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Had a dream last night in a continual setting, but it had distinct parts (at least two).

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I'm doing much better now. Still feeling sick (it's really starting to feel like a sickness instead of a weird lung thing) and still having the occasional breathing problems, but it's soooo much better than Monday. I was able to go to work and to class yesterday with almost no problems. I also got almost 12 hours of sleep last night. I think I really needed it. I go back to the dr. tomorrow for a follow-up.

Although [ profile] lordaerith let me sleep in this morning, he did wake me up so I could take my "take every 12 hours" medicine (how sweet of him!). I was having a really weird dream at the time which led me to say something like, "I have to get the duck out of the house" when waking up.
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I had a dream this morning, I don't remember all of it, but there were some of us in a classroom somewhere and then we had to run away from someone (we did something bad or she wanted to do something bad to us) and I was driving the car and then it was New Orleans and then I went to turn left down a street and there was a Mardi Gras parade. We were trying to turn in between or before a float or something when all of a sudden I couldn't turn left or turn my head left because my arm was going numb. Then I woke up and my arm from the shoulder down had fallen asleep and was tingly.

Today [ profile] pyramus and [ profile] starrfade got married. We couldn't be there, but I made sure to wear my "Matt Barth Sucks" tee-shirt in honor of him.
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On Sunday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to Excalibur Ren Faire. It was a nice faire. Larger than the one we went to in the Fall, but definitely smaller than the NY one we used to go to. Wore the nice but not super-nice outfits. Was glad that we did. Had a fun time. Ordered a new under-bust corset for me, which is great b/c as much as I love my Moresca corset, after walking around in a faire all day, it can get a little annoying. And this guy is going to make it to my measurements! Hurray. This also means, that I'll have to go back to the faire at some point (darn!) to pick it up. I'll try to give more advanced warning this time to see if we can get a large group to go. It'll probably have to be on a Sunday, as I have a tendency to have to work on Saturdays.

Been spending lots of this break playing Puzzle Pirates :) Hurray for free oceans! I play as either Athenae or Sureal on Sage. Come and find me.

Last night I had a dream (well, I had 2 dreams that I can remember, but the other one isn't nearly as interesting...something about having an apartment that shared a living room with an ethic of some type family) where I had a baby boy named Victor and he was born early so they wanted to put him in one of those sterile baby incubators. But I threw a really big fit and got to hold him. Then I ran away with him and went into an empty room in the hospital and got him to nurse and used my body heat to keep him warm. Then I went back into my hospital room (which looked something like a dorm room) and told the nurses/doctors that they couldn't have him back because he was nursing and I was going to keep him warm. And they let me. Of course, I woke up contemplating the name Victor and deciding that I didn't like it b/c Vic King...ewww... But I was very proud of my dream-self for insisting on nursing and keeping the baby with me.

I should be doing school work, but it's raining out and i want to read for pleasure b/c it's Spring Break.


Apr. 24th, 2006 06:31 am
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Over the weekend we saw the pilot and 3 more episodes of Lost. I dreamed about it! Was tempted to skip work to watch more Lost, but am not.


Jan. 6th, 2006 07:30 am
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I don't remember all of my dream last night, but there was something about my toothbrush.

Then (later/in another dream), I was walking down the street with some friends and saw [ profile] msbutterpecan crossing the street. She was wearing a black velvet shirt over her very large pregnant belly. I ran over to her and rubbed her belly (after asking, Queen of Wands taught me that). She said something about those in her "circle of love" (i think) never had to ask. So I rubbed her belly and gave her a kiss on the lips and ran back to my friends. When they asked me who she was I said, "Oh, that's MsBP. She's a sexy pregnant woman."

This morning when I got into the shower there was "I *heart* you" written on the wall because Crayola bathtub crayons are awesome and so is my husband!

Here comes Natasha to cuddle, but it's time to go to work, where I will probably spend another day eating, drinking, and breathing the thing we're launching on Monday.
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Well...I would just like to say that the ASP retreat went really really well.

On friday we got there around 8pm (my ETA!) and got settled and then showed people who hadn't been there before around. This ended in an impromptu ritual. yay yay.

then a whole bunch of us went into the hot tub. there was lots of nakedness and lots of "who ever i might be molesting, i'm sorry."

