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Last week I finished my Capstone project and had the poster session. It was a lot of hard work, but I'm really glad that I did it. I have more objects to put on the online exhibit, but overall, I'm really happy with how the whole thing came out. I also made a few tweaks to it after watching people use the site during the poster session.

The poster session itself went really well. I think I spoke as eloquently about my project as anyone can in 90 seconds and had a good segue to the social events going on after the session and over the weekend.

My poster:
Sno-Bliz Capstone poster

After the poster celebration, a bunch of us went out to the Dog & Duck to celebrate, which was nice.

Yesterday, MDB and I hosted the (first annual???) iSchool BBQ at Zilker park. It was a lot of fun. [ profile] lordaerith ended up being the grill-master for most of the night. An alum came with an ice cream machine and made peach ice cream. Good food and lots of fun was has by all. It was a great way to celebrate the end of one school year and the beginning of another one. [ profile] syhira took some good pictures of the whole thing.

This morning my capstone project was featured in the Living section of the Times-Picayune, the local New Orleans newspaper: Hansen's Sno-Blog. Apparently the version in the paper has more pictures (including one of me).

With the exception of a project at work, I am really and truly done with grad school. It seems surreal.
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As I'm sure all of you are aware from my twitter updates, I'm currently in New Orleans. I wanted to write many times, but I've always been too busy/tired.

Got in on Monday of last week (an hour late). [ profile] queencimmy picked me up and we got mani/pedis. Then met up with AH, who I will now call Sweetness, to discuss my capstone project and stuff.

On Tuesday I ran errands with Sweetness in the morning and went out to lunch with [ profile] queencimmy and [ profile] nola_poet and his friend in the afternoon to Crabby Jack's. After lunch we were hanging out at mom's house when we saw the mice. There are mice because of all the abandoned houses and the like. One of them was chased onto a sticky pad, but the other one escaped. We named the one on the sticky pad Sticky and the other one Houdini. Poor Sticky.

On Wed. I drove mom to work. In the afternoon I was on my way to Whole Foods, but somehow ended up at Hansen's in line for a snoball. Probably because the day was so hot. I got a "mocha" snoball (half cream of chocolate, half cream of coffee). Then I headed to Whole Foods. At Whole Foods there was no one at the meat counter so I had to get the guy's attention. We ended up talking about snoballs and Hansen's. He asked for a taste of my snoball and was surprised when I gave one to him. He then gave me .25lbs off of my meat as a thank you for the bite. :) Also teased with the bagger about taking him home in the bag. I really love this city sometimes.

Wed night we went to the Prytania for a midnight showing of Indiana Jones. Was a lot of fun. Spoilers here )

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday saw me running more errands both by myself and with Sweetness and doing other things for my capstone. In terms of my capstone, I considered last week to be my prep week. I've blogged more extensively about what I've done for it on the Sno-Bliz blog. Also got to finally meet [ profile] coffeebeanben. Thursday night I went with mom to a group dinner thing that was a lot of fun. Got to talk about musicals and play with a little baby.

Saturday night Oblivion and I went out to dinner at Lebanon's Cafe where we randomly ran into a huge group of people that he knew, some of whom I knew too and hadn't seen in ages. Unfortunately they already had way too many people at their table, so we ate a the next table and harassed them *grin*. Then we headed down to the quarter to meet up with the group at Pravda. Had good geeky conversation. Yay.

Sunday [ profile] queencimmy, her friend M from out of town, and I went down to the Quarter. We started out at Cafe Du Monde and then walked around Charters and Decatur and stuff for shopping. I got two pairs of really cute shoes that fit me and were on uber-sale. Hurray! (It's so hard for me to find shoes, this is amazing). We stopped by CimDouble's and played some Wii Fit, which was fun, even if it does try to make you cry. Tried to take M to Hansen's, but they'd had such a busy day that they ran out of ice at 6:30pm and had to close early! Ended up at Deanie's for dinner instead.

Today I worked on trying to clean up the clothing in my room. I threw out 4 bags of old icky clothes (and shoes) and have a huge pile of stuff to donate. Also found an old t-shirt and an old sweatshirt of Quee's that I must have stolen from him when we were dating 10 years ago. I wonder if he wants them back...

