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On Saturday morning, KR and I took Little Prince to see Frozen in a movie theatre, mostly because I hadn’t seen it yet and I really really wanted to. Darius and I had been wanted to take Little Prince to the movies for a while now, but either nothing good/that we wanted to see was playing, or we were worried that he wasn’t ready yet. However, at home he’ll sit through a whole animated movie or almost a whole one, so we figured he was probably ready. Darius didn’t want to see Frozen, but KR did so we went to the movies.

At the movies

KR had never seen a Disney movie in the theatre before and it was Little Prince’s first time. I am pleased to say that they both did a very good job :). I’m not sure if it was the huge bowl of popcorn or the movie itself, but Little Prince was less disruptive than some of the other kids who were older than he was. Mostly he watched the movie and only wiggled a little bit. He did eventually end up on my lap and toward the end, nursed a bunch, but hey, that helped keep him quiet, so bonus there. As for the movie itself, I loved it. I’d see it again in a heartbeat. And I seriously want Princess Elsa’s coronation outfit. Little Prince has since declared that he is Princess Elsa. The only part of the movie that he really talks about is the ice monster. I’m glad we stayed until the end of the credits, so the ice monster is less scary to him than it was when the credits started. Still, not really sure what to think about the fact that all he talks about is the monster. He told all of his friends at school about it yesterday.

So the overall verdict is that Little Prince is at an age where he can handle being at the movies. I see much more movie going in our future.

And in case you are worried, no, I did not take that picture during the movie. I took it during the pre-show attractions, when the lights were still up and people were still getting seated.

Originally published at my baby blog. Please leave any comments there.

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The guys are napping and I should be either napping or doing dishes or unpacking (oh the unpacking), but I had an urge to do some good old fashioned journalling. We'll see if it lasts.

This morning I woke up at 6:30am and realized I couldn't remember when over night my Little Prince had nursed. I really don't want to jinx it, but I'm pretty sure he slept through the night (or mostly through the night)! I got up and fed the boy-cat so that he wouldn't annoy us in bed. Then I went back to bed and breastfeed LP on and off for a while while I tried to doze a bit. Then I couldn't decide if I should get out of bed and shower or just play on my phone. Eventually [ profile] lordaerith woke up and motioned for me to go shower (at 7:30) so I did. Came out of the bathroom to a wide awake LP.

Got LP changed and set up in his high chair with breakfast, got breakfast for myself and Skyped with mom while Aerith became human again (aka showered and had a cup of coffee). Aerith started a warm wash. Then we made a shopping list and headed to the store. It was drizzling when we got into the car. It was raining when we got into the store. It was POURING when we left the store.

Got home and prepped Turkey, Yam, and Apple stew and had leftover Chuy's for lunch. LP seems to really like their refried beans.

Tried to put LP down for a nap at his usual nap time, but he was NOT having it. Worked with Aerith to get our closet more organized while LP played in the closet. We've made some good progress.

Decided since LP wasn't napping or showing any signs of being tired to curl up on the couch-as-a-bed and watch Monsters, Inc (and at the end there must have been some dust in the air, which is why Aerith and I were teared up). Much better than watching the Saints game (from what I could tell). LP watched some of it and played on the couch-bed and on the floor for the rest of it.

Called my MIL to say hi. Started to talk to her about the idea of having a big family and friends party for LP in New Orleans for his birthday - Memorial Day weekend.

Finally got LP (and Aerith) to take a nap. I'm sure it's going to mess up their bedtimes, but they were both so exhausted. I wish I could have napped with them, but I wasn't falling asleep and there's was a cold wash to start (it's in now) and dishes to be washed. But for now I'm just enjoying sitting at the breakfast table looking out the window at my soggy suburban neighbourhood.
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Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to the 33 1/3rd Annual O.Henry Pun-Off. We got there after the Punniest in Show started and stayed through 1.5 rounds of Punslingers. Some of the Punnist in Show was really great...some of it was only so-so...and some of it would have probably been better if certain people knew how to use their microphones. The Punslingers was interesting. I thought it would be funnier, but sometimes it was just painful, and not in a good groaning way. In a "Use your microphone" or "I can come up with three puns on that topic, why can't you" or "Your opponent was funnier and really should have won that round" kind of way. I wonder if it would have gotten better if we had stayed into the later rounds.

