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Natasha in her cageOver the weekend Natasha made some progress on using the cat door to get into and out of her cage. For the past week, she's been willing to push her way in as long as Aerith or I would coax her head into the right position and hold her gently. However, she still wasn't coming out without one of us holding the flap open for her. Over the weekend she got better about putting her head to the door, but she still needs a light reassuring touch. The best thing to happen over the weekend is that she figured out how to push her way back out of the cat door all by herself. She still wants one of us on the other side coaxing her, but she'll do the work on her own. We are really excited about this progress and hope that soon she'll figure out that she doesn't even need us there at all. I look at this as good practice for potty training in a few years.

In other news, I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and there's a new post on my pregnancy blog.

Also, it's Pi Day. Happy Pi Day! I was supposed to make a pie for work, but I totally flaked. I think I'll make one when I get home. It'll go with the cottage pie that Aerith is planning on making today.

Here is what Pi sounds like:
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An update on how Managing high maintenance cats is going.

We love the cat feeder. Boris is too smart for the cat feeder, but this is okay. The great thing about the cat feeder is that we don't have to worry about being home right after work to give Boris his mid-day feeding and it drops just the right amount for him. Unfortunately, Boris has figured out that if he sticks his paw up the chute, he can get food out of it. The other great thing about the cat feed that we got is that it only pre-drops into the holding area the food for the next drop. So maybe one day he got twice as much food, but every day after that, no food actually drops down, so he sticks his paws up there until he gets all the food in the holding area out. But it is still just the right amount that he is supposed to get and now he has to work for it and it's not all there at once so he has to eat it slower. We consider this a win.

The cat door for Natasha was installed into her cage on Wednesday night. This is proving a little trickier. She still hasn't quite got the idea that she can go in and out on her own. She's also slightly reluctant to use it on her own or without one of us holding it open. But she's getting braver and braver about having it touch her head as she goes in and out, so that's a plus. I think the more we work with her on it, the better it will get. And if when we go away for the weekends she gets stuck in there, well, there's a littler box and food and water for her, so if she doesn't want to get out, she doesn't have to. We consider this on our way to a win (hopefully).

Also, new water bowl is way more awesome than old one. So much easier to tell when the water level is getting low. Another win.

Over all, one full win, one mostly win, and one hopeful win. Us 2.5, high maintenance cats 0.5.
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Both of our cats are high maintenance in different ways.

Boris has no concept of self-regulation when it comes to eating. Left to his own devices, he'd eat all the food there was until it was all gone or until he made himself sick or both. For those of you who knew us in MA, you'll remember that he was well over 20lbs. Well, thanks to our amazing vet and our careful diligence with Boris's diet, he is now down to 15lbs and generally stays that size. Unfortunately, this involves feeding him wet food morning and at night and a cup of dry food in the afternoon. The other size effect of this is that Natasha, who does self-regulate, is on the same eating schedule as Boris and her food either has to be picked up when she is done or more lately, put in a place where he can't get to it.

Natasha is litter box picky. If it's not up to her high standards of cleanliness, she will go next to the box or by the front door or in the tub. Her standard of cleanliness is lower when it's a box that only she has gone in. Of course Boris likes to go in the boxes as soon as they are scooped to show dominance or something.

We have a partial solution right now. We have a very large dog cage with a water bowl, a drop feeder, and a litter box for Natasha. We let her in when we feed Boris or whenever she walks up to it. The biggest problem is then letting her back out. Too soon and she doesn't use the box, too late and she eats more. She's gained two pounds since last year, probably because she's stuck in the cage with nothing else for her to do other than eat.

While annoying, all of this is manageable when we are home. It's when we want to go on vacation that things get tricky because then we have to have someone come over at least once to twice a day. For cats.

So we've come up with a full solution that we hope will work. I got two spot bonus from work recently, which equals $200. Instead of spending it on fun stuff for me (boo), I turned it into gift certificates so we could get things that shoudl make our lives easier in the long run (yay!).

For Boris we got an automatic feeder with a timer. The plan is to set it for his afternoon feedings, so we don't have to worry about getting home late. Then when we're on vacation we can set it up for 3x a day feeding. Sure it'll be dry food over wet food, but all dry once in a while won't kill him.