Tomorrow is more work on my capstone and then [ profile] queencimmy and I head back to Austin for a little while on Wed.

And now, time for bed.
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Yesterday I turned in my very last paper both for the semester and that I will ever have to write for my Masters. Just my capstone and then I'm done! Yay!!!

Also had what is probably my last day of work for the semester. Got to play with rewiring the audio on 66% of the computers in the digitization lab (did the other 33% earlier in the semester). [ profile] syhira came and helped me which made the whole process go a lot faster. Rocked out to my "Tori Dolls choice" station on Pandora the whole time :)

Came home and took a nap as I'd gotten very little sleep finishing up the last paper. [ profile] lordaerith made a yummy dinner of potatoes-au-gratin, bison steak, and asparagus. Watched last week's episode of Lost, which I hadn't seen due to writing my paper on Lost.

Went out to Karaoke. Was there from about 10pm to about 1:30am. The new KJ was cute. She kept having problems though. First the next to the stage monitor wasn't working (FireCat and I tried to troubleshoot it, but we couldn't figure it out) and then the cord kept falling off of the mic (at least those it happened to were able to fix it before their song started).

I sung a lot and totally rocked it. The songs that I sung for my turns were in order:
  1. Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
  2. Hand In My Pocket - Alanis
  3. Stacey's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
  4. Voices Carry - Til Tuesday
  5. Walk This Way - Run DMC version
  6. Long Time - Boston
I decided that I had to sing Papa Don't Preach after it came on my iPod yesterday and I found myself singing it out loud while walking across campus. Even startled my boss *grin*. I've decided that I like the Aerosmith version of Walk This Way better for karaoke purposes because it has all the words and it flows smoother, IMO. I didn't sing it by myself though. One of our group did the chorus part. Also, Long Time has a 2:40min intro due to also having Foreplay attached at the beginning of it. It's fun to go up for a song, and then go sit back down for a few minutes :)

In addition to the songs above, I also sang Bohemian Rhapsody with "The Group" (ie anyone we could convince to go on stage with us) and "On My Own" with [ profile] zyrain on his turn. Turns out I had most of the words in that song. Oh well.

I totally rocked almost all of the songs I sung and had a really good time!

Today was a lazy lazy recovery day for me. Probably more lazy than it should have been...going out with [ profile] maddaddy to see Speed Racer tonight. Best get ready.
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One week + one day until my last day of classes.
  • Adv. Digitization
    • Create 15 minute presentation about paper - due Monday April 28

  • Digital Media Collections
    • Do readings for tomorrow
    • Do readings for last class.
    • CTG - final documentation/presentation due May 1
      • Finalize ideas for Web 2.0/Video options.
      • Help to start writing up documentation
      • Edit final documentation
      • Work on presentation
    • Texas Past - final documentation/presentation due May 1
      • Talk to Prof about changes that need to be made to database design after yesterday's conversation with client
      • Update ERD and Data Dictionary
      • Write up info about metadata/metadata schemas/Dublin Core
      • Write up possibilities for mapping fields to Dublin Core
      • Write up ideas about interoperability
      • Write up ideas about following NISO standards
      • Re-update ERD and Data Dictionary
      • Work on presentation
      • Meet with Client on May 12

  • New Media Research 25-30 page paper - due May 13
    • Start really pulling research together
    • Look into reading suggested by prof
    • Start writing the whole thing
    • Write the whole thing
    • Edit it
    • Turn it in!

  • Work
    • Help pull together list of unpublished materials that need to be published
    • Finish editing Mail Merge tutorial video already
    • Keep up with end of the semester insanity

  • House stuff
    • Empty/refill dishwasher
    • Eat lunch

  • Other Stuff
    • Go to New Orleans for Jazz Fest
    • Look into registering for and figuring out everything that goes along with attending
      • SSA - not going
      • JCDL
        • Join ACM
        • Email person who offered a room about said room
        • Register for conference
        • Figure out flights
    • Make poster for SSA - not needed cause I'm not going
    • Work/meetings for Game Scholar project
Not too too bad...I think. At least I am really starting to feel better (finally).
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This weekend I pretty much finished my paper for Adv. Dig with the exception of the parts that I don't know because I have to call my contact on Monday. Of course, it took me most of the weekend so I haven't gotten much of the other work I was going to get done done.

