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I've been at work for a while now, but I'm having trouble concentrating on anything. Why is that? Because I'm so stuffed up, even with the Claritin and Sudaffed I'm taking that I'm having trouble breathing. The cedar in Austin this year is so bad that people are calling 911 thinking the trees are on fire when they are releasing their pollen.

I never USE to be allergic to cedar. Then I lived in Austin for six years. Apparently six years is the magic number. Six years here and boom your body now hates cedar. But cedar loves you so much and tries to mate with your noes and your eyes and your face and your car and everything it can.

Stupid allergies. Stupid cedar trees.
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This weekend my father and step-mother came into town. On Saturday night we left the little prince with a babysitter and went out to Uchiko for a 6:15 reservation. For those of you who don't follow TV stuff, Uchiko is the restaurant where the most recent winner of Top Chef is the Executive Chef. I actually made the reservations in the week before the finale aired, because I was pretty sure he would win.

It was possibly the best meal I've ever had. I know it was the funest meal I've had in a long time (if ever). The fun thing about Uchiko, as our lovely waitress explained to us, was that you didn't have to order all at once. There were no entrees vs. appetizers. You could order everything you wanted at once or you could order as it struck your fancy. We played the "order as it sounds good to us game." It was really cool. I tried to write down everything we got, but one glass of sake and some white wine into the meal and I lost track.

We started with some grilled edamame and it just went uphill from there.

The best thing we had all night was the gyutoro aburi nigiri. Beef belly that was cooked in a water bath for 72 hours. It absolutely melted on the tongue.

The most beautifully presented dish was the haru yasai asparagus. It was also delicious.

The most creative and fun dish was the Jar Jar Duck. When we ordered it we had no idea it would actually come in a jar! It was filled with rosemary smoke and the whole thing was so lovely.

I was also super brave (for me) and tried many things outside of my comfort zone, such as fish that I don't normally eat and two rolls that had some sort of spice to them. Weirdest thing I had all night was the squid!

Eventually we started to get full so we ordered two more of the gyutoro aburi nigiri (cause it was that good!) and then [ profile] lordaerith and I got dessert. I had fried milk, which was actually a lot cooler and had much more on the plate than it sounds. Aerith and dad also had some port.

I don't think that I could do it often, but as a once in a while super special treat, it was a fun night and an amazing meal. And it was really nice to get out without the baby and not be out so late that I was worried about him getting to bed alright (as is, and as usually is when we leave him with a sitter, he passed out about 5-10 minutes before we got home).
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Every day Boris looks to be moving better and better. This is a good thing. We will still be keeping an eye on him to see how he is progressing.

Boris from a month ago, being adorable:
Boris being adorable

In other news, The Mad Russian was visiting me all weekend. Hurray!!! Picked her up at the airport on Friday night and took her to Kerby Lane for food. Then hung out with her at home for a while and chatted. At some point [ profile] lordaerith decided that he had to show her Tron. I wanted to watch it again, but ended up falling sound asleep on the couch.

Saturday Aerith and I got up early and picked up breakfast tacos from Jardin Corona for everyone. Yum! I started the chicken soup and then TMR and I headed out. I drove her around UT campus and downtown and then we walked around the shops on South Congress. Got home, rested for a bit, made latkas and waited for people who never showed up :(. So we lit the menorah and had really good latkas and chicken soup and after we were done, [ profile] moonwick stopped by. So we hung out for a bit with him. After he left we all hung out for a bit more.

Sunday we had a lazy morning. In the afternoon TMR and I went shopping, mostly for maternity clothing for me. Met up with Aerith and KR17 (Aerith's new girl-type-person), for dinner at Rudy's BBQ. Sent KR17 home with chicken soup for her boyfriend who was not feeling well. Introduced TMR to The Soup and hung out some more. Basically, when TMR and I get together, we just talk for hours and hours. :)

TMR left this morning. Now I have to organize and decorate my new desk at work (my department got moved).

There is a new post in my pregnancy blog.
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Today [ profile] lordaerith and I went out to check out the East Austin Studio Tour. It was really neat to see some of the work that he and the guys that he works with work on. We also saw some amazing stone sculptures and lots of other nifty art.

Then we went on a Segway tour of East Austin/Lady Bird Lake, courtesy of [ profile] lordaerith's mother. I didn't fall on my ass at all! I did end up dropping one foot off during the free-ride field riding part, but it wasn't that bad. Once I got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun. It was really cool to ride by the park and the lake and then to ride around the streets of east Austin. It was interesting to see the new modern architecture amidst the old buildings. We took pictures of us on the Segways, but in every one I'm making this weird "I'm trying to keep this thing still" smile, so I'm not going to post them here.

