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Ten years ago [ profile] lordaerith and I got married. In the typical way of me with big events, I never got around to writing more than a quick note about it after the fact. And now all the pictures that I linked to don't even work anymore.

Of course one day we may actually order prints of the official pictures and maybe even go on a honeymoon. Maybe for 15 years when LP and Bae are older.

A little while ago I got an email from the front desk that I had a special delivery. Look what Aerith sent me! I've already eaten the whole top layer.

I believe the plan tonight is to order Chinese food. We'll go out to dinner as a family to celebrate on Saturday night.
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I came down with a stomach bug yesterday evening.

Unpleasant details just for you. )

I'm pretty sure this is the universe getting back at me for not having any morning sickness with either pregnancy.
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That's right, [ profile] lordaerith and I are expecting another child. I am currently 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant, with a 40-week mark of 10/24/15 (I hate the term due date). We're calling it "Bae" for now (get it? get it?).

So far everything is going really well. I'm mostly just exhausted and have to pee a lot. Little Prince knows and is very excited to get a sibling.

There was a little bit of a scare when I went in to see the midwife two weeks ago because my tilted uterus made it hard to get a good abdominal ultrasound. But I went in to see the ultrasound tech the next day and we found a heartbeat and everything looked perfect and was measuring right on target.

That little circle above Bae is the yolk sac. How cool is that?

So far not showing yet (so no belly pics), but this being my second pregnancy, I expect that to change soon.
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We'd known for a few months now that it was pretty likely that the business [ profile] lordaerith has been working for for the past seven years was going to go under/get sold. He'd started looking around at other places and throwing out a few applications, but places either didn't have open positions or the openings they had were not for his skills/salary requirements.

Well, last week we got the official word that his big boss was selling the company. Everyone went down to the place the boss was selling to and filled out an application to work there. Some people heard on Friday that they were hired. We were starting to get nervous. Then the guy who Aerith would be working for said he'd call yesterday and it took him until almost 4:30 to call, so we were really nervous. However, when he called, he made Aerith a great offer and so Aerith went down this morning to sign papers and ended up starting today. Also, right after the call offering him a job, he had another call from another shop wanting to talk to him. He's a hot commodity. :)

Anyway, I'm super proud of him and how well he's been handling things and how he was officially unemployed for only one day.
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Last summer there was a Kickstarter for InvaderCon III: Final Doom. I had been following the InvaderCons since they were a concept on Facebook back in 2009 or 2010, but hadn't been able to go to either of the other ones because of reasons. This one was going to be in Austin, so of course we backed it. And it funded. And then we found out that it was going to happen only 10 min from our house, which was even better.

InvaderCon III: Final Doom happened this weekend. It was awesome. Since nothing was really happening until the afternoon on Saturday, we got up and Aerith got some yard work done while I took Little Prince to go grocery shopping. Then we had lunch and went over to the con hotel. It was a pretty small con. I think the vendor room had all of three vendors. We mostly hung out in the back of the main room so LP could run around while we listened to the Q&As or let LP run around the main lobby of the hotel with a three year old girl who was also there for the con. Aerith was surprised that there wasn't a room showing the episodes of Zim to the public. I liked the Q&As because I like listening to the actors talk about their craft. At around 3:45, we rounded up LP and took him home. KR came over and he got to have LP and KR time and Aerith and I got to go back to the con. Yay.

We got there part way through Rikki's panel. I got to ask him about his kitties, since I really like his comic TaviCat, which is all about them. Then there was the Kickstarter Only panel. It was some giving away of things via a raffle and then the rest of the time was Rikki (GIr) and Richard (Zim) on their ukeleles being silly. We called it #irkenrock. After that there was the guests read a script panel. They read "10 Minutes to Doom", which was awesome. What was even cooler was that the actor who played Dib wasn't there, so they had three audience members audition for the role. The guy who won actually got to go up on stage and read along with the rest of the cast. He was beside himself with joy and he actually did a very good Dib. I didn't take any video of this reading, but other people did, so I'm sure it will so up online at some point soon. Then they had some time left to kill, so they read the opening of Amok Time from Star Trek: TOS. They were supposed to do it as their Invader ZIm characters, but decided to all be William Shatner instead. I did get that on video.

