time we go there. But we were able to say hi to a few people, especially [ profile] last_bastion and [ profile] raenshadoe, who were in from out of town.

My sister got all dressed up to go to the party.

She didn't end up making it because by the time she was about to leave, the party was almost over. Also, [ profile] nola_poet's GPS couldn't find the place.


We got up really really late (1pm) on Sunday and therefore weren't able to go to brunch at Kerby Lane.

We did got to [ profile] lawtalkyguy's for Super Smash Bros/Rock Band. Queencimmy finally got to meet a good chunk of my friends.

We were only there for a little while.


[ profile] queencimmy and [ profile] nola_poet had to go home.


I felt…off/close to tears for the rest of the night. No idea why. Bleh.


I discovered that I deleted my "New Pics" folder from my desktop and empty the Trash before I noticed this. This is the folder in which I kept all the pictures from the camera that I have yet to edit & place online. There's a 94% chance that [ profile] lordaerith has all of the files on his computer as well. He probably has at least 90% of them.

I took the whole weekend off to spend time with my sister and do fun things.

I already feel like I'm behind on the amount of stuff I have to do over Spring Break.

JoCo Show

The show was awesome (as I said above).

The opening act, Samantha Murphy, was interesting. I like that she played barefoot and was funny enough to keep the audience entertained. Also girl could hold a note.

Jonathan Coulton ended up playing 2 sets because there were so many people who wnated to get in and the show was sold out. I think it had to do with some standing-room-only people leaving so others could see the second set.

I'm sure I could say tons about the whole show all the songs he played, but hopefully I'll have most of the show up on YouTube soon so you can see for yourself. Therefore, I'm just going to give you the highlights (as I see them).

In the first set he played "Better" which had me grinning like crazy the entire time. At the end of "Creepy Doll", [ profile] lordaerith and I held up our iPhones which were displaying lighters on them. JoCo saw us and totally cracked a smile. I made sure to turn the phone around so the rest of the audience could see it. Since he liked it so much, during "Mandelbrot Set" I ducked my iPhone under the table and used Google Images to find a picture of a fractal, which I then waved back and forth. This definitely made JoCo grin when he saw it.

JoCo and Michael WoodThe best bit of the show, was when JoCo pulled up a member of the audience to help him with "Chiron Beta Prime". The kid who was brought up on stage, Michael Wood, was hilariously funny during the song and even "broke" JoCo. However, when it got to the point where he had to say "Message Redacted" in a robot voice, he didnt know the words or even that it was his turn to say something. It was so funny. (Picture of Michael and JoCo, courtesy of AntonOlsen)

Unfortunately as this was part way through the second set, we were picking and choosing which songs to record because we were running out of tape/batter power (If we had known it would have been a double set concert, we would have brought a second tape!). Therefore, [ profile] lordaerith decided not to record Chiron Beta Prime because "It's a Christmas song and it's not Christmas time." Also because I don't think he likes it very much, even though I do. Therefore, unless someone else was taping the concert (or just that moment) it will not be up on YouTube. Much sadness.

After the show we hung around for a little while to see if JoCo wanted to come to [ profile] noeticist's party, but he had a lot to do, so we left. But not before I got to take a picture with him:

Jonathan Coulton and Me, after the show.

JoCo show

Mar. 5th, 2008 09:50 am
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Ok, here's the deal:
A few of us (insane) people are planning on showing up early to get in line for good seats. When we say early, we're thinking 5:30/6. We'll probably be bringing Munchkin or something like that with us to keep us entertained. To let us know how many places we're saving, please sign up on the evite. If you are listed as saying that you are definitely coming, we will hold a place for you in line & a seat for you if they open the doors before you get there. If you are a maybe or haven't responded and show up before the doors open, we will let you jump in line with us. Otherwise, if you decide to come, you'll have to stand in line and find a seat like everyone else.
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The date of the Jonathan Coulton concert is Saturday, March 8, not Sunday March 9. That being said, I'm still going. If you are planning on going, let me know on my evite for the show so I know how many people to save seats for.
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Jonathan Coulton is going to be at the Cactus Cafe again on Sunday March 9 at 9pm.

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I am currently watching/listening to Jonathan Coulton record a new song live through ustream. Right now he's laying in the lead vocals. I like it when he messes up and goes, "blah-de blah." or talks quietly to himself. It's really weird and yet strangely fascinating.
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Got home a little while ago from seeing Cowboy Mouth at the Nutty Brown Cafe.

