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Last week [ profile] lordaerith and I (mostly Aerith) installed our new microwave. It is pretty and shiny and matches our stove. It also is a convection oven, which is strange but cool.

We didn't set out to buy a new microwave this year. It certainly wasn't in the plan. Our old one was working just fine. But then...

My mother was visiting us from New Orleans for Passover/Easter weekend. It was Saturday morning and we were prepping for our monthly game day and Passover Seder that night. Mom decided to bake a sweet potato in, you guessed it, the microwave. So she put it in for 30 minutes, intentionally, and went to take a shower. I think her thought process was that if the sweet potato would take 90 min in a regular oven, it should take a third of the time in the microwave. I guess she didn't notice the microwave actually had a potato setting. She also didn't poke any holes in it.

So she's taking a shower and Aerith and I are watching something with Little Prince when we start to smell something burning. We go downstairs and there's a few inches of smoke at the ceiling, and the smoke detector isn't even going off. We start freaking out that something is on fire but we can't figure out where the smoke is coming from. I get LP downstairs in case there is a fire and we have to get him out and run upstairs to tell mom. While she's getting out of the shower she tells me that she had the potato in the microwave. Go back down stairs and sure enough, there is a nice lump of charcoal in the microwave and the microwave itself isn't looking too good. So we open all the windows, burn incense, Febreeze things and work on making the house smell better. Aerith and I take out the old microwave and he does some research with mom and then goes out to Home Depot to order a new microwave.

It's amazing how much we've come to depend on the microwave. Just a few days without one made me realize that. The new one got delivered last Wed (and they took away the old one) and Aerith and I (ok, mostly Aerith again) installed it on Thursday. This past weekend he baked banana bread in it. Now the house smells much less like smoke and much more like banana bread.

In conclusion, sweet potatoes are not to go in the microwave for more than 5-6 minutes and always poke holes in them first. Also, still no idea why the smoke detector didn't go off as we tested it and it seems to be working fine. But no one was hurt and we can tease mom about this for years to come.
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We decided that 2.75 would be the perfect age for Little Prince to experience his first Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

On Thursday, Feb 27, we got into the car nice and early and drove to New Orleans. The drive went pretty well overall. Little Prince used the potty twice on the way there, which was totally unexpected and cool. He did fight sleep for over half an hour after lunch time, which sucked. We were really hoping to get in to NOLA in time to head over to Tante’s and catch Muses, but we hit some nasty traffic in Baton Rouge and by the time we got to Grandma R’s, we were all just exhausted.

On Friday Grandma R showed us that she’d saved a huge amount of our childhood toys. Little Prince was in heaven playing with it all.

Grandma R saved our childhood toys. DJ loved playing with them.

┬áThat evening we headed over to Tante and Bullit’s for our very first Mardi Gras parades. Darius got to learn just how stressful parking during Mardi Gras can be. We got to Tante’s, ate dinner, and then the parades started right outside her door.

A kid on his shoulders and a beer in his hand. Daddy is doing Carnival right.
Darius with a drink in his hand and LP on his shoulders.
That’s doing Mardi Gras right!

Read the rest of this entry on my Little Prince blog
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The guys are napping and I should be either napping or doing dishes or unpacking (oh the unpacking), but I had an urge to do some good old fashioned journalling. We'll see if it lasts.

This morning I woke up at 6:30am and realized I couldn't remember when over night my Little Prince had nursed. I really don't want to jinx it, but I'm pretty sure he slept through the night (or mostly through the night)! I got up and fed the boy-cat so that he wouldn't annoy us in bed. Then I went back to bed and breastfeed LP on and off for a while while I tried to doze a bit. Then I couldn't decide if I should get out of bed and shower or just play on my phone. Eventually [ profile] lordaerith woke up and motioned for me to go shower (at 7:30) so I did. Came out of the bathroom to a wide awake LP.