Then Aerith and I and a friend of ours that we ran into at the con went to get dinner at Five Guys cause we were hungry and stopped at a local video game store to check things out on the way back to the Con. We got back to the Con just in time to see the winners of the costume contest announced. There were lots of people in cool costumes, so I'm sure it was hard to judge it. Then we hung out for a while. We stopped into the ZIm Against Humanity panel and I played a round, but it was awkward. Then we poked our head into the Dance Like a Money party, but someone was wearing too much perfume for Aerith, so we left. We were getting tired anyway.

Best part about having a con 10 min away is being able to sleep in your own bed at night.

This morning we woke up and hung out at home. We showed Little Prince Dispicalbe Me for the first time. He loves the Minions (he's seen the shorts) and I think he really liked the movie. After lunch we went to the park for a while, where it was REALLY hot and then back to the con. I got to talk to Rikki and his wife Tavi about cats for a bit. Then we said hi to Richard and Melissa. Richard really seemed taken by LP. Since Melissa is also a musical theatre person and has a four year old, I tried to get LP to sing his version of "Let it Go" for her, but he decided to be shy.

Then LP got a Captain America shield painted on his arm by the person doing face-painting, which went well with the Avengers overalls he was wearing. We hung out in the lobby for a bit and then hit up the Panel of Doom (a full cast Q&A) and the Closing Ceremonies, which was basically a big "I love you all" from the attendees to the con staff and back. We left part way through to go get chinese takeout for dinner.

So that was our InvaderCon experience. I was surprised that so many people there seemed to be teenagers, but I guess if the show came out 13 years ago, if you were six when you first saw it, you'd be 19 now. I wish we could have spent a bit more time hanging out and getting to know people, but that's the drawback of having a kid with you, I guess. I did like the intimacy of the smaller con and the fact that everyone there was soooooo into this one thing. Overall, had a great time and super glad we funded the project and went to the con. Especially since they'll probably not do another one.
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Last week [ profile] lordaerith and I (mostly Aerith) installed our new microwave. It is pretty and shiny and matches our stove. It also is a convection oven, which is strange but cool.

We didn't set out to buy a new microwave this year. It certainly wasn't in the plan. Our old one was working just fine. But then...

My mother was visiting us from New Orleans for Passover/Easter weekend. It was Saturday morning and we were prepping for our monthly game day and Passover Seder that night. Mom decided to bake a sweet potato in, you guessed it, the microwave. So she put it in for 30 minutes, intentionally, and went to take a shower. I think her thought process was that if the sweet potato would take 90 min in a regular oven, it should take a third of the time in the microwave. I guess she didn't notice the microwave actually had a potato setting. She also didn't poke any holes in it.

So she's taking a shower and Aerith and I are watching something with Little Prince when we start to smell something burning. We go downstairs and there's a few inches of smoke at the ceiling, and the smoke detector isn't even going off. We start freaking out that something is on fire but we can't figure out where the smoke is coming from. I get LP downstairs in case there is a fire and we have to get him out and run upstairs to tell mom. While she's getting out of the shower she tells me that she had the potato in the microwave. Go back down stairs and sure enough, there is a nice lump of charcoal in the microwave and the microwave itself isn't looking too good. So we open all the windows, burn incense, Febreeze things and work on making the house smell better. Aerith and I take out the old microwave and he does some research with mom and then goes out to Home Depot to order a new microwave.

It's amazing how much we've come to depend on the microwave. Just a few days without one made me realize that. The new one got delivered last Wed (and they took away the old one) and Aerith and I (ok, mostly Aerith again) installed it on Thursday. This past weekend he baked banana bread in it. Now the house smells much less like smoke and much more like banana bread.