Here is the performance of the winners for Punniest in Show. It's a really great piece.

In between the two sections, there was an auction. One of the prices was 4 tickets to go see an upcoming Gilbert & Sullivan performance. Aerith and I bid on them and won. :) The production is right around the time of our anniversary. :)

We left the Pun-Off early and had dinner at the Athenian Grill, which was really yummy.

After dinner we headed to the Paramount to see the Alamo Drafthouse's presentation of UHF with Weird Al. First they did a little bit of a sing-a-long with some of his videos, then they showed the movie, then they brought out Al for a Q&A. The movie is just as awesome as always. There's something about watching it in a room full of people who also love the movie that just makes it that much better. And Q&A with Al was good too. He mentioned going on tour again sometime soon. I hope he comes to Austin. Considering that the theatre had sold out in 3 minutes, he's got to know that he has a huge fan base here.
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All I wanted to do for XMas was to take my dad and step-mom to see Sherlock Holmes at the Alamo Drafthouse. Village, Lake Creek, even Ritz, I didn't care. I'd been watching for the past week to see when the tickets went on sale. They showed up online the day my dad and step-mom arrived (Christmas Eve Eve). So I asked everyone which theatre and what time. Of course everyone was brain dead and not focused and so I figured we'd get back to it later. Later ended up being yesterday. By then every Drafthouse showing was sold out. I got really upset because it was apparently a big deal to me, even though I didn't communicate that or even really realize it until it looked like it wasn't going to happen.

After I calmed down a bit I checked Austin's Craigslist and there were 5 tickets for the 3:30pm showing of Sherlock Holmes at the Ritz at price! So I emailed the person selling them, hoping that they weren't already gone and created a back-up plan of seeing The Princess and the Frog because it wasn't playing at a Drafthouse, so I wouldn't feel bad about not seeing it at one. But the tickets weren't sold yet and so around noon we left to go to South Austin to get the tickets. The person who had them was a sweet woman and not a scary psycho-killer at all.Yay! And it turned out that there was someone who only wanted one ticket so she gave her my number so we could coordinate that.

After that we had some time to kill so we drove around downtown and then parked and walked to the river (during which my legs decided to be cold and dry and my pants decided to rub against them in a way that made my legs really itchy and uncomfortable and made the walk much less fun). We got in line to go into the theatre and I found the friend of the person who was buying the 5th ticket. Eventually we got our tickets, I sold the 5th one to the friend and we got to see Sherlock Holmes at an Alamo Drafthouse on XMas day!

And now, here is my friend Steven (aka CaptainValor) performing an American Sign Language version of my favorite Jonathan Coulton XMas song:

Star Trek

Apr. 30th, 2009 10:11 pm
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We have our tickets to Star Trek. We're going to the Thursday May 7 at 7:20pm at the VIllage Drafthouse. If you want to join us, there are some tickets left:

We're going to try to get there early. Unfortunately due to Drafthouse policy, we can't hold seats for people who aren't physically there or whose ticket we don't have. So, if you want to sit with us, make sure you get there before they let us in (usually 45min before a show).
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Last weekend I went to a crawfish boil at a friend's house. Next week I'm going to be in New Orleans so I get to have more crawfish. Yay!

Tuesday of last week I made both tzimmis (in the crock pot) and my first attempt at a raspberry-blackberry (aka razzleberry) pie. The pie was a little more liquidy than i wanted. I need to remember to clean the berries and let them dry before mixing them with the sugar.

Tuesday night I hung out with one group of friends and then went out to Karaoke, which was awesome because I hadn't been in ages. I missed it, even if it has changed somewhat since I started going.

Yesterday [ profile] gailmom came for a visit which was awesome cause I missed her very much and it was great to see her. We hung out and went to Phil's Icehouse for burgers and watched Tank Girl. Then we got all pretty and went to a party which was good. Had some good talks with old friends and made some new ones.