For Natasha we got a cat flap that will only open in response to a tag that we'll put on her collar (and not on Boris's). We'll take out a side of the cage and install the cat flap. Hopefully she'll take to it and then she'll have unfettered access to her food and litter box and Boris won't be able to get in.

For both of them we got a new water fountain because the old one is, well, getting old and is also hard to clean.

So hopefully this will all work and our lives will be way better and we'll be able to go away for the weekend without worrying about our crazy high maintenance cats.
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Every day Boris looks to be moving better and better. This is a good thing. We will still be keeping an eye on him to see how he is progressing.

Boris from a month ago, being adorable:
Boris being adorable

In other news, The Mad Russian was visiting me all weekend. Hurray!!! Picked her up at the airport on Friday night and took her to Kerby Lane for food. Then hung out with her at home for a while and chatted. At some point [ profile] lordaerith decided that he had to show her Tron. I wanted to watch it again, but ended up falling sound asleep on the couch.

Saturday Aerith and I got up early and picked up breakfast tacos from Jardin Corona for everyone. Yum! I started the chicken soup and then TMR and I headed out. I drove her around UT campus and downtown and then we walked around the shops on South Congress. Got home, rested for a bit, made latkas and waited for people who never showed up :(. So we lit the menorah and had really good latkas and chicken soup and after we were done, [ profile] moonwick stopped by. So we hung out for a bit with him. After he left we all hung out for a bit more.

Sunday we had a lazy morning. In the afternoon TMR and I went shopping, mostly for maternity clothing for me. Met up with Aerith and KR17 (Aerith's new girl-type-person), for dinner at Rudy's BBQ. Sent KR17 home with chicken soup for her boyfriend who was not feeling well. Introduced TMR to The Soup and hung out some more. Basically, when TMR and I get together, we just talk for hours and hours. :)

TMR left this morning. Now I have to organize and decorate my new desk at work (my department got moved).

There is a new post in my pregnancy blog.
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I'm worried about my boy cat.

Last night I thought I noticed him limping (favoring is front right paw) a bit. It was pretty obvious that he was. [ profile] lordaerith felt gently to see if anything was wrong/cut and when he got to Boris's shoulder, the poor cat hissed at bit. And when I just went to feed them, while he had eaten all of his food, he hadn't licked the bowl clean. If you know Boris, you know this is a big deal.

Nothing looks cut or imbedded in him, so he probably just strained or pulled his shoulder while running around or chasing his sister or something. If it doesn't look like he's getting better by Sunday night, I'll email the vet.
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Had a good Memorial Day weekend.

On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I bought a little portable propane grill because we were tired of not having a grill and this one we can take with us :) So we grilled a lot over the weekend. There were hamburgers and hot dogs on Friday, chicken and zucchini on Saturday and bison steaks and asparagus on Sunday, and we're thinking more burgers and sausages this week. Also we tried grilling peaches for dessert on Saturday...they came out okay, but it probably would have turned out better if they had actually split in half when we cut them instead of resisting being pulled apart and falling apart/getting mushy in spectacular ways.

We also played a lot of World of Warcraft, which was what I wanted to do. Got my Tauren Druid a few more levels (so close to level 30 and a mount!) and I even made some money at the auction house! Ran our Blood Elves for a bit yesterday. Man, that guild is silly. Undercity is very confusing. Also, Ogrimmar (Ogrimmar...I got an Ogrimmar slaying knife, it has a +9 against Ogrimmar) doesn't have a Druid trainer but Silvermoon does.

Did go shopping on Saturday. We both got much needed new headphones for our iPhones. I can hear people again, yay!

Lastly, this weekend we started on Operation Reclaim Bathroom From Cats (ORCBRFC). Made some headway but it's still to early to tell who's winning.

Edit: I forgot to mention the joy of being woken up at 5am this morning by Natasha, who was right next to me, starting to cough up a hairball. She ran out into the living room and I ran out after her (to try to get to her in time to pick her up and get her on tile) and so then I had to clean up her hairball. Left me rather awake and made it hard to fall back asleep.
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On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to a party where we got to meet some cool new people and I got to reconnect with an old friend. I made chocolate cupcakes for the party which went over really well. Except something seemed a little wrong with them but I couldn't place it then.