In conclusion, sweet potatoes are not to go in the microwave for more than 5-6 minutes and always poke holes in them first. Also, still no idea why the smoke detector didn't go off as we tested it and it seems to be working fine. But no one was hurt and we can tease mom about this for years to come.
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We decided that 2.75 would be the perfect age for Little Prince to experience his first Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

On Thursday, Feb 27, we got into the car nice and early and drove to New Orleans. The drive went pretty well overall. Little Prince used the potty twice on the way there, which was totally unexpected and cool. He did fight sleep for over half an hour after lunch time, which sucked. We were really hoping to get in to NOLA in time to head over to Tante’s and catch Muses, but we hit some nasty traffic in Baton Rouge and by the time we got to Grandma R’s, we were all just exhausted.

On Friday Grandma R showed us that she’d saved a huge amount of our childhood toys. Little Prince was in heaven playing with it all.

Grandma R saved our childhood toys. DJ loved playing with them.

 That evening we headed over to Tante and Bullit’s for our very first Mardi Gras parades. Darius got to learn just how stressful parking during Mardi Gras can be. We got to Tante’s, ate dinner, and then the parades started right outside her door.

A kid on his shoulders and a beer in his hand. Daddy is doing Carnival right.
Darius with a drink in his hand and LP on his shoulders.
That’s doing Mardi Gras right!

Read the rest of this entry on my Little Prince blog
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On Thursday night we got a sitter for Little Prince and headed to the Thinkery for their Thinkery21, which as I described to my friends over Facebook is "Children's Museum - kiddos + alcohol = genius." Basically it was a way for us to go play with all of the things there without watching out for our child or other children getting in the way.

We got there and got some food at the food truck outside and then went in. They had a yummy cupcake bar and two bars (hint: the upstairs bar was practically empty when the bar downstairs was full). They had their MakerBot out and were making flowers with it. MAKERBOT!! It was so cool!!! We got to play with the stuff in the older kids room, like making flying machines. Tried to hula-hoop with wine, but that didn't work so well. We played in the water room for a while. I got one of the dump buckets to just a point where when i walked away, just a bit of water fell in and so it splashed everyone around it and I was far away. There was chocolate tasting in the kitchen lab and they had chocolate roses. We also played outside on the play structure. Much easier to navigate when there aren't a million children in the way. I tried to instigate a game of tag with random people, but no one played with me. Also, I may have been the one to spell out "BUTTS" with magnets on the magnet wall, but I admit to nothing.

Overall, [ profile] lordaerith and I had a great time, although after all the alcohol and cupcakes, we probably shouldn't have eaten the yummy greasy food truck food at the end of the night. It was really fun to explore all of the regular and special exhibits. I know we won't go every month, but once in a while would probably be worth it. Maybe in the summer when it's warmer so more can happen outside.
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I have a goal to write more this year in either this journal or my blog that cross-posts here, but life gets in the way. I find myself posting more often to my Tumblr or my other Tumblr or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram than writing longer posts.

So life is life. The big new class I've been developing with a co-worker at work for months now is very close to time for the manager review. It's a class that's been plagued by delays of all sorts (planning, technical, other stuff being asked of us, the holidays, illness, random school weather closures, you name it). I'm really excited to get it out the door and I really hope it will be well received.

We're planning a trip to NOLA for Mardi Gras and so we've been working on getting Wreck-It-Ralph costume pieces together. Got almost everything for everyone that we didn't already own coming in the mail in the next week. Hopefully we can get the last bits soon.

While they're not saying they're at fault, the insurance agency of the person who hit us in September has already paid out for Little Prince and wants all kinds of records for me. Considering my PIP ran out a while ago and I still have payments to the EMS and Chiropractor to make, I'm hoping this all works out well.

In new car news, Skye Captain is still awesome and she's almost ready for her 5,000 mile check-up.

In every week news, KR comes over on Monday nights (most of the time) and we usually play D&D at a friend's house on Thursday nights.

Little Prince is very two and a half. He's a delight and a pain all at once.

And that's life.
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When friends give you Superman pajamas, there is only one thing to do:

Originally published at my baby blog. Please leave any comments there.

