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Last week [ profile] lordaerith and I (mostly Aerith) installed our new microwave. It is pretty and shiny and matches our stove. It also is a convection oven, which is strange but cool.

We didn't set out to buy a new microwave this year. It certainly wasn't in the plan. Our old one was working just fine. But then...

My mother was visiting us from New Orleans for Passover/Easter weekend. It was Saturday morning and we were prepping for our monthly game day and Passover Seder that night. Mom decided to bake a sweet potato in, you guessed it, the microwave. So she put it in for 30 minutes, intentionally, and went to take a shower. I think her thought process was that if the sweet potato would take 90 min in a regular oven, it should take a third of the time in the microwave. I guess she didn't notice the microwave actually had a potato setting. She also didn't poke any holes in it.

So she's taking a shower and Aerith and I are watching something with Little Prince when we start to smell something burning. We go downstairs and there's a few inches of smoke at the ceiling, and the smoke detector isn't even going off. We start freaking out that something is on fire but we can't figure out where the smoke is coming from. I get LP downstairs in case there is a fire and we have to get him out and run upstairs to tell mom. While she's getting out of the shower she tells me that she had the potato in the microwave. Go back down stairs and sure enough, there is a nice lump of charcoal in the microwave and the microwave itself isn't looking too good. So we open all the windows, burn incense, Febreeze things and work on making the house smell better. Aerith and I take out the old microwave and he does some research with mom and then goes out to Home Depot to order a new microwave.

It's amazing how much we've come to depend on the microwave. Just a few days without one made me realize that. The new one got delivered last Wed (and they took away the old one) and Aerith and I (ok, mostly Aerith again) installed it on Thursday. This past weekend he baked banana bread in it. Now the house smells much less like smoke and much more like banana bread.

In conclusion, sweet potatoes are not to go in the microwave for more than 5-6 minutes and always poke holes in them first. Also, still no idea why the smoke detector didn't go off as we tested it and it seems to be working fine. But no one was hurt and we can tease mom about this for years to come.
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What a real post?

On Saturday, while dealing with a slight feverish, probably teething, toddler, we wake up to find out our hot water heater is leaking. [ profile] lordaerith shuts off the water (as much as he can) to it and the gas. I call the Home Warranty company, since we have one (hey, the sellers had to pay for it, so why not) and they put in a service call. Saturday afternoon...still haven't heard from plumber. Call plumbing company from email, no response.

Sunday - still no hot water. Wash dishes in cold water. Really nice neighbor lets Aerith and I shower at their place (yay! I love our neighbors so much!!). We boil water on the stove and mix it with water in the tub to give Little Prince his nightly bath. Oh, did I mention that due to the way the bathtubs/shower heads are set up, no hot water pressure means no cold water can come out either? So we had to fill up the tub with the boiling water and water from the bathroom sink. Luckily the outside water isn't crazy cold since Texas is already getting nice and hot during the day.

Today - I work from home. I call the plumber and find out they can't come until Thursday or Friday at the earliest. I call back Home Warranty place and get a new plumber recommendation (I can do that, didn't know that). Call new plumber after waiting an hour. Now have appointment for Tuesday afternoon, which is better than the end of the week. Call a local plumber. They say they can have someone out for a free estimate sometime today. Call the warranty number for the water heater and find out that it's totally under warranty and we can just bring the old one back to Home Depot and get a new one, if we want to do it ourselves. This is looking more and more tempting. Call back Home Warranty place and am told 24 hours for an emergency, but this isn't considered one. Plumber that I called comes and gives several estimates, because of course some things are totally not up to code anymore and need to be changed. Say thank you very much.

So now we have the option of seeing if tomorrow's plumber can do this or trying to do it ourselves. I think we'll wait until tomorrow. One more day without hot water, they better fix it tomorrow. I sure treasure indoor plumbing now.