Got LP changed and set up in his high chair with breakfast, got breakfast for myself and Skyped with mom while Aerith became human again (aka showered and had a cup of coffee). Aerith started a warm wash. Then we made a shopping list and headed to the store. It was drizzling when we got into the car. It was raining when we got into the store. It was POURING when we left the store.

Got home and prepped Turkey, Yam, and Apple stew and had leftover Chuy's for lunch. LP seems to really like their refried beans.

Tried to put LP down for a nap at his usual nap time, but he was NOT having it. Worked with Aerith to get our closet more organized while LP played in the closet. We've made some good progress.

Decided since LP wasn't napping or showing any signs of being tired to curl up on the couch-as-a-bed and watch Monsters, Inc (and at the end there must have been some dust in the air, which is why Aerith and I were teared up). Much better than watching the Saints game (from what I could tell). LP watched some of it and played on the couch-bed and on the floor for the rest of it.

Called my MIL to say hi. Started to talk to her about the idea of having a big family and friends party for LP in New Orleans for his birthday - Memorial Day weekend.

Finally got LP (and Aerith) to take a nap. I'm sure it's going to mess up their bedtimes, but they were both so exhausted. I wish I could have napped with them, but I wasn't falling asleep and there's was a cold wash to start (it's in now) and dishes to be washed. But for now I'm just enjoying sitting at the breakfast table looking out the window at my soggy suburban neighbourhood.
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This weekend my father and step-mother came into town. On Saturday night we left the little prince with a babysitter and went out to Uchiko for a 6:15 reservation. For those of you who don't follow TV stuff, Uchiko is the restaurant where the most recent winner of Top Chef is the Executive Chef. I actually made the reservations in the week before the finale aired, because I was pretty sure he would win.

It was possibly the best meal I've ever had. I know it was the funest meal I've had in a long time (if ever). The fun thing about Uchiko, as our lovely waitress explained to us, was that you didn't have to order all at once. There were no entrees vs. appetizers. You could order everything you wanted at once or you could order as it struck your fancy. We played the "order as it sounds good to us game." It was really cool. I tried to write down everything we got, but one glass of sake and some white wine into the meal and I lost track.

We started with some grilled edamame and it just went uphill from there.

The best thing we had all night was the gyutoro aburi nigiri. Beef belly that was cooked in a water bath for 72 hours. It absolutely melted on the tongue.

The most beautifully presented dish was the haru yasai asparagus. It was also delicious.

The most creative and fun dish was the Jar Jar Duck. When we ordered it we had no idea it would actually come in a jar! It was filled with rosemary smoke and the whole thing was so lovely.

I was also super brave (for me) and tried many things outside of my comfort zone, such as fish that I don't normally eat and two rolls that had some sort of spice to them. Weirdest thing I had all night was the squid!

Eventually we started to get full so we ordered two more of the gyutoro aburi nigiri (cause it was that good!) and then [ profile] lordaerith and I got dessert. I had fried milk, which was actually a lot cooler and had much more on the plate than it sounds. Aerith and dad also had some port.

I don't think that I could do it often, but as a once in a while super special treat, it was a fun night and an amazing meal. And it was really nice to get out without the baby and not be out so late that I was worried about him getting to bed alright (as is, and as usually is when we leave him with a sitter, he passed out about 5-10 minutes before we got home).
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I have a Hansen's Sno-Bliz. In Austin, TX. Because my family loves me.

Hansen's Sno-Bliz

I was going to include this in a different post about family coming into town and my baby shower and all that...but this deserves it's own post.

My mom is awesome and so is Ashely Hansen. Mom went to Hansen's and got me a nectar snoball, which is my favorite. They put it in a cup with a lid and wrapped it in foil. The mom packed it up with a bunch of ice/freezer packs and brought it with her on the 8+ hour drive she and [ profile] queencimmy took to come visit me this weekend. We put it right in the freezer. Somehow I have amazing willpower (or maybe I just didn't want to share) because I'm only eating it now, hours after they left to go home.