"what do you call 12 pagans in a hot tub?"
"A self-cleaning coven."

I guess there was an Earthquake at somepoint, but i didn't feel it at all. *L* I've always been so afraid of earthquakes and i slept through my first one.

On saturday we just took an easy day, chilling, talking, reading. I fell back asleep for a few hours after lunch. it was nice.

Then we planned Beltane. Yay for Beltane. I got to be the goddess as the "maiden/warrior/mother." It was really really powerful. We worked on the idea of beings coming together to create life (not just in the male/female dicotomy). I'd write more, but a lot of it is a very happy blur.

Then there was more hottubbing. :)

The next morning we did ASP business stuff, and then packed up to leave.

When we were about to leave, i had everyone stand in a circle and, as the only senior, i left each of them something special(either phyical or some words) . I hope that it becomes a tradition that continues.

Good Things

  • Being at Touchstone Farms
  • Getting Sleep
  • Hottub fun
  • Bonding with lots of wonderful people
  • Being espically close to Nayone, whom I love so very much!
  • DidI mention Nayone?
  • All the good conversations with people "... and then I came to Smith and joined ASP."

Bad things

  • This being the last retreat i will go on as a smith student.
  • Having 3 Anxiety dreams:

    • Friday 1 - Drempt about breaking up with Aerith (over a silly reason) and then going to Nayone's room, but she was leaving to go to a meeting, so I was very alone and scared.
    • Friday 2 - Drempt there was a ritual at Smith and it was going all wrong. Then I was in another dimention and things got really strange.
    • Saturday - Drempt that there was a test in Latin class which i didn't know about until i got to class b/c i missed class on Friday (that was the Catholic's fault *G*, long story).

  • Stepping on something during the Belate ritual that put a small hole in my foot (post on that coming soon).

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Mar. 29th, 2002 09:08 am
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So, last night I was in bed by 12, but didn't fall asleep until 1:30 or so. This was mainly b/c as I was nodding off I realized I was thinking about Sandman and I had to make myself stop thinking about it b/c I had this feeling that it wouldn't be the most healthy thing to have in my head right before I started to sleep (espcially b/c of where i am in the series).

But, I did have a dream:
I went over to Aerith's apartment for Wed. night game and went into his room and everything was moved around. He had rearranged. I got really freeked out b/c he blocked off the closet with all of my stuff in it and there were other reasons too. So then I went to the dinning room and everyone was there and they had started playing the game I am DMing without me. I got really upset at them and told them that all of their characters were dead. Then I remember having an afterthought that I should have made them all roll a save vs. death with a DC of 30-something and tell them that it was a trap they didn't see. Then i was in Aerith's room again and i was throwing a fit on the bed b/c his room was all different and i just couldn't handle it. At some point in all of this I went to take a shower and was trying to lock the door (b/c of the number of people around), but the door wouldn't lock. the thing would turn, but it wouldn't lock it. That's all i can remember.

Then my body woke me up at 7am. bad body.


Feb. 21st, 2002 09:06 am
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2/3 Dreams:
I dreamed that I was in this weird auditorium where if you sat on the left side (facing the bottom) you couldn't see it at all. There were some people there and somehow they thought that RHPS was this friday and they wanted to see it right then. I tried to explain that it was next friday and that it was primarily for smithies. but there was this really skanky guy who swore that he was going to round up a whole bunch of drunken frat boys and bring them. I was trying to ask him not to and he got all in my face and was really scary. Then a friend of mine (strong male, not sure who) came over and promised to "take care" of skanky guy. but the whole thing really scared me.
Then (either another dream or not). I was walking along the street (I think Banbury Rd. in Oxford) and there was something about catching the bus, but missing it, but then we (there was a male-type person w/me) decided to walk b/c there was a bus stop every 2 blocks, but i think we were trying to catch the B43. I think so stuff happened along the way, but it's fuzzy.