After that we went to hang out with the artists of the July Transplants at their instillation at a vacant lot. It was pretty cool, but we were really tired from our day and were getting hungry so we left before it really got started and got dinner.
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Got home a little while ago from the Cupcake Smackdown. Was insanely crowded and hot. Tried to meet up with [ profile] eliset, but it was too busy and couldn't get to her. Next time, hon!

I ate a whole bunch of cupcakes, but most of them were minis so I don't feel so bad. My favorite one that I had was a full sized Lava Fudge (A chocolate cake with gooey chocolate ganache center topped with our vanilla buttercream frosting and a chocolate ganache swirl) one from Hill Country Cupcake. They were also super nice and kept the raspberry one that I bought for [ profile] lordaerith in the cooler for me until I was leaving. Left before the cupcake eating contests.

I'd go again next year. I just hope they have it in a bigger place.


Apr. 26th, 2009 05:05 pm
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Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to Eeyore's Birthday Party for the first time. We parked by [ profile] gudenna's and got there on the earlier side of things. I was dressed in my Wonder Woman cami, so I went to the face-painting booth and had the tiara panted on my forehead. :)

We walked around for a while and checked things out. Got some yummy food. Checked out the big drum circle. Walked around some more. Sat in the shade for a bit. Got cupcakes. Went over to where the horses were and watched the people playing with foam weapons.

Finally when we were starting to get somewhat tired, we started to run into more and more of our friends. We hung out with some of them for a bit, but then decided that it was time for us to leave. Ended up missing more of our friends who showed up later.

Lessons learned: 1. Come with a group of friends or have a meeting point & time. 2. Plan to show up later in the day instead of earlier. 3. SUNSCREEN. It turned out to be much sunnier than one of us (not me) thought it was going to be and now we both are a little bit sunburnt. 4. Bring blanket or chairs or something that can be set up in the woods.

I'm already looking forward to next years.
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Yes, Virginia, that is snow on the ground in Austin, TX in early December.

snow on ground
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My sister, [ profile] queencimmy, and I drove back to Austin from New Orleans on Wed. The radio in her car isn't working, but we got a car to plug & usb adaptor and hooked up her computer speakers and iPod so we had music. We started off listening to The Last Five Years, which is a really touching and amazingly crafted musical. I think a lot of my friends would probably cry their eyes out right now if they listened to it. We only stopped once (which was amazing), with Cimmy doing a huge stretch of the driving. At one point she had to drive through a patch of rain that was coming down so hard that it was almost impossible to see. I was so proud of her. We ended up getting suck in really really bad traffic just before the 610 exit due to 2 separate accidents. We made it into Austin just fine, if pretty late.

On Thurs I got to play the digitization game (yay!) and then picked up Cimmy for some errand running around town. Took her to Central Market for fruit and veggies. Had salad that night and watched Lost, which hurt lots and lots.

On Friday we met up with [ profile] lordaerith, [ profile] syhira, and some of the people Aerith works with for lunch at the Crown and Anchor. Then Cimmy and I went walking around/shopping in South Austin, cause I'd never been shopping there before. It was fun. Friday night was another low-key night with Battlestar Galactica.

Yesterday Cimmy and I went to see the Sex and the City movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, which I thought was very well done. If you liked the show, I recommend seeing the movie. I think Cimmy fell in love with the Drafthouse.

After the movie we went window shopping at the Domain, cause really after seeing all those fashions and shoes what's better than actually being in the presence of a real pair of Manolo Blahniks.

After staring at all the clothing/bags/shoes that we couldn't afford, we headed downtown to catch Ka-Baam, a superhero improv show at the Hideout Theatre. Our friend [ profile] raven_lenore joined us, which was awesome. The show was pretty funny. I'd probably go again. After the show we went out to the Magnolia Cafe for food.

Today we're having a lazy day during the day and going to see the Dresden Dolls tonight.
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Flew back to Austin on Saturday. Only got about 4 hours of sleep, due to going out the night before to celebrate [ profile] songbirdelsha's golden birthday.

