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Spent most of the evening setting up the books on the book shelves. There are still some boxes left (mostly school books and gaming) and a few books that I need to fold into what's up there (as well as some that seem to be missing). Still, it's coming along:

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Over the weekend, [ profile] lordaerith and I traveled to DC for my eldest cousin's wedding. Met up with [ profile] queencimmy at the airport and her GPS took us by a house with a large Longhorn flag in front of it. Can't seem to get away from Texas. Picked up mom late that night. On Saturday met up with [ profile] alysonwonderlan and [ profile] darktouch and finally got to meet their Little Guy. Went to pre-wedding dinner that night. Sunday was the wedding and the reception which were very nice. Sunday night went out to dinner with family and Monday morning there was breakfast at Aunt and Uncle's. Didn't get time to do tourist stuff, but got to spend lots of time with family, which was good as I don't get to do that nearly often enough.

Yesterday, after I went to see GI Joe with my team from work, [ profile] lordaerith and I went to Ikea and picked up couches for our new place. Hurray for new couches so we don't have to move our old crappy falling apart ones. Got some paper sorting done before bed last night.

Still have tons of packing and moving to do. The next few nights will be completely mostly devoted to that. Saturday is moving day. Sunday is cleaning old place day. Gah!!!
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On Friday I went by and picked up the keys to the house that [ profile] lordaerith and I are going to be renting. Friday night we went by with a few small things and went through the place deciding which room was going to be what and were big items should live.

Today while [ profile] lordaerith had to work, I brought over a few more things. After he got home from work, we brought over a few more (like the dinning room, well now kitchen, table). Now we have a staging area for boxes.

I'm really glad that we decided to start our lease near the beginning, instead of the end, of August. Our past two moves had to be done so quickly that it feels like quite a luxury to have almost a whole month.

I believe that the current plan is to go through each of the rooms in the apartment one at a time, box up all of the non-essentail items in that room and get them over there (and unpacked if possible - so we can reuse boxes). That way only the essentials & heavy stuff will be left for the last weekend of August.

See pictures


Aug. 26th, 2006 06:34 pm
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The moving guys showed up today at around 8:45 (we'd put the cats in the bathroom at 8:30). They were here until about 11 (it took them a little bit to get the truck in place). I was clipboard-girl. It was my job to make sure that everything that came in had an orange tag and to cross its number off the list. They were. Although I almost got a few wrong due to accents. There were 2 guys helping the truck driver. One caught on pretty quickly that we had our own labels on the boxes and that BR1 went to the left, BR2 to the right, LIV by the fireplace and KIT by the blue wall (we have a light-blue accent wall, it's pretty). The other one just didn't get it. He just wanted to put the boxes everywhere. I had to redirect him so many times.

After they left [ profile] lordaerith set up our BRAND NEW bed and futon from Fly-by-Night and I vacuumed (we had to open the vacuum box first) the cat structure and the couches/couch pillows. Then we got all of the kitchen stuff put away (the vanilla extract and some of the chocolate didn't really make it). There were 4 of our nice glasses broken, but we wrote on the sheet that that box had made noise like broke glass, so they better replace them for us!! There was also a broken bowl...but it was $1 at Big Lots! so we didn't care about it.

After the kitchen stuff was put away, we were able to put the dinning room table in its place and then set up the living room (more couch vacuuming for me). Unpacked everything except for the DVDs, videos, video games, and board games (we gave away 2 bookshelves before we left, so we don't really have anywhere to put them yet). Aerith set up all the fun electrical stuff, like the TV and DVD player.

We let the cats out of the bathroom (finally!) around 4pm. Poor things. They were confused that all this stuff suddenly appeared and they recognized it but it wasn't in the place that they had known it to be.

I continued to work on the living room stuff while Aerith put his desk together. We had a minor "Can't find a box" scare until it was discovered that LIV-14 and BR2-26 were actually the same box (I was worried that that would happen). Aerith also put his computer and all that stuff together, so now...WIRELESS INTERNET with our VERY OWN router (instead of the neighbours).

