May. 6th, 2002 10:23 pm
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I just had my last Primal Scream. Some of Smith College is still screaming. I didn't realise I had so much tension in me until I started my first scream. Then I just screamed and screamed!!

I have also had my last ASP ritual (may 1), my last day of classes (on may 3rd), my last SSFFS meeting/Peep sacrifice (may 3rd), and am finishing my last reading period.

I still have yet to have my last exam, turn in my last paper, and pack up my dorm room for the last time.

It's all sort of scary and exciting and surreal at the same time.

well...back to studing for my last latin test.


May. 1st, 2002 10:05 am
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(cross-posted to [ profile] smithies

Happy May Day!

In honor of Beltane/May Day, the Association of Smith Pagans is holding a traditional Maypole dance at 5pm today in the Science Quad!
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Well...I would just like to say that the ASP retreat went really really well.

On friday we got there around 8pm (my ETA!) and got settled and then showed people who hadn't been there before around. This ended in an impromptu ritual. yay yay.

then a whole bunch of us went into the hot tub. there was lots of nakedness and lots of "who ever i might be molesting, i'm sorry."

"what do you call 12 pagans in a hot tub?"
"A self-cleaning coven."

I guess there was an Earthquake at somepoint, but i didn't feel it at all. *L* I've always been so afraid of earthquakes and i slept through my first one.

On saturday we just took an easy day, chilling, talking, reading. I fell back asleep for a few hours after lunch. it was nice.

Then we planned Beltane. Yay for Beltane. I got to be the goddess as the "maiden/warrior/mother." It was really really powerful. We worked on the idea of beings coming together to create life (not just in the male/female dicotomy). I'd write more, but a lot of it is a very happy blur.

Then there was more hottubbing. :)

The next morning we did ASP business stuff, and then packed up to leave.

When we were about to leave, i had everyone stand in a circle and, as the only senior, i left each of them something special(either phyical or some words) . I hope that it becomes a tradition that continues.

Good Things

  • Being at Touchstone Farms
  • Getting Sleep
  • Hottub fun
  • Bonding with lots of wonderful people
  • Being espically close to Nayone, whom I love so very much!
  • DidI mention Nayone?
  • All the good conversations with people "... and then I came to Smith and joined ASP."

Bad things

  • This being the last retreat i will go on as a smith student.
  • Having 3 Anxiety dreams:

    • Friday 1 - Drempt about breaking up with Aerith (over a silly reason) and then going to Nayone's room, but she was leaving to go to a meeting, so I was very alone and scared.
    • Friday 2 - Drempt there was a ritual at Smith and it was going all wrong. Then I was in another dimention and things got really strange.
    • Saturday - Drempt that there was a test in Latin class which i didn't know about until i got to class b/c i missed class on Friday (that was the Catholic's fault *G*, long story).

  • Stepping on something during the Belate ritual that put a small hole in my foot (post on that coming soon).

Just a little bit of TMI )
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The Association of Smith Pagans is holding a Fortunetelling Fair and Bakesale. There will be tarot, runes and yummy things to eat.

This will take place on Neilson Lawn

Thurs 4/4 11am-5pm (in Neilson Browsing Room if rain)
Fri 4/5 11am-4pm (in Dewey Common Room if rain)
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So, just as it's warming up and everything is growing, the evil men are out cutting down tree branches. The sight of it almost made me cry. The poor trees!!! But I took a piece of one with me and put it near my altar.

in other news, I HAVE A SUMMER JOB!!! I'll be working at Desktop Tech for Smith helping them clean computers (hardwear and physical) and set up new ones and things like that. Only sucky thing is that it's a 8am-4pm. i'm not an 8am type of person. oh well.