Got home, rested for a little bit and then went out to see the Red Bull Flugtag. Ended up across the river on the grass. People kept walking along the path and stopping right in front of our group. Someone suggested that we all move down and block the path, forcing others to go around us. While that worked for a while, we couldn't keep it up forever. At some point I got sunscreen or something in my right eye, and it became all pink and bloodshot. Ended up getting so frustrated with not being able to see, with eye being irritated and with being overtired that we went home. Went to bed around 8pm, woke up at 10am on Sunday. See how tired I was?

Sunday got up and went to Apple Store to see about getting dent in case fixed. Was told needed appointment. Dragged [ profile] lordaerith into work with me where I got him to help us set up new PCs that came in on Friday. Went back to Apple store for appointment. Was told that it would cost $750 to fix it!!!111!!!! Am going to look into other places in Austin to take it (any ideas?).

Today is work and then errand running to get ready for school.
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[ profile] artemis42 has been in town since Sunday afternoon and this has been making me exceedingly happy.

On Sunday I picked her up from the bus station (after becoming a QuickTime VR Goddess) and brought her home to rest. That night we saw Josh Blue at Cap City Comedy Club. He was soo funny, that Artemis almost fell out of her chair. The other two who went on before him were really funny too. Over all it was a great night and we had fabulous seats. I am currently trying to get the picture of me and Josh Blue off of my cell phone...but it's not sending (grrr).

On Monday we took Artemis to Whole Foods World during the day and then went to see the Simpson's Movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. It was pretty funny, although I felt that the middle sort of dropped off a bit.

On Tuesday, [ profile] lordaerith went into the shop and so Artemis and I had the day together. Mostly we just hung out and talked while I worked on and off on my Independent study. That night we went to FireCat's house for some Guitar Hero and then to Karaoke where I found out that I do much better when I sing faster songs and [ profile] artemis42 shocked a group of people in the bar by singing Tori's Precious Things. At one point someone in the group decided that since we didn't have lighters, we could use our cell phones as a light source instead. I think that FireCat almost lost it when we started waving the cell phones while she sang "Stand By Me."

Tonight we're planning on going to the Poly Meet-up at Central Market. Hurray!

ps. From [ profile] catling42, Harry Potter and the... (no spoilers, but not entirely work safe either)

HP Party

Jul. 21st, 2007 12:55 pm
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Last night Mommy and I (did I mention that Mom's been in town since Sunday??) went to the Harry Potter party at BookPeople with Bubbles and FireCat. Unfortunately Bubbles lost her voucher and so she decided to leave. The party was crazy huge. Over 1200 vouchers had been purchased. My number was 1170. There were a lot of people who had dressed up, which was awesome. I didn't get my book until almost 1:30am. I came home and read two chapters in the bathroom so I didn't wake up [ profile] lordaerith, but then a warm husband in bed won out over the book (shock, I know), so I went to sleep.

Other than that, I've been having a good week. Still recovering from hugging the rock on Sunday. Getting to hang out with mommy is awesome. Haven't really gotten to show her too much of Austin because I've had to do stuff for my TAship, including teaching two lab sessions. But I think she's having a good time. Did get to take her to UT and to Karaoke with Bubbles, FireCat, and Punk on Tuesday. [ profile] lordaerith took her furniture and outlet shopping on Wed and Fri while I had to work. Also took her to Half Price Books (v. dangerous).

Ok, time to shower and get back to HP7.
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Last night [ profile] lordaerith and I went to [ profile] missingwatch's Vampire Birthday Party. Here are the pictures. Due to the theme of the event, I did not remove anyone's red-eye. And yes, I made that cake from scratch.
Gwynn's Birthday Party
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Well, after wrestling with it for a little while, i finally got the Express Bus Wi-Fi to work. It's pretty cool. Of course, being on the computer while the bus is moving doesn't play nice with my motion sickness.

Have had two classes so far and I've really liked both of them. One more tomorrow and then i'll have had all of them and will have a good idea of how my semester will go. Wheee!

And borrowed more Battlestar Galactica. Good thing I don't have any homework due until next monday ;)
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So, today [ profile] lordaerith and i finally decided to leave our apartment (after spending the last several days iced in) to run some errands.

Problem the 1: The car was coated with half an inch of ice and silly us, we'd thrown our (broken scrapers) out when we moved down here and never replaced them.

Solution the 1: Let the car run for a really long time. Use fists to break up ice. Help others do the same (end up with soggy gloves in the process).

Problem the 2: Roads are clear, ice is melted, but Texas drivers are still really freaked out that there might be ice and they don't know how to drive on it. And, the on ramp to the second highway was closed.

Solution the 2: Take alternate routes. End up in lots of bad traffic anyway.