We also have LIGHT in the living room area :)

And now food. So we can continue unpacking later tonight.
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Let's see...what's been going on in my life...

Saturday and Sunday involved lots of running around to different stores (all of which are incredibly close) to buy items/food for the house. It also involved eating at the Marie Calender restaurant...fresh baked pie... and finding a place for some good sushi.

The washer and dryer saga )

Monday we got our own internet (so we could stop pirating the neighbours) and went by UT Austin so I could fill out some paperwork for my TAship (fun fun), met with my bosses (one of them is a gamer hehehehe), ate in the Campus Center, and wandered around a bit trying to find the tech director. Then Aerith's car was delivered and there was the aforementioned dryer saga.

Tuesday was the day that we were going to switch over our plates and licenses to Texas ones. The saga of the Texas licenses and plates )

On Tues in-between the car saga stuff (see cut above), we found a really yummy hamburger place called "Phil's Ice House". They let you put cucumbers on your burgers. This makes for one happy Athene!

On our way back towards home from there we found the local gaming store called...Dragon's Lair (does every area have one of these???).

On Wed I had my iSchool orientation. I found another Smithie (who just graduated) who was also a Classics weird. I want to take so many of the classes!!! My advisor is the Asst. Dean and she seems pretty cool. Also had a meeting of the TAs at the lab. The job looks pretty cool. :)

In the evening we finally got to see Pirates:Dead Man's Chest. I liked it. The coolest part was the theatre that we saw it at. It's called the Alamo Drafthouse (there are a number of locations), and it re-defines "dinner & a movie" because they took out every other row of seats and have long tables with menus instead. You write down what you want and servers bring it to you during previews and even during the movie. Near the end of the movie they do a last call and then bring you your check. It's really cool!!! I bet that all the servers get back problems bending down to serve food without disturbing the patron's view of the screen.

On Thurs. I got up extra early and registered for my classes. I got into 3 of the 4 that i wanted and am 4th on the waitlist for the class I really really really want. So I registered for another class, but I'm going to go to the class i'm waitlisted for and hopefully get into it *crosses fingers*.

We ran more errands on Thursday and then went to the [ profile] austinpoly dinner. Got to see [ profile] apryl_knight and meet other cool people. Lots of talk about Ren fairs :)

Today [ profile] lordaerith and I went by a bunch of theatres in the area and he dropped his resume off on them.

This evening we went to the Dragon's Lair where we ran into... Chris of [ profile] spacecrime! It was good to see him :) Also got to meet boss/new gm's wife and their housemate and made friends with some other gamers :) Bought more stuff than we should have, but at 20% was hard to resist.

Got home and got my work schedule. I'll be working two evenings a week and Saturday days...but that's okay. If I get into the class I want, I'll have Wed totally off. If not, I'll have to be at work for 8am for meeting and then I'll have the rest of the day off.

Tomorrow morning our stuff will arrive! Hurray!! The saga of our stuff )

And now, reading the Draconomicon while Aerith goes through Star Munchkin and then sleep.
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Got up this morning at the hotel, watched some "Mr & Mrs Smith", had breakfast, went over lease, went back to room, engaged in now-familiar routine of pack up everything, get cart, get cats into carriers, get everything (including cats) on cart, check out, pack everything into car, and leave.

Came over to new apartment complex and signed rent. Had to fix a few pages because we found out that in order to get a cable modem, we have to subscribe to the $30 a month basic cable that the complex offers.

Got everything from car into apartment. Left cats in bathroom.

Went out, picked up air-matress from [ profile] raven_lenore (feel better hon!), which we will use until our stuff gets here, ate at near-by Whole Foods (looking around the food court, it felt a lot like being in the Valley), went to Linen & Things and Petco for stuff for the place (like shower curtains) and for the cats (new litter boxes - the ones from before were 2 years old and pretty gross), and came back to our new home.