On Friday instead of going to the gym, [ profile] lordaerith and I grabbed [ profile] iskanderia and went to get snoballs at Casey's New Orleans Style SnoBalls. Not as good as Hansen's, but at least they were like New Orleans snoballs and not snocones. Texted AH (who still needs a name) to let her know I had one. She called me a traitor, but I told her that they weren't as good as hers.

Got home and napped for a little while. Don't remember what we did for the rest of the evening.

Saturday - worked on paper. oh, and finished Tangled Webs by Anne Bishop.

That night was Bubbles and Boom's baby shower. (everybody say AWWWW. They're having a faire baby (everybody say "wow, they're nerds"). Even though I was tired and not feeling well, I'm glad we went cause almost everybody was there even Bell was in from Houston! And LuckyStar had this great idea for it. A bunch of people bought white onesies in a variety of sizes as well as non-toxic fabric paint & markers and a bunch of stencils and we decorated them at the party. Now the baby has a whole set of totally unique onesies that were made with love. I told LuckyStar that I'm totally stealing her idea when I get pregant this should become a tradition because it's such an awesome idea.

Photo courtesy of Blondie

Today I finished the paper (yay) and made dinner and [ profile] syhira came over to watch BSG.

And now, to read gazillion pages on copyright for class on Tuesday.
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A list, because I need one.
  • Adv. Dig Paper
    • write up each collection based on NISO Principles, with information currently at hand
      • Principle 2
      • Principle 3
      • Principle 4
      • Principle 5
      • Principle 6
      • Principle 7
      • Principle 8
      • Principle 9
    • Get in touch with Collection managers if haven't gotten emails from by 4pm today to see about answering questions sent out last week
      • Living Room Candidate - talked to Stupid Receptionist™ 2 times before making it clear that "his mail box is full" meant that no matter how many times you transfered me to it, it still wouldn't let me leave a message. The 3rd time I talked to him he took a message for me.
      • Folkstreams - sent a second email - got response, finally

  • Digital Media Collections
    • Do readings for tomorrow
    • CTG
      • Participate on wiki (specifically about Web 2.0 ideas)
    • Texas Past
      • Fix up ERD and Data Dictionary
      • Start figuring how to map fields to Dublin Core

  • New Media Research paper
    • Find/read through more forum posts
    • Look into reading suggested by prof

  • House stuff
    • Empty/refill dishwasher
    • Do warm wash
    • Eat lunch
    • Prep chicken for dinner? - used the Forman so it was okay that the chicken was still frozen.
    • Avoid reading Tangled Webs - I fail at this, as I am currently on page 160 finished it today.
OK, I can do this.
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On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to [ profile] noeticist's Rock Band party. I was really looking forward to singing "Still Alive" as I have most of it memorized already and it's been in my head all week, but XBox Live was down and [ profile] noeticist wasn't able to download it *pout*. Had a really good time at the party anyway. [ profile] maddaddy and [ profile] elvesoncrack were able to show up :) It was good to see them again.

On Saturday I got a bunch of reading done for school and then [ profile] lordaerith and I went to the Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival. Got some really large crawfish (so big that there was a lot of meat in the claws) and had a good time wandering around and dancing (well, I was dancing) to some zydeco. Cowboy Mouth played and they were awesome as usual. I danced and jumped up and down and screamed so much that today my voice hurts. Apparently Bonerama, who was supposed to play earlier that day, got there late, so at one point they got on stage and played with Cowboy Mouth. It was really cool!

Cowboy Mouth and Bonerama at Swamp Thing

After Cowboy Mouth, George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic played. They were really cool, but [ profile] lordaerith and I were getting tired so we left early, went to Amy's for ice cream (apparently we're regulars there because we got asked where we've been...), and came home.

Today I've been avoiding writing my paper for Advanced Digitization mainly because I'm not really sure how to organize it (by collection or by principle) and while I know I can re-organize it later, it still bothers me.
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[ profile] crabes and I should probably never be left alone together...especially with a computer that has a camera on it. Click the picture for more silliness.

Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to the Edible Book Festival. My entry was the Cakeonomicon, which I made out of golden cake, vanilla cupcakes, butter cream icing, gel icing, and a pineapple slice. [ profile] lordaerith helped me cut up the cupcakes and place them on the cake.