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On Thursday, Sept 19 I was driving Little Prince to daycare (and then me to work). The traffic on the highway was stop and go. I was stopped. The person in the truck behind me didn't stop. He hit me so hard it pushed me into the person in front of me and the person in front of me was pushed into the person in front of him.

Thankfully Little Prince only had a few scratches (so thankful we are still rear-facing and have an amazing Diono Raidan RXT). I came out of the collision with some bruising, a hurt head, and whiplash. My car, Baby, did not fair so well.

Little Prince and I got to ride in an ambulance to the hospital and [ profile] lordaerith met us there. The doctor at the hospital said I was just banged up and would be sore the next day and recommend acupuncture and chiropractic care.

So we took LP to daycare, dropped off prescription for happy pills, found out where Baby was towed to and cleaned everything out of her and sad good-bye as we were pretty sure we’d never see her again.

More pictures of Baby all crashed )

And we were right. The insurance company declared her totaled the following Tuesday (Sept 24).

Good-bye Baby. When we bought you in 2004, my mother said you’d be the car I’d bring my children home in, and you were. You saw us through a wedding, a cross-country move, and multiple daytrips and road trips. You use to let me dress you up like a reindeer around Christmas time. You survived being hit by a deer, being lightly rear-ended a few times, and you only let me get pulled over one time. You use to make a whoop sound when the A/C was on (until Aerith fixed that) and you were starting to squeak at times. And remember, no one parks Baby in a corner.

Our insurance company was really awesome and offered to let us have the rental through October 1. The rental was a Kia and the back rear tire had a slow leak and I had to go to two Firestones while trying to do things for [ profile] byskwik’s wedding before it was fixed. :(

In the meantime Aerith was working really hard to find us a new car and to position ourselves to buy it (with some help from family and an awesome rate from the awesome UMassFive College FCU, which is yet another reason why we still bank with them even though we moved out of state).

On Saturday, Sept 28, my birthday, we went back to the Toyota place to put down the deposit on the car we liked. Little did we know they’d let her take us home that day.

Introducing Skye Captain.

I love love love her. She’s my third Camry (I've only had Camrys), but my first four cylinder (Audrey and Baby with both sixes) and the first brand new car I've ever owned. She’s awesome. She is totally tricked out (moon/sun roof, keyless ignition, heated seats, dual climate control, etc), drives like a dream, and integrates with our phones (no more tape deck adapter for me!). We’ve already taken her on her first daytrip (to Sea World). I finally had to fill her up last night after putting almost 400 miles on her. The only thing that bugs me is that my super large water bottle doesn't fit in her cup holders, but I have a smaller water bottle that does, so it's not so bad.

And I already put my New Orleans Saints Fleur-des-lis magnet on her.
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The guys are napping and I should be either napping or doing dishes or unpacking (oh the unpacking), but I had an urge to do some good old fashioned journalling. We'll see if it lasts.

This morning I woke up at 6:30am and realized I couldn't remember when over night my Little Prince had nursed. I really don't want to jinx it, but I'm pretty sure he slept through the night (or mostly through the night)! I got up and fed the boy-cat so that he wouldn't annoy us in bed. Then I went back to bed and breastfeed LP on and off for a while while I tried to doze a bit. Then I couldn't decide if I should get out of bed and shower or just play on my phone. Eventually [ profile] lordaerith woke up and motioned for me to go shower (at 7:30) so I did. Came out of the bathroom to a wide awake LP.

Got LP changed and set up in his high chair with breakfast, got breakfast for myself and Skyped with mom while Aerith became human again (aka showered and had a cup of coffee). Aerith started a warm wash. Then we made a shopping list and headed to the store. It was drizzling when we got into the car. It was raining when we got into the store. It was POURING when we left the store.

Got home and prepped Turkey, Yam, and Apple stew and had leftover Chuy's for lunch. LP seems to really like their refried beans.

Tried to put LP down for a nap at his usual nap time, but he was NOT having it. Worked with Aerith to get our closet more organized while LP played in the closet. We've made some good progress.