Today we got up late and I wanted to make waffles, but there wasn't any milk so I ran to the store while [ profile] gailmom and [ profile] lordaerith cleaned up the kitchen. I came home and made the waffle batter and put the first batch in the waffle iron and then realized that I forgot to use the non-stick spray. The waffles stuck to the top and bottom and the top of the waffle iron kept threatening to fall backwards. Cue total breakdown from me due to not having eaten yet (ah, blood-sugar issues). But Gail and Aerith were awesome and cleaned it up and fed me. So the first set of waffles were more like waffle crumble, which we just dipped in the maple syrup and was pretty awesome anyway. The rest of the waffles came out just fine (even if the waffle maker still tries to open too far). Eventually Gail had to go home and Aerith and I played WoW and had more of the leftover tzimmis and watched last week's Dollhouse (which was awesome) and Heroes (which was really slow, but had a very interesting ending).


Feb. 7th, 2009 12:12 am
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Just got back from seeing Fanboys.

OMG, this is an amazing awesome movie. Sooo sooo sooo awesome. And really really really funny. Like almost piss your pants funny. And there are some great cameos. I think that Carrie Fisher's was the best.

And the Alamo Drafthouse played the original Star Wars trailers before the movie.

Basically what I'm saying is that if you're a Star Wars geek you must see this movie!

RENT! Live

Sep. 28th, 2008 03:24 pm
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Dear People Who Filmed and Edited RENT!,

Thank you so much for taping the final performance. It was wonderful to be able to see the show on Broadway one last time. It was really exciting to see some of the original cast members show up at the end. Wilson in a kilt was especially nice. :)

However, please teach your camera crew to follow the actors and to stop cutting off the tops of their heads. It was a little disconcerting to have actor's heads and/or bodies just out of frame. We in the movie theatre are not able to see the full stage and thus adjust where we are looking.

Also, please remind your editors that this is a Broadway show and not a 2 hour music video. I would have been much happier with more full stage (or at least wider) shots and less (slightly out of frame) close-ups. Having seen the show many times, I know that there were several times where interesting action was happening on a different part of the stage, but you were focusing on a specific actor or two.

That being said, thank you again for this opportunity to see RENT! on Broadway again. It was a great birthday treat.

Some love,
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I just bought myself a ticket to see RENT! Filmed Live on Broadway for my birthday (next Sunday, September 28). If you like RENT! and you live in Austin you should join me. Tickets can be purchased here. I am going to the 12:00pm showing at Regal Gateway 16. (If you like RENT! and you live elsewhere, go whenever you feel like it to whatever theater is close to you, but if you see it on my b-day and tell me, I'll pretend you were there with me).

Other fun upcoming events: The Browncoat Ball (October 10-12) and The Texas Renaissance Festival (we're most likely going the weekend of October 18).

In other it's my birthday related stuff, I have a Think Geek Wishlist, a somewhat out of date Wishlist, and a Pay-Pal account. I'm not asking for presents, but if you have a crazy urge to get me something, they should at least give you an idea of what I like.


Feb. 4th, 2008 11:48 am
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Had a good end of week / weekend.

On Thursday night, [ profile] crabes and I went to the 90s One-Hit Wonders Sing-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse. We met up with [ profile] noeticist, Bouncy, and Photoman there along with a friend from school. OMG! 2 hours of a full house screaming the words of your favorite One-Hit Wonder songs from the 90s, complete with head-banging, grooving, and waving of cell phones/lighters. So many songs that I totally forgot that I loved so much. Of course nobody still has any idea what they guy who sings "Informer" is actually saying :).

On Friday night, [ profile] lordaerith made stir-fry and we watched the first episode of Lost's 4th season. This is more like it. A big mystery, lots of questions, no idea what's going on. This is the Lost I know and love.

On Saturday I got some homework done and then in the evening [ profile] iskanderia came over. We subjected her to Grosse Pointe Blank and in retaliation, she subjected us to Caligula. All 2+ hours of naked bottoms and crazy emperors. In the middle of this movie watching madness, we walked over to Amy's Ice Cream. This time not only did we know the quote, but I'd happened to have had the movie (the Incredibles) on my iPhone. Instead of saying the name of the movie out loud, I just showed the person serving us the ice cream a screen shot and said, "It's from this." :)

On Sunday I did more reading for class (big surprise...) and [ profile] noeticist came over for Beef Stroganoff, which [ profile] lordaerith made and Guitar Hero. He also showed us what Eve looks like. Very pretty. Since there's a Mac version, I'm thinking about possibly picking it up. Not sure if I'll really have time to play though. Also caught the last quarter of the Super Bowl (go Giants/Manning) and a bit of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet (too cute!).