And...I was walking back and forth across campus today. First to Stoddard, then to the Helen Helen Hills Hills Hills Hills Chapel Chapel, then to College Hall and now i'm back home, but from this came the JOB and the knoweldge that the chapel is giving ASP lots o money for our retreat! yayness. and then i got to talk to [ profile] webchicky at the WAG (where i rested from my back and forths) and found out that she has an interview with MTV next week. So, everyone wish her luck!

time to start doing work. ick. it's so beautiful. i want to play outside!!!!!
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so far today i have

  • Woken up - hey, this is a feat when you have a beautiful woman next to you and all you want to do is cuddle with her.
  • Gone to class
  • Had something for luch
  • gone to my ssffs library hours
  • read for class at the library BEFORE starting on a new X-Men thing.
  • Went to the Chapel and filled out a request for money for the ASP retreat
  • Called Health Servaces to set up an OB/GYN exam and STD testing (not that i think i have anything, but it's good to be tested)
  • Called Josten to see if they will be open over spring break - they will be on weekdays during the day. yayness!

To do today:

  • Figure out the EXACT dates for Europe trip and tell daddy
  • Translate Latin
  • scan lines for latin and write paragraph on them
  • start working on Latin paper
  • eat dinner
  • catch up on horseback riding journal
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I made cookies today :) Chocolate chip from scratch. and braught some to the ASP meeting. it was #1 on the agenda. :) :)

Yesterday I found out that this girl i was really close to commited suicide. we were friends in 8th grade, but then she went to live with her dad and we sort of lost touch. Her brother is my honorary brother (blue skunk, except his hair isn't blue anymore). her mom is like my mom. but i'm not really saddened by this. a little, but it's not affecting me much, i'm concerned for her mother though. Had to call the Mad Russian b/c she knew her also. was strange.

She was in my dream last night. I don't really remember much of it. I remember that I was in a house/building of some sort and talking to someone who was reading a book (?). Then I went out to this big place that was like a really large garage, it was metal with a large open area in the back.. then at some point Tamara was there. I can't remember how she looked, but i knew it was her. We were holding hands, facing each other. I was walking backwards towards an altar (?) in the middle of the room. I fell on my knees and was hugging her legs and crying. Then I don't remember what happened. but then i was walking back alone to the room where the person from earlier was.

I think i said my good-bye to Tamara. I want to say that in the dream i begged her not to go and she said she had to, but i can't tell if i just added that afterwards. I think there was something about her prying my hands off of her legs. I do know i was crying a lot. Maybe I got her from that open area and she had to return there. *shrug* I just know i feel closure.
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Weekend was good. Not as productive as it needed to be.

The ASP ritual went really well. There were people there. Hurray!

Game on saturday went well also. Am 35 xp away from leveling. Aerith can be so evil sometimes. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Read the play version of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Cried when Eva died. Aerith was really sweet and just held me and gave me tissues and let me cry. It wasn't even that sad in the play, but it was the exact same wording as in the book and that set me off. (i'm actually a little embarassed that i cried).

Decided that calling the Mad Russian at 12:30 am was a good idea. Talked with her until 2:30 am. oops. I miss her. I am glad I got to talk to her :) We had so much fun talking. Found out that some people that I knew in HS were either married/getting married/have kids. weird shit! Was talking about old crushes. *L* I miss her.

In other news, SSFFS will be showing Tank Girl on Friday in Seelye 201 (most likely) @ 7:30pm. YAY!!!
and, [ profile] cassieclaire has added another "Secret Diary of LotRs character." If you haven't read them, but love LotRs, go to her lj and start on Dec. 31st. Some of the funniest stuff you've ever read!!!!!

Now to figure out what work i should get done.
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I have like 30 lines left. ick. but i needed to write.

The ASP fortune-telling fair was thursday and friday. It went really well. I was there telling all thursday afternoon. what an amazing experiance. There were points were I was really starting to feel like an oracle, who's purpose was to communicate something a higher power wanted to tell this person sitting in front of me. Some of my reading were really intense. Hurray for supportive ASP people and chocolate!

This weekend was good, but much less productive than it needed to be. I went to see the Acapella Jam. The Brown Derbies rock my world! I got one of their cds! hurray.

The Lady and I had a long talk about Paganism/Witchcraft/Wicca. I like the Lady :) We have promised each other to go dancing at Touchtone sometime in January.

must to work. ick.
have horseback riding final today. I really hope I get Beauty!
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well, my weekend was full of ups and downs.