The festival went really really well. I didn't win anything *sad* but the ballot counters told me afterwards that I had quite a few votes for Tastiest and some for Wittiest. :)

One of the best entries was the League of Extraordinary Gingerbread Men. It won both Best Book Construction and Best in Show.

After the judging was over we got to eat some of the entries. Yum. I saved most of mine and brought it to FireCat and Silver's party that night, but there's still some left over. Had a good time at the party, but left early-ish due to sleepiness and large amounts of homework.

Talking about homework, I am totally overwhelmed right now. I don't think I'll be sleeping much in the next few weeks.
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...cause the lists are starting again.

Actually there are 5 weeks left, but I have so much to do that I need me a list.
  • Advanced Digitization
    • 15 page paper due April 14
      • Revise proposal based on prof's suggestions
      • Go over each of the three video collections' (Open Video Project, Living Room Candidate, and Folkstreams) web sites, published literature, and already conducted interviews to see how they hold up to the NISO Digital Collections "Collections" principles.
      • Send out questions to contacts for missing information
      • Write paper based on research and interviews (by April 10??)
      • Have someone who is a stickler for grammar look over paper (mother?) cause prof is picky.
      • Create annotated bibliography?
    • 20 min presentation on paper due April 28
    • Stay on top of readings

  • New Media Technology and Culture
    • 25-30 page paper due April 29
      • Do the research on Lost (specifically Nikki and Paulo)
        • Keep listening to Official Lost Podcast
        • Find more postings from Television with out Pity and bookmark/print them out.
        • Find more magazine articles about Nikki and Paulo
        • Find more background lit - look into TV Fandom
      • Make changes, do research, etc based on return of paper proposal
      • Write and Edit paper
      • Make changes based on presentation feedback
      • Update Bibliography
    • Research Paper Presentation (20 min) due April 22
      • Create presentation based on findings at that date.
    • Stay on top of readings

  • Digital Media Collections
    • Assignment 3 - Central Texas Gardner due May 1
      • Work with group to come up with ideas for their web site
    • Assignment 4 - Preserving Texas Past due May 1, with updates to client due every Thurs.
      • Look over MDB's research into contents of collection. figure out what is needed for database
      • Work on coming up with database structure
      • Figure out a metadata schema that would work well for collection
      • Help MDB with interface look
      • Come up with ideas for future
      • Document EVERYTHING for the paper
    • Stay on top of readings

  • Capstone
    • Get all paperwork filled out and turned in by April 25.
    • Finalize web site design
    • Find out about web hosting stuff and work it all out
    • Get basic web site up by time store opens for Summer, April 25?
    • Contact archives about taking the materials/letting me use their digitization equipment

  • Work
    • Finish up Mail Merge tutorial video (I mean it this time)
    • Prep for and teach CSS workshop - April 4
    • Get generic short course feedback form up and working

  • Attend Edible Book Festival - March 29
  • Go to Karaoke at least once or twice more to relax
  • Celebrate end of semester by going home for Jazz Fest - May 2-5.
  • Look into registering for JCDL in June (and figure out everything that goes along with it). Early registration deadline is May 19.
  • Register for SSA in late May.
  • Make poster for SSA.
  • Start thinking about possibly starting to look for and apply to jobs
I'm sure other things will come up (and there's always the ever-present housework), but this is all I can think of for now. Is sooo much...


Mar. 5th, 2008 12:39 am
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OMG! Karaoke rocked so hard core! I was totally on tonight. I started out with "Voices Carry" which I nailed, then FireCat and I did "Waterfalls" and I was all prepared for the rap, but the version we did didn't have it :(. Then I did "Foreplay/Long Time" which I had rocked out to last night while playing Rock Band so I knew I could handle it. Of course a 2:40 intro meant that [ profile] noeticist and [ profile] maddaddy came up on stage and played the air guitar/air keyboard for me and then I totally rocked the song. Soooo much fun to sing! For my last song, I sang "Yoda" and all my friends helped out with the chorus. But I think that [ profile] noeticist stole the night with "I'm Too Sexy", especially because he totally is ;).

Also in fun news today, last night I baked cookies (which were well received at Rock Band) because today I had to lead class discussion in my seminar. I think it went really really well. We only got part of the way through the material/my outline, but it was really interesting. Also, everyone liked my cookies. Yay.

