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Today LP turned 14 months old. It started with LP being super cute while we played around in bed. We all got up. LP and I watched half an hour of Sesame Street (aka "Elmo. Elmo. Elmo. - he MUST have picked it up at daycare). Then we drew on paper with crayons while Skyping with my mother.

Then [ profile] lordaerith, and I packed up the diaper bag and LP and headed out. First we went to Home Depot for a few things. Then we drove over to the Arboretum for ArmadilloCon. I haven't been to a sci-fi con in ages. I'm so glad we went. At first we wandered around the dealer room. LP nursed in the Ergo and then fell asleep in it on my chest. We walked with [ profile] danamongden over to get lunch (LP still asleep) and back to the con. Then LP woke up. He was fascinated by Elizabeth Moon's toy crossbow that she used to launch goldfish across the room. We went to the "Stump the Panel" panel, where we handed them objects and they made up stories about them. Items from the child's diaper bag make awesome objects for this game. After that we hung around for a while and played "climb up all the stairs to the main lobby of the hotel" and other games.

Then it was time for Anne Bishop's panel and the whole reason why I wanted to go in the first place. Of course LP decided that that's the time when he didn't want to play quietly so Aerith and I had to trade off walking around with him/chasing after him. Aerith was awesome and let me attend way more of the panel than he did. At one point Anne was talking about what a joy it was to write a fun holiday story about three very intelligent and powerful men being confounded by a toddler, I interjected with "I'm so glad [LP] doesn't have wings." He was wiggling in my arms at that moment so it made the whole room laugh :). During the panel she talked about her upcoming story, Written in Red, which is an urban fantasy novel. She mentioned that one of the characters in it has my name since I generously (stupidly?) offered that she could use it.*

After the panel was over we hung around for a bit. She gave me a hug. Then after everyone else had walked away from her we asked if she had anything to do right then. She had a free hour, so we asked if she wanted to get ice cream with us. SHE SAID YES. I got to treat Anne Bishop to Amy's ice cream!. We walked over there and I tried to be all cool and stuff, but I was totally freaking out. So we got ice cream and Aerith had run back to our car and gotten out the bag with all 15 of her books. We chatted for a bit and she very graciously signed her books. I told her about how I finished reading Daughter of the Blood for the first time in an empty dorm room on a stripped bed as the light was slowly fading, and how maybe that wasn't the best place to be in when finishing that book. After ice cream we walked back to the con hotel with her, I took a picture with her, and said our good-byes. Then we walked around a bit more, said good-bye to our friends and headed home.

With Anne

LP passed out in the car, but woke up when we got home. We played outside for a bit and with boxes on our head. Then we put LP to sleep and I wrote this post (partially interrupted to put LP back to sleep).

Yeah, overall, it was an awesome day.

*I am crazy stupid excited about this, even if the character does like to eat mice... that'll make more sense when the book comes out.
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Spent most of the evening setting up the books on the book shelves. There are still some boxes left (mostly school books and gaming) and a few books that I need to fold into what's up there (as well as some that seem to be missing). Still, it's coming along:


Sep. 14th, 2009 01:00 pm
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Since all of my books are still in boxes, recently started reading an online version of Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. This is a passage from the end of Chapter 7 that really struck a cord and made me smile.

If you've never programmed a computer, you should. There's nothing like it in the whole world. When you program a computer, it does exactly what you tell it to do. It's like designing a machine -- any machine, like a car, like a faucet, like a gas-hinge for a door -- using math and instructions. It's awesome in the truest sense: it can fill you with awe.

A computer is the most complicated machine you'll ever use. It's made of billions of micro-miniaturized transistors that can be configured to run any program you can imagine. But when you sit down at the keyboard and write a line of code, those transistors do what you tell them to.

Most of us will never build a car. Pretty much none of us will ever create an aviation system. Design a building. Lay out a city.