Let the cats explore the place while setting up acquired items. I think Boris lost some weight on this journey.

Slowly starting to get a feel for the area. Sometimes can make the best of a wrong turn.

Time to go to the further away L&T for some items that weren't at the close by one. Oh, and hopefully find a "regular" grocery store.
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Time started: 10:45ish

Time finished: 9:30ish

Miles driven so far: 2006.8

Stops: 3

Times got gas: 2

Slow downs for bad traffic: 5 (maybe 6) - went through Dallas at the tail end of rush hour, so there were a bunch of stops for that. One slow down was for a pretty bad accident that had happened not to long before (the cops and firetruck drove by us).

Most stupid other driver: The woman who pulled into my lane without any warning, forcing me to swerve into the left most lane (luckily there was no one there).

States traveled in: 3

Important lines crossed: Mississippi River & Texas border

Current Location: AUSTIN, TX

Yup, that's right, we're in Austin. Unfortunately we got in a little too late to get into our new place (the office closes at 6pm), but we're in a hotel around the corner. :) We were going to stop in Dallas, but it was only about 5:30 when we got there and we both got to the "we just want to get in" mentality, so we pushed it. Also, this way we can leave the cats in the hotel when we sign our lease, get our keys, etc.

Arkansas is hot and FLAT!

Texas is not so flat, but also hot. We didn't take the cats out of the car at all because the car was saying that it was 100+ outside.

Texas drivers are probably the worst we encountered on our whole trip. They can't keep a constant speed, can't handle hills, and change lanes erratically.

Pizza's here. Hurray for places that deliver to your hotel room.
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Time started: 8:45ish (EST)

Time finished: 2:30ish (CST)

Miles driven so far: 1336.5 (including driving to dinner Wed, to Graceland, Downtown and back to hotel today)

Stops: 2

Times got gas: 1

Slow downs for bad traffic: 1

Most stupid other driver: The camero on the other side of the road who was barreling down the highway blowing tons of smoke ([ profile] lordaerith says he way probably on fire).

States traveled in: 1

Important line crossed: Time Zone line (from Eastern to Central)

Current Location: Memphis, TN

The trip today went very well. The cats seem to be adjusting to traveling. We got to listen to a bunch of Decoder Ring Theatre, which is always fun.

Got into Memphis, dropped the cats off at the hotel and headed to Graceland. It definatly is an interesting place to visit. We did the main house tour, the car tour (where we got to see the pink cadalac and other cool things), the 2 airplanes, and "Elvis After Dark".

Pics from Graceland )

After Graceland, we followed our shuttle driver's advice and headed downtown to Beale Street. We ate at the incredibly yummy Blues City Cafe. Aerith had the gumbo, I had the Memphis Soul Stew, and we split a rack of ribs (which we couldn't finish and later gave to a homeless guy). The weird thing was that part way through our dinner this group of people ran in and took a picture in front of the booth we were sitting at. Afterwards our waiter told us that it was the booth were Tom Cruise had sat in the move The Firm, which I guess takes place in Memphis. We had two more groups come in and take a picture at our bench. One set actually sat with us for the shot. We fed them some of the ribs (because they were REALLY good!).

Aerith and I sitting where Tom Cruise sat )

After dinner we walked down Beale Street, going into some of the cool stores and just listening to the music playing on the street.

Then we walked towards the Mississippi River and then drove all the way back across the city to the hotel.

Two last pictures )
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Time started: 9ish

Time finished: 8:30ish

Miles driven so far: 920.0 (not counting the short drive from the hotel to dinner)

Stops: 5 (6 if you count the stop at Petco before actually getting on the highway)

Times got gas: 2

Slow downs for bad traffic: 1

Most stupid other driver: The car that didn't slow down to let the tracker-trailer pull into the lane, causing the trailer to do that swearvy-breaking thing, leaving track marks and the smell of burning rubber.

