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As we were leaving (late) for daycare/work this morning, I was thinking to myself what a lovely sunny morning it was out. I almost tried to fish my sunglasses out of my purse while driving, but thought better of it.

As we were going south on the highway, I remember thinking, "wow, it's getting really gray and dark out. Next thing I know it's splat, splat, downpour. We hit this really heavy band of rain. The kind of heavy rain that gives no warning, but all of a sudden you have almost no visibility and you're trying to remember where all of the lights, windshield wipers, and back windshield wiper of your rental car are (Skye Captain got a bit scrapped up the other week and is in the shop until next Monday or I'm borrowing a Nissan Rogue). It was crazy how hard and fast the rain was coming down. Almost like we were in New Orleans or something.

By the time we got to daycare, we had moved past the worst of the rain, or it had moved passed us, but it was still raining enough to get us pretty wet (I'd left my umbrella at home). By the time I got to work, it wasn't raining anymore.
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I have a goal to write more this year in either this journal or my blog that cross-posts here, but life gets in the way. I find myself posting more often to my Tumblr or my other Tumblr or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram than writing longer posts.

So life is life. The big new class I've been developing with a co-worker at work for months now is very close to time for the manager review. It's a class that's been plagued by delays of all sorts (planning, technical, other stuff being asked of us, the holidays, illness, random school weather closures, you name it). I'm really excited to get it out the door and I really hope it will be well received.

We're planning a trip to NOLA for Mardi Gras and so we've been working on getting Wreck-It-Ralph costume pieces together. Got almost everything for everyone that we didn't already own coming in the mail in the next week. Hopefully we can get the last bits soon.

While they're not saying they're at fault, the insurance agency of the person who hit us in September has already paid out for Little Prince and wants all kinds of records for me. Considering my PIP ran out a while ago and I still have payments to the EMS and Chiropractor to make, I'm hoping this all works out well.

In new car news, Skye Captain is still awesome and she's almost ready for her 5,000 mile check-up.

In every week news, KR comes over on Monday nights (most of the time) and we usually play D&D at a friend's house on Thursday nights.

Little Prince is very two and a half. He's a delight and a pain all at once.

And that's life.
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Dear lord are our weekends busy in March.

First weekend we went to the Kite Festival. Decided it's not really worth going back until Little Prince is at least 4.

This past weekend we worked Sherwood Forset Faire on Saturday. Loads of fun. I love that Faire so much.

This coming weekend is a friend's annual crawfish boil, a free k's choice show as part of SXSW, and I actually kind of want to go to the UU church for Ostara.

The weekend after that we're working Faire on Saturday again.

Then it's Easter weekend and my dad and step-mom will be in town. It's also TableTopDay that Saturday, and we might try to go to Faire one more time.

Then it's the first weekend of April and PBF.

Then we collapse in a heap and never leave our house again, except to buy food, until there are more interesting things to do or it's time to head to New Orleans for Memorial Day weekend/Little Prince's Birthday.
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Just a quick update...

Got back from Austin just fine. Am glad I got to meet new people at poly meet-up *waves to new LJ friends*. Hurray for knowing there are crazy people like me in Texas *G*. Put a deposit down on a place. This is good. Still waiting to hear for official approval, but it should be fine. Got to look around UT and department, so i know where i'll really be living for the next two years.

[ profile] artemis42's party was fun. my cookies went over well, that makes me happy.

got to see the lovely [ profile] starrfade, if only for a little bit.

Work is going well. And I saw a part-time job in Austin that i'm going to apply for.

Still having denial/OMG how can I be doing this to us when we have such a nice life here moments.

[ profile] lordaerith and I are getting closer and closer to finishing working on getting the basic order of wedding pictures together. Hurray for spreadsheets.

Ok, time to watch new StrongBad e-mail.
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So, while [ profile] lordaerith is playing PS2 games I'm going to try to recap all of May.

May was really busy, so I didn't have a chance to write nearly as much as I wanted to. I hope that I'm going to remember everything that I want to say.