It's so nice here today that I'm wearing a knee length skirt.
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Just tried to go see a sneak preview of 27 Dresses with two of my girl friends. When the lights went low (after the previews), AVP R flashed really quickly on the screen. We were confused if it was another preview or something, but no, the movie actually started playing. They turned it off pretty quickly, when they realized their mistake (and after some of the mom's got a little bit upset). However, they ended up having some "technical difficulties" and weren't able to get it started. So they gave us all free passes and refunded our concession food. We're going to try to see it next week. *sigh*

Note to self: Cinemark is doing the Met Opera in Live High Def. Go see a few of them!
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Recently [ profile] lordaerith and I visited my mother and sister in New Orleans for a week.

Let me tell you about it. No, it's too long, let me sum up : we drove in with [ profile] iskanderia on Friday Dec. 21, went to the reception for my 10 year HS reunion, visited a bunch with [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] daobear, had breakfast with the Mad Russian and her hubby, went shopping with [ profile] queencimmy, went to a Solstice Party, ate brunch at Antione's with [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] daobear, wandered around the Quarter, hung out at home, enjoyed mom's cooking and baking, helped around the house, played Guitar Hero, gave and received presents, saw Juno, enjoyed expected and unexpected visits with friends, got our hair done, talked about my Capstone project, worked on this fun game as a family, and drove home again on Thurs. Dec. 27.

The full story with a few pictures (in case you're interested) )

In other news, being home is good. Our cats are cuddly. We bought a deep fryer for almost $50 off the ticketed price (floor model + 20% off coupon). I broke our Cocomotion (sadness).
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You haven't seen one of these from me in a while, but it's time for another one.

To do today:
  • Eat breakfast
  • Call old house insurance people and cancel house insurance, as we no longer own the place
  • Call a potential PCP to see if he's accepting new paitents on my insurance
  • run dishwasher
  • Scoop litter boxes
  • Go to post office and mail package to [ profile] artemis42
  • Go by Fry's/Apple Computer store and buy a new case for Sharon the iPod, as the belt hook broke on current case - they didn't have one that I liked
  • Go to Aveda and buy more hair product - they're closed on mondays
  • Work on Independent Study
    • Come up with consistent hotspot language
    • Edit still photos for hotspots
    • Make the scene movies to add hotspots to the base movies
    • Start putting (not-live) website together
  • Email work list for tutorial opinions
  • Eat one or two of the cupcake that I made last night
  • Clean up kitchen from making cupcakes last night
  • Possibly run a handwashing load
  • Go see Hairspray tonight - saw it by myself this afternoon
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[ profile] artemis42 has been in town since Sunday afternoon and this has been making me exceedingly happy.

On Sunday I picked her up from the bus station (after becoming a QuickTime VR Goddess) and brought her home to rest. That night we saw Josh Blue at Cap City Comedy Club. He was soo funny, that Artemis almost fell out of her chair. The other two who went on before him were really funny too. Over all it was a great night and we had fabulous seats. I am currently trying to get the picture of me and Josh Blue off of my cell phone...but it's not sending (grrr).

On Monday we took Artemis to Whole Foods World during the day and then went to see the Simpson's Movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. It was pretty funny, although I felt that the middle sort of dropped off a bit.

On Tuesday, [ profile] lordaerith went into the shop and so Artemis and I had the day together. Mostly we just hung out and talked while I worked on and off on my Independent study. That night we went to FireCat's house for some Guitar Hero and then to Karaoke where I found out that I do much better when I sing faster songs and [ profile] artemis42 shocked a group of people in the bar by singing Tori's Precious Things. At one point someone in the group decided that since we didn't have lighters, we could use our cell phones as a light source instead. I think that FireCat almost lost it when we started waving the cell phones while she sang "Stand By Me."

Tonight we're planning on going to the Poly Meet-up at Central Market. Hurray!

ps. From [ profile] catling42, Harry Potter and the... (no spoilers, but not entirely work safe either)
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Just got home from seeing the newest Pirates of the Caribbean. I think I liked it more than the second one.