States traveled in: 5

Important line crossed: Mason-Dixon line

Current Location: Knoxsville, TN

The cats are doing okay. No vomit or anything (at all, which is a little worrying) in their carriers. Boris did pee on the rug piece in his carrier this morning. But the trip to Petco was to pick up those doggy pee-pads. We've put them down the the carriers, which seems to work fine.

PA and VA are so pretty to drive through.

Sang my way threw RENT! and RHPS soundtracks while driving.

Time to crawl into bed.

Hopefully we'll get to Memphis tomorrow in time to visit Graceland.
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Time started: 5ish

Time finished: 10ish.

Miles driven so far: 261.0

Stops: 1 (for dinner)

Times got gas: 1 (just before we left)

Slow downs for bad traffic: 1

States traveled in: 4 (b/c it was determined that we didn't actually go through NJ)

Important line crossed: Massachusetts/New York border

Current Location: Wilkes Barre, PA (which is really funny for RCN peoples).

Poor Natasha threw up somewhere along the way (I think it was Springfield). Other than that, the cats seem to be doing okay.

Time to fall over.

This is it

Aug. 15th, 2006 12:52 pm
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Boxes packed: 77, plus a few others without labels, a trunk and a suitcase. I printed 90 address labels to stick on everything and used all but 4.

Rooms packed: Almost all.

The movers have come and gone. We got everything into boxes JUST in time.

[ profile] lordaerith is out running errands and I'm packing up all the stuff we're taking with us in the car. I hope it all fits. We still have a bunch of stuff we have to throw out.

Hopefully we'll be on the road by 2pm, 3 at the very latest.

Now it is time to turn this thing off and pack it up.

Goody bye Northampton. It sure was fun!
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Boxes packed and closed: 72

Boxes half-packed and waiting for more stuff: 0

Boxes needed to be bought: 1 REALLY BIG one.

Items actually sold/rented: Bike, Table & Chairs (she had to come back for the leaves), Apartment rented (at a loss, but it's a possible rent-to-buy and there'll be someone in here!)

Items thrown out: Loveseat, nasty bed frame

Breakdowns: Too many to count.

Services canceled: Cable, internet, phone (call cells if you need us).

Our saviour: [ profile] wabres! Thank you so much. We really really really couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for all your help with the packing.

Powernaps taken: 1 (which was totally rejuvenating)

Left to pack to go on truck: Pile of items on living room floor - a little bit from EVERY room (but lots of it is soft). Some stuff in drying rack in kitchen. Various and sundry pairs of shoes. Litter boxes. 4 lamps.

Left to pack to go in car: Papers, clothing, toiletries, other random crap we need/want to take with us on the journey.

Hours until movers come: 6.5-7.5

Things to do tomorrow other than load truck and car: Get cashier's check, drop by eclecTechs, drop off Salvation Army donations, return cable box and modem.

Attitude: Wiped out but positive.
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Less than 12 hours until the movers come and there is SO MUCH SHIT still not packed/done. Aerith and I are running out of steam.

if you live in the area and know where we live and are awake, PLEASE HELP US!!!


Aug. 14th, 2006 12:13 pm
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Boxes packed and closed: 54 (includes new mattress and frame, which came in their own boxes)

Boxes half-packed and waiting for more stuff: about 8.

Rooms fully packed: 0

Items actually sold/rented: 0



Aug. 13th, 2006 09:03 pm
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Box count: 45.

Rooms fully packed: 0

Almost everything is out of the bedroom and down in the living room so we could pack all of the living room/study/bedroom stuff at once, finding places for stuff together.

If we can get this done tonight then all we have are the bathrooms, kitchen, and all the stuff we're taking with us tomorrow.