Also, we are now two-for-two with places we've owned and broken water heaters. At least this time it didn't flood our floors/carpet.
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I have this problem when blogging where I feel like I “ought” to blog something or I’ll want to write about a specific topic or I’ll feel like I need to complete X before I can get to the post. And then the moment passes, but I still feel like I “owe” people/readers/the blog the post I haven’t done yet, so I don’t post because until I can post what I “owe” I shouldn’t post anything else. Well, I’ve decided that that’s dumb and I should just blog what I want when I want. So there.

The key-monster makes it hard to leave for daycare/work in the morning.

To that end, here’s a catch-up on a whole bunch of stuff that’s happened since my last post in July.

  • Darius and I bought a house in the suburbs. It’s huge and we love it. LP loves it too as do the cats. We’re very happy here (even if we’re still not unpacked)
  • I had to take a business trip away from LP and Darius for several days. Everyone survived. I came home with over 70oz of pumped milk.
  • To that end, we’ve been working on a slight bit of gentle night weaning, based on Jay Gordon’s method. This really deserves it’s own post, but in case I never get to it, it’s going okay… most nights.

Sound asleep

  • LP is still on the super tiny side of things (at his 15 month checkup he was 9% for height and 2% for weight)
  • He has 6 teeth (4 top and 2 bottom)
  • He’s becoming a bit of a picky eater, especially at home

Clam chowder is yummy

  • He has more words than I can count, still signs, and is picking up more every day
  • He’s really into any word that has a hard K sound at the end: snack, sock, clock, milk, book, and duck are favorites.

Overall I’m really really enjoying this age. He’s moving much better (almost running), climbing all over everything, loves to giggle and laugh and play. He talks a ton and babbles even more. Sometimes he says the word babble. He also just picks up new things so quickly. The other day I taught him to do the Tarzan beat chest and go “ahhhhh.” It’s hilarious.

And life in the suburbs has fallen into a routine of come home, nurse, make/eat dinner and then go outside and play with the neighbourhood kids, then bath and bed. We even got him his own scooter-bike to play on.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t problems. He still doesn’t eat a ton, especially at home. I think it’s partly because he doesn’t always get the healthiest food at daycare and partly because he always wants to nurse when we get home and dinner isn’t too far after that and then he’d rather nurse than eat most of the time on the weekend. I’m trying to not freak out about it. I know he’s growing and healthy and hitting all of his milestones (surpassing many) and since he doesn’t have molars yet it’s not like it’s super easy for him to eat everything, but I still worry. And of course, like all toddlers he is very fond of the word “no” and will occasionally “have big emotions.”

But overall he’s a total joy and makes his mommy and daddy very happy.

Originally published at my baby blog. Please leave any comments there.

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Yesterday at 2:30pm we closed on our new house! Well, it was more like 4pm by the time we got all the paperwork signed, but still. We are now home owners. The place is awesome and beautiful and over 3,000 square feet.

The funny thing is that we closed exactly 9 years after we bought our condo back in MA. Except this time we have a month to move everything over. We have movers coming on the 17th, but we're hoping to get as much stuff packed and moved over as we can before then.

In awkward news, when we got to the new house to drop off our first load of stuff, the original owners were there still packing, moving out, and cleaning. It was nice to meet them though. They literally helped to build the house and were obviously very proud of it. I think they were glad that the people they sold it to are as in love with the house as they are.

I think the reality of "OMG, I own a house" has finally hit. I'm super excited and can't wait to get moved in and settled.
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Front of houseWell, it looks as though in 10 days [ profile] lordaerith and I will own a house in the suburbs of Austin. It's an amazing house. It's huge and we love it. The neighbourhood is great and the schools look good. It's also close to some of my mommy friends, a giganticly awesome park, and the outlet mall. I still can't believe that we're doing this. This could seriously be our forever-house. At minimum it is going to be our 5-to-10 year house.

