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May. 15th, 2011 10:34 pm
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Saturday was a day of classes.

Week 39 Day 2 In the morning Darius and I went to the cloth diapering class held by The Diaper Squad. Learned some good tricks, including those for diapering newborns and also for diapering boys. Learned about all the different kinds of cloth diapers there are out there. The guy teaching the class was fun, but we could tell he was kind of nervous about teaching, as the person who usually does it is apparently out on maternity leave. Still I’m glad we went.

Then in the afternoon I went to the Birthing Center for a breastfeeding class. Learned a bunch of good techniques for breastfeeding a newborn and for hand expression. I’m feeling more and more confident about this whole breastfeeding thing as I know I have lots of support and good resources. Also, today I was able to hand express a little bit of colostrum. I think that it’s the coolest thing ever, but I think that it freaks out Darius just a little bit.

My belly looks smaller to me this week than it did last week. I’m taking that as a sign that the baby has really dropped. I hope so. Can’t wait to meet him!

Originally published at my pregnancy blog. Please leave any comments there.

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Going home this weekend for sneeky's wedding. Haven't been home since before Katrina...I am a little a lot nervous. But I'm also excited. I've been told my house now looks completly different now. I'm scared to see it.

Well, must get back to class.

p.s. Guitar Hero II is awesome. TROGDOR strikes again!

p.p.s. Check out the new icon I made.
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Well, that was interesting.

I just got home a little while ago, from working on a group project. We met at 2. This project was to classify all of the "informational" objects in our house and then meet, decide on broad and sub-categories and then write 750-1000 words on what we did, why, and any issues that came up. The assignment sheet said this would take 4-6 hours (oh, it's also a credit/non-credit assignment).

So first there was the 30 page reading. Then there was the figuring out everything that was "informational" in the house, how I'd group it and how much of it I had. Which of course resulted in me getting very upset at the state of not-unpackness that the house is in. Then we met at 2. From 2-6 we worked on our classification system. This involved lots of debate and reorganization and re-estimations. Then we went to TGI Fridays for dinner because we were brain dead. After dinner, we went to Whole Foods (where there wasn't internet, but there was more table space than B&N) where we wrote most of the paper. During this time, K's computer (where the list was) shut off and then right before writing the conclusion, my computer shut off...of course neither of us had brought our cords with us. So we finished by hand and then went home. We still need to re-format our list and put our paper together.

This is for a C/NC project. I'm glad we didn't meet on Wed. (class is on thurs).

In other news, work schedules got re-arranged again. I no longer have to work 9.5 hours on Tuesdays. Hurray!

Me, bed, now. Class at noon and then work until 10pm.


May. 6th, 2002 10:23 pm
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I just had my last Primal Scream. Some of Smith College is still screaming. I didn't realise I had so much tension in me until I started my first scream. Then I just screamed and screamed!!

I have also had my last ASP ritual (may 1), my last day of classes (on may 3rd), my last SSFFS meeting/Peep sacrifice (may 3rd), and am finishing my last reading period.

I still have yet to have my last exam, turn in my last paper, and pack up my dorm room for the last time.

It's all sort of scary and exciting and surreal at the same time.

well...back to studing for my last latin test.
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Yay yay yay yay yay. The Young Adult Fantasy website which catling and I were working for our class is finally DONE!!!! So go and check it out and play the madlibs :)
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well...i finished my website. you can see it here if you want (looks best with IE):
Gamer-Chicks Power Page

I have more to say, but i am tired!


Apr. 4th, 2002 12:24 am
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Well, the draft of my website for class is as done as it's going to get. It has no images or javascript yet. no images b/c never made it to WAG. no javascript b/c what i wanted to do was too complicated for what i know right now. so, if you want to see it, you can go here. It was all hand coded. yay me. looks nicest on IE.

other than that, i'm so busy w/things it's insane. must get some sleep now so learning and fortunetelling can happen tommorow.
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I am designing a webpage for a class at Smith about gamer-chicks. I am looking for quotes by gamer-chicks about being a gamer-chick. I am also looking for what exactly makes a gamer-chick (ie: being into rpgs, holding your own against the guys, etc)

If you have any quotes or quick stories (not more than 10 lines or so) about being a gamer-chick or just a list of things that gamer-chicks have to do, please e-mail me at athene@livejournal.com. Please include what name you want me to use for you on the site and if you want me to set it up so that people can e-mail you.

Thanks a lot!

