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It's two years later. I feel like I should say something.

My memories from two years ago are somewhat hazy. I remember being at work and spending my entire time updating and reading blogs of people who had left or, worse, were riding it out. I remember feeling relieved that it missed the city and then freaking out when I heard about the leeves breaking. I remember not getting anything done at work that day or the next day; my boss should have seen the state that I was in and sent me home. I remember that I put up a sign in by my cubicle stating that all my family and friends were safe but I had no idea about my house because I couldn't deal with the endless barrage of questions. I remember wanting to talk about it and yet not wanting to talk about it. I remember feeling helpless. I remember trying to come up with a database of people who had clothing and people who needed clothing, but it never got off the ground.

I got the first pictures of my mother's house in early october. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing, how some things were it total ruin and others were fine.

The first time I was home "Post-K" was in November 2006. My mother's house was being renovated. She was staying in a FEMA trailer on the front lawn. I remember thinking that all the trees were missing.

Most recently I was home last week. The renovations to my mother's house are now mostly done. There are countertops in the kitchen and and doorknobs on the doors; trust me, it's very exciting. But there is still almost no furniture downstairs and the FEMA trailer is still on the front lawn.

we're not okay


Nov. 20th, 2006 11:39 pm
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Ok, I've read enough scholarly essays on blogs for my paper with [ profile] crabes for tonight.

Time for...PICTURES!

First up we have a link to images of my mother's house as it currently is. For those of you who want to see how well it's going, here are some images of the house taken in Oct and Nov of last year.

And now, pictures of the cupcakes I made yesterday: )

I did a little experiment today. I brought in 12 cupcakes, 6 of each color frosting, 6 that said "Eat Me" and 6 that said "Don't Eat Me." The color didn't seem to matter much (they just took whichever one was in the container). However, the first ones to go were the "Don't Eat Me" ones. Near the end of the day I had 3 "Eat Me"s and only 1 "Don't Eat Me" left. However, when it was down to one of each, the "Eat Me" was chosen, leaving the "Don't Eat Me" left. But the last person to get one took it because it said "Don't Eat Me." I'm not sure what this study shows...I'm sure it has to do with human nature. Maybe I should do more studies about this. I bet my friends would like that.
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Got back from New Orleans a little while ago. The trip didn't actually take that long. About 7.5-8 hours. We stopped in the same place to get gas on the way back as on the way there (totally unplanned).

We went out to Deanies when we got in on Friday night. It's right by the lake. Afterwards we drove around the area a bit. Saw a house that had been torn off a foundation and the only reason that it was anywhere near it's original place was because it had run into a tree.

Saturday morning it was really weird to wake up in my old bed, think about how I wanted to traipse downstairs, get a bowl of cereal and watch tv on the couch, and then realize that there was no bowls, cereal, tv or couch downstairs and that I needed to put on my shoes before going down because the downstairs is completely under construction.

Had lunch at Domilise's (mmmm...roast beef po-boy dressed!). Drove around a bit and saw a bit more of what the city looked like (still, this was in the nicer parts that didn't get lots of water).

Came home and got ready for Sneaky's wedding. It was a Quaker Wedding, which I was a little bit worried about. An hour of silence?? but actually, it turned out to be one of the more beautiful ceremonies that I've been to. Sneaky and her fiance sat in the center of the room and after a while of silence, people started speaking, mostly giving thanks to be there and stories of the two of them and their love for each other. I was the only one who spoke for Sneaky who knew her before her work with "The Firm" as they all call it. What was interesting was that once people started speaking about the couple, everyone started to speak. It played onto the whole "humans have major issues with silence" thing. After about an hour, the couple stood up together, said their vows and exchanged rings. Then his step-father said this really amazingly profound and powerful thing. He talked about how when a couple is joined, it's as if time slows down and all the couples who have ever married and all the couples who will ever marry are in the space, sharing the experience with them. Both [ profile] lordaerith and I could feel his power and the spirits in the room. It was amazing. A few minutes later, everyone shook hands and the meeting was over. Then we all signed the marriage contract.

Then there was a reception with food and drinks. I got to see some people that i knew in high school, which was weird. Also met another theatre techy person who Sneaky was friends with in college. We bonded very quickly (having worked with some of the same theatre people). There was a jazz trio playing and there was dancing. And a second line that turned into Hava Nagila. We were going to go with everyone to the afterparty at some bar, but when we stopped by mom's house, we realized we were really tired and it was kind of chilly out, so we stayed in.

Today we got up and went out to Oak Street Cafe. They were out of pancakes (*pout*), but still, so yummy. And there was a guy playing the piano and one playing the bass and this woman, who I guess they knew, came up and started to sing with them. They played/sang "Summertime" and the whole place clapped when they were done. It's those little things that make New Orleans New Orleans. :)

After that we hit the road, and now Aerith's playing Freebird on Guitar Hero II (the game asked him about 5 times if he really wanted to play it *grin*).
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Going home this weekend for sneeky's wedding. Haven't been home since before Katrina...I am a little a lot nervous. But I'm also excited. I've been told my house now looks completly different now. I'm scared to see it.

Well, must get back to class.

p.s. Guitar Hero II is awesome. TROGDOR strikes again!

p.p.s. Check out the new icon I made.
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NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 3 - Hundreds of children returned Tuesday for the first time since Hurricane Katrina to schools here that had survived on dry ground. Some came gleefully. Some came mournfully, and, to be sure, tens of thousands who were still displaced could not come at all.