Stay through the credits! It's totally worth it.

spoilers cut )
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Ahoy Austin Peoples,

Me and me hearty, [ profile] lordaerith, be seeing Pirates of the Caribbean at the Alamo Village at 8:05 on Thursday May 24. Be there or we'll see ye walk the plank!
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On friday night [ profile] lordaerith surprised me with dinner at Osaka. Yup, there's an osaka here in Austin too. It was good, but I like the Northampton one MUCH better.

Sunday we went to a showing of "Gone with the Wind" for my digital libraries class. I'm glad that I've finally seen it. It didn't even feel like a looong movie to me. I want to wear the pretty clothing!!!

My DVR cut off the "Next week on Heroes" bit *pout*

Ok, back to finishing my reading for tomorrow. But I will leave you with a quote from my digital libraries textbook:
Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a banana
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Instead of being a good little grad student and get my reading done, [ profile] lordaerith and I went to see Pan's Labyrinth today.

My thoughts - spoilers )
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So, for everyone who is concerned, my ankle is just fine. It felt a lot better on Friday, but I put the ace bandage on it, just in case. By Friday night it was fine.

However, my right knee has a nice layer of skin missing (also, I found out friday morning in the shower that I'd also scrapped up my right ankle a bit on the top.

Picture of my knee )

Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to see Stranger than Fiction with WO (a fellow grad student) and his wife, K. They are big geeks, like we are. K is also a baker. At one point I leaned over to her and wondered why the female baker who had been baking at her shop all day didn't have a single stain on her white tank-top. Other than that the movie was actually really cute and funny. The actors all gave really good performances, even Will Ferrell, who I usually think is too over the top, gave a really nice tempered performance that left all of us going, "wow, he's a pretty good actor."

Influenced by the movie last night and talks with K, I have decided to bake cupcakes today (as soon as [ profile] lordaerith cleans up the kitchen). I plan on writing "Eat Me" and "Don't Eat Me" on them and seeing which ones get eaten :) Had to go to Michael's to get icing colors (I'd thrown out all my old ones when we moved). Ended up getting some Lightning McQueen cupcake papers. hehehe.

Now back to reading about research on blogs for Research class. The copy of the article that I think will be the most important one for our lit review has some of the words cut off at the end of lines and I don't want to re-print it. :(

ps. my cat's breath smells like cat food.
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so, life in Austin's pretty good so far. [ profile] lordaerith and I are definitely making friends around here, which is cool.

School has hit that OMG I have wayy too much work to do ahhhhh state. Kind of figured it would happen soon. I have a mid-term on Thursday, a paper due friday, another paper due the tuesday after that and a project due that thursday. wheeee. But I'm getting it done. So, that's good.

Boris has an annoying habit of sitting on the papers that I need to use to write things. [ profile] cjovalle insists that he's trying to "help" me with my schoolwork. I think he's just being an annoying fat pain in the butt. but he's too cute to be annoyed with for long.

We've gotten into a D&D game with [ profile] cjovalle, qyandri, bubbles, ranger, and gruff (they don't have LJs, as far as I know). I'm playing an Elven rouge/sorcerer who's a brass dragon's familar. Hehehe. It's been a lot of fun so far. I want to hang out with these people in other-than-game contexts.

Also, I'm probably going to be playing in the UT Vamp Larp. We'll see how that turns out...

And last weekend we met up with some Austin Browncoat at the Spider House (a very cool coffee shop) and watched Serenity. I cried again (before it happened...).

This weekend, I took a break from writing my paper on Intellectual Property issues as related to three items and their digitization possibility to go see Little Miss Sunshine at the Alamo. It was a really funny movie! Late late last night we caught the roast of Pam Anderson on Comedy Central. They weren't cutting it at all! They didn't even bleep fuck. They did bleep one thing, that that was "Diet *****." I was a pun on Diet Coke, but if it was cunt, they didn't bleep that word later in the show, so i have no idea. still it shows how the evolution of cursing and what is/isn't acceptable in this day and age. Personally, I think that cursing is loosing the power/shock that it once had. I'm not really sure what that says about our society, but I it makes me feel that maybe we're more open. It definitely shows the evolution of a language.

Oh, and i found out that "Carry on my wayward son" is probably on Guitar Hero 2. I'm excited.

Time to read more about qualitative studies as they relate to LIS research and order chinese food b/c I've been craving it since Friday.

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