May started off with Beltane and Drum and Dance. )

On May 10 I met up with [ profile] modernaphrodite and [ profile] muninwing to see really bad girly gymnastics movie. Ran into [ profile] honor_knight while I was waiting for them. Convinced him to come see the movie with us. I think that I liked the movie more than bad girly fairy-tale movie but less than bad girly runs to england movie and bad girly cheerleader movie. It's probably on par with bad girly ice skater movie. I really did like what the gymnasts did a the meet and I think that I got my money's worth from the lay-over of everyone's routines while they were each in different colors bit that they did during the in gym competition. [ profile] safirerings, I really missed you!

The next week aerith and i went to Svaroopa Yoga class at InSpirit Common, which I already wrote about. We have since bought a 10 class pass each and have gone twice more. It's been really good for both of us.

On the weekend of the 20th, Aerith and I headed down to the DC area. I wrote a backdated post to cover that trip. There are pictures, so you should go look at it :)

When we got home from DC, [ profile] artemis42 and [ profile] daobear were there. We started to watch Kiss Me Kate when the power went out (even though the storm had passed...I found out later that something knocked out a power line somewhere very close by). So we played the Mad Magazine Board Game, which is like backwards Monopoly. My mom called part way through the game, so the other's played without me. Then I taught [ profile] daobear how to play Quarto by candle light, which was really cool. At one point the lights came back on, flickered and then turned off again. A little while later they finally came back on and we finished the movie.

The last weekend in May [ profile] pyramus came to visit. We hung out with him for most of the weekend, which was fun. Got to grill salmon on Saturday. mmm. Also I finally ate at Paul and Elizabeth's in town. It was very good. The three of us went to see X-3. It was umm..ok. This says a lot of what I felt. Introduced pyramus to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Such a fun show.

On Monday we headed down to [ profile] kiten and [ profile] doctorjekyll's for a bbq. Aerith and I had bought a bison steak from Whole Foods. We let it marinate for a good 2-3 hours. It was so good! Also had lots of other food and got to see people and try to spin fuzzy poi (i kept hitting myself).

Other things that happen throughout the month...umm...we got to barbecue a bunch. I told my boss that I'm leaving in August (but I haven't given official notice yet) and started apartment searching in Austin. Oh, and Lost. We watched Lost. Lots of it. As in finished season 1 and got most of the way through season 2. We would have finished season 2 THIS weekend, if episode 2-21 was actually 2-21 and not 1-1.


Feb. 11th, 2002 05:09 pm
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so, i'm typing up my journal for horseback riding and all of a sudden some sunlight falls across my goldfish (i'm hungry) and my computer. It's so nice. I didn't know I got sun in my room in the winter. It makes me so happy. Like a burst of sunlight :)

Just had to stop writting that and write this (before the sun goes back into hidding).


Feb. 8th, 2002 08:43 am
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I am up and awake. I was in bed by 10pm. unfortunatly i was thinking a lot and there was a lot of noise in the hallway/next door so i didn't fall asleep until 10:45ish. I woke up (wide awake) at 7:16am. Guess i have an 8 hour sleep need. Went back to bed until my alarm went off at 8:06am. I am awake, alert, and rested. This is so good after walking through yesterday in a daze.

life update

Jul. 5th, 2001 10:15 am
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I just realize I haven't posted in ages. I guess cause there really isn't anything all THAT exciting going on in my life.

sunday: went to a Toy party at Mori's house. it was so much fun. and then we all went in the pond behind her house and played with the noodles :)

monday: Corupted the youth! Instead of gaming, we had a bbq at the Evil GM's house. I had some venison. it wasn't bad. then afterwards we watched Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail because witch-child had never seen it. I think that at 12 years old she needs to see such things :). She liked it but said that she'd never go near white bunnies agian *L*

tuesday: HAVEN!! They played Blackmore's Night "Shadow of the Moon", Rhea's Obession "Between Earth and Sky", and Lorenna McKennit "Mummer's Dance" all in a row!!! My feet hurt so much by the end of that set, but i didn't fall down once. And Aerith even danced to the last too!! We tried to stay really late, but we got tired and left sometime after 1am.

wed: Watched Titan AE. not a good movie. only cool thing was that they named the new earth Planet Bob. Played Gauntlet Dark Legacy for the PS2. not much of a change from Gauntlet Legions, but some new characters and slightly new levels. I wish it had been somewhat of a different plot. Of course Jonathan is MUCH better at it than i am, going up levels faster and getting more shit than me. GRRR, not fair. why can't i be as good as him? what does the god of rpg video games have against me? i'll do better tonight, i swear it!!

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