The trick that Ashley shared with mom was to let it thaw out for at least ten minutes. Well, I tried. I snuck a few bites before the ten minutes was up. But I was mostly good. OMG. It is divine. It is so perfect and amazing and awesome. I'm eating it very slowly. I keep telling myself just one more bite and then I'll put it back to have some for later...but somehow it's still on my desk. It makes me just want to run around the house or call everyone I know and brag that I have a Hansen's sno-bliz in Austin, TX and they don't. Hell, not even people in New Orleans can get them today because they are closed for Easter. Therefore I totally win.

I am eating my sno-bliz, like a boss.
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Yesterday started off with me waking up with pain in my right side. I'd slept with a regular body pillow, but it's just not working right for me. Good thing we have a pregnancy pillow on the way.

I was half way to work (maybe more than half way) and really proud of myself for being able to get in early when I realized I'd left my water bottle at home. Knowing I was going to teach class, I needed that water bottle. Turned around, went home, spent about 10 minutes frantically looking for my water bottle. Couldn't find it. Hoped it was at work. Got to work, not early anymore, and there was no water bottle. Luckily have some extra cups lying around just in case, but I really prefer my water bottle.

Taught class to four people. It was a good class. They picked up the stuff quickly, which was great. Except that we finished the morning section early, and then the extra bit I tried to show them didn't work right on the training site. Oh well. That happens.

There was a Mardi Gras party at lunch with yummy foods. I handed out beads for kisses on the cheek. Made me feel happy. :)

As I was leaving work for the day, I got a call from the midwife. I'd failed my one hour glucose test and have to come in for my three hour. My thoughts on that and some other things (including my latest pictures) are on the newest post on my pregnancy blog.

Got home from work so frustrated about that that I finally decided to clean the front door, something [ profile] lordaerith asked me to do a long time ago but the weather was never nice enough or I never had the energy enough to do. I put on one of his old tee-shirts and an old pair of leggings and went out discover that the wasps or a wasp is back. We had a nice conversation where I tried to kill him with my bleach-and-water soaked sponge and he decided it was better if he flew really high up above the door to his nest and stayed there for the whole time I cleaned the door. The door and its frame is now clean. It looks so much better!

Went out to Tuesday Night Pub Dinner for the first time in ages because it was Mardi Gras and I was going out damn it. I got to wear my badly printed King Cake maternity shirt from CafePress. Dinner was good and I'm glad I went. Came home and was so tired I fell asleep with my laptop on my legs. Got up, helped with the "going to bed" routine and actually went to bed.
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Every day Boris looks to be moving better and better. This is a good thing. We will still be keeping an eye on him to see how he is progressing.

Boris from a month ago, being adorable:
Boris being adorable

In other news, The Mad Russian was visiting me all weekend. Hurray!!! Picked her up at the airport on Friday night and took her to Kerby Lane for food. Then hung out with her at home for a while and chatted. At some point [ profile] lordaerith decided that he had to show her Tron. I wanted to watch it again, but ended up falling sound asleep on the couch.

Saturday Aerith and I got up early and picked up breakfast tacos from Jardin Corona for everyone. Yum! I started the chicken soup and then TMR and I headed out. I drove her around UT campus and downtown and then we walked around the shops on South Congress. Got home, rested for a bit, made latkas and waited for people who never showed up :(. So we lit the menorah and had really good latkas and chicken soup and after we were done, [ profile] moonwick stopped by. So we hung out for a bit with him. After he left we all hung out for a bit more.

Sunday we had a lazy morning. In the afternoon TMR and I went shopping, mostly for maternity clothing for me. Met up with Aerith and KR17 (Aerith's new girl-type-person), for dinner at Rudy's BBQ. Sent KR17 home with chicken soup for her boyfriend who was not feeling well. Introduced TMR to The Soup and hung out some more. Basically, when TMR and I get together, we just talk for hours and hours. :)

TMR left this morning. Now I have to organize and decorate my new desk at work (my department got moved).