P.S. to see the page (there really isn't much to it yet) go to


Mar. 25th, 2002 04:48 pm
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today I skipped my first class all semester. I just couldn't go to my horseback riding class. it's only one credit anyway.


Mar. 14th, 2002 08:31 pm
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today at my horseback riding lesson I got to ride BAREBACK for like 10 minutes at the end of the lesson. What an amazing experience. I was riding on Urie who is a really stuborn and very hairy pony.

From my horseback riding journal that i have to keep for class:
Then, after everyone had done some trotting, [student], [another student] and I took the saddles off of our horse and led them out to the mounting block. Urie wouldn’t go right up next to it, so [the teacher] was very stern w/her and eventually she got close enough that I could get on. OH MY GOD! What an experience. I could feel Urie’s spine under me (there was a quick thought that if I repositioned myself slightly it would be a lot of fun). I could also feel her movement much more strongly than when on the saddle. I also learned that when on bareback you really have to keep your balance and make sure you are sitting up straight and have your heals down low. We even got to trot a little bit. OUCH. But fun. I had to lean back very quickly to make sure that Urie didn’t go too quickly. But it was so much fun. I really felt connected with the horse in such a new way. I think that I learned a lot about connection and balance and control from this. It was just so amazing!!!!!
When I got off of Urie I was just completely covered in her hair. I had a huge ball of it on my shirt. And, oh boy, am I sore. I already am feeling this. I’m scared of what it will be like tomorrow!


Dec. 12th, 2001 03:19 pm
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well, i was going to rant, but i've calmed down now.

my class ran late (last day of an acting class...go figure*G*). I call work to tell them that I am going to be late and then head over to college hall to finish up some treasurer business that i had left over from the other week. So the guy there tells me that I should have gone to Student Bank and done things a different way. Excuse me, this is my third year as treasurer. I know what I am doing. I guess b/c the counter person at the controller's office left no one knows how to do anything. when I tell him that I am running late for work and if he could just do this quickly for me, he offers to call student bank to see if they are still open. I KNOW they are open because I had just walked by when I called my work. I told him just to forget about it because I was late for work and it just wasn't worth arguing about.

In good news, my acting class presentation went well. That's a paper down!!! And Aerith was getting off of the bus when i was walking to class so he walked with me to the theatre building. i love him. it's always so hard to let him go even when i know i'll be seeing him later tonight.
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"sterra gar anagkee" - for necessity is hard.

The last line in Hecuba. I couldn't agree more. But I'm done. I finished the play. I've translated (almost) every single line. I understand how it works and I didn't want to throw the books against the wall once. Such an improvement from two years ago. Bring on the final! I'm ready.

I still can't believe I've read an entire greek play IN GREEK! WOW, i'm amazed!


Dec. 6th, 2001 02:22 pm
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well, my toe still hurts. I've been keeping it up and iceing it once in a while. It looks a lot better today than it did yesterday. I can walk a lot better today. It'll probably be fine by monday.

in other news my mother had her operation to remove her thymus yesterday. That also went really well and according to her friend who called me, she is recovering faster than they expected, which is good.

Also, the deadline on my 10 page paper got pushed back to during exam period. Hurray. This means that I have 8 pages, not 18 pages, and a final and a presentation and two performances due next week.

In acting yesterday we delt with the question of the audience. Can i just say that I would never like to perform to a group of Paranoid Schitozophrenics. It made me really nervous (just thinking that they were the audience) espcially when I had to say "depression" and "epidmeic" and "suffering". Some of the scenes turned out so funny!! It's such an interesting theory that I've never had delt with in an Acting class before. Gives me something to think about.
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wow, I haven't written in FOREVER!!! Let me see, what happened to me?

First, monday the 19th Flip came into class 40 min late with a bleading cut on her forehead and proceeded to fall down. We called the Public Safety and stuff and the ambulence guys came to get her. I went with her to hospital. We were there from about 2pm to 6pm. I was there when she woke up. She couldn't remember any of what happend to her. it was scary. but they did a CT scan and an EKG or something like that and said she was fine. So, luckily another friend showed up with food and a car and drove us home. The whole experiance just weired me out so, after a few hours of getting no work done, I packed up my stuff for Thanksgiving and headed over to Aerith's.
Also, that night Aerith's sister gave birth to Theresa Joan two weeks early at about 11pm. I guess it was a day for hospitals.

