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Over the winter we decided that we were going to take Little Prince to New Orleans to visit Grandma R and Tante and have his second birthday party there. This gave our families time to plan for the trip. Pawpaw and Grandma A from my side and Aunt B2 and Cousin T were also able to make it in.

We drove in on Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. I was a little (a lot) nervous about doing a road trip with a toddler. But it went pretty well. In order to keep Little Prince occupied, I went to Target and got a few things from the dollar section (a plastic ring, Batman stickers, etc) and I put them into plastic Easter eggs. Whenever he started to get restless, we gave him a new egg with a prize. I also got him a Thomas book that has buttons that make noise. I knew that book would drive us nuts in about 5 minutes, and it did, but it also kept him happy for over half an hour, so that was totally worth it. He also slept for a good long while after lunch. We made the drive in about 10 hours, which wasn’t bad. Got in in time for a late dinner and then put Little Prince to bed.

Sleeping at Grandma R's

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This weekend my friend's daughter turned 7. I made the cake:

I'm really proud of it, especially the drop flowers as it was my first time doing them and they are tricksy little things. The birthday girl loved it. And everyone said it was beautiful and tasted great, which is what I love to hear.

The party was also really lovely. The birthday girl got a ton of really nice things and there must have been onions or something in the air because the adults were totally tearing up. Thanks to the hosts who held such a wonderful party.
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This weekend I made a cake for a little boy named Alex who was turning 4. He wanted a red, yellow, and blue race car. Good thing I already had the race car pan. :)

I'm really proud of how well the front tire came out. A huge thanks to [ profile] lordaerith who helped me with the headlights and the 4 on the hood (perspective is not my friend!).

The party went really well. He was so happy to have tons of people there and he really liked his cake and the present we got him, which is what made it all worth it.

Fish cake

Jun. 1st, 2009 09:58 pm
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Back in May, [ profile] lordaerith and I went to visit [ profile] gailmom, [ profile] gryphynshadow, and all them. It was Peaches's sixth birthday, so I made a chocolate tropical fish cake for her. I'm really please with how well it came out. Peaches was really happy with it. She kept yelling, "Fishy cake!" but was glad that it didn't taste like fish. :)


Sep. 30th, 2008 08:27 am
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Hey [ profile] daobear and [ profile] transversely


RENT! Live

Sep. 28th, 2008 03:24 pm
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Dear People Who Filmed and Edited RENT!,

Thank you so much for taping the final performance. It was wonderful to be able to see the show on Broadway one last time. It was really exciting to see some of the original cast members show up at the end. Wilson in a kilt was especially nice. :)

However, please teach your camera crew to follow the actors and to stop cutting off the tops of their heads. It was a little disconcerting to have actor's heads and/or bodies just out of frame. We in the movie theatre are not able to see the full stage and thus adjust where we are looking.

Also, please remind your editors that this is a Broadway show and not a 2 hour music video. I would have been much happier with more full stage (or at least wider) shots and less (slightly out of frame) close-ups. Having seen the show many times, I know that there were several times where interesting action was happening on a different part of the stage, but you were focusing on a specific actor or two.

That being said, thank you again for this opportunity to see RENT! on Broadway again. It was a great birthday treat.

Some love,
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I just bought myself a ticket to see RENT! Filmed Live on Broadway for my birthday (next Sunday, September 28). If you like RENT! and you live in Austin you should join me. Tickets can be purchased here. I am going to the 12:00pm showing at Regal Gateway 16. (If you like RENT! and you live elsewhere, go whenever you feel like it to whatever theater is close to you, but if you see it on my b-day and tell me, I'll pretend you were there with me).

Other fun upcoming events: The Browncoat Ball (October 10-12) and The Texas Renaissance Festival (we're most likely going the weekend of October 18).

In other it's my birthday related stuff, I have a Think Geek Wishlist, a somewhat out of date Wishlist, and a Pay-Pal account. I'm not asking for presents, but if you have a crazy urge to get me something, they should at least give you an idea of what I like.
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Hey, [ profile] omnia_mutantur,

Happy Birthday!!!!

I love you bunches and I miss you tons!
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Hey [ profile] queencimmy,
Happy Birfday!

This is for you, because I love you!
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Had a good birthday weekend.

On Saturday Aerith and I went to get some blood drawn (our dr. had ordered tests for both of us). The office was the comfiest, nicest blood drawing places I've ever been to. They had a big leather lounge chair for you to sit in when the blood was being drawn. The idea is that the chair makes the patient relax more. It worked. Talked up a storm with the woman taking the blood (sometimes I really remind myself of my mother).

After letting them take our blood, we went to Kerby Lane for breakfast. Sat outside, which was really nice. I ordered steak and eggs. Did some homework during the day and got a call from my favorite ex-b/f, who I haven't talked to in almost 10 years b/c we fell out of touch. Was AWESOME to reconnect with him again. For dinner we went to a hibachi place around the corner. I ordered steak and salmon. I guess I was REALLY in the mood for steak that day...

Sunday was full of relaxing and more homework. Also, a call to [ profile] daobear to wish him happy b-day.