other dream:
Ancient Egypt, in a egyptian temple (that looked more like a museum of egyptian stuff) and a french looking courtyard that went w/it. First the ruler was hanging out in the courtyard and then he went inside and then this evil person locked him in a room so that he would dye in there. He was closed in with this really big door. But somehow everyone was stuck in the building for YEARS. Then the ruler broke through the stone door somehow. Then he had to get out. There was this window that couldn't be opened, but it had rusty hindges, so the ruler took a long hooked pole and started pulling the rusty metal out of the hindges and the other people didn't notice until he was almost done. And he climbed out onto the roof of the next building over. Down below was the person who was trying to rule in his place and the real ruler chased him around and that's all i remember.
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I made cookies today :) Chocolate chip from scratch. and braught some to the ASP meeting. it was #1 on the agenda. :) :)

Yesterday I found out that this girl i was really close to commited suicide. we were friends in 8th grade, but then she went to live with her dad and we sort of lost touch. Her brother is my honorary brother (blue skunk, except his hair isn't blue anymore). her mom is like my mom. but i'm not really saddened by this. a little, but it's not affecting me much, i'm concerned for her mother though. Had to call the Mad Russian b/c she knew her also. was strange.

She was in my dream last night. I don't really remember much of it. I remember that I was in a house/building of some sort and talking to someone who was reading a book (?). Then I went out to this big place that was like a really large garage, it was metal with a large open area in the back.. then at some point Tamara was there. I can't remember how she looked, but i knew it was her. We were holding hands, facing each other. I was walking backwards towards an altar (?) in the middle of the room. I fell on my knees and was hugging her legs and crying. Then I don't remember what happened. but then i was walking back alone to the room where the person from earlier was.

I think i said my good-bye to Tamara. I want to say that in the dream i begged her not to go and she said she had to, but i can't tell if i just added that afterwards. I think there was something about her prying my hands off of her legs. I do know i was crying a lot. Maybe I got her from that open area and she had to return there. *shrug* I just know i feel closure.


Jan. 18th, 2002 02:57 pm
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so i only remember parts of my dream.

in one part there was a stage production of some sort (a musical) and I knew one of the actresses. I was sitting by the stage and caught her eye and she smiled.

then there was something about getting to an Opera house with mom and cimmy for Tosca(?). It was in this really out of the way place. or we couldn't find it. and we had this really big vehicle that mommy was driving. we finally found it, but the parking was somewhere else and i think we had to distroy some stuff. there was a nice resturant too. Mom let Cim and I out so that we could get there in time. So then we found the place and we had seats really really high up. I looked at the synopsis of the opera and it was the one where the girl and boy are in love, but the boy's father tells the girl that he doesn't want her to see the boy and then the girl has TB and the boy gets to see her and she sings a lot and dies in his arms. The opera house was all white. and mommy was late and I was worried about her. but then i found her.

that's all i remember.
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So, last night I dreamed that I was at NOCCA in the Lab and there were two sheets of paper, one was to have been done for homework (to be handed in that day) and the other was to be done right then. well...for some reason i hadn't done the homework one. and Aerith was there happily filling out the assignment for the day. So, i went and took a seat and tried to do the homework one, but I had to keep scratching things out because they were wrong and people kept interrupting me and stuff. the someone (an unrecognizable teacher or maybe Aerith?) came up behind me and put his arms on my arms and I snapped. I mean really went crazy. I just started screaming and screaming and shit. And then I was lashing out at everyone who was trying to calm me down.

then i was brought somewhere and there was a classroom, but it wasn't a nocca class room. and the door was open and i hear some people (Janet?) talking about me. So I started calling them motherfuckers and all sorts of curses. and the teacher(s) ran out to get help or something and I started yelling at the students. then I ran out of the room.

I was going down the side stairs, but they were outside, when someone (i think it was a young Kent) grabbed my arm and asked me to wait. I didn't understand, but then a bunch of level 1s (the looked really young) started some music and did this whole choreographed dance for me. It was really cool (i wish i could remember it). I started laughing and smiling and it pulled me out of my insanity. I remember holding hands with some of them in a line and going back upstairs.