I think it's possible.
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you are a goth (at least partly) when while repacking your sock/nylon drawer you come across 5 pairs of fishnets (one white), 2 tights with spider webs on them and 75% of all other tights/thigh highs are some shade of black.
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I'm freaking out!

There's just no way that it's all going to be done by Tuesday.

Things are half packed all over the place.

I just freaked out at Aerith.

I'm so scared. what the fuck am i doing to us?

The place isn't rented and our stuff hasn't officially sold yet (we got a dinning room table too).

And i so worried that we're going to end up extra broke and just financially fucked forever.

Ok, back to packing clothing. The goal is to get the bedroom done and then move on to the downstairs.


Aug. 2nd, 2006 06:40 pm
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Today has just been a "piss [ profile] athene off day!"

First of all, the printer I work with at work has been screwing shit up left and right. I was going to let a few of the small things go, but when a proof was gone over about 6 times so that things would face the right way, and then they don' was the last straw. I wrote a very polite "this is everything that's wrong" e-mail and immediately got a "oh, we'll fix it all" one back, but still.

Second, after my wedding when people were cleaning up, there was a box of some of the centerpieces items (like the castle placeholders and candles) that got left there because it was hidden under a table. So when i found this out I e-mailed and was told that they had it. Of course then Katrina happened and my world went crazy. So, in November we try to go visit the place and get the box. We find out that the owner has got a new restaurant in Shelburne Falls. We go visit, have yummy soup, and are told that they'll bring the box with them to the new place. Then I start the grad school application process and all of a sudden we're moving in two weeks, so maybe I should try to find that stuff. Call new place, but am told that they didn't take it from old place. Call old place. get a total brush off. call again, get another brush off. call again and say that i can come up and get it. get called back and told that no-one has seen it and they're under new management so it's probably gone. FUCK!! I bet that it's not gone and if i went up there i could find it and they're way too lazy to look in the EXACT spot that I think it is in (because old management told me that's where it was). But maybe it is gone. And i've looked online and they're not selling some of that stuff anymore. but more to the point I already paid for the stuff and i don't want to have to buy it again. I feel like it's my fault for waiting way to long, but then again, maybe it isn't because maybe they're just lazy, but i don't want to risk it, but i want my stuff. who'd throw out wedding stuff???


Jul. 30th, 2006 04:24 pm
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So far this weekend I have:
Gone to Easthampton to rent a carpet cleaner, packed boxes, cleaned the kitchen

helped with carpet cleaning, gone to [ profile] deravyn and his ~l's wedding, got a sunburn on my back at said wedding, went back to Easthampton to return carpet cleaner, went to the NoHo sidewalk sale, napped, ate pasta, worked on my website,

made eggs for breakfast (as there was no cereal I wanted in the house), did laundry, watched part of "Who wants to be a superhero", went back to the sidewalk sale to give the Tapestry people some info on menstrual cups, ate lunch at Hayfields (because Moshi Moshi was closed), did the grocery shopping, used the interweb to set up electric account in Austin, packed more and more boxes, and moved furniture around.

Now it is time to have some ice cream. and look at photoshop phriday.


Jul. 26th, 2006 09:54 pm
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Have seen two plays: the Glass Menagerie and Much Ado About Nothing. Both were lots of fun. I miss theatre so much!

Went to visit [ profile] lordaerith's family over the weekend. His niece is so cute. This was the last time we'll see them before we move.

Have about 4 hours of personal time I have to figure out how to take before end of work. Am already taking a bunch of time off my last week (my last 2 days are half days).

Got about 6 boxes of books packed. Hurray!

Both or one of the cats are/is peeing on the carpet. Thisclose to killing them!! Renting carpet cleaner this weekend.

Less than three weeks until the move...aghh!

Got an e-mail, iSchool wants me to interview for a IT Lab TA position. YAY. Wanted me to interview this week or next...I hope they do phone interviews!

There's something funny about watching Project Runway and spinning yarn at the same time. Kind of pulls it all together.

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