And I got to vote and caucus. Wheee.

Also, this is the grandfather of my kindergarden boyfriend. He has a crater on the moon named after him.

PS. When I weighed myself at the gym the other day I found out that I've lost 2 lbs.

PPS. Jonathan Coulton concert on Saturday

PPPS. [ profile] queencimmy is coming to visit me this weekend!!!!


Jan. 25th, 2008 10:59 pm
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We got iPhones on Wed. Yay! They are teh awesome and make me happy. I named mine Izzy.

Classes are going well, which is always good. Getting back into the rhythm of class/work/homework. Have a presentation on Thursday on the Drexel Costume Collection. I really like this site, so I'm excited about it.

Work is also going well. Taught an Intro to Macs and Leopard yesterday with [ profile] crabes. Helped two people learn about making web pages, html, and css. Even impressed a professor with basic javascript code (oh Dynamic Drive I loves you so much!).

And the list of performers for Jazz Fest has been announced. Jimmy Buffet on the second Saturday. And classes will be over by then. Hells yeah!

And, after a miserable rainy week, it's going to be somewhat sunny and in the upper 60s this weekend.
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Last week was the start of the Spring semester. It was the first week of my last semester of classes for my Masters. I'm not graduating until this summer because I'm going to be doing my Amazing Capstone Project™ then.

I started off the week a little worried because there were 4 classes that sounded really interesting that I could fit into my schedule, so I went to all of them in an attempt to help me decide what I wanted to do.

On Monday I went to Advanced Digital Imaging, which in addition to teaching advanced digitization techniques is also going to teach us how to evaluate digitization hardware and software for a variety of mediums. I'm so excited about this class. It's going to be lots of hands on stuff and should be a lot of fun.

On Tuesday I went to New Media Technology and Culture which is all the way across campus at Radio-Television-Film. This is a graduate seminar class with 100+ pages of reading for each class and in depth discussion and a large research paper. Should be really really interesting. I'm excited about taking a really intellectually stimulating class. Will be helpful if I ever decided to go for that PhD, as I really want to study the flow of information between internet and tv culture. I wish that [ profile] queencimmy could take this class with me as I think she would just LOVE it.

On Wednesday I went to Problems in Permanent Retention of Electronic Records, which was the one class that I wasn't signed up for. While it looked really really interesting, I decided that I wasn't going to take it. I already learned the basic issues and lingo of both archives and electronic records last year and while I understand that it's very important, I really don't want to be someone who archives born digital files. It's good that I know how to talk to those people, but I don't think I have the time to take the practical experience class when there are other classes that would serve me much better.

On Thursday I went to Creating and Using Digital Media Collections, which is my fourth class with Gary (5th if you count my independent study last summer...). Another really interesting Gary class. We're going to be working with non-text based digital collections, including film & video. As I really like the idea of using video to enhance collections, I'm excited about this class. Also, I pretty much like any class Gary is teaching, although I really didn't need to here how to use his class web site for the 4th time ;).

In addition to school, this semester I am going to be working on my heath. I am giving up Project Runway until I hit my first goal. This has seriously got me motivated. I went to the gym on Mon and Wed (just 30 min on the elliptical) and had a personal trainer session on Thurs. We had to do our warm-up in the hallway because all the rooms were busy. It was amusing. My PT is evil and makes me do crunches on a cut in-half balance ball which makes my legs protest. I also did my Cardio Pilates DVD yesterday. My body is so not happy with me, but in a good way. I also signed up for iTrain as a way of pushing myself when doing cardio at the gym. Just got the first 20 min iTread workout, so I'll see how it is.

Ok, time to do my reading for New Media, as we don't have class tomorrow.