We decided that we love the house that we are currently renting, but we didn't want to be renting anymore, and the market is really good for buying. We actually made what we thought was a reasonable an offer on our current house, but the owner totally rejected it. So we went looking elsewhere. When we saw the house we're buying for the first time, we both couldn't stop grinning the entire time. We made an offer. The owners countered. We took their counter. The inspection went well and our mortgage is now being sent to the underwriter (who I keep picturing as the Underminer from The Incredibles.

I'm still sort of in shock/denial about the whole thing. Somehow I didn't think we'd find a house that we love, especially not in the suburbs. And when we did I kept expecting the mortgage to fall through or the inspection to come back bad or something. But nothing did. Of course we haven't packed anything yet. But my dad will be in town soon to help out with things and we're going to have a month to move (provided no one breaks their arm this time around).

And while I'm excited, I'm also kind of conflicted. Every time we've moved before it's either been because the place we were renting got sold from under us, we were moving to another state, or we had so outgrown where we were living that we just felt like we were on top of each other all the time (and not in a good way). This is the first time we decided to move before I've felt like I was done living in the place. Rationally I know that we'd only have a few more years here before we'd want to move (or do a major renovation to the rooms/how they're organized/the living spaces) and that it's a great time to buy. But emotionally I'm very attached to this house. It's in the neighbourhood in Austin where I always wanted to live and I like our neighbours. I love the layout. I love the open floor plan, the high ceilings, and the windows. It's the house where I conceived and brought home my son to when he was born. I have a lot of fond memories of this house.

But as things start looking up, as we're starting to set up utilities at our new house, and look at what we need to buy (like a refridgerator), I'm getting more and more mentally and emotionally ready to start this new chapter of our lives as a family that owns their own house.
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Natasha in her cageOver the weekend Natasha made some progress on using the cat door to get into and out of her cage. For the past week, she's been willing to push her way in as long as Aerith or I would coax her head into the right position and hold her gently. However, she still wasn't coming out without one of us holding the flap open for her. Over the weekend she got better about putting her head to the door, but she still needs a light reassuring touch. The best thing to happen over the weekend is that she figured out how to push her way back out of the cat door all by herself. She still wants one of us on the other side coaxing her, but she'll do the work on her own. We are really excited about this progress and hope that soon she'll figure out that she doesn't even need us there at all. I look at this as good practice for potty training in a few years.

In other news, I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and there's a new post on my pregnancy blog.

Also, it's Pi Day. Happy Pi Day! I was supposed to make a pie for work, but I totally flaked. I think I'll make one when I get home. It'll go with the cottage pie that Aerith is planning on making today.

Here is what Pi sounds like:
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An update on how Managing high maintenance cats is going.

We love the cat feeder. Boris is too smart for the cat feeder, but this is okay. The great thing about the cat feeder is that we don't have to worry about being home right after work to give Boris his mid-day feeding and it drops just the right amount for him. Unfortunately, Boris has figured out that if he sticks his paw up the chute, he can get food out of it. The other great thing about the cat feed that we got is that it only pre-drops into the holding area the food for the next drop. So maybe one day he got twice as much food, but every day after that, no food actually drops down, so he sticks his paws up there until he gets all the food in the holding area out. But it is still just the right amount that he is supposed to get and now he has to work for it and it's not all there at once so he has to eat it slower. We consider this a win.

The cat door for Natasha was installed into her cage on Wednesday night. This is proving a little trickier. She still hasn't quite got the idea that she can go in and out on her own. She's also slightly reluctant to use it on her own or without one of us holding it open. But she's getting braver and braver about having it touch her head as she goes in and out, so that's a plus. I think the more we work with her on it, the better it will get. And if when we go away for the weekends she gets stuck in there, well, there's a littler box and food and water for her, so if she doesn't want to get out, she doesn't have to. We consider this on our way to a win (hopefully).

Also, new water bowl is way more awesome than old one. So much easier to tell when the water level is getting low. Another win.