Tues- Haven died. Aerith and I beat Gauntlet Dark Legacy and started to cheeze the game. Learned how to post while troting.

wed - Swan and Kiten showed up and we played more Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

thurs - drove to eastern mass. Got to see little TJ. Her mom came home from the hospital that day. Had chinese food for dinner, but it didn't matter because we got to see the baby :) Aerith and I got to stay in a hotel room ;)

fri more babyness!! Started to freak out about all the work i had to do.

sat went to the mall. The body shop was out of the Define and No Frizz cream :( Ended up getting a dishes and silverware set for $45 at a kitchen store that was going out of busness. Drove home. Saw the Twelfth Night movie w/Helena Bothem Carter and Ben Kingsly. Was very good.

sun did LOTS of Greek

monday the 26th - had a mock final in horseback riding. got Percy. ick he is such a pain! but i groomed and saddled and bridled him and didn't get kicked or bitten or anything. ha.
Then I pulled an almost all-nighter (3.5 hours of sleep) to write a paper. the only good thing was that i got to call dad at 1 in the morning (8am his time)! He got remarried.

tuesday - turned in the paper late, but at least on the day it was due! Whimsy was a pain during riding, but not a Percy-like pain, so that is good. Was up till 1am doing greek, but did over 30 lines in less than an hour at one point. YAY ME!!!

Things I must do before the school semseter is over:
1. 3 exams - 2 in class - 1 a pratical for horseback riding - 1 self-schedualed at Amherst.
2. 3 papers - 1 2-3page obersvation report, 1 5 page write up on Peter Brook, 1 10 page for Comedy and Romance
3. 2 reports - 1 due friday for Greek. 1 article one
4. Greek translation lines (finishing Hecuba)
5. Finishing Horseback riding journal (due mon)
6. Reading Winter's Tale
7. Rehearsing scene with Flip.
I think that's everything.

i think i can do it all (I hope)
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well, my weekend was full of ups and downs.

First, friday night, Kilean came to a SSFFS meeting and sold so many tickets to HP that we hit the over 100 mark. He actually ran out of tickets and had to go have more made at Kinkos. :)

Then had dinner with Prof and Comedy and Romance class. Was a very good dinner. Ran REALLY REALLY REALLY long! Got a *little* drunk.

However, b/c it ran to 10, Aerith was waiting for me for over 40 min. Poor sweet thing. He got out The Man who would be King from the video store. We watched some of it.

The next day was ok. Got some work done. Aerith had to work. There were about a MILLION people trying to do laundrey at the same time as us. I did find out that Cinemark screwed over D'arcangel productions and the HP showing is going to be on saturday. I felt so bad for everyone who I promised that it would be on friday. :(

Sunday I got some more work done. Then went to ASP meeting. Was me and Petra. Went over to Emi and Syl's and were the "getting shit done" commity.

Then has a SSFFS officers meeting. That went well, EXECPT the end. Amythyst got a headache and then she was dizzy and so i called health services and they sent a policeperson to bring her to Coolie Dic.

But, then came the Collapse into Reason, Bella Morte, Cruxshadows show. OMG, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! Collapse into Reason sounded GREAT. Then I was in the front dancing for Bella Morte. They played a lot of good songs, but i really didn't know a lot of them. There were some obnoxious guys in the audience who seemed to have been following the band. They were scaring me. After Bella Morte played I went upto the lead singer and congradulated him. He thanked me and then thanked me for being in the front. *G* hehehehe. Then Cruxshadows came on. Holy SHIT! Why have i NEVER seen them before??? They put on the BEST show. I was standing right infront of Stacey, the really beautiful guitarist. Rouge is SO amazing to watch. He walks around the audience and climbs on things and does all kinds of crazy shit! He even got a chair from somewhere in the middle of the Grotto and was standing on it while singing in the middle of the dance floor. After the show I got the band members to sign a poster for me. Stacey said that it was nice to see people smiling the front row *Big Grin*

Today Greek was ok, but on the walk back to the bus stop, DV was really distant. *shrug* must e-mail him soon.

I was late to Acting b/c the printer in WAG was not working so i had to print everything out in B&W and then i waited around to see if they could fix the color printer.

Went to the fleece sale. Bought a headband that covers my ears and some warm socks. Amythyst showed up with her mommy. She had been at some hospital in Springfield and they didn't know what was wrong with her, so she is going on medical leave until after thanksgiving.

Horseback riding was good but cold.

Aerith is here :) game tonight, must go.