First, friday night, Kilean came to a SSFFS meeting and sold so many tickets to HP that we hit the over 100 mark. He actually ran out of tickets and had to go have more made at Kinkos. :)

Then had dinner with Prof and Comedy and Romance class. Was a very good dinner. Ran REALLY REALLY REALLY long! Got a *little* drunk.

However, b/c it ran to 10, Aerith was waiting for me for over 40 min. Poor sweet thing. He got out The Man who would be King from the video store. We watched some of it.

The next day was ok. Got some work done. Aerith had to work. There were about a MILLION people trying to do laundrey at the same time as us. I did find out that Cinemark screwed over D'arcangel productions and the HP showing is going to be on saturday. I felt so bad for everyone who I promised that it would be on friday. :(

Sunday I got some more work done. Then went to ASP meeting. Was me and Petra. Went over to Emi and Syl's and were the "getting shit done" commity.

Then has a SSFFS officers meeting. That went well, EXECPT the end. Amythyst got a headache and then she was dizzy and so i called health services and they sent a policeperson to bring her to Coolie Dic.

But, then came the Collapse into Reason, Bella Morte, Cruxshadows show. OMG, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! Collapse into Reason sounded GREAT. Then I was in the front dancing for Bella Morte. They played a lot of good songs, but i really didn't know a lot of them. There were some obnoxious guys in the audience who seemed to have been following the band. They were scaring me. After Bella Morte played I went upto the lead singer and congradulated him. He thanked me and then thanked me for being in the front. *G* hehehehe. Then Cruxshadows came on. Holy SHIT! Why have i NEVER seen them before??? They put on the BEST show. I was standing right infront of Stacey, the really beautiful guitarist. Rouge is SO amazing to watch. He walks around the audience and climbs on things and does all kinds of crazy shit! He even got a chair from somewhere in the middle of the Grotto and was standing on it while singing in the middle of the dance floor. After the show I got the band members to sign a poster for me. Stacey said that it was nice to see people smiling the front row *Big Grin*

Today Greek was ok, but on the walk back to the bus stop, DV was really distant. *shrug* must e-mail him soon.

I was late to Acting b/c the printer in WAG was not working so i had to print everything out in B&W and then i waited around to see if they could fix the color printer.

Went to the fleece sale. Bought a headband that covers my ears and some warm socks. Amythyst showed up with her mommy. She had been at some hospital in Springfield and they didn't know what was wrong with her, so she is going on medical leave until after thanksgiving.

Horseback riding was good but cold.

Aerith is here :) game tonight, must go.


Nov. 5th, 2001 08:42 am
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First: The Samhain ritual went amazingly well!!! There were a LOT of people there and I think they all got something out of it. I know that I did. When I was Justice, I WAS Justice. There wasn't enough cider at the feast. there never is :) The walk through NoHo was wonderful, but sad as I realized that this may just be the last Smith Samhain ritual that I am involved in. But walking back from the beep-boop crossroads in the front of the whole group singing my heart out was just wonderful. When we got back to Tyler, there was still a TON of energy left in the room. It made my whole body tingle!!!

Then my sister came to stay for the weekend!! She got to see my room and my cat and meet some of my friends at the game and stuff. It made me happy. Yes, cimmy, I am worried about you. I love you! We had a bunch of good heart to hearts.

Then Aerith's D&D game went really well. Slinky-boy couldn't make it, but everyone else was there. I am soclose to becoming a fifth level cleric. We killed the evil elven mage and got inducted into the elven nation. A very good game. I am having so much fun playing it. Even if Aerith is trying to screw us over twelve ways from sunday.

That night...well...lets just say that sometimes it IS good dating the DM *evil grin*

Sunday we watched Krull. Why, oh god, why??? Then Cimmy left and I got some work done while Aerith was at the gym.

This morning i have to go meet with the head of the Classics Department about the webpage and about classes for next semester. So far this is what I am thinking of taking: Latin - The Aenead, American Theatre and Drama, Interactive Web Design (2 credits), Horseback Riding 2, and History of Opera (pass/fail). Yup, that sounds good to me. a nice 15 credits for second semester senior year.

i'm alive

Nov. 1st, 2001 06:47 pm
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haven't posted in a while.

mom is in the hospital. has been since a week ago. but it's good this time b/c the doctors are going to make her as better as possible. YAY.