Dec. 12th, 2007 11:34 pm
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85% Geek

78%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

I may only be 85% geek and 78% addicted to Apple, but I am 100% done with my school work for the semester.
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I present the (hopefully) last list of the semester.
  • Math
      Take home final - due to Prof by Fri. Dec. 14 @ 5pm
  • Databases
    • Read articles for class.
    • Assignment 7 (Video Game DB) with [ profile] crabes and PS - due Wed Dec. 5 at start of class
      • Add more entries to database
      • Help create queries and reports of queries
      • Help revise current documentation to reflect any changes we made to project
      • Make forms extra pretty (only if time allows)
      • Email assignment to professor

  • Management
    • Read stuff on Ethics
    • Write post on Ethics and post it to BB - Due Wed Dec 5 by 11:30pm
    • E-Portfolio - due Fri Dec 7 by 11:30pm
      • Make edits to e-Portfolio based on mom and dad's ideas.
      • Have someone check over entire portfolio for good grammar, well written sentences, etc.
      • Post URL to BB

  • Group Planning Document for Instructional Space at the New Building - Due Wed Dec. 12 by 11:30pm
    • Write up section on which group members did/are doing what (can be edited from earlier post)
    • Help grant team with their budget
    • Put final paper together
    • Create table of contents using nifty Word tricks and cover page

    • Participate in final editing process
    • Post final paper (all components, including appendices and non-Word documents).
    • Celebrate with group!
  • Fill out group member evaluation - Due Sun Dec 9 by 11:30pm
  • Individual Management Development Plan Post - Due Sun Dec 9 by 11:30pm
  • Course summary/suggestions Post - Due Sun Dec 9 by 11:30pm
  • Work
    • Finish up recording Mail Merge video tutorial
    • Edit together Mail Merge tutorial video
    • Get through end of semester insanity
  • Fill out online course evaluations
  • Deal with the carpet cleaners who are hopefully coming today
  • Buy Chanukkah candles for tonight
  • Go to Karaoke tonight if not falling over - fell over instead.
  • Go to friend's moving out of town party tomorrow night
  • Contact PT about next session
  • Renew gym locker rental
  • Fall over, go boomI really hope that's all of it...I think it is.
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    For the group database project that's due in a week, we already made all these PHP forms and started adding some data and then oops, we realize that we didn't actually make any Foreign Key (FK) to Primary Key (PK) links between any of our 22 tables.

    So I did some quick internet research and found out that we had created MyISAM tables when we needed InnoDB tables to link FKs. Then I figured out how to change the tables and how to use the SQL box in PHPmyAdmin to make changes to multiple tables at once. After that I figured out how to use PHPmyAdmin GUI interface to create FK links (it was actually really really easy).

    But the image_media table kept giving me a "mysql error 1452" error when I tried to link gameID to the game table, even though the link from characterID to the character table worked just fine. I finally figured out that since we had already been playing with PHP forms, a game with the PK 1 was accidentally deleted, but because we hadn't linked the tables, the record in image_media that said it came from game FK 1 was still there. I changed the record in image_media to the right FK and it worked fine. I even changed the PK in the games table and it automatically updated it in the image_media table.

    Yes, I am awesome!

    Listy list

    Nov. 27th, 2007 08:04 am
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    Update of the listy
    • Math
      • Computing 3
    • Databases
      • Read articles for class.
      • Assignment 7 (Video Game DB) with [ profile] crabes and PS - due Dec. 5 at start of class
        • Help create input forms for data (using PHP)
        • Fix the wrong type of database and oops, we have no linked tables problem. Even troubleshoot and fix the issues
        • Create a logo and a favicon of it
        • Communicate with group about which video games, designers, companies, etc to enter into database and split up work
        • Add more entries to database
        • Help create queries and reports of queries
        • Help revise current documentation to reflect any changes we made to project
        • Figure out how to turn everything in to professor
    • Management
      • Read stuff on Communication
      • E-Portfolio - due Dec 7 by 11:30pm
        • Put up ideal job cover letter
        • Write up management competencies thing
          1. Look cute
          2. ?
          3. Global Domination
        • Write Personal Leadership Agenda
        • Create fake memo to boss
        • Have someone check over entire portfolio for good grammar, well written sentences, etc.
        • Post URL to BB
      • Group Planning Document for Instructional Space at the New Building - Due Dec. 12 by 11:30pm
        • Write up section on which group members did/are doing what (can be edited from earlier post)
        • Help grant team with their budget
        • Participate in final editing process
        • Put final paper together
        • Create table of contents using nifty Word tricks and cover page
        • Post final paper (all components, including appendices and non-Word documents).
        • Celebrate with group!
    • Work
      • Finish up recording Mail Merge video tutorial - still need to talk with Q about this
      • Work on iMovie class with AA
      • Teach iMovie class with AA

      • Get through end of semester insanity
    • Run Dishwasher
    • Do dishes
    • Tackle some of the folding of clean laundry
    • Make 2 important phone calls
    • Deal with the carpet people
    • Deal with the wall people - i think they're all least the wall is repainted.
    • Go to Karaoke tonight - didn't happen, too tired.
    • Contact PT about next session
    • Spend at least some time with friends this weekend
    • Fall over, go boom
    And the fun part? That's still not everything I have to do by the end of the semester...