The Nutty Brown Cafe is an awesome venue. There are tables and you can sit down and have dinner and then there's a stage and a dance area in front of it. It's kind of like a restaurant and an outdoor concert hall all bundled together. There's even a sandbox for kids to play in.

The Cowboy Mouth show was a very different show than the one we saw earlier this week. Lots of high energy and jumping and screaming and I'm amazed that I can still talk. They played a mix of their songs (both new and old) and covers.

The cutest thing was a little girl on her daddy's shoulders trying to figure out how to throw double devil horns. Little punk rocker in the making!

The funniest bit was when they launched into "Walk this Way" and Fred was all like, "I don't know the words right here." but he kept singing/making shit up anyway.

There was a guy standing next to me from New Orleans. He was wearing a Saints shirt. I pegged him as a Brother Martin guy and I was right :). At one point we both shouted out "Who Dat?" and Fred was all like, "the Colts" and so we had to boo. But later Fred put on his Saints hat because John Thomas, the guitarists was from Texas and wearing a Cowboys tee. Also the other guitarist had a gold guitar with a fleur-de-lis on it :)

I knew I would cry if they played either "Home" or "The Avenue." They played the latter and I totally cried the whole time. Earlier in the night they played "New Orleans" and I started to choke up, which surprised me, because I wasn't expecting it.

They didn't sing "Hurricane Party," but they did end their set with "Jenny Says." Towards the end of it, they had the lights guy turn the lights off and had us all crouch down on the ground and then when they gave the cue we all jumped up and screamed and it was awesome.

When they were done we all screamed and yelled so loudly that they did their first ever encore in Austin. yay!!

After the show was over, I went up and said hi to Fred and he noticed me immediately because I was wearing my NOCCA shirt :)

Also, at the concert, we met some really cool pagan biker people who like to read Harry Potter. :)

Btw, Cowboy Mouth is going to be playing in New Orleans on Friday, my birthday, at the CAC. So all y'all NOLA folks better go see them for me, while I'm here in Austin playing LAZER TAG!!!!.
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(ok, this post isn't in pirate talk...i'm too full of fangirlish joy. It's also long, but I'm not putting it behind a cut.)

Last night [ profile] lordaerith and I went to see Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton at the Cactus Cafe on campus.

We got there at about 6 for the 8:30 show and there was already one person in line ahead of us. Soon after we got there, [ profile] apryl_knight called and let me know that she was there, but slightly lost. I went to meet her outside the Student Union and as we met up, we saw Jonathan Coulton outside. So we did what any two fangirls would do...we grabbed hands, squeed loudly, and ran away giggling.

A little while later, inside, Jonathan Coulton (or JoCo as he is sometimes called), came out to the lobby to set up his merchandise. There was much staring, until Aerith finally talked to him to a) ask him to play First of May and b) warn him about April and I. We, of course, did more giggling and blushing.

Being that we were second in line, we got an awesome seats at a table right next to the stage (most people had to sit in rows...and actually, it was so packed that there were some people who had to stand the whole time).

Paul and Storm came on first. They started with Opening Band. I wish I had heard that song before because then I would have had panties to throw on stage, like all of these other people have.

Paul and Storm were really amazing and really really funny. I wish I could remember everything they did/sang. They gave out prizes to people, sometimes it was a moonpie and sometimes it was stuff from their grab bag (one person got Wrath of Kahn on VHS). Some of the songs that I remember them singing were: Count to Ten with audience participation, The Easter Song in honor of the high holy week, If Bob Dylan Were Hiding at the Bottom of a Well and others from the "If" set, Randy Newman's "Theme from 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King'", and a number of their faux commercials including Kleenex, Domino's Pizza, and Fresh Step Kitty Litter.

The two best moments from their set were:
1. when some guy's cell phone when off. They stopped the show and had him get the phone (it was his mother). They had him say Hi to his mother and then hand the phone to Paul. Paul then took the phone onstage and talked with the guy's mother, letting her know that her son was at a concert. He asked her to tell her son when she saw him next that he should "turn off his goddamn cellphone" then next time he was at a concert. Then Paul had her say "HI" very loudly while holding the phone to the mic, so we could all hear her and then we all got to say "Hi [guy's name] mom." back to her.