Over all, one full win, one mostly win, and one hopeful win. Us 2.5, high maintenance cats 0.5.
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Both of our cats are high maintenance in different ways.

Boris has no concept of self-regulation when it comes to eating. Left to his own devices, he'd eat all the food there was until it was all gone or until he made himself sick or both. For those of you who knew us in MA, you'll remember that he was well over 20lbs. Well, thanks to our amazing vet and our careful diligence with Boris's diet, he is now down to 15lbs and generally stays that size. Unfortunately, this involves feeding him wet food morning and at night and a cup of dry food in the afternoon. The other size effect of this is that Natasha, who does self-regulate, is on the same eating schedule as Boris and her food either has to be picked up when she is done or more lately, put in a place where he can't get to it.

Natasha is litter box picky. If it's not up to her high standards of cleanliness, she will go next to the box or by the front door or in the tub. Her standard of cleanliness is lower when it's a box that only she has gone in. Of course Boris likes to go in the boxes as soon as they are scooped to show dominance or something.

We have a partial solution right now. We have a very large dog cage with a water bowl, a drop feeder, and a litter box for Natasha. We let her in when we feed Boris or whenever she walks up to it. The biggest problem is then letting her back out. Too soon and she doesn't use the box, too late and she eats more. She's gained two pounds since last year, probably because she's stuck in the cage with nothing else for her to do other than eat.

While annoying, all of this is manageable when we are home. It's when we want to go on vacation that things get tricky because then we have to have someone come over at least once to twice a day. For cats.

So we've come up with a full solution that we hope will work. I got two spot bonus from work recently, which equals $200. Instead of spending it on fun stuff for me (boo), I turned it into gift certificates so we could get things that shoudl make our lives easier in the long run (yay!).

For Boris we got an automatic feeder with a timer. The plan is to set it for his afternoon feedings, so we don't have to worry about getting home late. Then when we're on vacation we can set it up for 3x a day feeding. Sure it'll be dry food over wet food, but all dry once in a while won't kill him.

For Natasha we got a cat flap that will only open in response to a tag that we'll put on her collar (and not on Boris's). We'll take out a side of the cage and install the cat flap. Hopefully she'll take to it and then she'll have unfettered access to her food and litter box and Boris won't be able to get in.

For both of them we got a new water fountain because the old one is, well, getting old and is also hard to clean.

So hopefully this will all work and our lives will be way better and we'll be able to go away for the weekend without worrying about our crazy high maintenance cats.
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I want to call a do-over for this morning.

First the shower kept losing some of its water pressure (but not temperature, thank goddess). We determined that this was due to the sprinkler system still being on. We'd just figured out how to reset it so that it only came on twice a week for 10 minutes each time, but maybe we didn't get the settings exactly right because it was still counting down when we were leaving for work. Or maybe the time is off. Good-bye water pressure. Good-bye hopefully lower water bill for next month.

At breakfast I poured too much cereal into my bowl and had to put some back. Then we were out of orange juice so I had to drink straight cran-raspberry juice instead of cutting it with OJ like I like to do.

Now I'm at work and we're having intermittent internet problems. This makes getting any work done really tricky and fairly frustrating. Good-bye morning productivity.

I think I'll move to Australia.
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Had a really good weekend.

[ profile] gailmom came into town on Thursday, which is always awesome. We got curtains for our front windows made by the amazing [ profile] apryl_knight.

Friday I left work a little early because I'd already worked over 42 hours and [ profile] lordaerith and I went to the store and then came home and napped for too long. Then I made my starting-to-become-famous apple cobbler (I pretty much used this recipe from How to Cook Everything, except I modify the filling based on Jill's Apple Pie filling from More from Magnolia. It came out so much better now that I have a 9x9x2 square pan. The apples kind of caramelized around the sides of the pan.