Decided since LP wasn't napping or showing any signs of being tired to curl up on the couch-as-a-bed and watch Monsters, Inc (and at the end there must have been some dust in the air, which is why Aerith and I were teared up). Much better than watching the Saints game (from what I could tell). LP watched some of it and played on the couch-bed and on the floor for the rest of it.

Called my MIL to say hi. Started to talk to her about the idea of having a big family and friends party for LP in New Orleans for his birthday - Memorial Day weekend.

Finally got LP (and Aerith) to take a nap. I'm sure it's going to mess up their bedtimes, but they were both so exhausted. I wish I could have napped with them, but I wasn't falling asleep and there's was a cold wash to start (it's in now) and dishes to be washed. But for now I'm just enjoying sitting at the breakfast table looking out the window at my soggy suburban neighbourhood.
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Today LP turned 14 months old. It started with LP being super cute while we played around in bed. We all got up. LP and I watched half an hour of Sesame Street (aka "Elmo. Elmo. Elmo. - he MUST have picked it up at daycare). Then we drew on paper with crayons while Skyping with my mother.

Then [ profile] lordaerith, and I packed up the diaper bag and LP and headed out. First we went to Home Depot for a few things. Then we drove over to the Arboretum for ArmadilloCon. I haven't been to a sci-fi con in ages. I'm so glad we went. At first we wandered around the dealer room. LP nursed in the Ergo and then fell asleep in it on my chest. We walked with [ profile] danamongden over to get lunch (LP still asleep) and back to the con. Then LP woke up. He was fascinated by Elizabeth Moon's toy crossbow that she used to launch goldfish across the room. We went to the "Stump the Panel" panel, where we handed them objects and they made up stories about them. Items from the child's diaper bag make awesome objects for this game. After that we hung around for a while and played "climb up all the stairs to the main lobby of the hotel" and other games.

Then it was time for Anne Bishop's panel and the whole reason why I wanted to go in the first place. Of course LP decided that that's the time when he didn't want to play quietly so Aerith and I had to trade off walking around with him/chasing after him. Aerith was awesome and let me attend way more of the panel than he did. At one point Anne was talking about what a joy it was to write a fun holiday story about three very intelligent and powerful men being confounded by a toddler, I interjected with "I'm so glad [LP] doesn't have wings." He was wiggling in my arms at that moment so it made the whole room laugh :). During the panel she talked about her upcoming story, Written in Red, which is an urban fantasy novel. She mentioned that one of the characters in it has my name since I generously (stupidly?) offered that she could use it.*

After the panel was over we hung around for a bit. She gave me a hug. Then after everyone else had walked away from her we asked if she had anything to do right then. She had a free hour, so we asked if she wanted to get ice cream with us. SHE SAID YES. I got to treat Anne Bishop to Amy's ice cream!. We walked over there and I tried to be all cool and stuff, but I was totally freaking out. So we got ice cream and Aerith had run back to our car and gotten out the bag with all 15 of her books. We chatted for a bit and she very graciously signed her books. I told her about how I finished reading Daughter of the Blood for the first time in an empty dorm room on a stripped bed as the light was slowly fading, and how maybe that wasn't the best place to be in when finishing that book. After ice cream we walked back to the con hotel with her, I took a picture with her, and said our good-byes. Then we walked around a bit more, said good-bye to our friends and headed home.

With Anne

LP passed out in the car, but woke up when we got home. We played outside for a bit and with boxes on our head. Then we put LP to sleep and I wrote this post (partially interrupted to put LP back to sleep).

Yeah, overall, it was an awesome day.

*I am crazy stupid excited about this, even if the character does like to eat mice... that'll make more sense when the book comes out.
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Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I celebrated seven years of marriage without killing each other. Hurray!

We went out to The Cheesecake Factory as a family to celebrate. Our Little Prince kept us entertained throughout a good chunk of the meal by playing "dip the straw into the mug of water, pull it out, causing splashing, dunk it back in, and occasionally try to drink from the straw" all while squealing with happiness most of the time. My cheeks hurt after dinner from smiling so much. Didn't get any pics or video because we wanted to be in the moment.