2. when they sang The Captain's Wife's Lament. Before the song they mentioned how exciting this week is for geeks because of it being Talk Like a Pirate Day this week. They then said that they needed us to all go "ARRR" when they cued us. They had us practice and April and I made the sign for "R" on our fingers and held them up when we said "ARRR". At first Paul thought that we were making a hook sign, but when we corrected him he mentioned that the audience was getting meta on him :). At one point we all had to be sad pirates and Paul stopped the song to mention how everyone tilted their heads the same way with the sad "ARRR" and we even dipped our signed "R"s in that direction. Even into JoCo's show, every once in a while the audience would react with "ARRR"s

After the Paul and Storm set, my cheeks were hurting because I was laughing/smiling so much. I went and played with the RobotSpinArt which combines spin art with video games and rock & roll. I made my art to JoCo's Ikea.

Jonathan Coulton comes on stage (well, actually, he'd been on stage already to help Paul and Storm with a song) and there was lots of cheers and squeeing. Near the beginning of his set he talked about the RobotSpinArt and showed us the one that he made, commenting that he had used too much red. So I showed him mine and said that it had too much blue. But he liked it better, so I offered to trade.

This is the spin art made (and signed by) Jonathan Coulton on Sept 18, 2007 in Austin, TX

JoCo's set was amazing. He played a lot of really really great songs, such as I Crush Everything - a sad squid song, Make You Cry, Creepy Doll - which is very creepy, and You Ruined Everything - which is about having a child. At one point he started talking about Scientology and then mentioned how he noticed there was one down the street (at which point we all pointed out the direction that it was in). Of course this was a lead in to Tom Cruise Crazy.

Sometimes Paul and Storm came up be backup singers/musicians, they were especially funny during Baby Got Back . There was one time that he called them on stage and Paul didn't come so Jonathan and Storm tried to make small talk...first about guitars and then they were moving on to the weather when Paul showed up (which was a good thing).

When he played Code Monkey pretty much the entire audience sang with him, especially the chorus. After he was done with that song, he turned to Paul and Storm and said that if all audiences were like us then he would become obsolete at his own concerts :)

(Concert pictures from Sektormedia's flickr set)

One of the coolest moments was when he was playing Mr. Fancy Pants because he brought out a ZenDrum. The ZenDrum was hooked up to his computer (a Mac Book Pro) and used it to control the beat of the song. He also had all these little sound-bites from the song programed in, most of them with the word "pants". As he hit the different buttons the different sound-bites would play. He could make it do all sorts of nifty things and combos depending on what he pressed. It was really really really cool and totally hard to explain more than that.

Another cool moment is when JoCo started playing Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine." Paul and Storm picked up on it and they started to sing it. When they got to the crazy guitar parts, they all sang in those bits. It was really funny/cool.

The cutest bit was that there was a little girl who for a couple of songs, Code Monkey was one and I think that Skullcrusher Mountain was the other one, came up to the edge of the stage and sang/slightly acted out the songs. She totally reminded me of what my parents told me I did when they took me to concerts when I was young. I'm not sure if JoCo saw her, but I know that Paul did.

The last song in the set was, of course, Re: Your Brains. JoCo had the whole audience practice singing the "We all want to eat your brains" line. Then he told us that while we sing very well, zombies don't. So then he had us sing like zombies, which was totally hilarious. At one point, during him singing the song, Aerith and I just started singing "Brains, brains, brains" or yelling "grrrrrr" (in a zombie fashion). At the end, the three of us all clapped like zombies, which JoCo even commented on. :)

For the encore, he did Mandelbrot Set - yay math, First of May - the audience was shouting out for it (I hadn't heard before...OMG funny), and when straight from that into Sweet Caroline, which had the whole audience singing the "Bum bum bum" parts.

After the show, we hung out for a bit. Aerith and I got tee-shirt. He got the Skullcrusher Mountain and I got Re: Your Brains. We got JoCo to sign them for us. I also got him to sign his RobotSpinArt (as seen above) and the offered to sign the one that I gave him. He took me up on the offer and had me make it out "To Jonathan", so I did. :) We also talked with Paul and Storm for a while, because April was wearing her Serenity tee and Paul is a Browncoat. We eventually left around midnight because we had to go to bed to get up this morning and they had to pack up to drive to Dallas where they are playing tonight.

So, overall, it was a fabulous night full of geekyness and laughter and I am utterly exhausted, but totally glad that I went because I had such a wonderful time. A huge thank you to [ profile] tisana for introducing me to Jonathan Coulton in the first place.


Aug. 2nd, 2007 11:49 pm
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Watching old music videos from Square One TV is not conducive to making QTVR movies for your Independent Study...
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Ohhhhh!!!! Pretty guy and pretty girl with books in music video. Makes my soon-to-be-librarian heart happy!

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