Those are complicated machines, those things, and they're off-limits to the likes of you and me. But a computer is like, ten times more complicated, and it will dance to any tune you play. You can learn to write simple code in an afternoon. Start with a language like Python, which was written to give non-programmers an easier way to make the machine dance to their tune. Even if you only write code for one day, one afternoon, you have to do it. Computers can control you or they can lighten your work -- if you want to be in charge of your machines, you have to learn to write code.

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Had a really great weekend.

Saturday [ profile] lordaerith and I went with some friends down to New Braunfels to float the river. We did the River Sports Tubes "Long Float". It was a ton of fun! I just wish that the HEBs close to where our group had their meeting spot had had Strongbow in a can (no glass on the river). Just a fun, silly time on the river with friends, booze, and sun for 4.5 hours. Saw two cows and a turtle. Got a little burnt in places where I missed applying and reapplying sunscreen. And afterwards, BBQ at Rudy's where we consumed meat with vigor.

Today we went to [ profile] rkentspeth and [ profile] danamongden's handfasting ceremony. It was very beautiful and touching. Took lots of pictures of them looking all googly-eyed at each other. Afterwards went out to dinner at a local pub and made friends with [ profile] felisviolaceous's adorable daughter. We bonded over dragons.

Also played some WoW on Friday and Saturday nights with Aerith and [ profile] gailmom. TeamSpeak doesn't seem to like my new headset. *pout* But am very happy to have left-handed gaming mouse with extra buttons :) Just wish it was slightly more Mac compatible.

Finished reading A Canticle for Leibowitz. Good book. Still scarily relevant about 50 years later.
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I started my new job on Tuesday. I like it so far. I've mostly been doing getting settled into a new job stuff (ie: meeting a million people whose names I've already forgotten, setting up my computer and work email, and catching up to speed on the projects I'm going to be working on). Being an iSchool grad, I already knew about ¼ of the people who work at the CAH.

Went out to karaoke on Tuesday night. Was a huge crowd (as opposed to the week before when it was just a few people). Had a good time singing and chatting with people. TheatreChick leant [ profile] lordaerith and I the first season of How I Met Your Mother, so we've been watching it this week. We're on the second disc already. Probably would have seen more if it hadn't been for WoW. Yup, we are now on WoW. We mostly play on Cenarian Circle. My main (ok, only right now) toon is Morriae, a dwarven warrior. She's currently level 9. I don't play for a long time because I get bored/annoyed easily, but I'm on a little almost every day.

On Wednesday we went to the poly meetup at Central Market, which was totally awesome. I really like seeing those people and it was fun to impress everyone with my amazing having a job in my field so soon after graduation power (I still think I was just damn lucky).

Friday night we went over to [ profile] spottedvasa and [ profile] shadow_nite2's Rock Band party where we hung out with lots of cool geeks like [ profile] profstevie, [ profile] gryphynkit, and [ profile] psylent1. Had a really really good time! Can't wait to hang out with those peeps again.

Saturday morning [ profile] lordaerith and I got up WAY to early and headed over to theatre for curtain hanging and lighting hang and focus. Would have taken less time if there had been one more ladder, but it all worked out ok. Came home and he played WoW while I ready Dead Before Dawn. We were going to go to a party, but we weren't feeling up to it so we stayed home, played WoW, watched more HIMYM and I finished my book.

Today was more of the same from Saturday afternoon (I'm part of the way though Living Dead in Dallas, the second book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries) and also a trip out to pick up my repaired necklace.

About to go watch True Blood on HBO, which is based on the books I've been reading this weekend.

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I just got back from the Library. I checked out 2 book each for 4 different authors. That's 8 books total. The second and third book of the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, both books of the Trickster's Duologoy by Tamora Pierce, Sense and Sensibility and Emma by Jane Austen, and Dune Messiah and Children of Dune by Frank Herbert.

I think I'm going to start with the Bartimaeus books. But I'm not sure what the order of the rest of the books is going to be.