There is a new post in my pregnancy blog.


Oct. 28th, 2010 09:04 am
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I spent all last week in Chicago. I was there to teach 4 days of classes.

Got in on Monday and checked into my hotel early. Figured out how to take the El over to where I'd be teaching. Found out it was right by the Sears tower (or whatever they're calling it these days). So I went up to the top. I'm really glad that I did. I got to see Chicago in special light that way. I went out onto the glass ledge part of the Skydeck. I'm not afraid of heights, but being able to look that far down through your feet is a little freaky no matter what.

After the Sears Tower, I walked over to the Art Institute. I got there 40 minutes before it closed. Just enough time to see the Greek pottery, the Magrittes, a few Impressionist paintings and the famous Seurat. After that my feet were starting to hurt, but I decided it was too early to go back to the hotel, so I walked through the park by the lake down to Museum Campus, where the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium are. Unlike in the Dresden File books, I didn't see any zombies, fallen angels, or wizards. Stumbled back to the El and my hotel and had a delicious deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's.

Tuesday I taught class and then went out to diner with friends. Food was okay, but the conversation was great.

Wednesday night I went to Morton's Steakhouse by myself and had a really good dinner.

Thursday night I got to hang out with [ profile] syhira and her boyfriend at their place.

Friday I flew back to Austin after class, but not before stopping at Marshall Field's (now Macy's) to get Frango Mints. Because that's what I knew about Chicago when I was little. People go to Chicago and come home with Frangos. Made it to the airport in time, but it was touch and go as the shuttle pickup was late.

Some iPhone photos from my trip:


Aug. 22nd, 2010 08:26 pm
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Monday evening the Frenchman showed up at my hotel room and we (eventually) headed out and walked up to the North End. Ended up on the rooftop eating area of a nice little Italian place. Then we wandered around and looked at the water a bit before wandering back to the hotel.

Tuesday I taught class to 15 people, which is a lot. There were some interesting technical problems in the training room, so I was really glad that I had a senior trainer with me for my first time on the road.

DOUBLE RAINBOW MAKI ALL THE WAY!!!After class, I rested in my hotel room for a bit and then I took the T and met up with [ profile] bellebet and headed over to a Chinese/Sushi restaurant where we met up with [ profile] rogueactor and the Frenchman. Had a lovely dinner with belle and rogue, full of wonderful conversation and really amusingly named after pop-culture things rolls.

Wednesday my co-trainer taught the class, and I played TA. After class I took the T out to meet [ profile] kiten. It was so awesome to see her. The Frenchman, and I hung out at her place with her adorable polydactyl kitty cat, who is OMG so cute. He was doing that "I'm so tired but there are people and I want to play but I'm going to fall over at any moment" thing that was adorable to watch. Got some good hanging out and cuddling with dear friends. :)

Thursday morning I had to say goodbye to the Frenchman. :( He's going back to France soon, so I'm glad I got to spend some time with him before he goes. Then I got to the training room nice and early because it was a whole new class with a new group of people. There was some confusion because my schedule said class started at 9, but the schedule that was emailed out said class started at 9:30, so I had to wait around for everyone to show up. Because of that, class ran a little past 5.

Took the T to Davis Square. (See how every evening starts with that. I felt all super hip and urban taking the T every evening, wearing my iPhone headphones, listening to music, and being confident with where I was going.) Met up with [ profile] omnia_mutantur and [ profile] wandelrust and went out for gourmet pizza. The pizzas were good, but the dessert, which was hot pizza crust covered with nutella, fresh strawberries, and a touch of basil, was amazing.