On Tuesday I made a double batch of the same cupcakes for the new student orientation at the iSchool and I realized what it was. On Friday I only put in half the amount of buttermilk that the recipe called for. Oops. If the ones from Friday were good, the ones from Tuesday were even better, even if I did have to run out twice while making them (once to Michael's, while the first batch was baking, to pick up more cupcake holders and once to HEB for more powdered sugar). I decorated them with the iSchool logo and the IT Lab logo because I'm a nerd.

iSchool logo cupcake

IT Lab logo cupcake

When I was walking to the bus with the cupcakes yesterday someone asked me if they were for Halloween or UT. I smiled and said "UT". Is this the first of becoming a Texan?

Orientation went really well yesterday. I answered lots of new student questions and gave advice. The cupcakes were well received and by 3pm there weren't any left.

After orientation I went to the iSchool Happy Hour at the Dog and Duck which was fun. Came home and ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap. Guess I needed it.

In other news, the job search is going well. I don't want to say anything more than that, lest I jinx it. I still have to finish up some stuff in the Lab so I'll be there today, after the vet comes over for the cats' yearly checkup, and possibly tomorrow.
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Just finished reading all of Jorge Garcia's (aka Hurley from Lost) blog (which also has an LJ feed). It's really funny and amusing. No Lost spoilers, but that's okay.

As I was adding the feed to my LJ I heard the sounds of a cat about to throw up (which I know so well from the hair balls that Boris occasionally gets). This time it was not Boris but a very perturbed and somewhat frightened Natasha. I acted on instinct and grabbed her to get her onto the tile (so much easier to clean than the carpet). However, unlike Boris who calmly lets me move him, Natasha was not so happy. She flailed. A lot. I got her in the kitchen, but ended up with some nice gashes across my knuckles (we can't cut her nails...neither can the vet. the last time a vet tried she ripped the clipper out of the vet's hand even though she was being held down by the vet's assistant). Then after she threw up, she threw up just a little bit more on the couch arm. Thanks a lot kitty! Cleaned that up too and then cleaned out my scratches.

I'm actually a little worried about Natasha. She didn't eat much of her lunch (and now I know why), and I've never seen her throw up before or even have a hairball. I guess we'll just have to watch her over the next few days. Maybe she's allergic to [ profile] queencimmy ;)
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Stolen from [ profile] raenshadoe. Totally worth watching!!!

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First of all, Boris had a weigh in the other day. He is now at 16lbs, 12 oz!!! He's definitely looking thinner.

Second, I'm learning how to play with OmniGraffle. It really is fun to use once you get the hang of it. I used it to make a drawing of the top level (and top sub-level) folders of my laptop for my Electronic Records class.

I found out that XJournal downloads all my posts as a plist which I can open with OmniOutliner or with Text Edit (even though the XML can be a bit tricky to read). Yay for not having to download each month individually (even though the XML is easier to read).

[ profile] lordaerith and I have discovered Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) on G4. Oh the insanity! Here is the run of the second person to ever beat the game (in 18 seasons).

iACPL "I'm a Librarian and I'm an IT Professional" videos on YouTube.


Jan. 7th, 2007 12:08 am
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made it back home in one piece. The cats are very happy to see us.

Did not go to Oak Street Cafe, but mommy made biscuits and pancakes and eggs, so it was all good.

Ride home was uneventful. We keep ending up stopping off at the same exit, either for food or gas, no matter which way we go.

Time for bed.
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So, in the world of insanities, [ profile] lordaerith quit his job yesterday. The owner of the company was a real dickhead and finally pushed him too far. The lead craftsman there quit today, so that has to say something about the working conditions. Actually, i'm really proud of [ profile] lordaerith because the owner wanted them to sign a contract giving up their 15 minute morning and afternoon breaks and aerith stood up to him because that isn't fair to the workers (and is possibly illegal).