Monday night was Heroes watching. I am still happy with it.

Today was my "day off", which of course means that it's my day to get things done. I got a bunch of reading done, but it was hard because I wasn't feeling well all day.
I also went to get Aerith's car inspected, as the inspection had run out in August. It wouldn't start, so I went to the office and got someone to jump it. It jumped just fine and so I drove it to the inspection place around the corner. After sitting in the waiting room for over 1.5 hours, in which I finished all the reading I brought with me for school and was reading my novel, the guy came up to me and said that he couldn't get the car to start even with jumping it and so he couldn't inspect it. This is where Texas is different from Mass. In Mass that would have earned the car a great big R, where as in Texas, they just told me to get it fixed and sent me home.
After doing work for a while longer, my headache got the best of me and I ended up taking a 2+ nap.
Dinner was breakfast for dinner: eggs and bacon and hashbrowns. yum.

Of course, this whole not feeling well thing has put me behind on all the million things i have to do. I really want to go to TRF this weekend, but I have 3 major assignments due next week. I'm mostly done with one, partly done with another, and haven't started the third. I was hoping to start the third today, but the not feeling well & nap sort of took that away. Well...we'll see.


Sep. 28th, 2007 11:39 pm
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Lazer Tag was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! I had so much fun playing. Got hot and sweaty and ran around like crazy. The first game I came in 21st out of 22. The second game I was 13th out of 21. The last game I was 18th out of 22. But I totally didn't care and had a great time. Games were 20 min. each and there was 5 min of prep before each game where they went over the rules. We played in teams. I was green the first 2 times and red the last time.

I think this has to be the most exciting birthday that I've had in a long time. Most of my "adult" parties involved hanging out at my place. This, this was fun and silly and a great way to celebrate my golden birthday.

Ok, falling over time now.


Sep. 28th, 2007 09:22 am
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It's my GOLDEN birthday today!!!

I get to be at work all day...yay for least Fridays tend to be quiet.

Tonight, it's LAZER TAG!!!!!!!!


Sep. 23rd, 2007 05:13 pm
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Hey Austin Peoples,

It's my Golden Birthday on Friday. That's right, I'm turning 28 on the 28th!

We're going to celebrate at Blazer Tag. I've reseved 3 games with 20 people per game max (if there is more, it's fine, but there's no guarantee of space past 20). Check in time is at 8pm (please be prompt), and the games are at 8:20, 9:00, and 9:40. Games last about 20 minutes. If we end up not playing the last game, that's cool.

Each game costs $6. We have to pay as a group, so please bring cash for each game you intent to play.

Go to for more information about Blazer Tag.

If you want to carpool down, we can all meet at my place (email if you need directions) around 7. We'll be leaving no later than 7:30 to head down there.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Hey Meggie

Apr. 24th, 2007 09:51 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] safirerings

Hope you have a great one!


Feb. 1st, 2007 08:21 pm
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Hey, [ profile] artemis42

Happy Birthday!!!!

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Thursday morning [ profile] lordaerith and I set out to drive to New Orleans. The trip was fairly uneventful. We made pretty good time and arrived in New Orleans at around 6ish. Since my mother's house is not finished, we are actually staying at her neighbour's house across the street, which is okay because they are out of town and have 4 bedrooms (mom is staying here too). After bringing most of the stuff in from the car, we headed out to Frankie and Johnny's. Upon being seated (by a waitress that my mother has known for YEARS), I immediately ran into a woman who I went to both high school and college with. Got myself a roast beef po-boy dressed. good. Then as we were getting near the end of our meal, who should walk in but that-girl-who-made-my-life-in-elementary-school-a-living-hell-and-is-now-a-big-fat-cow. It's amazing how my flight-or-fight response kicked in, even after all these years. I decided to just ignore her. Of course now that it's after the fact, I realize that I probably should have followed my mother's advice and said "hi" and been super nice...oh well.

Friday I went out shopping around town with mom. She took me to Mojo's Coffee shop, where I got to meet and hang out with some pretty cool people. Then it was getting late, so we went home and [ profile] lordaerith and I picked up sushi for dinner. After dinner, [ profile] queencimmy took me down to "her bar" in the quarter. It's a cute little place. Then we picked up [ profile] lordaerith and headed over to [ profile] daobear's parent's house and hung out with him and his brother and [ profile] artemis42 and A for a while.

Saturday morning my pseudo-brother DD arrived at the house (he was also staying here for a little while) and we hung out and helped [ profile] queencimmy prepare for her Post-Apocolypic birthday party at mom's house. Actually it was a pretty easy one to set up for because the house still looks like it went through a disaster :)

The party rocked! So many of the people who showed up came in costume. I dressed up like Poor White Trash because they always survive the disasters in all those movies. I even found some old fake tattoos in my room and so I had the badly placed tummy tattoo and the "tramp stamp" going on. I also took my old baby doll and wrapped her in a flannel nightgown and proceeded to introduce her as "Madison James, with 3 y's and a silent q. Her daddy died in the tornado that came through our trailer park, so I wrapped her up in his old shirt so she would know what he smelled like." [ profile] lordaerith dressed up Mad Max style with vinyl pants and a leather jacket. I got to see lots of my old friends who I never get to see except for at these things, so that was cool.