Friday was the last day of class. Finished it up a little early, which was good cause people (including me) had flights to catch. After the last person left, I got my bags and took the bus to Logan airport for my 6:50 flight back home. When I got off the plane in Houston, there was a woman with 3 kids who was really confused and I thought that maybe she had never flown before or was having a panic attack or something. Since I overheard that she was going to Austin too, I helped make sure that she found her way to the right terminal. She asked my name like 3 times. It was weird. Turns out that she had had a drink and it was stronger than she expected (or so she said) and so she was just a little drunk. Well, I'm glad I was able to make sure that her kids got home, even if their mom was being weird/irresponsible. When I got to the gate for the flight to Austin, i found out there was a flight to New Orleans leaving at almost the exact same time at almost the same terminal, literally. All that separated them was a partition. I joked with the guy checking my boarding pass that it was a tough call, do I go visit my mamma and sister in New Orleans or do I go home to my husband. Ultimately the husband and cats won out over the sister and mom. Got in to Austin with no problem. [ profile] lordaerith was waiting for me and we went home where I said hi to the cats and fell over.

This weekend has been nice and relaxing. Spent a lot of time just hanging out with Aerith Got to play some regular WoW (my guild had a Cow Throwing party...throw your cleverly named level 1 Tauren off of Thunder Bluff and hit a specific spot while yelling some sort of bad pun. I LOST spectacularly!) and some of the Cataclysm beta (my Worgen is finally out of the starting zone).
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For dinner tonight, I made "Saucy chicken with vegetables" in my crock pot.

I put 1 large can of crushed tomatoes in the crock pot and added cut up 1 package of boneless chicken, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow squash, 1 green bell pepper, 1 small onion, and 1 huge clove of garlic. Then I added some Tony's and a hell of a lot (that's a measurement, honest) of chili powder. I set the crock pot on low and let it go all day. When it was just about time to eat dinner, I made some couscous for it to go over.

It was really yummy and a great way to use up some of the veggies from the farm-to-work program.
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Life's been crazy busy, in a good way. So here's a quick list of what's going on:

• The Sunday before last [ profile] lordaerith and I rolled up 3.5/3.75 characters for a run. It's the typical gamer ratio (7 guys and me). My character's already annoying everyone. :)

• Last Monday I went to a Marian Call house concert. She's amazing. She's touring all 50 states, so go find out when she'll be in a city/town near you and go see her. She's a total nerd and cute too. Oh, and she'll be performing at the SDCC w00tstock! There were many nerds there and we all flocked together. Flirted with a guy who works at Blizzard. Hey, anything to get into the Cataclysm beta, right? ;)

• This last Friday was [ profile] lordaerith's and my fifth wedding anniversary. Year 5 is the wood anniversary. Don't worry, we already went there. We both took Friday and Monday off from work. Friday we went to Schlitterbaun (which is becoming our anniversary tradition). The rides there really are the best! After riding tons of rides on both sides of the park, we headed back to Austin and went to the Melting Pot for the first time. Very nice. They found out it was our anniversary and brought us complimentary champaign with dessert.

• Saturday night we went to the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin's production of "Yeoman of the Guard" with [ profile] moonwick and [ profile] byskwik. Is a rather interesting opera. Not quite so light and airy as their usual fair and a weird ending.

• The rest of our four day weekend was spend lounging around, getting stuff off of the DVR, playing WoW, and cleaning up the house a bit.

• Work is going well. I'm starting to teach more. I'm developing curriculum for a new feature coming out in our Summer release, which is kind of like shooting a moving target. Oh, and work's sending me to Boston in mid-August to teach four days of classes. The current plan is for [ profile] lordaerith and I to go up together a few days early and see people and then he'll head home while I teach. Let me know if you want to see us.

• Other than that, life is busy with work, husband, cats, yoga, social engagements, friends, and WoW.
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Got home a little while ago from the Cupcake Smackdown. Was insanely crowded and hot. Tried to meet up with [ profile] eliset, but it was too busy and couldn't get to her. Next time, hon!