Friday night [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] gailmom and I headed to a party with the apple cobbler in hand. Was a very nice party. The cobbler went over really well, especially since I was able to heat it up in the oven. It was decided that it would go amazingly well with some of Amy's Mexican Vanilla ice cream.

Saturday morning we had to get up early-ish and clean clean clean for the small housewarming gathering that we were holding that day. Also, as it was the day after [ profile] lordaerith's birthday I made him a chocolate Garfield cake.

The housewarming party went really well. I love that we now have a place where we can have people over without it being too crowded. I don' t think anyone hung out upstairs almost at all and there was still a ton of room downstairs. Thanks to everyone who came! To everyone who didn't, we missed you.

The funniest part of the party was when the 5 year old daughter of a friend decided to crawl into the box at the bottom of our cat structure. I had no idea a 5 year old could even fit in there, but apparently she is an amazing contortionist. Not only was she able to climb into the box, but she even managed to turn herself around, which was very impressive. Pictures have been emailed to her mother for future embarrassment.

Saturday night we ended up staying up really late hanging out with friends and cleaning up from the party.

Today we got up really late. We decided that we needed cuddling on the couch while eating breakfast and watching the last episode of Mythbusters. We were about to get comfy when the girl-cat pushed over a pillow from the back of the couch, knocking over a large glass of OJ. Cue massive clean-up effort. At least the episode (when we finally got to watch it), was good. Then Miss Gail had to go home. After she got in her car, she asked me to get her a Dublin Dr. Pepper from the mini-fridge upstairs to drink on the road. When I went to open it for her, I spilled some of it it on top of the fridge, on the wall, and down my white skirt. *sigh*I guess because there was no major party foul, the gods decided to make it up to us the next day.

But, then the Saints won (5-0 baby! Who dat???) and there were Empire apples at my local H-E-B when I went grocery shopping so that made up for the morning.
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On Friday I went by and picked up the keys to the house that [ profile] lordaerith and I are going to be renting. Friday night we went by with a few small things and went through the place deciding which room was going to be what and were big items should live.

Today while [ profile] lordaerith had to work, I brought over a few more things. After he got home from work, we brought over a few more (like the dinning room, well now kitchen, table). Now we have a staging area for boxes.

I'm really glad that we decided to start our lease near the beginning, instead of the end, of August. Our past two moves had to be done so quickly that it feels like quite a luxury to have almost a whole month.

I believe that the current plan is to go through each of the rooms in the apartment one at a time, box up all of the non-essentail items in that room and get them over there (and unpacked if possible - so we can reuse boxes). That way only the essentials & heavy stuff will be left for the last weekend of August.

See pictures
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I've been enjoying my last week of "freedom" before I rejoin the working world.

I've spent most of the week so far cleaning up the apartment (gods, did it need it). The study is in a MUCH better shape than it has been in a long time. There's still a lot to go on it (can we say total reorganization of the closet), but the paperwork is off of my desk-bed/the floor and has been put away, put into meaningful piles, or been trashed/recycled. Last night [ profile] syhira brought over the futon base that she no longer needs so we put my desk-bed up on top of it. It's going to take some time for me to adjust to my desk-bed being up so high. I've also tackled the mess that was the kitchen and just finished doing a dark hand-wash load in the washer (I love that my washer has that setting).

I hope to finish cleaning this place up this week, which includes lots of vacuuming and possibly reorganizing my clothing (especially the clothing in the closet...I may need to buy more hangers).

I've also spent some time reading Children of Dune, watching Season 2 of Weeds (wow it's a good show!) and watching some Firefly. Had a nice long conversation today with [ profile] artemis42, which I think we both needed.

Last night I went to karaoke and stayed out very late doing so. It was a lot of fun (as always) and I really had a good time/felt that I rocked it. I sang a bunch (yay for a short rotation). I think that my favorites of the night were "Call Me", "Walk this Way" (the pure Aerosmith version), and "The Time of My Life" duet with [ profile] zyrain.

