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Ten years ago [ profile] lordaerith and I got married. In the typical way of me with big events, I never got around to writing more than a quick note about it after the fact. And now all the pictures that I linked to don't even work anymore.

Of course one day we may actually order prints of the official pictures and maybe even go on a honeymoon. Maybe for 15 years when LP and Bae are older.

A little while ago I got an email from the front desk that I had a special delivery. Look what Aerith sent me! I've already eaten the whole top layer.

I believe the plan tonight is to order Chinese food. We'll go out to dinner as a family to celebrate on Saturday night.
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Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I celebrated seven years of marriage without killing each other. Hurray!

We went out to The Cheesecake Factory as a family to celebrate. Our Little Prince kept us entertained throughout a good chunk of the meal by playing "dip the straw into the mug of water, pull it out, causing splashing, dunk it back in, and occasionally try to drink from the straw" all while squealing with happiness most of the time. My cheeks hurt after dinner from smiling so much. Didn't get any pics or video because we wanted to be in the moment.

Today Aerith and I both took the day off from work. I took LP into daycare so we had the whole day to just the two of us. We were originally going to go to Shilterbaun or to Barton Springs or something, but the day looked rather ominous for being outside, and so we ended up spending most of the day cuddling on the couch watching stuff that had piled up on our DVR (lots of HIMYM). I think it was a day that we really needed. Just a day to cuddle and reconnect and be lazy together. Ok, at one point I got annoyed that we were staying inside and that I wanted to go swimming... and then we started to hear the rolling thunder, so well played Universe.

Then we got LP from daycare, had stir-fry for dinner, played with LP, gave him a bath, put him to bed, and watched more HIMYM while finishing our desserts from yesterday.

And now, to bed.
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Life's been crazy busy, in a good way. So here's a quick list of what's going on:

• The Sunday before last [ profile] lordaerith and I rolled up 3.5/3.75 characters for a run. It's the typical gamer ratio (7 guys and me). My character's already annoying everyone. :)

• Last Monday I went to a Marian Call house concert. She's amazing. She's touring all 50 states, so go find out when she'll be in a city/town near you and go see her. She's a total nerd and cute too. Oh, and she'll be performing at the SDCC w00tstock! There were many nerds there and we all flocked together. Flirted with a guy who works at Blizzard. Hey, anything to get into the Cataclysm beta, right? ;)

• This last Friday was [ profile] lordaerith's and my fifth wedding anniversary. Year 5 is the wood anniversary. Don't worry, we already went there. We both took Friday and Monday off from work. Friday we went to Schlitterbaun (which is becoming our anniversary tradition). The rides there really are the best! After riding tons of rides on both sides of the park, we headed back to Austin and went to the Melting Pot for the first time. Very nice. They found out it was our anniversary and brought us complimentary champaign with dessert.

• Saturday night we went to the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin's production of "Yeoman of the Guard" with [ profile] moonwick and [ profile] byskwik. Is a rather interesting opera. Not quite so light and airy as their usual fair and a weird ending.

• The rest of our four day weekend was spend lounging around, getting stuff off of the DVR, playing WoW, and cleaning up the house a bit.

• Work is going well. I'm starting to teach more. I'm developing curriculum for a new feature coming out in our Summer release, which is kind of like shooting a moving target. Oh, and work's sending me to Boston in mid-August to teach four days of classes. The current plan is for [ profile] lordaerith and I to go up together a few days early and see people and then he'll head home while I teach. Let me know if you want to see us.

• Other than that, life is busy with work, husband, cats, yoga, social engagements, friends, and WoW.
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(Note: I started writing this last Sunday)

On Friday [ profile] lordaerith and I went to Schlitterbahn for some awesome water park fun. The weather was hot but cloudy which made it perfect water park weather. We waited in too long of a ride for the Wolfpack, which wasn't really worth it. However, the Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride totally was. We thought we were both going to wipe out horrifically. I was terrified when I actually got to the shoot, but once i was on the board in the water, it was an amazing rush. I actually got stuck at the lip for a few moments and was so close to making it back down before I got washed over the edge. Aerith tried to be fancy and ended up going off of the side. Then we headed over to Shiltterbahn West. Our favorites over there were the Whitewater Tube Chute and the Downhill Racer, the latter being another one that was scary at the top, but so much fun once we got going. Aerith beat me too the bottom of that one, but only cause I caught my feet at the top edge (and they're nicely bruised, btw).