Today Aerith and I both took the day off from work. I took LP into daycare so we had the whole day to just the two of us. We were originally going to go to Shilterbaun or to Barton Springs or something, but the day looked rather ominous for being outside, and so we ended up spending most of the day cuddling on the couch watching stuff that had piled up on our DVR (lots of HIMYM). I think it was a day that we really needed. Just a day to cuddle and reconnect and be lazy together. Ok, at one point I got annoyed that we were staying inside and that I wanted to go swimming... and then we started to hear the rolling thunder, so well played Universe.

Then we got LP from daycare, had stir-fry for dinner, played with LP, gave him a bath, put him to bed, and watched more HIMYM while finishing our desserts from yesterday.

And now, to bed.
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A week ago today my mom and sister came into town.

Friday during the day I showed mom how to make cake pops (or how to start them at least), we started making food for Seder, I took a half day at work, and mom and I went shopping for stuff for the cake pops. The problem with cake pops is that you need to create a display for them. So we went to Hobby Lobby and got some floral foam and some fake moss so we could make a "nest" for the dinosaur egg cake pops.

Friday night some friends came over and we had Passover Seder. It was very nice to have Seder with my family and friends, even if the evening was a touch more irreverent that I would have liked. We got to eat at the table (if you don't know the store of the table, ask [ profile] lordaerith about it some time. I even had a touch of wine for each of the glasses of wine one must drink (and I buy the GOOD Kosher wine).

Saturday was get up and finish the cake pops with mom. Then finish cleaning the house (aka stuff things that shouldn't be out in rooms that will be closed off) while [ profile] queencimmy, Byskwik, and mom got the last of the party things (including decorations).

Our baby shower was fantastic. You can read all about it and see tons of pictures from it on my pregnancy blog.

After the shower, mom, Cimmy, and I watched the last episode of Treme Season 1. We all got a bit emotional. Big surprise.

Then all four of us went out to a birthday party for some friends, but we didn't stay too long.

Sunday mom and I got up early and had a really wonderful talk. Then she and Cimmy had to leave and Aerith and I collapsed into exhaustion.

Yesterday I did my first full laundry load of baby clothing. So much and yet it all fit easily into the washer and dryer.

PBF 2011

Apr. 19th, 2011 09:52 am
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Over the weekend, [ profile] lordaerith and I attended PolyBigFun. Every year we get better at knowing what we need. This year, in addition to rope to tie the beds together, we got one of those eggshell mattress topper things from Walmart. I think it really helped make the prisoner beds (no really, they are made by inmates, they have tags saying so) more comfortable. We were in a different cabin this time than previous times, which had a lights out and was also super close to the bathroom. Very very good when one is 35 weeks (5 weeks from one's due date) pregnant.

The weekend itself was wonderful as always. I didn't attend as many workshops as I wanted to, partly because there weren't a lot of descriptions so it was sometimes hard to tell what the workshop was about and partly because I spent a lot of my time either engaged in conversation with others or resting. We seem to need a lot of rest these days. The workshops I did attend and the conversations I had were all really great.

There were two parts that really stick out in my mind. The first was acceptance from the poly parents who were there with their children. They let me ask them questions about birth and children and being poly with children. I really felt accepted by them. In fact, some of them even went out of their way to friend me on Facebook. I feel more comfortable about how next year will go when Aerith and I are in the family cabin with the baby.

The other part that was important was my 1am talk with the baby and the moon that I wrote about on my pregnancy blog. If you haven't been over there in a while and are interested, I have some new posts and new pictures on the pictures page.
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The scene: I'm cuddled up to [ profile] lordaerith with my head on his chest, convincing him that it's time for him to wake up.

Me: I can hear your heart beat. That means you're not a zombie or undead. You could still be a werwolf.
[ profile] lordaerith: I could be a vampire.
Me: No you couldn't. Well, you could have spent a blood point to get your heart to beat, but you're practically in direct sunlight.
[ profile] lordaerith: Am I sparkling? Because that would be FABULOUS. (Note: He sang the word fabulous).
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Beyond doing adorable things when he's awake (like playing roller coaster baby), [ profile] lordaerith can be super sweet when he's asleep too. See, while your partner may sleep talk or sleepwalk, mine has a habit of sleep kissing me.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Aerith will roll over and start kissing me, often quite passionately. Generally when the kiss is done I'll cuddle up against him and we'll both go back to sleep. In the morning when I ask him about it, he says he has no memory of it.