    And of course it would go a lot faster if I stopped watching the D&D PHB PSAs.
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    A little less than 3 weeks until the end of the semester. This is a mixed list of stuff to do both this week and through to the end of the semester.
    • Math
      • Problem set for Monday
      • Readings for Monday
      • Readings for next Monday
      • Start computing 3 - due Dec. 3 at start of class
    • Databases
      • Read 3 chapters on PHP & MySQL - 2 done.
      • Assignment 7 (Video Game DB) with [ profile] crabes and PS - due Dec. 5 at start of class
        • Help create input forms for data (using PHP) - made a nice Forms landing page.
        • Communicate with group about which video games, designers, companies, etc to enter into database and split up work
        • Enter appropriate data into database - did some of that!
        • Help create queries and reports of queries
        • Help revise current documentation to reflect any changes we made to project
        • Figure out how to turn everything in to professor
      • Read other readings for next week
    • Management
      • Read stuff on Leadership
      • Write leadership post to BB - due Nov. 21 by 11:30pm
      • E-Portfolio - due Dec 5 by 11:30pm
        • Annotate last article
        • Write up management competencies thing
        • Write Personal Leadership Agenda
        • Check over resume
        • Write statement of intent
        • Create memo to boss? (not sure if part of portfolio or not)
        • Write better intro for homepage and major sub-pages.
        • Have someone check over entire portfolio for good grammar, well written sentences, etc.
        • Post URL to BB
      • Group Planning Document for Instructional Space at the New Building - Due Dec. 9 by 11:30pm
        • Update Gantt chart for group's timeline
        • Write up section on which group members did/are doing what (can be edited from earlier post)
        • Help grant team with their budget
        • Help revise budget based on feedback from draft (haven't gotten draft back yet...)
        • Participate in final editing process
        • Put final paper together
        • Create table of contents (can Word do this for me? Ah ha, it can, if we use "heading") and cover page
        • Post final paper (all components, including appendices and non-Word documents).
        • Celebrate with group!
      • Readings for next week
    • Work
      • Finish up recording Mail Merge video tutorial - still need to talk with Q about this
      • Work on iMovie class with AA
      • Teach iMovie class with AA
      • Get through end of semester insanity
    • Pick up kitchen
    • Change sheets on bed
    • Figure out dinner for tonight
    • Find out more about Turkey Day Orphan's Dinner
    • Go to store and buy stuff for Turkey day, also possibly for dinner tonight/tomorrow night

    • Go to Karaoke tonight
    • Watch Macy's Day Parade on Thurs. Morning. Hopefully while chatting with [ profile] queencimmy
    • Enjoy Turkey day with friends
    • Go to Ren Faire on Saturday (I mean it this time!) - too cold/rainy to go. Sadness.
    • Fall over, go boom
    And the fun part? That's not everything I have to do by the end of the semester...
    athene: (Natasha and Athena)
    A Saturday list? The end of the semester is less than a month away and yet this is just for the next week or so...
    • Math
      • Read Chapter on Statistics
      • Computing Assignment 2, due Mon @ 9am
        • Answer extra credit questions
        • Put all parts together
        • Check over work
    • Databases
      • Read at least 4 of the 7 readings for class Wed. - 3 down
      • Assignment 6, due Wed @ 1pm
        • Enter data into tables (make it up)
        • Run queries
        • - easier than I thought it would be
        • Make reports (make them pretty)
        • Check over for errors
    • Management
      • Read Choo paper by Sunday at 7pm
      • Attend group chat session Sunday @ 7pm
      • Budget Rough Draft, Due Wed. @ 11:30pm
        • Work on line item budget
        • Research prices of items
        • Submit to group by Sunday @ noon
        • (okay it was a little late...)
        • Participate in editing process
        • Post finished budget and narrative
      • E-Portfolio, due at the end of the semester
        • Find 2 more articles to annotate and annotate them
        • Write up management competencies thingy
        • Check over resume
        • Talk to Career Services?
      • Group meeting with Prof, Thurs @ 11am
      • Read anything else
    • Work
      • Go in for PS on Sunday
      • Teach Mail Merge class on Monday @ 1:30pm
      • Finish recording Mail Merge video tutorial - need to talk with Q about this
      • Work on iMovie class with AA
      • Bring breakfast to Fri meeting
    • House stuff for this weekend
      • Clean kitchen (somehow it's always a mess)
      • Pick up bedroom
      • Do cold wash - mostly folded too
      • Clean toilets b/c they are still gross
      • Make dinner on Friday
    • Do something fun with [ profile] lordaerith tonight, because I'm sure I'll need it - Mythbusters and hot chocolate is fun!
    • Go by Pita Pit about double charge
    • Personal Trainer Session 1 Tues @ 12:30pm (eep!)
    • Dr's appointment Tues @ 3:15