Mommy was up there. I had hurt her when I was crazy, b/c i didn't know it was her. She said that it was ok. Then we went downstairs and the car pulled up. Cimmy was driving, my Bro was in the passengers seat and he leaned back to say HI to me. there was someone in the backseat, but i can't remember who.

Cimmy started driving somewhere. We were going to the grocery store because we had to go shopping, but she was taking this really weird way there because she was still learning how to drive. I was getting impatient and mom wasn't in the car.

that's all I can remember.


Jan. 15th, 2002 03:08 pm
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last night's dream was really really weird. let me see if i can remember most of it.

it started off with going to Franklin (my highschool) and there was a whole thing about how i was getting there and driving and stuff. and then i was driving a friend of mine (this girl who lived down the street from me and goes to hampshire) to NOCCA (my other highschool) but we were only going twice a week or something like that. and then Amythyst wanted to come along also. and there was a debate about who was to drive.

there was something in there about being in a classroom and aerith was there too and I think Nora Crow (who is a college prof that i HATE) was teaching the class, but i wasn't paying attention because my parents had recenly split and I was upset about it or something.

then i was at NOCCA and it was some sort of combo between the old and new building. it was the second week of school and i realized that i was supposed to be going every day, but i hadn't been, because i hadn't known to. I couldn't find my class because things were all moved around. Then the next day my class was in the old library, but it had this big square table with an open inside. it was Janet's class and there were all sorts of books and plays on the table, but no one would tell me which text we were supposed to be studding.

Then something came over the intercom system about my sister b/c she went to NOCCA too or something. She was upset about our parent's break up. I went down to the office and I had a big stuffed black cat with me that i was hugging. and she was crying and we were hugging and crying and stuff.

that's really all i can remember. hmm...strange.


Jan. 11th, 2002 12:50 pm
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my dream is kind of fuzzy, but i do remember some of it, so i will try to tell it as best as I can.

I remember that I was taking the Kevin Smith Male test (see entry below) or I was talking to someone ([ profile] lordaerith?) about the results. Then someone else started talking about it. When I turned around, it was Jason Mewes. He said that he took it and got Randall or someone like that. Not Jay at all. So we were talking and hanging out and he had a livejournal too which i was reading. then there was something about people in swivel chairs, maybe Jason was sitting in one. Then I was typing something, or there was something about a computer and someone shutting it off and me getting mad at them, but i don't really remember. the rest is really really muddled, but i think there was a lot of confusion going on. hmm...strange.


Dec. 14th, 2001 11:08 am
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last night I dreamed that I flew home to New Orleans. When I got there I found out that I hadn't packed certain things, like shoes and skirts. So every time i found this out I would call Aerith, who was flying in the next day, and ask him to bring the stuff I forgot.

Hmm...well, i was talking to my mom and my sis today on the phone. but aerith is coming with me to N.O. hmm...strange things.


Dec. 11th, 2001 08:20 am
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in my dream [ profile] purplegryphon and [ profile] rhiannondance were picking me up to go somewhere. Rhiannon was driving and Gryphon sat in the backseat while I was in the passanger seat (which is strange, since THEY are dating). We were on a really complicated part of the highway, which I have never been to IRL, but I know that I've been there in dreams before. All of a sudden Rhiannon and I wanted to get something to drink and Gryphon had to go to the bathroom. So we took the next off-ramp (which i had gone down before). Rhiannon asked which way the bathrooms were. At first I said straight, but then I said "my side". She laughed and said "Oh, turn right". And I was like, i tell better directions using myside yourside. but Rhiannon turned the corner and then almost went to the fork to the right which would have brought us back to the high way, so I had to say, "straight, now go straight". and we all laughed about the sillyness of her taking the right fork. Then I woke up.

why is it that when gryphon is in my dreams we are in a car? but last time she was naked (maybe coming onto me?) with these amazing spiral designes painted/tatooted all over her back.


Dec. 10th, 2001 09:18 am
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Last night I drempt that I was in a hotel and I was taking a VERY long shower because I was shaving and it was taking a long time. Everyone kept coming into the bathroom and yelling at me to hurry up because I was making them late and they were going to miss whatever it was they wanted to go to.