Problem the 3: In addition to bad traffic due to driving and lunchtime, garages around campus (that we tried) were full. This ends up shattering what was left of our calm.

Solution the 3: Decide that I can run some errands on my own tomorrow. Run the rest of errands somewhere else. Bad traffic is mostly avoided and errands to Credit Union and CostCo are run without a hitch. We are much calmer and happier for it.

Problem the 4: We're getting hungry.

Solution the 4: We bring the stuff in from the car, at which point I mention to [ profile] lordaerith to look out for the ice on the edge of the step (this is important for later). We eat lunch and then decide to walk to PetCo and Barnes and Noble b/c it's not really THAT cold out and the stores are close by.

Problem the biggest (5): Remember that ice from earlier? Well, I didn't. I step onto the edge of the step and Whoosh, boom. I'm down on my ass. And it hurts. A lot.

Solution the 5: Realize instantly that nothing is broken and really it's only my ass that hurts. Walk to B&N anyway. Walking it out actually helped a lot.

Problem the 6: B&N doesn't have book I was looking for.

Solution the 6: Buy book Aerith was looking for, skip going to PetCo due to slow walking on my part, and I can buy the book tomorrow on campus.

And that, was my day. Of course, the left side of my ass is still rather sore and not that much fun to sit on...(yes, yes, I know...but this time it's an uneven feeling...and don't even suggest what you're thinking now, you dirty perv).


Jan. 7th, 2007 12:08 am
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made it back home in one piece. The cats are very happy to see us.

Did not go to Oak Street Cafe, but mommy made biscuits and pancakes and eggs, so it was all good.

Ride home was uneventful. We keep ending up stopping off at the same exit, either for food or gas, no matter which way we go.

Time for bed.


Aug. 26th, 2006 06:34 pm
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The moving guys showed up today at around 8:45 (we'd put the cats in the bathroom at 8:30). They were here until about 11 (it took them a little bit to get the truck in place). I was clipboard-girl. It was my job to make sure that everything that came in had an orange tag and to cross its number off the list. They were. Although I almost got a few wrong due to accents. There were 2 guys helping the truck driver. One caught on pretty quickly that we had our own labels on the boxes and that BR1 went to the left, BR2 to the right, LIV by the fireplace and KIT by the blue wall (we have a light-blue accent wall, it's pretty). The other one just didn't get it. He just wanted to put the boxes everywhere. I had to redirect him so many times.

After they left [ profile] lordaerith set up our BRAND NEW bed and futon from Fly-by-Night and I vacuumed (we had to open the vacuum box first) the cat structure and the couches/couch pillows. Then we got all of the kitchen stuff put away (the vanilla extract and some of the chocolate didn't really make it). There were 4 of our nice glasses broken, but we wrote on the sheet that that box had made noise like broke glass, so they better replace them for us!! There was also a broken bowl...but it was $1 at Big Lots! so we didn't care about it.

After the kitchen stuff was put away, we were able to put the dinning room table in its place and then set up the living room (more couch vacuuming for me). Unpacked everything except for the DVDs, videos, video games, and board games (we gave away 2 bookshelves before we left, so we don't really have anywhere to put them yet). Aerith set up all the fun electrical stuff, like the TV and DVD player.

We let the cats out of the bathroom (finally!) around 4pm. Poor things. They were confused that all this stuff suddenly appeared and they recognized it but it wasn't in the place that they had known it to be.

I continued to work on the living room stuff while Aerith put his desk together. We had a minor "Can't find a box" scare until it was discovered that LIV-14 and BR2-26 were actually the same box (I was worried that that would happen). Aerith also put his computer and all that stuff together, so now...WIRELESS INTERNET with our VERY OWN router (instead of the neighbours).

We also have LIGHT in the living room area :)

And now food. So we can continue unpacking later tonight.
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Let's see...what's been going on in my life...

Saturday and Sunday involved lots of running around to different stores (all of which are incredibly close) to buy items/food for the house. It also involved eating at the Marie Calender restaurant...fresh baked pie... and finding a place for some good sushi.

The washer and dryer saga )

Monday we got our own internet (so we could stop pirating the neighbours) and went by UT Austin so I could fill out some paperwork for my TAship (fun fun), met with my bosses (one of them is a gamer hehehehe), ate in the Campus Center, and wandered around a bit trying to find the tech director. Then Aerith's car was delivered and there was the aforementioned dryer saga.