    • Meet up with [ profile] parathalyn
    • Go to Texas Ren Faire next Saturday, because if I can get all this stuff done, I frakin' deserve it!
    athene: (iAthene)
    So much to do today that it's time for...the to do list!
    • Math Computing 2 - started
    • Finish Updated Data Dictionary
    • Go to campus to work on Access Database - stayed home and used Aerith's computer instead. Have basic tables and relationships done. I now understand why Access 2007 is so much nicer than Access 2003.
    • Look over Management group work, make changes / suggestions as needed.
    • Read about grants for Management
    • Go to the grocery store
    • Take out money for dinner tomorrow night
    • Eat Lunch
    • Clean up kitchen (just a little to do)
    • Clean cat water bowl

    • Clean toilets...because they are teh nasty!
    • Call Dr's office for follow-up
    • Call Pita Pit about double charge
    • Go by Pita Pit with bank statement to reverse double charge
    • Make dinner
    I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting...but I just can't think of it now. (Edit: thought of it and added it to the list))
    athene: (Default)
    Had a good birthday weekend.

    On Saturday Aerith and I went to get some blood drawn (our dr. had ordered tests for both of us). The office was the comfiest, nicest blood drawing places I've ever been to. They had a big leather lounge chair for you to sit in when the blood was being drawn. The idea is that the chair makes the patient relax more. It worked. Talked up a storm with the woman taking the blood (sometimes I really remind myself of my mother).

    After letting them take our blood, we went to Kerby Lane for breakfast. Sat outside, which was really nice. I ordered steak and eggs. Did some homework during the day and got a call from my favorite ex-b/f, who I haven't talked to in almost 10 years b/c we fell out of touch. Was AWESOME to reconnect with him again. For dinner we went to a hibachi place around the corner. I ordered steak and salmon. I guess I was REALLY in the mood for steak that day...

    Sunday was full of relaxing and more homework. Also, a call to [ profile] daobear to wish him happy b-day.

    Monday night was Heroes watching. I am still happy with it.

    Today was my "day off", which of course means that it's my day to get things done. I got a bunch of reading done, but it was hard because I wasn't feeling well all day.
    I also went to get Aerith's car inspected, as the inspection had run out in August. It wouldn't start, so I went to the office and got someone to jump it. It jumped just fine and so I drove it to the inspection place around the corner. After sitting in the waiting room for over 1.5 hours, in which I finished all the reading I brought with me for school and was reading my novel, the guy came up to me and said that he couldn't get the car to start even with jumping it and so he couldn't inspect it. This is where Texas is different from Mass. In Mass that would have earned the car a great big R, where as in Texas, they just told me to get it fixed and sent me home.
    After doing work for a while longer, my headache got the best of me and I ended up taking a 2+ nap.
    Dinner was breakfast for dinner: eggs and bacon and hashbrowns. yum.

    Of course, this whole not feeling well thing has put me behind on all the million things i have to do. I really want to go to TRF this weekend, but I have 3 major assignments due next week. I'm mostly done with one, partly done with another, and haven't started the third. I was hoping to start the third today, but the not feeling well & nap sort of took that away. Well...we'll see.

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