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Last summer there was a Kickstarter for InvaderCon III: Final Doom. I had been following the InvaderCons since they were a concept on Facebook back in 2009 or 2010, but hadn't been able to go to either of the other ones because of reasons. This one was going to be in Austin, so of course we backed it. And it funded. And then we found out that it was going to happen only 10 min from our house, which was even better.

InvaderCon III: Final Doom happened this weekend. It was awesome. Since nothing was really happening until the afternoon on Saturday, we got up and Aerith got some yard work done while I took Little Prince to go grocery shopping. Then we had lunch and went over to the con hotel. It was a pretty small con. I think the vendor room had all of three vendors. We mostly hung out in the back of the main room so LP could run around while we listened to the Q&As or let LP run around the main lobby of the hotel with a three year old girl who was also there for the con. Aerith was surprised that there wasn't a room showing the episodes of Zim to the public. I liked the Q&As because I like listening to the actors talk about their craft. At around 3:45, we rounded up LP and took him home. KR came over and he got to have LP and KR time and Aerith and I got to go back to the con. Yay.

We got there part way through Rikki's panel. I got to ask him about his kitties, since I really like his comic TaviCat, which is all about them. Then there was the Kickstarter Only panel. It was some giving away of things via a raffle and then the rest of the time was Rikki (GIr) and Richard (Zim) on their ukeleles being silly. We called it #irkenrock. After that there was the guests read a script panel. They read "10 Minutes to Doom", which was awesome. What was even cooler was that the actor who played Dib wasn't there, so they had three audience members audition for the role. The guy who won actually got to go up on stage and read along with the rest of the cast. He was beside himself with joy and he actually did a very good Dib. I didn't take any video of this reading, but other people did, so I'm sure it will so up online at some point soon. Then they had some time left to kill, so they read the opening of Amok Time from Star Trek: TOS. They were supposed to do it as their Invader ZIm characters, but decided to all be William Shatner instead. I did get that on video.

Then Aerith and I and a friend of ours that we ran into at the con went to get dinner at Five Guys cause we were hungry and stopped at a local video game store to check things out on the way back to the Con. We got back to the Con just in time to see the winners of the costume contest announced. There were lots of people in cool costumes, so I'm sure it was hard to judge it. Then we hung out for a while. We stopped into the ZIm Against Humanity panel and I played a round, but it was awkward. Then we poked our head into the Dance Like a Money party, but someone was wearing too much perfume for Aerith, so we left. We were getting tired anyway.

Best part about having a con 10 min away is being able to sleep in your own bed at night.

This morning we woke up and hung out at home. We showed Little Prince Dispicalbe Me for the first time. He loves the Minions (he's seen the shorts) and I think he really liked the movie. After lunch we went to the park for a while, where it was REALLY hot and then back to the con. I got to talk to Rikki and his wife Tavi about cats for a bit. Then we said hi to Richard and Melissa. Richard really seemed taken by LP. Since Melissa is also a musical theatre person and has a four year old, I tried to get LP to sing his version of "Let it Go" for her, but he decided to be shy.

Then LP got a Captain America shield painted on his arm by the person doing face-painting, which went well with the Avengers overalls he was wearing. We hung out in the lobby for a bit and then hit up the Panel of Doom (a full cast Q&A) and the Closing Ceremonies, which was basically a big "I love you all" from the attendees to the con staff and back. We left part way through to go get chinese takeout for dinner.

So that was our InvaderCon experience. I was surprised that so many people there seemed to be teenagers, but I guess if the show came out 13 years ago, if you were six when you first saw it, you'd be 19 now. I wish we could have spent a bit more time hanging out and getting to know people, but that's the drawback of having a kid with you, I guess. I did like the intimacy of the smaller con and the fact that everyone there was soooooo into this one thing. Overall, had a great time and super glad we funded the project and went to the con. Especially since they'll probably not do another one.
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Not sure how many of you have been following the story of Katie, a first grader who was getting teased by the boys because she brought a Star Wars thermos to school and that is a "boy thing." Katie's story went viral and gained the support of the geek community. Someone started a Facebook Event to support Star Wars, Geekdom, and Katie. Just check out #maytheforcebewithkatie on Twitter to see comments and pictures from people all over the world.

As many of you I have a deep love of Star Wars. It started back when I was around 3 or 4. I remember playing Star Wars with the boys. I was always Princess Leia. In high school I joined a Star Wars role playing chat room. I attended one of the meet-ups for the chatroom when Episode I came out in 1999. I'm still friends with many of the people I met there, thanks to the internet and facebook.

Today in honor of Katie, I am wearing my very old and much loved Princess Leia shirt. It's so worn that you can't even tell that she's standing in front of a Tantive IV anymore. Here is a picture of me in my shirt and holding my USB Lightsaber Lamp from ThinkGeek:
Force with Katie

May the Force Be With Katie. May the Force Be With All Of You.