I ate a whole bunch of cupcakes, but most of them were minis so I don't feel so bad. My favorite one that I had was a full sized Lava Fudge (A chocolate cake with gooey chocolate ganache center topped with our vanilla buttercream frosting and a chocolate ganache swirl) one from Hill Country Cupcake. They were also super nice and kept the raspberry one that I bought for [ profile] lordaerith in the cooler for me until I was leaving. Left before the cupcake eating contests.

I'd go again next year. I just hope they have it in a bigger place.
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(Note: I started writing this last Sunday)

On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to Schlitterbahn for some awesome water park fun. The weather was hot but cloudy which made it perfect water park weather. We waited in too long of a ride for the Wolfpack, which wasn't really worth it. However, the Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride totally was. We thought we were both going to wipe out horrifically. I was terrified when I actually got to the shoot, but once i was on the board in the water, it was an amazing rush. I actually got stuck at the lip for a few moments and was so close to making it back down before I got washed over the edge. Aerith tried to be fancy and ended up going off of the side. Then we headed over to Shiltterbahn West. Our favorites over there were the Whitewater Tube Chute and the Downhill Racer, the latter being another one that was scary at the top, but so much fun once we got going. Aerith beat me too the bottom of that one, but only cause I caught my feet at the top edge (and they're nicely bruised, btw).

After we were done with the water park, we headed out to Bryan to spend the weekend with [ profile] gailmom and [ profile] gryphynshadow. Had a great time hanging out with them and at the small party that they threw on Saturday night. Really enjoyed surprising [ profile] lordaerith by having a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements show up at the house for him. Also, gail and I dragged him to his first pedicure. I got purple toe nails with these really pretty flowers on my big toes. Aerith didn't get polish put on, even though I kept suggesting that he go with dark blue.

Finally got to meet [ profile] parathalyn in person. Met up with her and her boy for lunch. Was really good to meet her in person. Hope we didn't scare her away by being too weird.

Saturday night [ profile] lordaerith bbq'd for us and then there was a small party, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday started with what could have been really bad poly drama, but because we all took responsibility, communicated things clearly, and acted like adults, it didn't. Came back home to kitties, who had spent then weekend being watched by the wonderful [ profile] lorelein, played some WoW and went to bed.


Jun. 7th, 2009 04:46 pm
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This weekend [ profile] gailmom came to visit. She showed up right when I was getting home from work on Friday. We chilled at home and then [ profile] lordaerith made grilled pork chops, rice pilaf, and steamed green beans for dinner. That night we went out to a benefit show for one of our friends, which was a lot of fun. Got to see the Lizardman perform. He was really funny.

Yesterday we brought the car to Groovy Lube for an oil change. They were really fast. Then we went to pick up the art pieces that Gail won at the benefit. While we were down south we headed to the mall so I could get soap from The Body Shop (I was out) and picked up a few other things. Then we went to Boomerangs for lunch. Mmmm...meat pie! And now we have frozen pies in our freezer!

After all that, we came home, crazed, and ran a low level instance on WoW. It was nice to have all of us in one room instead of working it all out over headset. Then we headed out a party at a friend's house. We were there until past 2am!

This morning (well, almost noon) Aerith made us bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast (brunch?). Then Gail had to leave (sadness). Tonight, the Tony's hosted by NPH!
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Had a good Memorial Day weekend.

On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I bought a little portable propane grill because we were tired of not having a grill and this one we can take with us :) So we grilled a lot over the weekend. There were hamburgers and hot dogs on Friday, chicken and zucchini on Saturday and bison steaks and asparagus on Sunday, and we're thinking more burgers and sausages this week. Also we tried grilling peaches for dessert on Saturday...they came out okay, but it probably would have turned out better if they had actually split in half when we cut them instead of resisting being pulled apart and falling apart/getting mushy in spectacular ways.