What order should I read the books in? 1 for read first, 4 for read last.

[Poll #1217190]
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Washer Saga
On Tuesday morning I called Sears because the part had come in from them and I wanted to return it:
Me: I want to return this
Person on phone: Oh, you want Parts. *X-fers me to Parts*
Me: I want to return my order
Parts: Oh, you want this other department *X-fers me there*
Me: Hi, I want to return my order and get all my money back.
Mark: Umm...okay. Let me see about picking the part back up.
Me: *waits on hold*
Mark: They can pick it up. Can you leave it outside of your house?
Me: Can they get it from the office? I'd feel better about that,
Mark: Oh...let me check
Me: *waits on hold some more*
Mark: Yes. They can do that. You'll get your refund after the part is returned. It'll take about a week to process.
Me: Good. I want a full refund.
Mark: Yes, that's noted in your account. Here's the direct number to this department.
Me: Thank you, talk to you next week.

I bring the part to the office and head to school for a meeting.

That afternoon I get a call while on the bus coming back home. It's the repair man from Cornerstone Appliance Repair saying he'd be at my house in 20-30 min. When I told him I was on the bus, he said he'd wait for me if I wasn't there when he got there. Wow. But I got there first. He showed up just after I finished feeding the cats. He had the correct part with him.
Repair Guy: I'm here with the part to fix your washer.
Me: Awesome. It's right here.
RG: Cool. I'll take apart the whole thing, replace the gasket, empty the pump (and show you how to do it), and have an interesting conversation with you while charging you over $100 less than Sears.
Me: I'll watch you replace the gasket, clean the plug, and have an interesting conversation with you. Here's your payment. Thank you for being so nice, having reasonable prices, being on time, and being able to fix this quickly. Next I'm I have a problem I'm calling Cornerstone Appliance Repair instead of Sears.

The Great Book Search of '08
That night I picked up [ profile] kisoumi and [ profile] timeofmylife587 and took them to Book People. After looking through all the books on the first floor and most of the books on the second floor I asked A Girl Named Palmer who was working in the children's section (and had made some good recommendations to me) if she could see if they had any of the books I needed for school. I'd rather support a local bookstore than the UT Co-op, Amazon, or B&N. I gave her a list with author's name, book title, and ISBN numbers. Yes, I'm in library school and it shows :). The first two books they would have had to order and there would be a surcharge so I didn't order them *sadness*. However the book for my New Media class was listed as being in the clearance section. Not sure if any of you Austin people have actually tried to find something in Book People's clearance section. Books loosely grouped by fiction and non-fiction and then if you're lucky they're in alphabetical order by author. I couldn't find the book, Palmer couldn't find the book, and even [ profile] kisoumi helped us look and couldn't find it. Finally after over 15 minutes of searching through the shelves and being pretty sure it wasn't there, I was like, "What is New Media anyway, I mean...oh, here it is." Yup, sitting nicely in the fiction section was the textbook I needed for class. It had a couple of pages folded down and writing on one page, but I think I can deal with that, especially because I got it for half the price of a brand new copy.

Also, [ profile] kisoumi got me a copy of The Amulet of Samarkand on the advice of Palmer to thank me for driving her ass all around Austin ;).

Today I cleaned up some files on my computer and reorganized my Buddy lists in Adium. I feel ready for school to start. If only I could decide which classes to take (there are 4 I'm really interested in. I'm going to go to all of them the first week and decide after that).

PS. My awesome sister made me my icon. ICON LOVE!
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This morning I woke up and was very dizzy. Took me a while to realize that I had woken up with low blood-sugar, which is NOT normal for me. Drank some juice, ate some cereal, and still didn't feel 100% there. At more throughout the day. Eventually felt 100% after egg & cheese on a bagel and a bit later some miso soup. Back to not feeling 100%. Have eaten dinner. Not sure if it's lack of sleep or onset of moon-time or combination or something else. Will watch it carefully. Not happy.