Nov. 8th, 2001 02:23 pm
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I beat Aerith. Ok, I know that it's not a compitition, but it IS! I got an A on the lastest Child and Adolecent Test and he got an A- (three points less than me). Better than the last one where i only got an A- and 2 points better than him. So there!

DV and I have been e-mailing. He is interesting. Maybe one day I'll have coffee with him or something. I think that there is a lot more to him than how he presents himself. Found out that he's only a sophomore though. He still hasn't told me his age.

Time to do greek, greek, greek and more greek. Oh, and maybe a little theatre and calling up Gill hall to do student obeservations for class.
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This morning I was dreaming and there was a pleasant sound of very soft bells. They woke me up ever-so-gently and I knew it was MOUTAIN DAY. It was such a beautiful wake up to my last moutain day at smith! Then i heard the first years running up and down the halls screaming "it's mountain day" and I had to smile.

but i still have to go to class at Amherst. Oh well.


Oct. 3rd, 2001 12:34 am
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well, i wanted to write a really long post, but now i am really tired, so I think i'll write a quick one with the outline of what i wanted to say.

1. birthday went pretty well. Got some cool stuff. Amythyst gave me an AWESOME goddess pentant.

2. if mountain day isn't tommorow i think a bunch of us are going to go after connolly with pitch forks.

3. test today. was ok. know how to study better for the next one.

4. got a helmet and shoes for horsies. but the shoes are so nice that i want to wear them a shoe shoes and not horse shoes (haha). oh well.


6. vampires on the goth list. whatever. way too much e-mail.

7. Buffy. I love smith. hehehe. Spike is hot. Willow is in over her head. All the sister things make me miss Cim to no extent.

8. work fired the incompitant people and it totally revamping. hopefully it will all be good. hurray for seniority. I got to keep my hours.

9. Must get on D.'s case about pics.

10. ND totally knows I'm her big sis. I don't care.

11. Aerith slept over last night. 2nd time ever in almost 3 years. The bathrooms weren't as scary as he thought. Maybe he will sleep over more. yay. love him!!!!!!!!

Night night.
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In acting today I got up to do my monolouge using only the positions that were in our pictures. I got up to do it even though i was really tired. I guess Paul could tell that I wasn't really into it because he kept making me do the movements with out the words until i had purpose in my positions and between them. But it still wasn't right when I started my monologue. He kept making me go back, or i would stop myself b/c i messed up the words. I felt like a really big fool. But then, once I got past where I was having trouble, I really got into the whole thing and the end of my piece was really strong and went where i wanted it to go. I guess I should have just been awake more and it would have all been fine.

I have to run. Time for horseback riding.


Sep. 10th, 2001 09:06 am
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friday- Saw Jay and Silent Bob again. Somehow it just wasn't as funny the second time. And the middle really really dragged.

Sat- had class. grrr. but i am doing well. Understanding a lot more now that I have a strong latin basis.
Went to the Mall to meet up with Aerith. he got his hair cut. ok, it needed it, but couldn't he have left it just a LITTLE bit longer?? Ended up on a sugar low. had to go to burger king. why does aerith get mad whenever this happens? I don't mean it to. he needs to realize that i really can't fuction when it happens and i need to be taken care of and told "we are going here and you are eating now." I'm glad it doesn't happen often.

Aerith ran his D&D game that night. So much fun!! he really screwed us over, but we got a hell of a lot done. I would like Allegra to join our game, but Aerith isn't sure. I think the more he gets to know her, the more he will like her.

Sunday - did some homework and some cleaning. Bought a futon!! hurray!!!! got sheets for said futon. arranged it in my room. hurray for big cumfy beds!!!
went to the ASP meeting. There are a lot of good first-years. I'm exicited about this year! It should be really good. we planned Mabon and I got a Treasurer in Training, who also happens to game!!!

Then the house meeting. ugh, could it get any more boring? I want to take all of the house officials aside and give them voice projecting lessons. Everyone was quiet when i introduced myself. why? b/c I projected my voice and spoke clearly and concisely. thank you years of theatre training. the meeting took almost 3 hours.

Had a talk with HR about Miss Priss. I feel better about getting that off of my chest. Then we talked about the posiblity of having senior coctails once a month or something. That could be soo much fun!!!

Cleaned up and organized my room. I feel ready to start the semester for real now.
Watched the end of the "House of Yes." had seen part of it before. such a weird movie!!!

realized that I really should have washed my sheets first. oh well.

time to get ready for classes.

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