Game On

Jul. 27th, 2010 10:18 pm
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The find folks at The Guild have brought us another music video to celebrate their newest season:

<a href=";from=sp^sp&amp;vid=8cb424dc-cbdb-40be-90c5-8fb450462d2f&amp;from=en-us" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Music Video - &quot;Game On&quot;">Video: Season 4 - Music Video - &quot;Game On&quot;</a>
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It was a rainy Monday night in Austin, Texas. The thunder was so loud that the occupants of [address redacted] had decided to stop killing zombies on their Wii and go downstairs. The husband of the household was sitting on the couch, reading one of the Dresden Files. His wife was seated upon the loveseat, her laptop on her lap, checking social networking sites. There was a rumble in the street that was nothing like the thunder overhead. The husband turned to the wife and said, "That sounds like a delivery truck." The prospect of this excited them both as they were expecting a package from the website known as ThinkGeek. Their doorbell remained suspiciously quiet. There was no knock at their door. The only sound they heard was that of the truck driving away into the night. Thinking no more of it, the couple went back to their evening's entertainments. An hour later the wife, still on her computer, received an email from UPS. Upon reading it, a look of puzzlement crossed her brow. The email said that the package that they had been waiting for had, in fact, been delivered to her porch at the very moment that her husband had heard the delivery truck. The wife rose from the loveseat and looked out the window by the door, but there was no package. She opened the door and looked around, but the package was nowhere to be seen. Her confusion mounting, the wife wandered out barefoot into the rainy night, but it was dark out and the bushes in front of her neighbors' doors made it hard for her to see their porches. Distraught, she and her husband decided to call UPS and see if they could shed any light on this situation. After navigating the treacherous phone system, the wife was finally able to make contact with a person of the UPS customer service department. The nice and apologetic, but ultimately unhelpful, woman of the UPS customer service department informed the wife that she must contact the sender of the goods, but she would also transfer her over to the department that could start an investigation. However, the phone system performed in its usual manner and the wife soon found herself listening to a dial tone. Irritated at the state of events, the husband and wife decided to brave the now lighter rain and look for their package on the porches of their neighbors. They wandered down their street in one direction and then the other, glancing at front doors along the way, but there was nary a package to be seen. Discouraged, they wandered back toward their own empty porch, making plans to contact both ThinkGeek and UPS and voice their displeasure. However, at the last moment, the wife looked upon her next door neighbors porch and low and behold, there was a package sitting there. She slowly made her way up their dark driveway to get a closer look. Huzzah! It was marked with the logo of ThinkGeek. The wife quickly grabbed the package, thankful that there was no one around that she would have to explain her actions to, and brought it into the warmth of her own home, the mystery of the missing package solved.

* This story was sent to ThinkGeek customer service.
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You know you've been spending too much time studying XML when you look around your apartment and your brain does this:

<object class="functional">Smoke Detector</object>
<object class="decorative">Tapestry</object>

Only 20 or so more pages of it to read...


Jul. 18th, 2006 10:11 pm
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So, [ profile] lordaerith and I finally gots our own domain name:

Don't really have anything up there yet, but at least it's mine :)
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So, [ profile] sylvanstargazer and I went to Davis for dessert and then to the SSFFS library. There I found a copy of The Eye of Argon. We proceded to read through the entire thing, amazingly enough, and laugh ourself silly in the process!! I don't think i've ever read anything written that badly before. We had soooo much fun reading it! I swear I almost pissed my pants a number of times.
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I am designing a webpage for a class at Smith about gamer-chicks. I am looking for quotes by gamer-chicks about being a gamer-chick. I am also looking for what exactly makes a gamer-chick (ie: being into rpgs, holding your own against the guys, etc)

If you have any quotes or quick stories (not more than 10 lines or so) about being a gamer-chick or just a list of things that gamer-chicks have to do, please e-mail me at Please include what name you want me to use for you on the site and if you want me to set it up so that people can e-mail you.

Thanks a lot!

P.S. to see the page (there really isn't much to it yet) go to
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well, I am back to being human :(
my ears are burning and red, but at least they don't hurt as much as they could. many many blessings to the person who invented spirit gum remover!!

as for the movie... I could talk about it forever, but i have 4 more pages to write (at least) of my paper, so i must to that. will write later.
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I am an elf. I wish i had a digital camera so i could put up a picture.

a ten page paper to write now. well, 8.5 pages left. ick.


Dec. 18th, 2001 09:08 pm
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I got my elf ears in the mail today!!!!
hurray hurray hurray!!! Just in time to see Lord of the Rings tommorow!!

I spent the afternoon at Nayone's doing homework. somewhat. *big happy smiles*

now to write da last paper!!!
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This came into my inbox from pvgoth: LotR meets the Matrix

Read more... )

Geek test

Oct. 23rd, 2001 01:27 pm
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I AM 33% GEEK.

I probably work in computers, or a history
deptartment at a college. I never really
fit in with the "normal" crowd. But I have
friends, and this is a good thing.

Take the GEEK Test at!

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