Nov. 14th, 2001 03:10 pm
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my dream last night:
I walked into this building and there was a short hallway with some of the members of my Greek class standing there (I guess we had a meeting or something). Then I was lying on a couch (I think I had jumped over the back of it) and DV leaned down and kissed me on the lips. He told me that he got my e-mail and it was ok.

Then we (the whole class) were outside and everyone else had formed into two teams. I wasn't on a team yet, but DV pulled my hand so that I was on his team. Then we started throwing things (maybe leaves) at each other in some sort of fun throwing stuff war. I took off my blue backless birks at some point. All of a sudden I looked at my watch and knew that Hamp-girl was waiting for me to head back to Smith. So I ran down the hill (but it wasn't the normal Amherst hill, it was much longer and steeper). Halfway there I realized that i had left my shoes at the top of the hill, but it was starting to rain and i was already late.

She was waiting for me at the bottom of the hill and I got in her car and we left to get Aerith. But then I told her that I had to get my shoes. She offered to wait for me, but I yelled at her to pick up Aerith and come back for me because we were already really really late and I knew that he would be angry. So I jumped out of the car (which was stopped at a stop light) and I had to run up TONS of stairs in the rain. But my shoes were there and I got them and put them on and then went back down the hill where Hamp-girl and Aerith were waiting for me. I don't think they were mad at me, but I kept apologising to Hamp-girl for yelling at her, even though she said it was ok and she wasn't mad at me.


Sep. 27th, 2001 08:46 am
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last night I had two dreams.

In the first one, Aerith and I had an apartment/house (I can't remember). Anyway, we had a kitty and there were people over playing with it. Then someone was like "what about the puppy?" I went into the bedroom? with the wooden floor. There was a large cage and a puppy in it. I think that we had all forgotten about him. I let him out of the cage and he was hobbling around b/c we had kept him in there for so long, because we just didn't remember that he was there. He had white fur. He was sad, and I was so sorry that we had totally forgotten about him and that we crippled him because of it. I just had this huge feeling of guilt (i might have been crying).

Now I can't remember my other dream. Damn it. I remember that it was the one that i really wanted to remember. grrr. maybe it will come back to me.

home again

Aug. 23rd, 2001 09:17 am
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so, i'm home now. I like being home. but i miss aerith!!

the flight was pretty cool. they had some of the rocky horror show playing on one of the "radio" stations.

I had dinner with dad and ada. then mom called at 10 and i came home. it's good to see her, but she looks so thin (well, thin for my mom). And her MG was really acting up so that she was having trouble talking. I ended up reading some of harry potter 2 to her. that was cool.

yesterday dad, ada and i went to pick up Cimmy from her b/fs new apartment at ULL. Nice place. Right on the edge of campus. The rooms are decent sized and well kept. Not as big as our place, but a good first apartment. I got to walk around the ULL campus. Dude, there is a SWAMP in the middle of the campus. It's really cool. There are gators and everything in it!!!! The campus itself was much nicer than i expected it to be, which was a pleasent surprise.

dad took us out to dinner, which was cool.

cimmy and i did a lot of talking on our way back. I told her about Venus5. I think she is interested to see it b/c she likes Sailor Moon too (actually, she was the one who got me watching it).

Then got home and found out the cousins and aunt and uncle are going to be coming in on friday. of course mom is freeked out about how bad the house looks. bfd. we'll get it cleaned. well, i will clean and cim will get pissed that i am cleaning and being the "good girl" and shit. Well, i think that if i just say yes and do what mom asks, it's just so much easier than being negitive and getting into a fight.

damn, my bagel is cold and perkigoth keeps cutting out.

I had some dreams that i really wanted to recored in here, but i can't remember them. The only one that i remember was this one from friday where we were doing this haunted house, but it wasn't haunted, it was more of a dungeon/improve/Munchkin thing with some of Light up the sky thrown in. It was very strange. the other two dreams esacpe me now.

when i mentioned to my mom about the whole bat thing at the theatre, mom said that one time in school someone came to talk to us about bats and i was the only one interested and kept asking questions. I don't remember this, but it makes me wonder about my bat afinity. I should research bats and figure out what it means and how they connect to me.

have to go to the Mall with Cim now.

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