Also, i realized today that I've been reading LOTS of fantasy novels this summer. Devouring them would probably be the right word. Read: Neverwhere, Beauty's Release, His Dark Materials trilogy (Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass), parts of Kushiel's Scion over Aerith's shoulder, and Stardust (which I just finished tonight). I currently have Kushiel's Justice on request through InterLibrary Loan and am seriously considering picking up a series or two by Tamora Pierce or possibly Lynn Flywelling while I wait for it. Also, there is Harry Potter 7 in under a month, which I plan on purchasing from a local bookstore.

p.s. I we did the photography session for my QTVR project on Tuesday. It went really well. I'm so excited about this project.
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Recently I read Spindle's End and the Golden Compass. In the former large bodies of water/swimming/fish are bad b/c of the way that magic flows through them (you find this out at the beginning of the book). In the latter there's a part where a dæmon becomes a dolphin and swims in the water. When that happened I freaked out for a moment because I thought that I was in the other world and that would have been a very bad thing to happen in that world. Then I remembered that it was a different fantasy world that I was in and the water was okay.

Ok, time to make chocolate mint chocolate chip cookies.
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HBO to turn Fire and Ice into a series - According to Variety, and other sources, HBO has the rights to turn George RR Martin's series into a tv series. Each book will be converted into a season.

Well, I'm glad it's HBO and not the WB (or the like). Hopefully it will come out well and Martin will actually finish the writing the thing before the show catches up to him :)


Jan. 15th, 2007 09:30 pm
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Well, due to "ice pellets", it appears that school is cancelled for tomorrow (and possibly wednesday too). All this for "ice accumulation less than a quarter of an inch." I think that it's pretty funny considering that nowhere where I worked or went to school in the past 8 years would have even blinked an eye at that sort of weather. We would have been told to "drive carefully and plan for extra time" but that's it.

In other news, [ profile] lordaerith and I have done lots of the cleaning and setting up that we REALLY should have done when we moved in, but didn't have the time. We've gone through pretty much everything and only have a few things left in the "where the hell does this go" pile. Also, we've gotten more stuff up to decorate our walls. hell, maybe with my extra day off, we'll even get the study decorated (oh, how happy I will be).

Also, we found out that because our apartment place subsidizes some of the cable bill, it wasn't that much more a month to get a DVR/HDTV converter. Made watching the Saints game really great because I could go back and relook at things that I missed. Also, we have it set up to always tape Mythbusters.

I have painted my nails black and gold for my boys. I just hope they don't freeze too badly when they play the Bears.

I have FINALLY finished Jacqueline Carey's The Sundering duology. Very interesting. I expected to be in absolute tears by the end, but I wasn't. Just sad, and pensive. Of course, this came after much screaming and yelling at the characters and not being sure which ones I wanted to succeed.

Kind of sad, actually, that I don't have class tomorrow since it would have been my Digital Libraries class, which I'm very excited about. Well, maybe I'll start on the next book on my list: Doppelganger by Marie Brennan.
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Ohhhhh!!!! Pretty guy and pretty girl with books in music video. Makes my soon-to-be-librarian heart happy!

video behind cut )
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Hurray! After reading it on and off (and mostly at lunch), I have finally finished Fagels translation of the Iliad. I really really liked it. I was able not only to follow the battle scenes, but even get involved in them. When Hector died I just couldn't stop crying. I was rooting for the Trojans the whole book....even though I knew they couldn't win. Maybe it's because I think most of the Greeks come across as assholes at one point or another. except big Ajax. I likes him. So now, [ profile] omnia_mutantur gave me my first Jane Austin to read. I'm sure people at work will give me more strange looks.

Saw the pilot of Lost tonight. Holy fuck! I know bits about it from lunch room conversations, but wow! I want to see more, more, more!!!