Next week: work. In three weeks = week long trip to Massachusetts. October = filling up fast with the Browncoat Ball, TRF, and Halloween parties.

Oh and [ profile] lordaerith and I are planning to go to RHPS this weekend. Let us know if you are coming too.
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A little less than 3 weeks until the end of the semester. This is a mixed list of stuff to do both this week and through to the end of the semester.
  • Math
    • Problem set for Monday
    • Readings for Monday
    • Readings for next Monday
    • Start computing 3 - due Dec. 3 at start of class
  • Databases
    • Read 3 chapters on PHP & MySQL - 2 done.
    • Assignment 7 (Video Game DB) with [ profile] crabes and PS - due Dec. 5 at start of class
      • Help create input forms for data (using PHP) - made a nice Forms landing page.
      • Communicate with group about which video games, designers, companies, etc to enter into database and split up work
      • Enter appropriate data into database - did some of that!
      • Help create queries and reports of queries
      • Help revise current documentation to reflect any changes we made to project
      • Figure out how to turn everything in to professor
    • Read other readings for next week
  • Management
    • Read stuff on Leadership
    • Write leadership post to BB - due Nov. 21 by 11:30pm
    • E-Portfolio - due Dec 5 by 11:30pm
      • Annotate last article
      • Write up management competencies thing
      • Write Personal Leadership Agenda
      • Check over resume
      • Write statement of intent
      • Create memo to boss? (not sure if part of portfolio or not)
      • Write better intro for homepage and major sub-pages.
      • Have someone check over entire portfolio for good grammar, well written sentences, etc.
      • Post URL to BB
    • Group Planning Document for Instructional Space at the New Building - Due Dec. 9 by 11:30pm
      • Update Gantt chart for group's timeline
      • Write up section on which group members did/are doing what (can be edited from earlier post)
      • Help grant team with their budget
      • Help revise budget based on feedback from draft (haven't gotten draft back yet...)
      • Participate in final editing process
      • Put final paper together
      • Create table of contents (can Word do this for me? Ah ha, it can, if we use "heading") and cover page
      • Post final paper (all components, including appendices and non-Word documents).
      • Celebrate with group!
    • Readings for next week
  • Work
    • Finish up recording Mail Merge video tutorial - still need to talk with Q about this
    • Work on iMovie class with AA
    • Teach iMovie class with AA
    • Get through end of semester insanity
  • Pick up kitchen
  • Change sheets on bed
  • Figure out dinner for tonight
  • Find out more about Turkey Day Orphan's Dinner
  • Go to store and buy stuff for Turkey day, also possibly for dinner tonight/tomorrow night

  • Go to Karaoke tonight
  • Watch Macy's Day Parade on Thurs. Morning. Hopefully while chatting with [ profile] queencimmy
  • Enjoy Turkey day with friends
  • Go to Ren Faire on Saturday (I mean it this time!) - too cold/rainy to go. Sadness.
  • Fall over, go boom
And the fun part? That's not everything I have to do by the end of the semester...
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in reverse order

the ugly:
I have a rash caused by a virus (confirmed by a Dr). While it took under 24 hours to spread from my face to my arms and a little on my legs, it is going away much much more slowly. As in 5 days later and, while less, it's still there. Grrrrr...
some of the bruises and pain from my glomping a rock 2 weeks ago still exists.

the bad:
due to mother being in town and virus (as mentioned above), I am behind on my Independent Study. I am starting to freak out about it a little bit.
[ profile] artemis42 is getting in over 5 hours after she was supposed to.

the good:
we closed on the sale of our house on Friday. Didn't make a huge profit, but that's because we already used up some of the equity to move/live in Texas.
My honorary brother was in town for a few days. He even helped us clean up the house.
I figured out how to make hot spots work in my QTVR movies and how to embed them in a website: New and improved purple peep movie
We're going to see Josh Blue tonight!
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  1. [ profile] lordaerith and i each independently coming up with the same concept for dinner.