After we were done with the water park, we headed out to Bryan to spend the weekend with [ profile] gailmom and [ profile] gryphynshadow. Had a great time hanging out with them and at the small party that they threw on Saturday night. Really enjoyed surprising [ profile] lordaerith by having a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements show up at the house for him. Also, gail and I dragged him to his first pedicure. I got purple toe nails with these really pretty flowers on my big toes. Aerith didn't get polish put on, even though I kept suggesting that he go with dark blue.

Finally got to meet [ profile] parathalyn in person. Met up with her and her boy for lunch. Was really good to meet her in person. Hope we didn't scare her away by being too weird.

Saturday night [ profile] lordaerith bbq'd for us and then there was a small party, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday started with what could have been really bad poly drama, but because we all took responsibility, communicated things clearly, and acted like adults, it didn't. Came back home to kitties, who had spent then weekend being watched by the wonderful [ profile] lorelein, played some WoW and went to bed.

Ten Years

Oct. 28th, 2008 05:26 pm
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Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I celebrated 10 years of being an "official" couple. That's about ⅓ of each of our lives. Pretty crazy. And to think it all started with me answering "Sure, why not." when he asked me to "go out with" him.

It's funny to think that we met at a Vampire LARP and our first "official" date was to RHPS. I'm not sure if that set the tone of our relationship, but it sure makes a good story.

We actually celebrated on Saturday night by going out to diner at Kobe Steakhouse where, thanks to his mother, we were both able to order the Kobe steak fillet mignon. OMG, they were amazing and left both of us in food comas!

I don't have anything to say that he hasn't heard a million-and-one times before. So I'll simply say, To Jonathan: I love you yatches and yatches.

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[ profile] lordaerith and I went to Schlitterbahn yesterday. OMG! So much of the awesome! We had a great time there, except for two things. 1) We got sunburnt. Me much worse than him. I'm pretty much sunburnt almost all over, especially on my shoulders and back. 2) I reacted funny to the rubber tires used for the tube rides. Not sure if it was my tire or what is on the tires or what, but I have these little bumps on the backs of my knees, my inner elbow and my upper arm (the parts of my body that touched the tire the most). It hurts more than the sunburn.

Would write more about the awesomeness of the water park, but I have to run to meet with photographers about my QuickTime VR project.
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Everyone needs to check out the sidebar of Punch an' Pie today before midnight PST.

Also, if you can stand it, check out the link in the news post at the bottom of the comic...
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This was written at 10:30 last night...

So, to celebrate our anniversary, my mother-in-law gave [ profile] lordaerith and I two nights at Anchorage by the Sea in Ogunquit, Maine.

We drove up this afternoon. Took 2.5 hours or so to get here. The place is beautiful. Right on the water. We have this awesome room with a king sized bed, fireplace, and flat panel tv. The only problem is that I can't quite catch the wireless signal. It's probably better this way, though.

When we got here we walked into town (which is very cute), then on the walkway by the ocean a bit. Then we rested and went back out for dinner.

We walked down the ocean walkway to Perkins Cove and had dinner at MC Perkins Cove, which is an off-shoot of Arrows Restaurant. Dear lord, the food was excellent!

Then we walked back, turned on the fireplace and Blackmore's Night and drank meed and ate some of our wedding cake's top layer. It has been in our freezer for a year and was totally fine. Still really yummy and moist. It's chocolate with raspberry swirls and buttercream icing. So rich that neither one of us could finish our piece. I'm glad we saved it.


Now we're about to eat breakfast and from our table we can view the ocean. it's so nice.

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