We also played a lot of World of Warcraft, which was what I wanted to do. Got my Tauren Druid a few more levels (so close to level 30 and a mount!) and I even made some money at the auction house! Ran our Blood Elves for a bit yesterday. Man, that guild is silly. Undercity is very confusing. Also, Ogrimmar (Ogrimmar...I got an Ogrimmar slaying knife, it has a +9 against Ogrimmar) doesn't have a Druid trainer but Silvermoon does.

Did go shopping on Saturday. We both got much needed new headphones for our iPhones. I can hear people again, yay!

Lastly, this weekend we started on Operation Reclaim Bathroom From Cats (ORCBRFC). Made some headway but it's still to early to tell who's winning.

Edit: I forgot to mention the joy of being woken up at 5am this morning by Natasha, who was right next to me, starting to cough up a hairball. She ran out into the living room and I ran out after her (to try to get to her in time to pick her up and get her on tile) and so then I had to clean up her hairball. Left me rather awake and made it hard to fall back asleep.
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My work has a Farm-to-Work program.[ profile] lordaerith and I decided to participate this week. I just picked it up:

Not sure how we're going to eat all that, but it looks tasty. Already have some ideas for the zuchinni.

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[ profile] lordaerith is awesome.

First, last night while I was out with friends, he texted me saying that there were chocolate covered strawberries and an episode of Mythbusters at home. Needless to say I went right home. I love my friends, but I think chocolate covered strawberries and watching Adam and Jamie try to swim in syrup wins.

Second, he surprised me with tickets to see RENT! tonight. He doesn't even like RENT!. But he's willing to see it because he knows how much I love it. Also, Adam and Anthony (the original Roger and Mark respectively) are going to be in it. This will be my 5th time seeing RENT! as a live performance and my third time seeing the two of them in it.
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Last weekend I went to a crawfish boil at a friend's house. Next week I'm going to be in New Orleans so I get to have more crawfish. Yay!

Tuesday of last week I made both tzimmis (in the crock pot) and my first attempt at a raspberry-blackberry (aka razzleberry) pie. The pie was a little more liquidy than i wanted. I need to remember to clean the berries and let them dry before mixing them with the sugar.

Tuesday night I hung out with one group of friends and then went out to Karaoke, which was awesome because I hadn't been in ages. I missed it, even if it has changed somewhat since I started going.

Yesterday [ profile] gailmom came for a visit which was awesome cause I missed her very much and it was great to see her. We hung out and went to Phil's Icehouse for burgers and watched Tank Girl. Then we got all pretty and went to a party which was good. Had some good talks with old friends and made some new ones.

Today we got up late and I wanted to make waffles, but there wasn't any milk so I ran to the store while [ profile] gailmom and [ profile] lordaerith cleaned up the kitchen. I came home and made the waffle batter and put the first batch in the waffle iron and then realized that I forgot to use the non-stick spray. The waffles stuck to the top and bottom and the top of the waffle iron kept threatening to fall backwards. Cue total breakdown from me due to not having eaten yet (ah, blood-sugar issues). But Gail and Aerith were awesome and cleaned it up and fed me. So the first set of waffles were more like waffle crumble, which we just dipped in the maple syrup and was pretty awesome anyway. The rest of the waffles came out just fine (even if the waffle maker still tries to open too far). Eventually Gail had to go home and Aerith and I played WoW and had more of the leftover tzimmis and watched last week's Dollhouse (which was awesome) and Heroes (which was really slow, but had a very interesting ending).
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The Frenchman is visiting me this weekend, which is awesome. He flew in yesterday. Last night I took him to Kerby Lane Cafe for dinner and then we met up with [ profile] lordaerith and [ profile] gailmom at the Spider House and when to The Burlesque For Peace. The show was a lot of fun. Some of the performers were really good. After the show I drove the Frenchman around a bit of downtown Austin.

This morning [ profile] gailmom and I snuck out and brought back breakfast tacos for breakfast. This afternoon the Frenchman and I took a walk around my neighbourhood.