Went to the dentist today. had two teeny tiny cavities sand + water blasted out. bleh. at least it wasn't drilling. my dentist is cool. she's a lefty, like me.

Got to sit outside this afternoon with Elektra. the post from earlier, written and posted from my lawn. I love wireless.

Now, time for bed.
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Tuesday: Had a really really great time at Haven! Had a whole bunch of good conversations with people which is always a good thing. Got to dance near [ profile] kiten and [ profile] autumnlaughing both of whom are amazing dancers and make me feel like an akward amature on the dance floor. But Kiten said I was inspiring *blush* The only sucky things were 1) I missed Nayone, a lot! and 2) Aerith got tired and so we left before the last song *pout* oh well.

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed, but Aerith and I had to go out anyway. We went over to UMass and then to Barnes&Noble where I spent too much money on a book for his mother, an issue of Games Magazine, another puzzle book, a Forbidden Broadway CD, and the I am Sam Soundtrack. Got a free cd opener and all was 10% off. yay coupons.
Then went to Space-Crime. Yay Space-Crime. Being at B&N made me feel like such a traider, but I didn't buy any Sci-fi/fantasy/mystery stuff there, so it was ok.

Then picked up Swan and Kiten and got some groceries.

I ran my game last night. My first time DMing. EEP! It went really well, i think. mostly. 3G was giving me a really hard time. Not very nice of him! It's a very interesting party. But I did as best as i could. Right before the "major fight" my head got really strange and I just couldn't focus anymore. So we called it a night. 3G drove Swan and Kiten home and Aerith and I watched some of Disney's Robin Hood. I love that movie! But then Aerith got really tired so we went to bed *wink*

Today we were going to get up early, but that didn't happen.

So, now i am at the Music and Theatre Library at Smith. I was going to listen to both La Traviatta and Aida today, but the CD of La Traviatta was missing the libretto, so they had to find me another libretto so i could follow along with the opera. By the time i finished listening to it (almost crying, but i didn't), i got out Aida and read the plot, but the opera is 2.5 hours long and the library closes at 5pm, and i didn't want to start listening to it to have to stop in the middle. So, i did some reading about Verdi and then i caught up on my LJ reading.

oh yes, happy spring, even if the weather around here doesn't think so!
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all in all i had a good weekend.

saturday aerith, threegee, and I went to Six Flags. we went on the scream again. OMG!! What a rush!! I wasn't going to scream, but i did. i guess that's why they call it that. then we met up with Amythyst, Fox, and Alison. They went to the water park and we walked around a bit more (but the line for the superman was soooo huge that we decided to forget it). then we went to the water park, but we couldn't find the girls. we wandered around for 2 hours (and went on some rides too) but didn't see them. Oh well. I really like the water park, but we all got sunburned. I didn't get it as badly as the guys (haha, i'm not a pale, skrawny white boy). So, now i am nice and tan and the olive coloring in my skin is sbowing. i'd like it more if the slight redness on my face went down just a little bit.

so, after the park, we cleaned up the apartment (shock of shocks) with the expectation that the girls and some others were coming over to bbq, but only 2 people showed up. it seems as if Amythyst and Fox were too tired to show. that saddens me a little b/c i really wanted them to come over. oh well. i'm sure there'll be more times for bbqs in the future.

after Alison went home, aerith played ffvii and i read "The Invisible Ring" for a while.

on sunday i read the rest of "The Invisible Ring". I really liked it. I can't wait to read more of Ann Bishop's work!
Aerith played more FFVII. he was breading Chocobos. When he was racing them we were betting 3 kisses per race as to who would come in second (b/c my love usually would come in first). by 11pm I was at 4 and he was at 2. betting kisses is fun ;)

I also called my dad and now i have a 30% chance of getting his car when he goes to Europe next year. well, 30% is better than almost none, so i'm excited.

so, now i'm at work and I wish that Pat had the GO-LIVE thing ready so i wouldn't be bored. but at least i have The Hobbit with me.

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