Last night was particularly sweet. After we went to bed I had trouble actually falling asleep. I probably was thinking and half-dosing for about an hour or so. Then Aerith rolled toward me. I was turned toward him. He looked deeply into my eyes, and he kissed me. Not a long kiss, but it was full of love and passion. Then he helped me roll over so I could spoon with him and put his arm around my growing belly. I fell asleep instantly. This morning when I commented on it, he had absolutely no memory of it. I would have sworn that he did because his eyes were open, but I guess not.
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After taking 18 hours to get to San Diego, [ profile] lordaerith and I had a lovely visit with Dad, Stepmom, and their dog Carmella.

On Christmas Eve Day, we took a walk on the beach and recovered from the exhaustion of the day before. In the evening Dad and Stepmom hosted a small dinner party for us, their friends and their friends' daughter. After dinner we all retired to the living room. At some point I curled up in front of the fire and totally fell asleep. I'm such a cat sometimes. At least everyone forgave me & thought it was cute because I'm pregnant.
San Diego

Christmas Day had stockings for Dad, Stepmom, Carmella, Aerith, me, and even one for Stree.

The stuff in the stockings was mostly silly stuff, including silly glasses, scented bubbles, and lots of chocolate. Stree got a monkey and a "hug me" bib. Carmella got toys, doggie treats, and a Santa Hat. I had some fun shooting video with my new digital camera:

We told everyone about Stree being a boy and had lunch. In the afternoon we went out to the movies and saw The King's Speech which was delightfully fun and British and I made it through the WHOLE thing without having to go pee.

On Boxing Day we went shopping. We went to Fry's to get a thing to hang their new TV on the wall and while there, Aerith and I picked up a Creedence Clearwater Revival CD for Stepmom, who has excellent taste in classic rock. Then we went to the mall. Dad got me some nice pregnancy clothing, including a dress to wear to [ profile] haldira's wedding in February. Stepmom got me a nice chain to wear my pregnancy charm from [ profile] gailmom on. Aerith got some clothing too.

On the 27th, we went to Balboa Park. Walked around the park and the botanical building. At the Museum of Natural History we saw snakes and gems.

At the Art Museum there was a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit and a one Magritte. :)
At the Museum of Man there was an exhibit about games, which was really really cool. At we got to see Lucy (well, a replica of Lucy, since they don't put out the real bones anymore). There was also a whole thing about the human body, including a wall about pregnancy, which was both awesome and scary at the same time.
Aerith and geekiness

That night Dad and I watched the Saints-Falcons game. I love watching football with dad because he sees it and can explain it so well. In the 3rd quarter, we broke for dinner made by Stepmom and involved a type of moussaka and a spinach soufflé-ish dish. Both were really good and the 3rd quarter was apparently worth missing. The Saints won in the end, securing a spot in the playoffs, so that was really awesome.

The next day we went out to Coronado to see the Hotel Del where Some Like it Hot was filmed. The weather was really nice, so we got to drive around with the top off of his convertible. Afterward we went out to a fish restaurant, which was nice, and then headed back to Dad's place to rest and pack.
Us at Hotel Del

After getting up at fuck-early in the morning and having an "oh shit, we need another suitcase to bring everything back and ours is 13.5 years old and ripping" crisis, the flight back to Austin was long, but uneventful.

Many more pictures from our trip:

athene: (hands of blue)
Yesterday [ profile] lordaerith and I headed out to San Diego to visit my father. Before we left I was joking that as long as we got there on the same day, it would be better than last time. More prophetic words may never have been spoken.