I would have to say that the best part of the party for me was when [ profile] queencimmy was opening her presents (after midnight, so it was really her b-day), opened mine, and let out the largest scream. I had made her a cd of a tape that we used to listen to as children and doesn't exist on CD currently. Hurray for me being able to make immediate practical use of what I learned in Survey of Digitization last semester to make my sister very happy!

Sunday we all got up late and chilled for a while. Then [ profile] queencimmy, [ profile] lordaerith, and I went to the mall to get [ profile] lordaerith clothing because [ profile] queencimmy has an amazing eye for clothing and outfits and [ profile] lordaerith needed a nice not-suit type outfit. Afterwards, [ profile] queencimmy and I raided her closet for something for me to wear to the NYE party at [ profile] daobear's parent's house. She ended up lending me this really beautiful white glittery dress (but I don't have any pics of me in it right now).

The NYE party was very nice. Chatted with some people whom I haven't seen in a while, some of them have known me since I was very little. Had a debate with DD about the placement of Sirius in the sky, only to find out that [ profile] daobear's dad studied astronomy in his youth. It turns out I was given wrong information and DD was right. Rang in the new year with sparklers and fireworks ([ profile] artemis42 was having a ball setting them off). [ profile] aenelein kissed my husband, hehehe. Left the party around 2something. Didn't make it in the hot tub at all, but I did see people in their formal wear in the sauna.

New Years Day was mostly spent relaxing, chillin', going out to Zea Restaurant with mom, DD and [ profile] lordaerith for dinner, and helping [ profile] queencimmy clean up the house from the party (which was actually very easy).

Stay tuned for part 2 - enjoying being home
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HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, my love.

*ducks for cover*

Faire time

Oct. 7th, 2006 06:45 pm
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So, as many of you know, Oct 16 is [ profile] lordaerith's birthday. In honor of this, we'll be going to the Middlefaire on Oct 14. Our plan is to get there for opening (11am) and stay until we can't take it anymore or the faire ends (9pm).

If you wanna come, let us know and maybe we can all carpool or something.
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My birthday started off well, with a midnight call from [ profile] queencimmy, and a call to [ profile] daobear and [ profile] artemis42.

I want this morning to be a do-over. Besides being extra tired from staying up late (the calls and reading stuff for class), [ profile] lordaerith found a large cockroach in our bathtub. As [ profile] queencimmy can tell you, I have an irrational fear of roaches, especially the large ones. So, this morning found me crying in terror on the bed while Aerith, who was already in the shower had to deal with it. Loads of fun.

At least I got to campus with enough time to get a yummy frozen chocolate-coffee thing (called a Mocha Javalanche® ) at Prufrock's (the coffee shop in the library).

Class was actually interesting, even though she talked about stuff that we're not reading about until next week...which was kind of confusing.

Remember how on 8/25 I mentioned meeting another Smithie who majored in's her birthday today and the similarities don't stop there.
Other ways we are scarily similar, with some differences )

For the rest of my birthday, i get to work in the lab, go to an iForum about Katrina document recovery, hopefully go out to dinner, and do a lot of reading.

This weekend I hope to celebrate my b-day better by going to Six Flags OR a Ren Faire AND/OR RHPS. Of course, i have two papers due next week, so we'll see how it goes.
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Today has been fun in terms of subversive culture. Yesterday I found out that Joe Glazer passed away recently. I used to listen to him as a child, and even sang Joe Hill once with him when we went to see him in concert (i was about 2 or so and didn't know not to sing along). I already have his "Songs of the Wobblies" album on CD (I purchased it a little while ago). However, by poking around at the Smithsonian Folk Song collection (it was for class...honest!) I found that the Almanac Singers album that I also used to listen to was available to buy as mp3s. So I did, as a birthday present to myself. With Smithsonian Global Sound you can even download liner notes (which we were talking about in SoD on Friday...see, school work!).

So, listening to my labor songs, I hopped the bus to campus to go to the Banned Book Week banned book reading slam. It was a lot of fun. I got to read all of Heather has Two Mommies, which is 11 on the top 100 most challenged books from 1990-2000 :). I really had fun reading it out loud. I read it just like I would have to young children, and gathered a small crowed. Someone actually had the gaul to interrupt me mid-book and ask why it was banned/challenged. Hello, have some respect! But it was good that he was curious.

Now I'm back home, and doing a "handwashing" load in my washer. It's the first time i've used this setting/washed some of these clothes in a washer, so I'm a little nervous about how well it will work...but we'll see.

Time to learn more about XML, fun fun!

Edit: Just hung up the handwashing over the second bathtub. The clothes themselves look pretty good. The water was spun out of them enough that they weren't dripping, but they were still wet. They were a little warmer to the touch than I would have liked, but that's probably because the cold water down here isn't as cold as it is up north.

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