Right now the three of us are at the Salt Lick waiting for a table. Since the wait is really long, the Frenchman and I went over to the table where some people were selling Girl Scout cookies. When they saw that the Frenchman had a beer in his hand, one of the mothers mentioned that Shortbreads go well with beer. Sometimes I love Texas.

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I am sitting in a hotel in Northampton while my loves are cuddling in the bed (lazy bones!) so I figured it'd be a good time to write a post.

[ profile] lordaerith and I finally got to our hotel on Cape Cod at 1:30am Saturday morning. We passed out until mid-morning. Once we got up we went in search of breakfast and found it at Bagels & Beyond. This place makes their bagels fresh every morning and has really good coffee and breakfast sandwiches. So good, in fact, that we got breakfast there all three mornings that we were on the Cape.

After breakfast we drove around West Yarmouth and met up briefly with [ profile] rogueactor, who was grabbing a bite to eat in the middle of helping Wyldblade and TheatreChick with their wedding preparations. Then we had the hunt for a wedding card for those two, which ended successfully at the mall in South Yarmouth.

Eventually it was time to get ready for the wedding. They were going to have it on the beach, but since it was drizzling on and off all day, they eventually decided to have the ceremony in doors at the reception hall. The wedding started a little bit late because some people still ended up going to the beach. It was a lovely ceremony. The dress was casual (I think the groom was the most casually dressed person there). [ profile] wabres officiated (got to love a state where anyone can be a JP for a day). The bride's vows were lovely and touching. She was almost crying. Most of the bridesmaids were crying. I think the groom was almost crying too.

After the reception was lots of fun. There was a punch room with 11 different types of punch, all with fun names, a games room, and lots of yummy food made by the families of the bride and groom. I ended up playing Apples to Apples with some of the bridesmaids and a bunch of other guests for a good part of the night. It was a perfect representation of Wyldblade and TheatreChich and a really really good party!

Pictures from [ profile] wabres (because I forgot to bring my camera):Sunday [ profile] lordaerith and I drove up to Provincetown to check it out. We ended up at The Wired Puppy for a few hours so I could get some work done (yes, I had work to get done on my vacation...long story...). Finally the rain cleared up at we got to walk around, see the sites, and check out the shops. I think that [ profile] safirerings summed it up better than I could have done.

We drove back from P-town the long way and then went to The Yarmouth House for dinner. It was a really good dinner. [ profile] lordaerith had the Surf&Turf and the Tuxedo cake for dessert and I had crab stuffed salmon and this apple caramel cake thing for dessert. After dinner we wanted to go play mini-golf at Pirate's Cove, but they closed just before we got there.

Yesterday we left the Cape and drove to Connecticut to pick up [ profile] artemis42. It was really really amazing to see her again. I finally got to see her comic book shop, where the walls are truely made of awesome.

The three of us drove up to Northampton, checked into our hotel, and then drove over to Amherst for D.P. Dough. After eating we headed over to [ profile] msbutterpecan's to see her and the kiddos. OMG! They've all grown so much, it's really amazing. Foof jumped about 3 feet off of the ground when she saw me. :) After hanging out with them for a while, we headed back to Northampton for ice cream at Herrells with [ profile] kjpepper, [ profile] sundart, and [ profile] lostcircuit. It was awesome to see Ms KJ and Sunny again and to meet LC. After ice cream, [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] artemis42, [ profile] kjpepper, and I walked up towards Smith. When we were in front of East Heaven Hot Tubs, Aerith said that we better go in because we had an appointment for a roof tub in 10 minutes. Surprise Hot Tubbing!! He's amazingly sweet. So we said good-bye to Ms KJ and the three of us had a really wonderful and amazing time in a hot tub under the moon and stars.

Not really sure what today's plans are, but I know they'll involve seeing [ profile] kiten and possibly [ profile] reverendtom and going to Haven tonight. Yay!

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