Our flight out was at 7:15am. The plan was Austin to Salt Lake City to LA to San Diego. We figured that since the Austin airport is usually so quick, that an hour time would be fine. HA! We forgot about the insanity of the holidays. We left the house probably slightly later than intended and had to turn around after 5 minutes or so because we forgot something important. Get to the airport. Have to park in the lot furthest away, but there are shuttles there. Check in no problem. Then we see the security lines. All 3 were HUGE. Go to the one furthest away from our gate because it tends to move the fastest. Took at least 30 minutes to get through line. Flight says still says "Final Boarding" on boards. Aerith runs to gate, but it closed 5 minutes before.

We find out there's a 1:30 or so flight to Atlanta that we can use to connect through to San Diego getting us in at 8 something SD time. Can't be booked on flight until 3 hours before departure because Delta lets people buy tickets up until then. Hang out inside of airport for a bit. Eat. I call Delta and find out there's a 2:10pm flight connecting through Salt Lake City that will get us to San Diego around 5:30pm. Of course if we book now there's an extra fee. We decide to go outside of terminal area and talk to a ticketing agent. They tell us that there are seats on the flight, but can't book until 3 hours before. We sit down in a cafe and I call Delta again. This time I find out that because of how the tickets were purchased, it would cost $150 for ticket A, but over $300 for ticket B. We decide to leave it to fate, because if we can't get on the 2:10, by 11:10am it's within the 3 hour window for the Atlanta one.

We spend the 2 hours reading, talking, and trying not to obsessively check the online Delta flight to make sure the flight we want is still available. At 11:10 we go up to the counter and are very polite and get booked on the flight path through Salt Lake City. The guy even says that he's not going to charge us as a holiday present. It so pays to be nice, polite, and patient.

We go back through security, which now takes about 10 minutes at most. We hang out, get lunch, play Angry Birds, etc. Around 1:45 or so I notice that there's no plane at our gate. At around 2 they tell us that the plane is delayed, but we should be leaving at 2:30. At 2:30 or maybe later the plane finally gets to the gate. I've never seen a more efficient unloading and loading of a plane. We're in the air by 3pm. Of course it's 2.5 hour flight, so we don't land in SLC until 4:30pm MST. Our flight out is at 4:36M MST. Also we're at the end of concourse C and have to get to the end of concourse D. Turns out there are 2 other people who are next to us on the flight to SLC that are also going to SD. Everyone on the plane is awesome and those who don't have a pressing time frame all stay seated while those of us with tight connections leave first. We all run as fast as we can to D. I'm the slowest. Being pregnant really does slow one down! By the time I make it to the gate and see the other 3 standing there, I can't deal with it and run to the bathroom where I break down crying.

There is another flight to SD leaving at 9:45pm MST getting in at 10:45pm PST (aka 12:45am CST). We're all booked on that flight and given travel and food vouchers. Aerith and I find a microbrewery and he as the "Polygamy Porter." Well, we are in Utah ;). Hang out at by our gate and charge our phones. I go wandering around and find a toy store, a book store, and a store that sells Northern Sun bumper stickers. Aerith and I also see this really adorable onesie in green, but decide not to get it. Hang out, play more Angry Birds, have frozen yogurt and finally board the plane.

Turns out that the 2 other guys who were with us on the flight to SLC are in the same row as us, so Aerith and I were able to switch with them so that we could sit together, instead of just in the same row as was on our boarding passes. Also, there is free wifi (happy holidays from Delta!) on the plane. We leave early. Once we're in the air, I log in, chat with people, post to twitter and facebook, and log into WoW to brag to our guild that I'm 30,000 feet in the air. Of course the lag is awful, but at least I can say I did it.

The flight gets in about 20 minutes early. We get off of the plane and there's a woman with reindeer antlers on in a cart thing offering people a ride to baggage claim. At this point I'm so bone weary that I'm getting the over tired restless back of knees thing, so we accept her offer. Get our bag (it's there! Yay! It was probably waiting for us since 2pm PST). Dad and Stepmom show up. We head back to Dad's place, eat and chat a bit and then fall over.

6:30am CST to 10:30pm PST. 18 hours of airports/travel. But at least we arrived on the same day (mostly). We have decided that all winter holiday travel to San Diego is cursed and we may never try it again.

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