Due to him having no employment, we decided to leave early to go to New Orleans. Therefore we will be leaving tomorrow (Thursday) and returning to Austin a week from Saturday. Hurray for a long vacation. Even found someone to watch the cats, so we don't have to worry about bringing them along.

Spent yesterday after [ profile] lordaerith got home from quitting running errands. Found an ice rink inside of a mall...very weird. Spent most of today cleaning up the apartment so the cats don't wreak it while we're out of town. With the exception of the study (which they're not really allowed into anyway) the place looks amazing! Some of the clean up was stuff left over from when we moved in and never put everything away. Now hopefully we can just keep it like that.

Off to clean the cat's water fountain and then pack for the trip.
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When Boris was weighed in August, he was 20lbs, 6oz. Today he is 18lbs, 4oz! Hurray!

cross-posted (with more details) to [ profile] shortys_brood.
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I'm really starting to love Austin. Right now World Fantasy Con is happening about a 5 min walk from my apartment. I took a very tiny detour on my walk home from the bus stop today and ran into author Eileen Gunn. We chatted for a few minutes about things, and she seemed excited to meet a young fantasy reader who was starting on the path to becoming a librarian. We also talked about online works and copyrights because she edits The Infinite Matrix. I think I may have to hang around the hotel a bunch tomorrow...

Just a little while ago, we were watching a little bit of Meerkat Manor and Natasha was sitting on the arm of the couch absolutely fascinated by the meerkats on the tv. She was sitting up right and alert and her eyes were so big. If we ever were to let her out, I know she'd be an excellent hunter. Boris, on the other hand, slept through the whole thing.

Bed soon so I can register for next semester's classes in the morning...yay.
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Dear [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] mere, and [ profile] shogunhb,

I've created [ profile] shortys_brood, a place where we can share stories, pictures, etc., about Boris, Natasha, Ruby, and Orson. I figure this is a good way of keeping in touch about the 4 of them.

Anyone else who wants to join is welcome to.

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Here we are on Christmas morning. Sitting on the couch after eating breakfast, each of us has a cat curled up next to us (mine, the boy, is purring so loudly I'm afraid he'll wake the whole neigbourhood). I look around and smile because this is my family.

On friday I got out of work early and we went to eastern mass to visit the in-laws. The presents we got for people went over really well and we got this nifty Cocomotion, a hot-chocoate maker from his niece and nephew.

Then we came home and opened presents with Artemis. She gave us these really amazing scarves that she made and some other cool small things. I gave aerith Serenity DVD (but i put it in a huge box *grin*) and he bought me a wireless router (thus I can be online while downstairs...hurray!). We decided to do presents then because that's when our family was there and as we don't really celebrate xmas, but feel more that the season should be a time for family, that's what felt right.

yesterday I made Diablo 2 shrine cookies. Now i have to make icing so i can ice them for this contest (i have until 3pm to enter...i can do this)
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I feel so silly. This morning when we were getting ready to go to the bridal show at Look Park, I couldn't find the pair of pants i wanted to wear. I litterally turned the room inside out and went all crazy (it didn't help that George is showing up soon). ***ahhh, aerith just deposited a natasha on my lap*** anyway, when i was cleaning up the hang-dry stuff from last time we did laundry, ***oh, she jumped off my lap and missed when she tried to jump onto aerith's*** I found them hanging up in the closet. oh do i feel like a dork!

The bridal show was very good. We got some good info about florists including Atkins Farms ***ok, she's back on my lap now*** and some stuff about invitations. Also, I found out a bit about the shoes i've been coviting. it looks like i have to find a shoe maker. Oh, and I won a $50 gift certificate to Chandler's Resturant.

***i think this cat is trying to nurse off of my dress. she's crazy!***

yesterday Aerith and I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with Wabres and Godspiel. It was so much fun. nothing that hadn't been done before, but it totally had the feel of an old newspaper serial. you could almost feel where the cliffhangers would be. Oh, and ms. pepper is right. definalty a great last line!

and now to bed. to read either more of the deathgate cycle or the WoD books that aerith and i broke down and bought. and she's purring so much. it makes me not want to get y66666666666666666666666666666666666666rttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt up. (that was Natasha on the keyboard right before she jumped off my lap).
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Good weekend.

friday )

saturday )

sunday )
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friday - the SSFFS meeting was fun. We got to talk about cons. Dinner was shit so a bunch of us went to davis. when ks was about to get food, Amythyst and I said "nope, sorry, no food for you, you're not allowed to order anything." To which BM told ks "don't worry, you can have as many tic-tacks as you want." hehehe
Saw The Children's Hour which was directed by Austin Pedleton. It was pretty good. I felt the first act was a little flat which made it hard to really get into the other two acts (which were actually very good).