The full NY Times article

Btw, the woman's class they show in the picture in the article is my mamma. You can see the back of her head in another picture in the slide show (she's teaching her class, wearing a dark green shirt)

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face of mold

To see the rest of the pictures of my mother's house, go here


Oct. 8th, 2005 09:58 am
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Some of my mom's friends are going into her house today to survay the damage done by Katrina and her aftermath. They're taking a camera with them. We're going to be able to see what happened to her house. All of a sudden, i'm scared. I know knowing is better than not knowing, but what if it's worse that what we hoped for. This is why i didn't want to hope.

Saw a picture from a cell phone of the front of her house. It doesn't look bad at all. Actually, it looks just like her house, only slightly dirtier and the grass is gone and the tree and bushes look bare. But the roof is there. I couldn't tell if my bedroom window was broken. It may have been, but w/cell phone pictures, it's hard to tell.

Today aerith and i are going to this thing for my work. We were going to try to go into boston to see Mirrormask, but we are low on $$ this month, so no boston for us. *pout*

map it

Sep. 9th, 2005 10:02 pm
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Put yourself on my map. Google is way too much fun.

Or see how there was/is about 6-8ft of water in my mom's neighbourhood here. Zoom in around Tulane. Then find the area around S. Claibourne, Napleon, Fontainbleau, and Nashville. Click in that area for water depth.

Aerith and I are going to upstate NY this weekend to see my mom (who is staying with a friend).

I realized today that what I'm going through isn't like greaving for someone who's dead. It's like having somone you love go MIA. You hear rumors and you're crushed, and then you hear something else and you have hope again and then another crushing rumor. There's no way of knowing until your loved one is found (either dead or alive) and everyone keeps asking you how you're holding up, every time reminding you that your loved one may be out there, or may be gone. And it cuts. deep.

That's what it means to miss New Orleans.
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Yesterday was better.

The Frenchman came over and took me flying (aka riding on his bike). I'm quickly falling in love with riding on the back of a motercycle. I was smiling the whole time and I believe there was some squeeling of delight when he went reallyfast. Of course with the padding in the helmet pressed into my cheeks when I smiled, it made my smiling muscles hurt. They still hurt when I smile, but in a good way :) And he said he would help me with my helping Katrina people idea. :)

Then [ profile] omnia_mutantur and [ profile] wandelrust showed up with a Nindento Cube thingy and Donkey Konga. I made cupcakes and we played. I'm getting better...sometimes. Then we watched A Beautiful Mind. It's a pretty amazing film.

I've been listening to New Orleans music almost non-stop for the past few days
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I've been feeling so helpless lately.

Of course I gave to the Red Cross and I've been coming up with a million and twelve crazy ideas to try to help people. Then I think that none of them are going to work or someone else more qualified is already doing it. Well, I have one idea that may work, but i'm not sure yet.

However, I was able to help in a small way. As most of you know, I work for a Credit Union up here in MA. Although most of our members are from up here, we do have some that are scattered everywhere. So I did a search for members who lived in areas affected by Katrina and her aftermath. I actualy found around 10. We then checked to see if any of these people had loans (as loans are due on the first of the month). We actually had someone who had an auto loan with us and had lost his vehichal in all of this. I'm not sure exactly what we're doing for him (I work in Marketing, not opperations), but I know that he was very thankful that we were aware of his situation and concerned about him. It makes me happy to know that I was able to help someone. Really help them. One to one.

Watched the concert on NBC. When Aaron Neville sang "Louisiana 1927" tears just started streaming down my face. That song has been in my head all week. Earlier today I wondered if he would sing it. When I heared the opening notes...that man has such an amazing voice. And his "Amazing Grace."

There just aren't words for the grief in my heart.

Louisiana 1927 )

p.s. If you're not reading it already, [ profile] interdictor is in New Orleans and is giving a really amazing account of what's really happening in the city.
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Two of the Five Colleges in the Pioneer Valley in MA are accepting displaced students.

Smith College

UMass Amherst

I currently live in the Northampton/Amherst area and while it isn't New Orleans, it's not a bad place. Pretty good for college students (the food isn't as good though). I'll warn you that it can get pretty damn cold though.

But if some of y'all do come up this way, please contact me.


Sep. 1st, 2005 09:42 pm
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Just so y'all know, this is the website of the town where msfrizzmy mother is staying.

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I just made this icon. Please feel free to take and use. I just ask for 3 things:
1) No hot-linking
2) Please credit me
3) If you can, please give to the Red Cross Hurriance 2005 Relief Fund.


x-posted everywhere. (sorry if it has nothing to do with the community you see it in)
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My friend John was still stuck in the city the last I heard. He is broke and needs funds for gas and food to make it out of the city. More info can be found on his livejournal: [ profile] malkierie. He has a paypal link on his info page.

Katrina II

Aug. 30th, 2005 06:55 pm
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My family is ok. I have no idea about my house. I feel helpless. I mourn my city. I'm terrified of what we'll find. I have friends and parents of friends who are still down there as the water slowly rises. Please pray for their safety.

If you don't feel prayers are enough, please donate to the Red Cross or give blood or both.


Aug. 29th, 2005 07:34 am
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The family I have left in the city got out on Saturday. They are safe.

From what [ profile] queencimmy tells me, most of our friends have gotten out. From what my F-list tells me, I still have some friends in the area and there are others who can't leave for one reason or another.

Please pray for the safty of my city. For the saftly of the people who couldn't leave my city. For everyone to have houses to come home to.

Thank you.

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