Got the paper that was late turned in. Got it back. Got an A/A-. Hurray!!!!

I only have to take 13 credits next semester. will take 15 most likely. Now, if i could just find a 3rd 4 credit class that was interesting an fit my schedual.

Declared a Theatre minor yesterday. Hurray!!!!

Had my THREE YEAR aniversarry w/Aerith on saturday. it was wonderful!!! I love him sooooo much!!!!! I hope we are in each other's lives for a long time to come.

Sent in my senior pic.

Went postering for Samhain tommorow (8pm, Tyler House - for those in NoHo and are interested).

Cimmy is coming this weekend. Yippy. I can't wait to see her.

50 lines of greek are calling. must get a good chunk done b4 samhain rehearsal.

hopefully i'll be able to breath more next week.


Sep. 23rd, 2001 11:47 am
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Last night was the Mabon ritual. It was really amazing! We have such a good group of people in ASP this year. Hurray! We raised a lot of really strong energy for healing and clarity. I sent some to my mother. I hope she is doing better. I love the way communal eating helps to build community. ok, that sounds sort of silly, but it's true. I hope passing some sort of food around the circle for everyone to share happens at every ritual. It strenghtens our bonds to each other.

After the ritual, a bunch of us who were on ritual crack jumped into the fountain with the lady. hehehe. Then those who had been working w/energy for longer that a lot of us and who weren't in the fountain started singing and that really helped in grounding us. but i still was a little weird when i came back to my house.

Aerith said I stunk when we were lying on the couch watching Shakespear in Love. hehehe. but then i took a shower.

TMI about sex and the divine )
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so, of course as soon as I turned off my comp and went to brush my teath, i remembered it all.

I did a LOT of handwashing yesterday! yay! now a lot more of my clothing is clean. I hung them up above the back tub in the shower/bath room. It's such a funny sight to have Ren-like dresses next my fave goth dress, next to some shirts, with a Frederick's corset and some black and white w/red bows stockings in the middle of it all. I wonder what the people in my house think when they see this. They must figure out it's my clothing. Yes I own a corset. So far no Smithies have freeked out, which is a good thing.

I don't think the flyer for the movie tonight ever got made. I forgot to annouce it on the jolt, but how could I if I don't know what room it's in.

syoung e-mailed me saying that she got her horseback riding assignment. That means that mine is probably in my mailbox. That's good. I'll be able to talk to work about my schedual for REAL today. I'm kind of scared about the whole thing. I have to buy a helmet and boots, but I'll wait until after the first class. Well...maybe i'll go to the mall w/Aerith on Sat to see if I can find boots that fit me.

In shutting off my alarm I just found out that Miss Ginger Le Kitty's tag has fallen off. Much sadness. Oh well. I bet I could fix that with tape.

Oh, I think for the first or second time that I've ever been on the pill I am spotting. There was a tiny bit of blood on Wed night before I went to bed, but after that there was a little pain in that area, although it may have just be physcological. I didn't think too much of it, but yesterday night there was blood in my underwear (although it was very dried. but it's strange that I didn't notice it earlier in the day). So I changed panties. No blood on those when I went to bed. I'm a little worried, but more pissed b/c I was going to wear really sex underwear for Aerith today, but I don't want to stain it. I think it was just a bit of spotting, but if it continues for a little while, I'll go to Death Services.

And I have a cold. or at least a lot of nose running, coughing, and sore throat. Could be the weather though, because I don't feel the usual general cold ickyness.

Yesterday I ran into this woman that I had talked to breafly at the beginning of the school year. She's pagan too. We started talking about ASP. She started telling me how we should run Mabon. I'm sorry, but you are not yet a part of our club. You do not know how we work. Please refrain from being bossy until you see how things go with us. We are quite capable of doing things ourselves thankyouverymuch. But I was much more polite to her than that, telling her how we are going to keep it low-nrg to feel what the new group dynamic is like.

Here's some TMI )

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