Saturday - got up late *G*. Read some Winter's Tale. Fell asleep while Aerith made dinner. :) Went to UMass to see The Diary of a Madman. It was EXCELENT! Absolutly amazing!!!! When we left the theatre it was snowing! I couldn't stop laughing.
When we got home we watched the snow and watched The Usual Suspect which Aerith had never seen before. He liked it, but I knew he would. It's so different watching it a second time.

Sunday - did homework. got my observation report done. it's crap, but it's done. finished Winter's Tale. Weird play. Waited for Flip, but due to misscomunication we never met. I hope it goes well today. Started reading about Peter Brook. He hung out with Crowley! Weird shit (I bet i'm one of a few people at Smith who would read his Memoirs and know who Crowley was). Had to share with someone. Called Rock, but she wasn't home. Called Brenna. She was home. We talked for a while :) Typed up some of the lines the greek test is going to be on.

Overall - semi-productive weekend. My toe hurts less and less every day. I am walking with almost no limp now. Love Aerith. Spectre is cute when he's not a brat. want school to be over. too much to do.

left to do:
edit Observation report.
Study for Child and Adolecent Growth and Development Exam.
read about Peter Brook and write 5 page paper on him.
work with Flip on Brook and our scene.
Study for Greek Exam.
write 10 page paper for Comedy and Romance on yet-to-be-determined subject.


Jul. 9th, 2001 10:30 am
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Saw Cats&Dogs. An ok movie. got to see the harry potter trailer on the big screen. made it worth it.

Went swimming w/Aerith and Kiten. Had a blast with noodles :) Tried jumping through them and all kinds of fun tricks. Got more tan. huray!

Then the rev and slinky boy showed up for aerith's game. but since pants wasn't there, we ended up hanging out and bbqing. deravyn and lisa showed up with the gothic prom pics. Deravyn takes good pics. Aerith actually liked the way he looked (which was really dark and sexy!!!!!) in the pics.

after that the boys convinced me to run a modual that i have. aaahhhhh. DMing for my first time. well, i TRIED. and the boys were on their best behavior (well, as best as they can be when they play characters), but I hadn't read the thing, so i really didn't know what was coming, and i quit b4 any combat happened b/c i was tired and i couldn't really remember how it all worked. but next time i'll be more prepared b/c i'll read up on stuff first.

The best thing was that redfishie showed up! hurray! I hadn't seen her in forever!!!

had many strange dreams. but i can't really remember any of them. one of them had two brothers. i really wanted to remember all of them. it was one of those morning where i kept waking up in the middle of a dream that would fade quickly and then going back to sleep and having another dream.

we did laundrey and laundrey and more laundrey. and cleaned the kitchen and our bathroom sink. and more laundrey. i don't think i have ANY dirty clothing except for the hand washing. it's a nice feeling.

ordered the new Blackmore's Night cd. It comes out tommorow. I'm really excited. i love that band so much!!!

saw From Russia with Love. a young Connery. mmmm. very good movie. i think they cleaned up the picture when they put it on dvd. only problem was that something was weird with the subtittles. at first there were none and then when we tried to fix that the movie kept giving us subtittles in spanish. it was strange.

had a talk with my mother about plans for the fall. it is getting so complicated. i almost wish that i never asked my dad about the possibility of getting his car while he is going to be in europe. aerith is so good at comming up with good arguments for me. I wish he would just handle the whole thing, but i have to. i'm the one who wants the car. i have to call people about insurence. i've been delaying. and then yesterday aerith tells me a lot of places are 24 hours. i could have killed him. i also need to call about Spectre. he needs to be neutered SOON!!!

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