  2. sunshine

  3. [ profile] lordaerith and i finally going through and re-organizing the closets downstairs, getting rid of some stuff, finding some stuff, and putting things in more obvious places.

  4. [ profile] artemis42

  5. [ profile] artemis42 being able to get all of her stuff into aforementioned closets. I have a kitchen and a downstairs bathroom again.

  6. [ profile] artemis42's artwork hanging in the bathroom downstairs. Now that we have a little over 3 months left, we finally start really decorating :)

  7. Being able to help out [ profile] bellebet and [ profile] rogueactor.

  8. Lost. Time to watch more.

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It started with Thursday night where we ended up watching a lot of the specials on "The Holy Grail" disc 2.  Or should I say "Holy Sake Cup" per the japanese, subtitled into english version.  also have now found out all the words to Robin's Minstrals and Camelot.  Also know what the monks are saying.

Friday was the one year anniversary of [ profile] lordaerith and I buying our house.  But we were too exhausted from the week to do anything exciting.

Saturday I picked up [ profile] safirerings and her sister, [ profile] daisyguitar, and drove down to Starr's shop to try on my wedding bodice.  Overall it fit pretty well and looked really good on me.  I kept jumping up and down in it.  We had to pin one shoulder tighter and it bunched a bit around my hips, but Starr said that the skirt when attached would probably help to pull them out.  But we took pictures to send to Yosa to see what she could do about it.  Now must e-mail her to see if she wants them on cd or printed out.  no, i will not be putting them on here b/c i don't want aerith seeing them.

After starr's we took the really-long-and-windy-but-pretty-rt-32-to-rt-9 way back to Amherst to go see A Cinderella Story.  So bad, but so cute.  And I figured out where the will was pretty early on.  go me!  oh, and the goth dj chick looked so much like [ profile] violetminka.  It was weird. (edit: i was trying to find pictures of the character/actress, but my break's over)

That night Hera started putting plots into action.  hehehehe.  Troy will pay.  oh yes it will!

Yesterday I made pancakes w/my mixer and watched UHF.  It's sill bad.  even in HDTV.  Then Aerith and I did house stuff and had a wedding talk.  I think we're pretty much on the same thought wave for most of it.  Yay! 

Then I called the Mad Russian and Aerith made potatoes and stakes (from attkins farm) on the grill.  yummy.  right as he was finishing the stakes the sky just opened up.  So the potatoes weren't quite done enough.  I really wanted to run out in the rain, but it was dinner time.  We had a candlelight dinner and the cats didn't even try to get on the table.  Good monsters.

After dinner we were going to play Balder's Gate, but Bend it Like Beckam was on HBO HD and then Mask of Zorro was on cable. 

Tonight is pagan potluck at [ profile] strumpetone's new-even-closer-so-we-really-have-no-excuse-not-to-go place.
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sunday - went to the mall w/Aerith to try and find shoes for riding and presents for my house little sister. spent forEVER trying on shoes. finally found something that mostly fix. but when i tried them on today they were too small. I told him that I'm a 10, not a 9.5!!! I hate shoe shopping and I hate my feet size, even though I love my feet. grrr

at night Amythyst and I went to Davis at 10:30pm b/c i was working in WAG on my acting 2 project and so forgot about that thing called dinner. hurray for grilled cheese. We had a long talk about whether or not Amythyst should be a rabii. I think she would make an excellent rabii!!!

yesterday was my first horseback riding leason. I learned how to put a halter on a horse and I actually got to do it!! wow!! horses are a lot bigger than you think they are. I mean, I know they are big, but when you stand next to one, you don't realize HOW big!

Aerith is sick. much worse than I was over the weekend. so i went to see him. poor boy was running a fever. so I got him juice and read Politically Correct Bedtime Stories to him. And rubbed his back when i was doing homework and he was trying to get to sleep. I don't see him online now, so I think that he is sleeping and will not be in class today. I hope he gets better soon.