Tuesday was the day that we were going to switch over our plates and licenses to Texas ones. The saga of the Texas licenses and plates )

On Tues in-between the car saga stuff (see cut above), we found a really yummy hamburger place called "Phil's Ice House". They let you put cucumbers on your burgers. This makes for one happy Athene!

On our way back towards home from there we found the local gaming store called...Dragon's Lair (does every area have one of these???).

On Wed I had my iSchool orientation. I found another Smithie (who just graduated) who was also a Classics weird. I want to take so many of the classes!!! My advisor is the Asst. Dean and she seems pretty cool. Also had a meeting of the TAs at the lab. The job looks pretty cool. :)

In the evening we finally got to see Pirates:Dead Man's Chest. I liked it. The coolest part was the theatre that we saw it at. It's called the Alamo Drafthouse (there are a number of locations), and it re-defines "dinner & a movie" because they took out every other row of seats and have long tables with menus instead. You write down what you want and servers bring it to you during previews and even during the movie. Near the end of the movie they do a last call and then bring you your check. It's really cool!!! I bet that all the servers get back problems bending down to serve food without disturbing the patron's view of the screen.

On Thurs. I got up extra early and registered for my classes. I got into 3 of the 4 that i wanted and am 4th on the waitlist for the class I really really really want. So I registered for another class, but I'm going to go to the class i'm waitlisted for and hopefully get into it *crosses fingers*.

We ran more errands on Thursday and then went to the [ profile] austinpoly dinner. Got to see [ profile] apryl_knight and meet other cool people. Lots of talk about Ren fairs :)

Today [ profile] lordaerith and I went by a bunch of theatres in the area and he dropped his resume off on them.

This evening we went to the Dragon's Lair where we ran into... Chris of [ profile] spacecrime! It was good to see him :) Also got to meet boss/new gm's wife and their housemate and made friends with some other gamers :) Bought more stuff than we should have, but at 20% was hard to resist.

Got home and got my work schedule. I'll be working two evenings a week and Saturday days...but that's okay. If I get into the class I want, I'll have Wed totally off. If not, I'll have to be at work for 8am for meeting and then I'll have the rest of the day off.

Tomorrow morning our stuff will arrive! Hurray!! The saga of our stuff )

And now, reading the Draconomicon while Aerith goes through Star Munchkin and then sleep.
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Got up this morning at the hotel, watched some "Mr & Mrs Smith", had breakfast, went over lease, went back to room, engaged in now-familiar routine of pack up everything, get cart, get cats into carriers, get everything (including cats) on cart, check out, pack everything into car, and leave.

Came over to new apartment complex and signed rent. Had to fix a few pages because we found out that in order to get a cable modem, we have to subscribe to the $30 a month basic cable that the complex offers.

Got everything from car into apartment. Left cats in bathroom.

Went out, picked up air-matress from [ profile] raven_lenore (feel better hon!), which we will use until our stuff gets here, ate at near-by Whole Foods (looking around the food court, it felt a lot like being in the Valley), went to Linen & Things and Petco for stuff for the place (like shower curtains) and for the cats (new litter boxes - the ones from before were 2 years old and pretty gross), and came back to our new home.

Let the cats explore the place while setting up acquired items. I think Boris lost some weight on this journey.

Slowly starting to get a feel for the area. Sometimes can make the best of a wrong turn.

Time to go to the further away L&T for some items that weren't at the close by one. Oh, and hopefully find a "regular" grocery store.
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So, went apartment finding today with my very nice All Austin apartment finder person.

First we looked at some pretty run down places.

Then we went to at a really nice place that didn't have anything to show us.

Then we went a little further outside of downtown area and saw two places that it's pretty much coming down to. The first is Tramor at the Arboretum, which has a 2/1 and a 2/2 available. The second is High Oaks, which is closer to the bus stop, but only has a 2/1 available.

The problem is that so many places are already all booked up. I feel like I waited way too long to do this. But i was scared and I didn't want to search blind. And I couldn't really do this any sooner. I'm just so glad that I was able to get down here at all. But my stomach is all in knots. I'm so scared of making the wrong decision. And now I can't even remember what place looked like what all that well (although I have all this paperwork at [ profile] raven_lenore's. And I'm scared that we'll get to a place that we won't be able to afford, because who know what will happen when we get here.

but from what i've seen of the city, it seems like a nice place. The bus wasn't that hard to use. You can even call or go online to get a bus trip planner. And I like that.

This whole moving thing is just plain scary though. I know it will all work out...but still...ahhhh.

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