The water when i was brushing my teeth started to run brown, and the same when for the showers, I decided to skip it this morning. I'll take a shower AFTER my horseback riding leason today.


Sep. 10th, 2001 09:06 am
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friday- Saw Jay and Silent Bob again. Somehow it just wasn't as funny the second time. And the middle really really dragged.

Sat- had class. grrr. but i am doing well. Understanding a lot more now that I have a strong latin basis.
Went to the Mall to meet up with Aerith. he got his hair cut. ok, it needed it, but couldn't he have left it just a LITTLE bit longer?? Ended up on a sugar low. had to go to burger king. why does aerith get mad whenever this happens? I don't mean it to. he needs to realize that i really can't fuction when it happens and i need to be taken care of and told "we are going here and you are eating now." I'm glad it doesn't happen often.

Aerith ran his D&D game that night. So much fun!! he really screwed us over, but we got a hell of a lot done. I would like Allegra to join our game, but Aerith isn't sure. I think the more he gets to know her, the more he will like her.

Sunday - did some homework and some cleaning. Bought a futon!! hurray!!!! got sheets for said futon. arranged it in my room. hurray for big cumfy beds!!!
went to the ASP meeting. There are a lot of good first-years. I'm exicited about this year! It should be really good. we planned Mabon and I got a Treasurer in Training, who also happens to game!!!

Then the house meeting. ugh, could it get any more boring? I want to take all of the house officials aside and give them voice projecting lessons. Everyone was quiet when i introduced myself. why? b/c I projected my voice and spoke clearly and concisely. thank you years of theatre training. the meeting took almost 3 hours.

Had a talk with HR about Miss Priss. I feel better about getting that off of my chest. Then we talked about the posiblity of having senior coctails once a month or something. That could be soo much fun!!!

Cleaned up and organized my room. I feel ready to start the semester for real now.
Watched the end of the "House of Yes." had seen part of it before. such a weird movie!!!

realized that I really should have washed my sheets first. oh well.

time to get ready for classes.

the house

Sep. 7th, 2001 09:21 am
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I have a good feeling about this house this year. I think I'll really like living here again. I'm glad I've decided to stay.

The people here seem really nice and there are some cool people who moved in.
Got to hang out with lovely Layna yesterday. Saw Miss. Priss out of her window. All of my feelings of anger and sadness came back to me. They usually do the first time I see her each school year. I wish things could have gone differently between us. I wish I could get her to forgive. Hell, i wish i could talk to her again with out her screaming "I hate you! Never talk to me again!" I'd tell her I was sorry about NYC. I'd tell her I was wrong. I'd tell her i'd like things to be civil between us. I don't know if we have anything in common anymore, but I really would like to bring this to an end. But her hate is too strong. I guess we will go on pretending the other doesn't exist. At least most of the house isn't even aware of our anti-relationship.

I need to buy the futon. and to find my cloak. oh, and get dressed and eat breakfast too :)


Sep. 4th, 2001 07:29 am
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well, I'm back at Smith. My room is a MESS!!!!!!! but I have a left-handed desk *YAY* they changed my dresser on me to one that is sooo much smaller. There is no way I can get my clothing in there. but i've e-mailed RADS so we'll see what's happening.

Things I need to buy - an extension cord so that I can have light by my bed, a large something or other to hold all of my folders/notebooks/etc from previous years, a futon, sheets for said futon.

Things that have gone missing - my cloak, my comforter. grrr. Well, maybe as soon as I hear from RADS about the dresser and get stuff cleaned up everything will be found.

I feel much better to be back than I thought I would. I was really scared about coming back, but things are ok. A lot of people moved out of this house. We'll see how it is once the year starts.

I'll write more about all that is happening in my life when I have more time.

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